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March 2016

Crucifixion, El Greco

March 2016 Newsletter

Newsletter Editor
Judy Miller

If you have contributions for the next

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The contents of this newsletter are copyright.

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Holy Trinity Chaplaincy Directory

The Bishop of Gibraltar: Robert Innes Tel: +44 20 7898 1160

Holy Trinity Utrecht

Van Hogendorpstraat 26, 3581 KE Utrecht

Chaplain (Utrecht and Zwolle):

David Phillips Tel: 06 124 104 31

All Saints’ Amersfoort

Mozartweg 54, 3816 LT Amersfoort

Chaplain (Amersfoort and Zwolle):

Grant Crowe Tel: 06 123 238 72

Anglican Church Zwolle

Koestraat 2-4, 8011 NK, Zwolle

Grace Church Groningen

Witte de Withstraat 2, 9726 EC Groningen

Chaplain (Groningen):

Sam Van Leer Tel: 050 785 0703

Administrative Assistant: Hanna Cremer Eindhoven Tel: 06 28 75 91 09

Wardens: Rosemarie Strengholt

Adrian Los: 06 11 88 50 75

Deputy Warden: Peter Boswijk
Treasurer: Sandra Sue

If you would like to make a contribution to support the work of our churches:
Holy Trinity Utrecht and All Saints’ Amersfoort

General Giving:        NL84INGB0000132950 – tnv Holy Trinity Church Utrecht

Charitable Giving:  NL92TRIO019772361 – tnv Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Utrecht

Anglican Church Zwolle

General Giving: NL02 INGB 0007 2290 06 - tnv English Church Zwolle

Grace Church Groningen

Contact: Dirk Nederven:

March Events at a Glance

(for worship services see the last two pages)


6 March

GraceTALKs in Groningen
All are welcome.

p. 4

6 March

Happetieria Restaurant in Utrecht: Until March 24 why not have supper out and support charity?

p. 8

8 March

Student Alpha 6:30pm in the Parsonage Hall
All are welcome.

p. 6

8 March

Bible Study 7:45pm Upstairs in the Parsonage
We look at the farewell discourses of Jesus in John.

p. 12

11-12 March

Student Alpha Weekend
All are welcome.

p. 6

15 March

Student Alpha 6:30pm in the Parsonage Hall
All are welcome.

p. 6

15 March

Bible Study 7:45pm Upstairs in the Parsonage
We look at the farewell discourses of Jesus in John.

p. 12

19 March

Evening Prayer and Praise 7:30pm The Focus of the Sermon and Readings is Holy Baptism.

20 March

Visit of Fr John & Pam de Wit at Utrecht and the King’s Voices Choir from Cambridge at 11am Service!

p. 6

22 March

Student Alpha 6:30pm in the Parsonage Hall

p. 6

2 April

Men’s Evening!

p. 5

3 April

GraceTALKs in Groningen

p. 4

Letter from our Chaplain in Groningen

GraceTALKs: 1st Sundays in Groningen
Since we haven't the resources to meet for worship more than twice monthly (2nd & 4th Sundays), but we very much still want to grow as a community, Grace Church launched a special 1st Sunday of the month activity in another local venue.
It's called a GraceTALK, and it features an interesting guest speaker and a bring-and-share meal each time. Since the series began last September, we've had talks by Berdine van den Toren, on the work of the Church Mission Society (where she's a consultant), Philip Monsbourgh, on the Nicene Creed (as he'd visited many ancient sites in Asia Minor relevant to the development of theology in the Early Church), and in March, the Revd Martin Mondal, a priest from the Church of Bangladesh, will speak on Christianity and inter-faith dialogue in South Asia.

The February 7th GraceTALK was also a special highlight for us. Evert Sulman, a native Groninger who had a vision to rally regional churches and the citizens of Groningen around the cause of welcoming all the asylum seekers who've escaped war zones to find themselves in the Northeast of the Netherlands, shared with us how his faith had motivated him to act on behalf of the poor and refugees.

Evert's initiative is called 'Groningen verwelkomt vluchtelingen,' and so far it has inspired thousands to make welcome packages for the newcomers and join in demonstrations for humane living conditions for them. Evert brought a Syrian choir from the local refugee center along on February 7th, and we enjoyed their music, and were also touched by their testimonies. (See photos.) All in all, an inspiring and fulfilling day, with plenty of food for thought and prayer.
If you are in Groningen on a 1st Sunday of the month, come join us (GSp/SKLO building, Kraneweg 33).
Yours in Christ, Sam

Is Christ the only way? Men’s Evening

Peter Gillies has been instigating, organizing and inspiring a Men’s Group – all men are most welcome from wherever you live in the chaplaincy (or beyond).

