Curriculum Vitae Klaas Bom

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Curriculum Vitae Klaas Bom

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Curriculum Vitae Klaas Bom

names : Klaas Laurisse BOM

place and date of birth: Oostflakkee, 19.01.1967

citizenship: Netherlands

civil status: married with Conny Roggeband, 3 children (Febe (2001), Levien (2004) and Zeva (2007)).

address: Heiligenbergerweg 68G


phonenumber: 0031637403860


1985 – 1994:

Theological studies (Bachelor and Master), faculty of theology, Utrecht University, including the pastoral training of the Netherlands Reformed Church.

MA Major: Cultural Philosophy. MA Minors: New Testament and Systematic Theology.


Study of Philosophy in Paris with Jean-Luc Marion (Ecole Normale Superieure) and Philipe Sellier (Sorbone, Paris IV) and Theology at the Faculté libre de théologie protestante.

1994 – 1998

Junior researcher H.T.W.I. (Theological scientific institute of the Netherlands Reformed Church). Public defense of the PhD thesis entitled De ruimte van het hart. Kennen en willen in de antropologie van Blaise Pascal (On knowing and willing in the anthropology of Blaise Pascal), Utrecht University February, 25 1999.

June 1995

Visiting professor BEST/FATEB (Faculté de Théologie Evangélique de Banqui), Bangui, (Centrafrique).

1998 – 1999: Training at Hendrik Kraemer Institute, Oegstgeest, concluded with the ‘Mission Exam’.

1999 – 2003

Professor of historical and systematic theology and philosophy at the evangelical theological faculty (FEET – CIEETS) in Managua, Nicaragua, serving as a missionary of the Netherlands Reformed Church (Raad voor de Zending).


Ordained as a pastor of the Netherlands Reformed Church.

2003 – 2009

Pastor of a local church of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands, the Protestantse wijkgemeente Westerkerk i.w. in Gouda.

2003 – 2009

Member of the research Group John Duns Scotus.

June 2004

Visiting professor CUR, Baranquilla and Visión Mundial, Bogota, Colombia

May 2007

Visiting professor SEMISUD, Quito

July 2009 – August 2014

Professor of systematic theology and philosophy and director of the graduate program at SEMISUD, Quito, Ecuador (in cooperation with both Lee University, Cleveland (TN) and VU-University, Amsterdam), serving as a missionary of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (KerkinActie).

2010 – 2014

Participant of the dialogue between the Protestant Church and Pentecostal churches in the Netherlands.

July 2012

Visiting professor, summer course, School of Theology, Lee University, Cleveland (TN)

February 2014

Contribution to the Conference ‘Renewal across the Americas’ held at Regent University, Virginia Beach (USA).

September 2014 – now

Senior Researcher of the project ‘Science and Religion in French speaking Africa’, funded by Templeton World Charity Foundation (3 years project) at PThU Groningen, project leader: Prof. dr. Benno van den Toren.


1999: De ruimte van het hart; Kennen en willen in de antropologie van Blaise Pascal , Van Gorcum, Assen (PhD thesis)

2010: Lectura analítica, Semisud, distance education

  • International articles (Eng/Fr/Esp/De):

2015: ‘'I feel the presence of God in my tears.’ On the theological contribution to the research of Latin American Pentecostalism’, accepted by Exchange, forthcoming in 2015.

2014: ‘On Pascal’s Sentir’ in International Journal of Philosophy and Theology, DOI:10.1080/21692327.2014.920695 (June 2014)

2014: ‘Blaise Pascal on Affections’ in Amos Yong and Dale Coulter (ed), The Spirit, Affectivity, and the Christian Tradition (University of Notre Dame Press, forthcoming)

2012: ‘Heart and Reason: Using Pascal to Clarify Smith´s Ambiguity’ in Pneuma, Vol. 34, no 3, 345 – 364

2009: ‘Directed by desire: An exploration based on the structures of the desire for God’ in Scottish Journal of Theology (2009), 62, 135-148

2005, ‘Pascal und Duns Scotus ueber die verdienstliche Handlungen’ in Das franziskanische Verständnis des Wirkens des Heiligen Geistes in Kirche und Welt (Mönchengladbach: B. Kühlen Verlag, 2005)

2002:‘Existe una teología de la creación después de la cruz? In: Xilotl; Revista nicaragüense de Teología , 30 (Oct. 2002), 79-91.

