A choose the correct forms

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A choose the correct forms

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Grammar blocks Interface 3HV (Blue label)
Unit 1

A Choose the correct forms

  1. I knew Deborah was going to the party too, so I …(decided / have decided) not to go.

  2. What … (have you said / did you say) when Mr. Wragg told you to do a lot of extra work?

  3. Dave … (has done / did) three hang gliding courses already.

  4. How long … (have you been / are you) working at that Mountain Centre?

  5. Who … (took you / did you take) when you went on that survival weekend?

– I didn’t take anyone.

  1. I don’t think I … (‘ll be able to / am able to) come with you on that caving expedition next week.

  2. Now stop complaining! I want … (that you / you to) put on your harness and jump!

  3. Just wait. When it is time to jump, you will … (be told / tell) by the instructor.

  4. It is not difficult at all. If you did a course you … (were / would be) able to fly

in a couple of weeks.

  1. Watch out! You … (might / should) get a soaking if you stand so close to the water.

B Complete the sentences

  1. My Dad really is in some kind of crisis. He … (wil dat ik ga) skydiving with him.

  2. I think that … (je maar beter niet kunt gaan zweefvliegen) if you’re afraid of heights.

  3. I … (zou het leuk vinden als u mij zou sturen) some information on courses you

currently have on offer.

  1. If you really haven’t got any experience at all, you … (zou kunnen) always

contact an instructor.

  1. I … (wil dat je afmaakt) your homework before you go out tonight.

  2. I think Sheila … (zou het leuk vinden als jij haar uitnodigde) to your Halloween party

at the end of the month.

C Complete the sentences

  1. He wanted to join the Royal Air Force but he … (mocht niet).

  2. I don’t think Denise … (zal kunnen komen) next week.

  3. I hope Derek … (zal me kunnen helpen) with my English test tonight.

  4. Jamie and Gerald … (mochten niet gaan) to the match because they did not have

the money to buy tickets.

  1. I … (kon niet vinden) my history book last night.

  2. I hope Martin … (heeft je kunnen helpen).

D Answer in complete sentences

  1. When did you do that hang gliding course? I … (een maand geleden)

  2. How many times have you done a course like that? I … (drie keer)

  3. Would you like to go bungee-jumping? I … (al een paar keer gedaan)

  4. Where do you usually go to do a course? I … (naar Ilam Hall)

  5. Do you think you’ll ever go on a course like this again? I … (volgende maand weer)

  6. How long have you been interested in outdoor activities? I … (al vijf jaar)

  7. What were you doing when I called you last night? I … (informatie pakket lezen van Ilam Hall)

  • B Complete the sentences
  • C Complete the sentences
  • D Answer in complete sentences

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