In light of heaven, the worst suffering on earth, a life full of the most atrocious tortures on earth, will be seen to be no more serious than one night in an inconvenient hotel.” - Mother Teresa

Whether or not you can support Mother Teresa’s somewhat flippant take on suffering, you cannot deny that evil, suffering, and pain are at the heart of some of the most intractable questions about our Christian faith. 

That is why in our latest Men’s Evening (23 Jan.), we tackled evil and suffering head on as part of a broader theme exploring the issues that prevent others from coming to Christ.  Luckily, the company provided by 15 fellow Christian men, outstanding wine, and the 3 ½ lasagnas kept any of us from experiencing any undue suffering of our own. 

The subject is a complex one and aside from the personal insights and reasonings that swirled in the group, we concluded that: Pain and Suffering can be a part of growth in our faith; Evil, like Love, is a product of free will, and that there are no easy answers. Nevertheless, perhaps – it was mentioned – we are asking the wrong question. Perhaps the question is: Given that Pain, and Suffering, and Evil are such complex and unseachable problems, do we have a God Who is in control and Who can be trusted to deal with these issues in perfect justice? The answer is “Yes”; so, with the rough and tattered edges of life’s problems, we can trust Him.

That was our third gathering and attendance has grown steadily.  Our next meeting will be on the 2nd of April at Bert Meeuwsen’s home in Amersfoort (Huize Metgensbleek, Ringweg Randenbroek 123, 3816 CE Amersfoort). There we will continue with the theme of how to bring others to Christ by answering a common objection: “How can you be so arrogant as to think that Christ is the only way?” 

These get-togethers start around 18:00 with a drink and then an opening prayer at 18:30. After that we engage with our topic; sometimes this is a wine tasting (Miracle at Cana) or a general discussion and next time it will be in the form of a participative debate. Somewhere in the evening we then have dinner and then come back together for a wrap-up and a parting prayer around 10:00 or 10:30… at which time most of us hang around and continue the discussion!

Our next meeting will be insightful, informative, and – if it is anything like the last get-togethers – great fun!  Any and all Christian Men are welcome, just let me know in advance if you are coming so we know how to arrange the catering; we would love to see you there. 

Peter Gillies

Student Alpha at Holy Trinity Utrecht

Erik Heemskerk, our Student Ministry Coordinator, is organizing a Student Alpha Course at Holy Trinity during Lent with a number of other students and inviting guest speakers. 

Holy Trinity Anglican Church has hosted over the past two years and is planning to host a Student Alpha Course in February, March and April 2016. The course consists of seven consecutive evenings and a weekend.

Typical Evening:

We have supper together beginning at 6:30pm, then listen to a 30 minute talk about some core aspect of the Christian faith and we follow that with an open discussion where all questions and thoughts are welcome. The expectation is to wrap up each night around 9pm, after which you are free to stay for a drink.


Holy Trinity Parsonage Hall

Van Hogendorpstraat 26, Utrecht.

What is Student Alpha?

Student Alpha is a seven week course introducing people to the Christian faith.

The subjects and dates for the remaining weeks are as follows:

  1. 8 March – Talk 5: Why and how should I read the Bible?

  2. 11-12 March – Alpha weekend on the Holy Spirit and Gods guidance (Talk 6, 7 and 8)

  3. 15 March – Talk 9: What about evil and does God heal today?

  4. 22 March Talk 10: What about the Church and telling others?

Contact Erik Heemskerk for more information or if you would like to attend:

06 311 845 90 or

All students are most welcome!

For more information and a video on Alpha go to:

The Prayer Chain Ministries

Our chaplaincy reaches out to God in prayer to hold up the chaplaincy and its members in particular need. We are offer this ministry both in Utrecht and Zwolle. If you have requests for the prayer chain, or if feel called be a part in this ministry of intercession, please contact:

Anne Miechielsen (left) organizes and participates

in this ministry at

Holy Trinity in Utrecht:

Margreet de Roo (right)

organizes and participates

in this ministry at

Zwolle Anglican Church:


Here is this month’s poem from Oeke Kruythof in Dutch, the English translation / transcreation is by Jenny Narraway.

Ze vallen zomaar

in mijn open handen:

de klanken uit het carillon

die buitelend

op weg zijn naar

hun klankbord in de zon
Ik houd ze even vast

en laat ze dan weer los:

dronken feest van zonmuziek

omlijst in sierlijke gotiek –
Ik prijs mij een gelukkig mens

hier zittend in ’t portiek!

They just fall

into my open hands

the peal of bells


on their way

to their soundboard

in the sun
I take hold of them

then, let them go

a drunken feast of sun music

framed in elegant gothic
I so value my good fortune

just sitting here in the porch

Upcoming Benefit Concert at Holy Trinity in April

Maya is recovering quickly from a fall on the stairs that left her with a broken knee – but no surgery was needed! Praise God and she expresses thanks for the many prayers as she returns home after a few weeks in rehabilitation centre.