1998: ‘”Et les calvinistes diffèrent horriblement de nous” ou l'anti-calvinisme de Pascal' in: C. Belin e.a., Port-Royal et des protestants , Paris: Bibliothèque Mazarine, Chroniques de Port-Royal, 1998, 81-98.

  • Reviews

2014: Review of Blaise Pascal on Duplicity, Sin and the Fall: The secret instinct by William Wood (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013) in Modern Theology (forthcoming).

  • Articles in Dutch:

2014: ‘Sarah Coakley en de rol van gevoelens in de systematische theologie’ in Kerk en Theologie, 65 (juli 2014), 218 - 232.

2012: ‘Pinkstervuur in Latijns-Amerika’ in Geestkracht, No. 70.

2011: ‘Broden van een nieuwe oogst. Een verkenning van recente systematische theologie uit de pinksterkerken’ in Kerk en Theologie, 62, 2.

2005: ‘Pascal en het verlangen naar God’ in Nico den Bok en Arjan Plaisier, Bijna goddelijk gemaakt. Gedachten over de menselijke gerichtheid op God, Zoetermeer: Boekencentrum, 2005, 178 – 199.

2003: ‘ “U koos het meest met lijden overladen lichaam”. Blaise Pascal over het motief voor de menswording', in: Nico den Bok en Guus Labooy (red), Wat God bewoog mens te worden. Gedachten over de incarnatie , Zoetermeer: Boekencentrum 2003, 135 -153.

2001: 'Gods goedheid houdt ons staande;' in Bijdragen; Tijdschrift voor theologie en filosofie , 62 (2001), 68 - 87.

2010 Vos, A., H. Veldhuis, E. Dekker, K.L. Bom, N.W. den Bok, A.J. Beck, J.M. Bac, John Duns Scotus, On Bigamy. Ordinatio IV distinction 33 q. 1 Latin text and English translation.

2008b Vos, A., H. Veldhuis, G. Labooy, E. Dekker, K.L. Bom, N.W. den Bok, A.J. Beck, J.M. Bac, John Duns Scotus, The possibility of the incarnation. Lectura distinction III question 1, Latin Text and English Translation.

2008a N. den Bok, M. Bac, A.J. Beck, K. Bom, E. Dekker, G. Labooy, H. Veldhuis, A. Vos, 'More than just an individual. Scotus’s Concept of Person from the Christological Context of Lectura III 1', in: Franciscan Studies 66 (2008), 169-196.

2005 Vos, A., H. Veldhuis, E. Dekker, K.L. Bom, N.W. den Bok, A.J. Beck, J.M. Bac, 'Duns in potency. The Dating of Scotus' Quaestiones super libros Metaphysicorum Aristotelis, IX, 1-2 and its Concept of Possibility', in: Medioevo Rivista di storia delle filosofia medievale XXX (2005), 41-68.

Courses taught


Apologetics (Bangui)

Church history (1 – 15 century) (Managua; Quito)

Christology (Managua)

Theology of Paul (Managua)

Introduction to the History of Philosophy (Managua; Cleveland, TN)

Analytical skills (Managua)


Christology (Managua)

Pneumatology (Quito)

Systematic Anthropology (Managua; Barranquilla; Bogota; Quito)

Ecclesiology (Quito)

Medieval Theology (Quito)

Theological Hermeneutics (Quito)

Research design and research skills (Research Master, Quito)

Analytical skills (Quito)

Intercultural theology (with Prof. dr. Benno van den Toren, PThU Groningen)

Supervision of research project designs in the Research Master

Guillermo Moreno, Hollenweger and the study of Latin-American Pentecostal theology

Yadetzi Rodriguez, Sermons as mirrors of the development of Latin American Pentecostal Theology

Abiud Fonseca, A phenomenological approach of the idea of God in Latin American Pentecostal liturgy

Raúl Febus, The significance of the community in Pentecostal Hispanic churches and its contribution to Pneumatology

Hector Cancino, The development of spiritual values in Chilean Classical Pentecostalism

  • Publications
  • Courses taught
  • Supervision of research project designs in the Research Master

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