Adjectives & adverbs – Bijvoeglijke naamwoorden en bijwoorden Fill in ◊

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Adjectives & adverbs – Bijvoeglijke naamwoorden en bijwoorden Fill in ◊

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Adjectives & adverbs – Bijvoeglijke naamwoorden en bijwoorden
1. Fill in

Vul de juiste vorm in van de woorden tussen haakjes.

  1. She sings (beautiful)__________.

  2. The children are playing (happy) __________.

  3. My dad always drives too (fast) in his car__________.

  4. You play the piano (good) __________.

  5. He was shouting (terrible) __________.

  6. She can play the drums (wonderful) __________.

2. Cross out ◊◊

Cross out what’s wrong

Lees het onderstaande dagboekfragment en streep door wat fout is.

Dear diary,

Yipee, I did it! I, Nigella Harriot, have won this year’s BBC Junior Master Chef competition. I’ve always known I’m a [1] wonderful / wonderfully chef. The dishes I make are simply [2] delicious / deliciously. The other two contestants prepared their dishes [3] good / well too. But mine were simply the best. For starters I served a [4] nice / nicely tomato soup with fresh basil and [5] crispy / crispyly / crispily oregano croutons. I cut them [6] beautiful / beautifully in the shape of little stars. I didn’t really have much time for the main course, so I made a [7] basic / basicly / basically but very refined meal. It was a gorgonzola lasagna with carrots and herbs. I worked very [8] careful / carefully for half an hour and then put it in the oven. With my lasagna in the oven, I took my time to make a [9] tasty / tastily desert: a chocolate, banana, vanilla and hazelnut milkshake. Then my time was almost up, so I [10] quick / quickly set the table. The jury members tasted all the dishes by taking one bite from each course and decided I was the winner. My prize is a two-week cooking holiday in Paris with one of the best chefs in the world. Isn’t that [11] fantastic / fantastically?

3. Cross out ◊◊

Cross out what’s wrong

Streep de foute vorm van de woorden tussen haakjes door en zet de juiste vorm in de briefkaart. Kies steeds uit het bijvoeglijke naamwoord en het bijwoord.

Hi Annie,

Just a few words from [1] (beautiful / beautifully) Scotland. It’s a [2] (fantastic / fantastically) country, but I’m constantly cold ! We’ve seen a lot of [3] (wonderful / wonderfully) things and everything is going [4] (good / well). Yesterday we went to a [5] (noisy / noisily) party – all the men wore [6] (colourful / colourfully) skirts! They looked [7] (awful / awfully). My aunt is a [8] (good / well) cook, but yesterday I had to eat a [9] (horrible / horribly) dish – it’s called haggis and you don’t want to know what’s in it! Dancing was [10] (nice / nicely), though. I have a lot of [11] (interesting / interestingly) cousins and they all dance [12] (fantastic / fantastically). So, you see – I’m having a [13] (terrific / terrifically) time! Despite the fact that it is raining [14] (heavy / heavily) at the moment.

Mary Jo

4. Fill in ◊◊◊

Fill in the correct forms

>Why are you laughing so [1]__________ (loud).

[2]__________ (funny) story.

>Let’s hear it then. I always like a [3]__________ (good) story.

[4]__________ (childish), don’t you?

>Yes, she always behaves [5]__________ (stupid). Well, yesterday she did it again. You see, Melanie sings really [6]__________ (good) and Sarah can’t stand it. So while Melanie was singing, Sarah started yelling really [7]__________ (hard). Melanie’s dog didn’t like that though. Melanie’s got a [8]__________ (huge) dog, you know. He came after Sarah. Sarah had to run away really [9]__________ (fast). You should have seen her. She was so scared. It was really funny.

[10]__________ (fantastic) thing to see.

5. Fill in ◊◊◊

Fill in the right form

Read this diary entry. Indicate whether the words in italics are correct or should be changed.
12 August 2006

Dear diary,

Today was a [1]__________ (strange) day. It started rather [2]__________ (good). I met Jenny in the school canteen. She was smiling at me, with her [3]__________ (beautiful) smile. Oh, she is so [4]__________ (pretty). After our break we went to Mr Jones’s lesson. He teaches English [5]__________ (awful). 45 minutes of English grammar is [6]__________ (terrible)! When our lessons were finally over, we got to the school bus. Usually the bus ride is [7]__________ (short), but this time it lasted far too long. Let me explain; I was standing on the school bus because there were no seats left. Then the busdriver suddenly hit the brakes very [8]__________ (hard) Before I knew it I was flying through the air down to the front of the bus. I landed on my face. I was hurting [9]__________ (terrible)all over. I stood up, but I slipped on the wet surface and fell straight back down again. Then I grabbed something to pull myself up with, and let go [10]__________ (immediate)because it was

some girl’s breast. I was so embarrassed that I got off the bus at the next stop and walked the rest of the way home!

6. Write down ◊◊◊

Write down the correct form

Vul de juiste vorm van de woorden tussen haakjes in. Kies uit bijwoord of bijvoeglijk naamwoord.

Yesterday we were supposed to have a barbecue, but unfortunately it rained [1]__________ (horrible). That’s why we decided to have a barbecue today. Right now, the meat is on the grill and it smells [2]__________ (terrible) [3]__________ (good). My brother has prepared it. He can cook [4]__________ (extreme) [5]__________ (good). The only problem is that he always wants to cook too [6]__________ (fast). And then the meal gets burned and it smells [7]__________ (awful). And he always wants to try new recipes with ingredients that are [8]__________ (remarkable) [9]__________ (hard) to find. My mother on the other hand is an [10]__________ (incredible) [11]__________ (terrible) cook. Whenever she makes our dinner it tastes [12]__________ (horrible). I think she can [13]__________ (easy) do better, but she’s just lazy!

  • [3]__________
  • [8]__________
  • [1]__________
  • [7]__________

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