Sunday 3 April at 3pm the benefit concert for education for Tibetan refugees in India will happen at Holy Trinity Utrecht.

For further information please contact Maya:

Telephone: 030-2719090


More information will be given in next month’s Newsletter.

March Ecumenical Events

This contribution from Judith Riet, our ecumenical representative.

Refugee crisis in Utrecht

The Utrecht Counsel of Churches (USRK) endorses the new national manifesto:

Aan de slag! – opportunities for persons without status. This manifesto calls for more opportunities for people who are in the Netherlands without legal status or are in the juridical process of gaining refuge status. Currently these people are excluded from participating in society, be it via education, work or voluntary work. Large groups of people can get stuck in a society unwilling to recognize their human rights.

This new campaign aims to broaden the support for this vision and work towards the necessary changes in practice. The manifesto wishes to collect as many signatures as possible as a proof of support. Signing is possible at:

The temporary pop-up restaurant Happietaria has started again! This temporary restaurant is an initiative of the combination of 6 Christian student associations of Utrecht . In five weeks’ time, the restaurant aims to collect as much money as possible for a charity organization. The goal this year is drinking water provision in Burundi. Holy Trinity supported Happietaria with a collection in February.

If you want to eat out in the coming weeks, consider going to Happietaria and support this charity project at the same time. Welcome for a nice dinner until March 24 in Happietaria. (Tuesday to Saturday, Eykmanlaan 72, reservations via

Not really an ecumenical event, but still very interesting is the new exhibition about Francis of Assisi in the Museum Catharijne Convent. The election of Pope Bergoglio and his choice of the name Pope Francis has led many renewed interest in Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) and his message of meekness. The museum is dedicated to medieval religious art and located in Utrecht (Lange Nieuwstraat 38).
From the website: Discover the versatility of Francis! As a nature lover, miracle worker and as celebrated preacher for whom even the birds came out of the trees to listen. The many shapes of Francis speak to the imagination of great artists. Works by (among others) Taddeo di Bartolo, Fra Angelico, Ludovico Carracci , Rembrandt and Escher give an impressive overview over the centuries .

The exhibition runs from March 5 till June 5. More information on the website:

Henk Korff, our Ecumenical Representative and Chair of USRK sends us this update.

Martina en Maarten: welkom in de Jeruëlkapel!

In het kader van de viering van het 1700ste geboortejaar van Martinus van Tours is aan de leden van de USRK gevraagd om iets bijzonders te organiseren.

De Vrije Evangelische Gemeente in Utrecht nodigt de naamgenoten van Martinus uit alle kerken en geloofgemeen-schappen in Utrecht uit voor een bijzondere viering op 24 april 2016, om 10.00 uur in de Jeruëlkapel, Ivoordreef 2, Utrecht.

In deze vrolijke oecumenische verjaar-dagsviering zal er aandacht zijn voor de naam ‘Martinus’ en voor het voorbeeld van het delen dat de heilige ons heeft nagelaten.

We verheugen ons erop om M&M’s uit alle kerken bij elkaar te zien!

In verband met de voorbereiding zou het fijn zijn als zij zich vóór 31 maart 2016 aanmelden bij mw. Milli Kamperveen, 030 2613217, , maar u kunt natuurlijk ook zonder aanmelding vooraf komen. Neem gerust anderen mee, want ook hier geldt: hoe meer zielen, des te meer vreugd!

We hopen dat vele Martina’s en Maartens de weg naar de kapel zullen weten te vinden en dat zij voor één keer de viering in eigen kring overslaan.

Werkgroep Oecumene van de Vrije Evangelische Gemeente

Martina and Martin: Welcome to the Jeruëlkapel!

As part of the celebration of the birth of St Martin of Tours 1700 years ago, one church has asked the members of the USRK to organize something special.

The Free Evangelical Church in Utrecht invites the namesakes of Martinus from all churches and religious communities in Utrecht to a special celebration on April 24, 2016, at 10:00 in the Jeruëlkapel, Ivory Drove 2, Utrecht.

In this cheerful ecumenical celebration we will focus on the name 'Martin' and his holy example of sharing that we have neglected.

We look forward to seeing each other at M & M events from all churches!

In connection with the preparation, it would be nice if they register before March 31, 2016 with Milli Kamperveen, 030 2613217,, but you can also come without prior notification. Feel free to invite others, because here too: the more souls, the more joy!

We hope that many Martina’s and Martin’s will find their way to the chapel and they skip the celebration in their own circles for once.

Ecumenism workgroup of the Free Evangelical Church

Who’s in control?
This contribution is from Ruth Alkema who contributes articles regularly both at Holy Trinity and Jerusalemkerk in Utrecht.

