Anne frank webquest

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Anne frank webquest

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Welcome to the Anne Frank web quest! Find out all about Anne Frank and her family! Please answer the questions below in English. To complete the web quest you’ll need to watch a couple of videos. Please use headphones so as not to disturb your classmates. Thank you!

Good luck. If you have any questions, please ask you teacher.

  1. Go to

  1. What is ‘het Achterhuis’ called in English?

  1. Go to Youtube and watch Then, answer questions 4, 5 and 6.

  1. According to the video, what is one of the first things Anne packs when she and her family go into hiding?

  1. On their way to the Secret Annex why does the Frank family wear as many clothes as possible?


  1. Exactly where is the Secret Annex located? Provide a street name and number.


Maybe you have never been to the Secret Annex. If you haven’t, you’re about to now. Click the link below and start exploring the house. Now answer questions 7-12

  1. Use your mouse to move around the house. What object is hung above the bookcase? Be very specific in your answer.


  1. Enter the hallway behind the bookcase by clicking the icon. Next, enter the Frank family’s room. Use your mouse to look around. Which three people slept here? Write down their full names.

  1. Use your mouse to look around you in the Franks’ room. What can you see? Describe what you the room in fifty words (minimaal 50 woorden).

  1. Now go into Anne’s room. There is a yellow poster on one of the walls. What connection is there between the poster and the place they’re hiding?


  1. You’re still in Anne’s room. Click the diary on her desk and listen to the audio fragment. Answer the questions below:

  1. Who did she get her diary from?


  1. What did she call her diary?


  1. What’s the reason she nicknamed her diary?


  1. What did she write about in her diary?


  1. Have you ever kept a diary yourself? What would you write about?


  1. Go to

Write an email to your future self! Set the date for 1 January 2015 and wish yourself a happy New Year. Alternatively, you can set a date two or three months from now and write yourself a pick-me-up! Write something that is inspiring, encouraging or just tell yourself to hang in there! Make a screenshot of your message and copy it into this document. (don’t forget to verify your email address or your message won’t be sent.)

  1. Go to,4.8839441,3a,88.8y,137h,88.4t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s9SamKG0UWnLn-d5Rh8Z0Aw!2e0?hl=nl

You now find yourself on Prinsengracht 263. Have you ever been to the Secret Annex before? If you have, write about your experience there? Did you feel sad? Angry? Has Anne’s life in some way inspired you? Explain.

  1. Watch this clip from the movie Freedom Writers.

  1. Who is the elderly woman in the chair and what is her relationship with Anne Frank?



  1. She talks about heroes. In your opinion, when does somebody deserve to be called a hero? Do you think she is one?

  1. Fill out the list below. Come up with 10 items that you’d pack in a suitcase if, like Anne Frank, you had to suddenly leave your home in a hurry.

c:\users\jordy.pellemans\dropbox\public\myteach\wp myteach oefeningen\assignment.png











For each of your 10 items, explain why you would pack it. Remember, your items must be able to fit into a regular suitcase.











  1. What happened on 4 August, 1944?

Now click the link below and watch the video.

  1. Look up something Anne Frank has written in her diary, for example a phrase or sentence you really liked. Explain why you like it so much.

Click the link below to take a look at the English text of Anne Frank’s Diary

  1. The original diary was written in Dutch and is called ‘Het Dagboek van Anne Frank’. The English version is called ‘A Diary of a Young Girl’. Why do you think would they have changed the title? Why didn’t they use a literal translation?

! Als je klaar bent met alle opdrachten, sla je je document netjes op. Vraag je docent of je je antwoorden moet mailen, uitprinten of dat je een antwoordvel krijgt.

Well done!

Extra Assignment: Maak een collage van het leven van Anne Frank. Neem hiervoor een volledig lege pagina en plak deze vol met foto’s van het internet en gebruik Engelse teksten en woorden.

  • Prinsengracht 263
  • Extra Assignment

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