Application for a change to the purpose of residence, study

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Application for a change to the purpose of residence, study

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Only complete this declaration if you are applying for a residence permit:

for your unmarried partner

for your child

as a foster child

as a family member (other than child/parent)

for a family visit

for study purposes

as an au pair

as a dependent family member of someone working for an International Organisation, and who himself / herself does not possess adequate means of self support

Send the completed and signed declaration with your application.
The undersigned shall act as a guarantor for the costs to the State and other public bodies as a result of the foreign national’s stay in the Netherlands, for a period of five years. This guarantee will be classed as expired in the event that sufficient assurance has been provided in another form, the foreign national has left the Netherlands, has been issued a residence permit under other restrictions, or has become a Dutch citizen.
In addition, the undersigned declares that any costs, these not being welfare costs, incurred by the State and other public bodies as a result of the foreign national’s stay in the Netherlands, including the costs associated with travel by the foreign national to a location outside the Netherlands to which he or she is guaranteed access, can be recovered from the guarantor to an annual maximum amount of €5000.
Furthermore, the undersigned declares that he or she is aware of the fact that, if the foreign national is in receipt of benefits pursuant to the Work and Social Assistance Act [Wet Werk en Bijstand], the costs incurred in benefits paid to the foreign national (in proportion to the amount of the benefits applicable at that time according to the standard amount stipulated by the Work and Social Assistance Act in addition to the aforementioned annual amount of €5000) shall be recovered from the guarantor.
Foreign national’s personal details

Surname as given in passport, identity card or any other document satisfactorily establishing nationality

First names  Male  Female

Date of Birth V-number

Guarantor’s personal details


Street Number

Postcode City

Date Signature
If you are married or are in a registered partnership, please have your (registered) partner sign the declaration to indicate his or her agreement.

Partner’s name Signature

Attach a copy of your guarantor’s and your partner’s valid identity papers to your application if they are both Dutch citizens. If one of these holds another nationality then also attach a copy of his / her valid passport, identity card or any other document satisfactorily establishing nationality, in which the residence permit has been entered or a copy of the front and back of the residence permit. If the guarantor is someone other than your sponsor, attach a copy of the guarantor’s valid identity documents to your application. This is not necessary if the guarantor is completing and signing this guarantor declaration on behalf of an organisation or institution.
Information page for student; not to be send with the application
Summary of the procedure
Submitting the application

This application can only be submitted by your institute. The institute can only submit the application on your behalf if the institute has signed a mutual agreement (covenant) with the IND. This form must always to be signed by the student himself/herself. This application for a residence permit should only be submitted by regular mail to this address:

Immigratie-en Naturalisatiedienst
Attn: ULAD

Postbus 7031
8007 HA Zwolle

Language of the documents to be enclosed

All documents must be in Dutch, English, French or German. If this is not the case, you must arrange for the

documents to be translated by a translator who has been sworn by a Dutch court and enclose the translation
and the document with the application.
Paying the fee of 600

The fee must be paid by the institute by automatic bank transfer.

The application will not be processed until the fee has been paid. If the evaluation of your application shows that you are not eligible for the requested residence permit, the fee will not be refunded. Failure to pay (on time) or submitting an incomplete application will lead to a delay, or even exclusion from, the procedure.
Once the application has been received by the IND you are legally residing in the Netherlands, even after the expiration of the sticker attached to your passport by the Dutch Embassy. A letter to this effect will be sent to your institute.
Receiving the decision

A decision will be sent to the institute who submitted the application. If the residence permit has been granted you will receive a letter stating where and when to collect the residence card.

How long will my residence permit be valid for and how can I extend it?

The starting date of your permit will be the date the IND received your application, unless the application was not complete. In such a case the starting date will be the date the application was completed. The expiry date will, in general, be one year later, unless the proof of enrolment of your institute expires first. In such a case the expiry date of your enrolment will also be the expiry date of your residence permit.

Approximately two months prior to the expiry date of your residence permit, a new form for extending your permit will be sent to your home address. If you do not receive this form, you can download one from our website
Changing your course of study

If you decide to change your institute, you must submit a new application to change the purpose of your residence permit. The fee will be € 600. The institute must submit a new application form. If you decide to change your study but you will stay at the same institute you don’t need to use this application form.
Changing your address

If you change your address it is important that you also inform the municipality (gemeente). The IND and other governmental institutions use the address known to the municipality, and if you are no longer residing at that address important information may not reach you. This can have severe consequences, such as the revoking of your residence permit.
Personal Data Protection Act

The Personal Data Protection Act ( Wbp) requires the IND to inform you that they are the organisation processing the information on your application. The IND does this to determine whether you are eligible for a residence permit. This falls under the responsibility of the Minister of Justice. Any questions that you may have regarding this data processing procedure must be submitted in writing to IND, Postbus 1200, 2280 CE Rijswijk. Here you can also submit a request for an overview of information held on your file. Further to this request you may request that your personal details be changed, removed or protected.

More information

For further information about this application procedure or your situation you can contact the IND on telephone number 0900 1234561 (€ 0.10 p.m.), weekdays from 09.00 - 17.00 hours. If you are abroad, call +31 20 889 3045, or go to
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