A couple of months ago I wrote a piece titled ‘Who lives my life?’ And the short summary of it was: ‘That’s me, and I’ll really flourish if Jesus is my source of energy’. As a counterpart to that, this text will deal with the question who controls my life. That is: who decides about my circumstances and the events that happen in my life. And I think we can all predict the short summary: that’s God only.

So we know the officially correct answer. But, do we really accept this? With accepting, I don’t mean stoically resigning to the inevitable, but that when something bad happens we accept it as Job did (Job 2:10). I want to stress that this does not mean that we ignore it and try to just make the best of what we still have left, nor does it mean that we must pretend that it is actually a good thing. But I think God invites us to trust him, and to believe that He makes everything work out for the best (Rom 8:28). And I think it also means obeying his commands, trusting that He knows best, and cooperating with him. Obviously, if we can bring ourselves to do that, we would be much happier. Unfortunately I haven’t yet swallowed it. It is hard and it hurts. Frankly, I really don’t like it so much to be dependent on someone else’s decisions, especially when they can be painful and unpredictable.

So what then? If we don’t allow God to be in control, what’s the alternative? Most people nowadays tend to be led by their emotions. ‘Follow your heart’1 is the adage. Or, as my previous ICT company chose as a new slogan: It’s all about emotion. This was one of the things that made me change my job. Especially in programming, but also very much in real life you must keep your head clear of any prejudice and open to all facts, otherwise you will just not see what the real problem is. A brilliant book, full of great examples of this, is Guns of August by Barbara W. Tuchman. It’s about the first World War, and she is especially good at highlighting how the emotional states of the generals and the likes affected their ability to make decisions. People completely overlooking clear facts because they didn’t fit into their plan. Or the opposite: seeing things (even as large as battleships in a harbor) that they expected to see, but in reality weren’t there at all. Although most of us probably aren’t programmers, nor in a war2, we still should be aware that if our emotions take over we are likely to make decisions that will have us end up in more trouble.

So, no emotions in control. Then we will be rational people. Perhaps this is especially tempting for Christians, because we think that God will bless us when we are behaving as He tells us, this gives us some sort of feeling of control. The fear of losing this control will make us even more afraid of doing something wrong. I think that the parable of the prodigal son depicts these two options: emotional versus rational. The younger son follows his desires and quickly ends up in trouble, making it easier for him to see that he can better return. But the eldest son is in more trouble, sadly just because he is trying so hard. Being rational makes you believe that you are right, and all troubles are not your fault but of the other irrational people. Needless to say, you don’t make many friends this way3. And he was only trying to do as he was told! Please don’t be too hard on him, because the Bible and the Church are always telling us what is right and wrong. At least a few people are bound to take that seriously, don’t you think? For us, onlookers, it is obvious that he had one blatant sin: he didn’t love his brother. How is it possible that this escaped his own notice? I think the answer is, as Dallas Willard4 says: In a world apart from God, the power of denial is absolutely essential if life is to proceed. If we want our own rationality to be our God, then we must ignore the obvious flaws in it, otherwise it won’t work.

The possibility that nothing or no-one is in control is so dreadful that I won’t expand on it, so now I am back at the beginning. I have not found anything trustworthy to control my life. I am rather unsure about God, but trusting him is the only option that is left. It is a rather negative way of saying it, but perhaps still a helpful push in the right direction. Thankfully God is more than willing to help us out of this impasse, and He is constantly trying to show us his love, if only we would be willing to be quiet and listen. I’ve jotted down in a poem one of the times that God reached out to me. Hopefully it helps us all to see that God really cares about us.

God's Tears
God begged me out

To walk in the rain.

His tears fell on me,

Was He feeling pain?
He cried over me,

It made me start.

Don't cry, dear Lord,

I will change my heart!
Tears poured down,

I continued my way.

Tears of joy? Or sadness

About my delay?
Dear Lord, I cried,

You know I just can't.

I want to be yours,

Please give me a hand?
As the rain washed the earth,

It looked brighter, more whole.

I thought just perhaps

He was cleaning my soul.


We have started the Lent series (weekly). We read the epistle of St John 12: 20 -16:15 in combination. In February we combined it with an introduction in Christian meditation and prayer.

  1. Tues March 1 – John 13: 31-14: 14

  2. Tues March 8 – John 14: 15 -15: 8

  3. Tues March 15 – John 15:9 16:15

After Lent (April 12 & 26) we hope to finish the study of Christ’s prayer and lessons with John 16: 16 – 17: end; the promise of the Holy Spirit and his prayers for his disciples and the ones who will believe in Him.

In 2015 we studied the life and faith of women in the Old and New Testament in the context of the church as the bride of Christ. These series was completed with seven Bible studies of the letters send by Christ to the seven churches in Asia (Revelations 2 & 3).

Tuesday February 9 Grant Crowe guided us through the letter to Laodicea. He gave us a challenging question to meditate in Lent: ‘are we lukewarm, is our church community lukewarm?’ Furthermore he suggested to read with a praying heart during Lent the letter of Paul to the Colossians.

All of you are most welcome to join the Bible Study.

Starting time is 20 hours. Coffee or tea at 19.45, end time is 21.45.

Danielle Los - 030 236 8572

Hans Baars,

PS For more information about meditative prayer:


Christine Los- Baxter – mother of Adrian and Debby – will have an exhibition of her paintings in:
Stroomhuis Neerijnen,

Van Pallandtweg 1,


March 17 until April 4,
or contact Hans Baars


Deanery Pilgrimage to Walsingham

c:\users\judy\pictures\2015-08-15 001\dsc00584.jpg
A (Very) Brief History of the Shrine:

Our Lady of Walsingham is a title of Mary the mother of Jesus. The title derives from the belief that the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in a vision to Richeldis de Faverches, a devout English noblewoman, in 1061 in the village of Walsingham in Norfolk, England. Lady Richeldis was asked by Mary to build in imitation of the home in which the Annunciation occurred and this became both a shrine and the focus of pilgrimage to Walsingham.

Royal patronage helped the shrine to grow in wealth and popularity, receiving visits from Henry III, Edward I, Edward II, Henry IV, Edward IV, Henry VII, Henry VIII and even Erasmus. It was also a place of pilgrimage for English queens - Catherine of Aragon was a regular pilgrim and her successor, Anne Boleyn, also announced an intention of making a pilgrimage.

By the time of its destruction in 1538 during the reign of Henry VIII, the shrine had become one of the greatest religious centres in England, and Europe, together with Glastonbury and Canterbury. It had been a place of pilgrimage during medieval times when, due to wars and political upheaval, travel to Rome and Compostella was difficult.

The suppression of Walsingham priory came late in 1538, under the supervision of Sir Roger Townshend, a local landowner. Walsingham was famous and its fall symbolic.

The buildings were looted and largely destroyed and the site of the priory with the churchyard and gardens was granted by the Crown to Thomas Sydney. All that remained of it was the gatehouse, the chancel arch and a few outbuildings.

After nearly four hundred years the 20th century saw the restoration of pilgrimage to Walsingham as a regular feature of Christian life in the British Isles and beyond.

Today the shrine and grounds are situated in a lovely English village. The grounds contain the Shrine church, gardens with the Stations of the Cross, beautiful planting, accommodation for pilgrims, several chapels, a refectory, a café, a Shrine shop and a visitors’ centre.

The pilgrimage contains several aspects, including:

  • The First Visit to the Holy House (as near to 4 p.m. on Monday as possible).

  • A daily Mass (Eucharist).

  • The Stations of the Cross.

  • A Service of Sprinkling at the Well, Anointing, Confession and Laying on of hands (Tuesday evening).

  • The Pilgrimage Mass (Wednesday morning).

  • A Candlelight Procession followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. (Wednesday evening)

  • The Last Visit to the Holy House with Intercessions (around 10am on Thursday).

Fr. Barry Birch, who has led Pilgrimages to the Shrine for the past six years, is organising a Netherlands Deanery Pilgrimage to Walsingham in August. We hope many would like to join us. This will take place in August 2016.

Accommodation is on the basis of half board, the first meal being supper on Monday 8th August (we leave the Netherlands on August 7th) and the last meal breakfast on Thursday 11th August. The cost is £152.25 per person (£91.35 per child). Fr. Barry will need to send an initial deposit of £10 (€12,50) per person by early March and a further deposit of £20 (€25) each sometime in April.

It will be necessary for pilgrims to make their own travel arrangements, possibly getting together in small groups. It is useful if people have transport with them as there will be free time to explore the beautiful area.

Please contact him on or 070 213 40 42 as soon as you can if you are interested in joining us.

Do visit the Shrine website for further information about the Shrine:

Several of the members of our churches enjoyed the Pilgrimage last year and would love more pilgrims to join us this year. We found it a wonderful experience of releasing our worries and finding peace in our busy daily life. We were free to attend whatever we felt we needed and there were many opportunities for contemplation and private prayer.

Zomerconferentie New Wine Nederland

Zaterdag 23 juli tot en met vrijdag 29 juli

In de zomer van vorig jaar zijn wij (André en Ninke van der Werk) met ons gezin voor het eerst naar de zomerconferentie van New Wine Nederland geweest. Dit na enthousiaste verhalen van Adrian en Daniëlle Los. Zij waren er natuurlijk ook, al voor de 4e keer. Ook het gezin van Pieter en Marina van Oordt was voor het eerst mee.

We kampeerden als Anglicaans groepje bij elkaar in een rustige hoek van één van de grote velden op het terrein in Biddinghuizen.

Wat was het inspirerend en gezellig!


Afgelopen jaar was het thema van de conferentie 'Rijk in God'. De praatjes, diensten, seminars en noem maar op, getuigen van een levend geloof, waar je door wordt bemoedigd, waar je wat mee kan, waar je door wordt opgebouwd. De conferentie is erop gericht om je toe te rusten een instrument te zijn in Gods hand in deze wereld, op de plek waar je gezet bent. In je gezin, je werk, je gemeente, je straat, je stad, je vereniging of club, waar je ook maar bent. Heel praktisch en vol vertrouwen in de grootheid van God en de kracht van Zijn Geest.

Voor mij was het geloof in het Koninkrijk van God een beetje geworden tot een passief afwachten op de tweede komst van Jezus, in heerlijkheid. Dat je nu al in dat Koninkrijk leeft (Fil.3:20) en kunt werken was voor mij persoonlijk op de achtergrond geraakt. De zomerconferentie is een onderdeel geweest in een proces wat ik momenteel doormaak van geestelijk 'wakker' worden.

De kinderen hebben twee keer per dag hun eigen programma in leeftijdsgroepen, zodat de ouders verschillende seminars kunnen bijwonen, terwijl de kinderen ook opgebouwd worden.

Onze kinderen hebben het heel erg fijn gevonden om zoveel medechristenen te ontmoeten. Veel goede gesprekken, opbouw van hun persoonlijke relatie met hun hemelse Vader, en bemoediging om na de zomer weer (als buitenbeentje) in de wereld te staan.


Naast het inspirerende programma was het erg leuk om met enkele bevriende gezinnen bij elkaar op het veld te kamperen. 's Avonds napraten bij kaarslicht onder het genot van een drankje. Je leert elkaar nog beter kennen en hebt tijd voor meer dan oppervlakkige gezelligheid.

De kinderen spelen veel spelletjes met elkaar.

Je kunt je lekker terugtrekken als de mensenmassa je te veel wordt, en heel praktisch een aansteker of kurkentrekker van iemand lenen wanneer je kampeeruitrusting nog niet zo goed is.

Spannend :-)

Tja, kamperen op een festivalterrein met zo'n 5000 mensen, dat is best spannend. Is het niet veel te druk? Kun je er wel slapen? Waar moet je heen en hoe laat? Wat als de muziek niet mijn 'stijl' is? Hoe moet dat met koken, douchen, boodschappen, regen, …? Allemaal dingen waardoor ik er van te voren best tegenop zag en dacht dat het

eigenlijk niets voor mij was. En heel veel dingen waren ook niet echt iets voor mij, dat wil ik best eerlijk zeggen, maar door de eerder genoemde positieve kanten (inspiratie en gezelligheid) vielen deze punten absoluut in het niet. Zeker in de tweede helft van de week, wanneer de regelmaat van het programma begint te wennen en je de rust krijgt om (bijvoorbeeld samen met iemand van het ministry team, gebedsteam) te bidden en Gods aanwezigheid te ervaren.

Meld je nu aan

Bij deze wil ik iedereen de zomer-conferentie van harte aanbevelen. Denk er over na, spreek mij of één van de andere aanwezigen aan als je meer wilt weten of... schrijf je in! Het thema is dit jaar 'Eenheid'. Wij gaan in ieder geval weer mee, de familie Los en de familie Crowe ook. Het zou erg leuk zijn wanneer we met een nog grotere groep Anglicanen bij elkaar kunnen staan, tot opbouw van jezelf en van de gemeente.

Als je mee wilt, is het belangrijk dat je je eerst zelf via de website aanmeldt, Laat het mij ( daarna ook weten, dan kunnen we er in een later stadium voor zorgen dat we als groep bij elkaar komen te staan op het veld.

En hoe eerder je je aanmeldt, hoe minder je betaalt. Na 1 maart en na 1 mei gaan de prijzen omhoog, dus snel aanmelden loont.

Ninke van der Werk

Christ with Us!

After the visit of Canon Andrew White (the Vicar of Baghdad), father David shared an amazing story with us, in his sermon: Andrew White reported that Christ has been appearing to Muslims in Iraq! On one of these occasions Christ had revealed himself as a figure dressed in white at the bedside of an I.S. commander and ‘had called him to follow Him’. The I.S. commander - not being able to resist this call - has become a Christian! c:\users\judy\downloads\michelangelo-the-risen-christ.jpg

I am so impressed by this story that I tell ‘everyone’ about it. So also to one of my friends during a lunch date. And then she (my friend) came up with a similarly amazing story:

Some years ago she walked into the chapel of the Virgin Mary, in the Sint Augustinus Church in Utrecht, to just ‘sit there quietly for a while’. My friend was not a church goer, nor had she received a religious upbringing. While sitting in this chapel she pondered about the meaning of life, God, Jesus, and then she heard herself asking out loud: “Jesus, if you really exist, how can that become clear to me?” And at that very moment she suddenly felt a sturdy pressure on her chest and back – as if two hands had been placed there, pushing – and her tears started to flow. She cried about her life, her mistakes, her fears, her doubts, but also - with immense gratitude - about this miracle taking place; she cried and cried and cried. When the tears subsided she knew: “This pressure was the touch of Christ. He has made His presence known to me. He is with me, alive and real.”

Following that encounter she started on an Alpha course and was baptised.

These experiences are so uplifting: Christ is with us! Here and now! And if we call on Him, He will answer!

Madeleine de Boer

March Charitable Givings

At every 11am. service we use a blue bag for special offerings for particular charities. During the month of March our offerings will be sent to the Bishops Lent Appeal.
This year’s appeal supports the Arab Evangelical Episcopal School in Ramallah in the West Bank. It will help the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem in the distribution of bursaries to needy students at the school.
The full letter with information about the Bishop’s Lent Appeal 2016 is found on our website:
Drinking from the Well of Life


Third Sunday in Lent – February 29 to March 5

WE beseech you, Almighty God, look upon the hearty desires of your humble servants,

and stretch forth the right hand of your Majesty, to be our defence against all our enemies;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Morning Prayer

Evening Prayer


Ex. 12:37-end

Jn. 4:27-end 

Ex. 13:1-16

Eph. 3


Ex. 13:17-14:14

Jn. 5:1-23

Ex. 14:15-end

Eph. 4:1-16


Ex. 15:1-26 

Jn. 5:24-end

Ex. 15:27-16:35

Eph. 4:17-30


Ex. 17

Jn. 6:1-21

Ex. 18

Eph. 4:31-5:21


Ex. 19

Jn. 6:22-40 

Ex. 20:1-21

Eph. 5:22-6:9


Ex. 22:20-23:17 

Jn. 6:41-end

Ex. 23:18-end

Eph. 6:10-end

Fourth Sunday in Lent – March 7 to 12

Grant, we beseech you, Almighty God, that we, who for our evil deeds do worthily deserve

to be punished, by the comfort of your grace may mercifully be relieved;

through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Morning Prayer

Evening Prayer


Ex. 24

John 7:1-24

Ex. 25:1-22

1 Tim. 1:1-17


Ex. 28:1-4, 29-41

Jn. 7:25-end

Ex. 29:38--30:16

1 Tim.1:18--2 end


Ex. 32

Jn. 8:1-30

Ex. 33

1 Tim. 3


Ex. 34

Jn. 8:31-end

Ex. 35:20--36:7

1 Tim. 4


Ex. 40:17-end

Jn. 9

Lev. 6:8-end

1 Tim. 5


Lev 19:1-18, 30-end

Jn. 10:1-21

Lev. 25:1-24

1 Tim. 6


Fifth Sunday in Lent – March 14 to 19

WE beseech you, Almighty God, mercifully to look upon your people:

that by your great goodness they may be governed and preserved evermore,

both in body and soul; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Morning Prayer

Evening Prayer


Numbers  6

Jn. 10:22-end

Num.  9:15-end & 10:29-end

Titus 1:1-2:8


Num. 11:10-33

Jn. 11:1-44

Num. 12

Titus 2:9--3 end


Num. 13

Jn. 11:45-end

Num. 14:1-25

2 Tim. 1


Num. 16:1-35

Jn. 12:1-19

Num. 16:36--17 end

2 Tim. 2


Num. 20

Jn. 12:20-end

Num. 22:1-35

2 Tim. 3


Num. 22:36-23:26

Jn. 13

Num. 23:27-24 end

2 Tim. 4

Holy Week – March 21 to 26

Almighty and everlasting God, who, of your tender love towards mankind, has sent your Son,

our Saviour Jesus Christ, to take upon him our flesh, and to suffer death upon the cross,

that all mankind should follow the example of his great humility: Mercifully grant,

that we may both follow the example of his patience, and also be made partakers

of his resurrection; through the same Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Morning Prayer

Evening Prayer

Holy Monday

Lam 1:1-12

Jn. 14:1-14

Lam. 3:1-42

Jn. 14:15-end

Holy Tuesday

Isa. 42:1-9

Jn. 15:1-16

Wis. 2:1, 12-end

Jn. 15:17-end

Holy Wednesday

Num. 21:4-9

Jn. 16:1-15

Lev. 16:2-24

Jn. 16:16-end

Maundy Thursday

Ex. 24:1-11

Jn. 17

Ex. 16:2-15

Jn. 13:1-35

Good Friday

Gen. 22:1-18

Jn. 18

Isa. 52:13-53 end

Jn. 19:31-end

Holy Saturday

Zech. 9:9-12

Luke 23:50-end

Job 19:21-27

Jn. 2:13-22

Easter Week – March 28 to April 2

 Almighty God, who through your only-begotten Son Jesus Christ has overcome death,

and opened to us the gate of everlasting life: We humbly beseech you, that as by your

special grace you put into our minds good desires, so by your continual help we may bring

the same to good effect; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns

with you and the Holy Spirit, ever one God, world without end.  Amen.



Morning Prayer

Evening Prayer

Easter Day

Ex. 12:1-14

Rev. 1:4-18

Ex. 14:5-end

Jn. 20:1-23

Easter Mon

Ex. 15:1-18

Luke 24:1-12

Isa 12

1 Pet 1:1-12

Easter Tues

Isaiah 25:1-9

Matt 28:1-10

Isa. 26:1-19

1 Pet. 1:13-end

Easter Wed

Isa. 61

John 21:1-14

S. of Sol. 2:8-end

Rev. 7:9-end

Easter Thurs

1 Kings 17:8-end

Mark 5:21-end

Dan. 12

1 Thess. 4:13-end

Easter Friday

2 Kings 4:8-37

Luke 7:11-17

Zeph 3:14-end

Acts 17:16-31

Easter Sat

Jer. 31:1-14

John 11:17-44

Micah 7:7-end

Acts 26:1-23


All Saints’ Amersfoort (see website for Holy Week services)

Every Sunday at 9:30am and 8pm Thursday night Holy Communion

(Holy Communion every Sunday except Fifth Sunday of the Month is Morning Prayer)

Heilige Geestkerk, Mozartweg 54, Amersfoort

Anglican Church Zwolle

4pm 1st and 5th Sunday (Holy Communion) and Third Sunday (Evensong) every Month

Grace Church Groningen

10:30am 2nd Sunday (Service of the Word) and 4th Sunday (Holy Communion) every Month




(see previous page for Amersfoort, Zwolle and Groningen)
Holy Trinity Utrecht

Services are in English unless otherwise specified.
Sunday 6th March The Fourth Sunday in Lent (Mothering Sunday)

9:00 Sung Communion

11:00 All Age Worship - Sung Communion

Sunday 13th March The Fifth Sunday in Lent (Passion Sunday)

9:00 Sung Communion (Dutch/Eng)

11:00 Sung Communion

14:30 Choral Evensong
Saturday 19th March Evening Prayer and Praise Service

19:30 Service of the Word with Gospel Band

Sunday 20th March Palm Sunday

9:00 Sung Communion (Dutch/Eng)

11:00 Choral Communion

(with visiting choir: King’s Voices from Cambridge)

Holy Monday 21st March 20:00 Compline with Meditation by Wim Kuiper (English)

Holy Tuesday 22nd March 20:00 Compline with Meditation by Wim Kuiper (English)

Holy Wednesday 23rd Mar 20:00 Compline with Meditation by Wim Kuiper (English)

Maundy Thursday 24th Mar 20:00 Choral Communion with Foot-washing (English)

Good Friday 25th March 9:00 Matins with Litany (Dutch)

20:00 Evening Prayer and Litany (English)

Holy Saturday 26th March 9:00 Morning Prayer (Dutch)

Saturday 26th March EASTER VIGIL - 20:00 Lighting of New Fire & Choral Communion (Eng)

Sunday 27th March EASTER SUNDAY

9:00 Sung Communion (Dutch/Eng)

11:00 Choral Communion (English)
Monday 28th March Easter Monday – 10:00 Sung Communion (Dutch/Eng)
Tuesday 29th March Easter Tuesday – 10:00 Holy Communion (English)

In addition to the above services, we have these regular midweek services:

Daily: Morning Prayer (Tuesday to Friday 8.00; Saturday 9.00) and

Evening Prayer (Tuesday to Friday 17.30; Saturday 17:00)

Weekly: Holy Communion (said) (Wednesday at 19.00 except Jan 6 at 20.00))

1 This use of `heart' is different from how it is used in the Bible, where heart means the deepest inner core of our life.

For a good explanation of how to open your inner heart to God and let him change all aspects of our human life, so that

we can really enjoy living and working together with God, see Dallas Willard's book Renovation of the Heart.

2 Actually we are, see Eph 6:20

3 Blocking emotions also makes it difficult to feel loved and to love, and so connect to people. See, for more info, the

book Feeling Loved by the psychologist Jeanne Segal.

4 Again in Renovation of the Heart. Dallas Willard has really some very liberating things to say, there are also lectures

by him on Youtube that are very much worth watching.

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