Curriculum Vitae Personal Data

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Curriculum Vitae Personal Data

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Referee Other than for Scientific Journals

  • International Foundation for Science (IFS), Sweden (since 1987)

  • European Economic Community specific research projects in the field of tropical and subtropical agronomy and plant physiology (call 98/C385A/02 and 1999/C25A/02; since July 1999) - identification number: AG-04/ER D(99)

  • European Commission: expert to monitor the RTD fourth Framework Programmes and their Specific Programmes (July 31st 1997 - end 1999) (ref. 97/C 232/11)

  • European Commission: expert to monitor the RTD fifth Framework Programmes and their Specific Programmes (call: 1999/C 120 A/02, official journal C 120 A)

  • Referee for the German Ministry of Research (BMBF) terrestrial biodiversity research programme (September 1999 -)

  • Referee for the German-based Mercedes Benz foundation…

  • Referee for the Netherlands Foundation for the Advancement of Tropical Research (WotRO) Integrated Programmes (October 1999 -)

Member of the scientific committee supervising the rewriting of Vandeput's standard work on tropical agriculture (Belgian Development cooperation/DGOS).

Membership of Scientific and Professional Organisations

  • Cactus and Succulent Society of America (SSCA, since 1991)

  • International Society for Horticultural Sciences (since 1992)

  • Society for Economic Botany (since 1995)

  • Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society (APWSS) (since 1997)

  • International Society of Ethnobiology (ISE, since 2004; board member June 2008 - )

Participant in the ‘‘Science" by Mail" projects Dino Mail (1992/93) and Bio Post (1993/94).

Editorial Boards Memberships (and Referee)

  1. Afrika Focus (Gent, Belgium), since 1985

  2. Tropicultura (Brussels, Belgium), since 1992; since 1996: delegated editor for sector tropical agriculture (gedelegeerd redacteur)

  3. Mulga (Mulga Research Centre Journal; Perth, Western Australia), since June 1994

  4. The African Crop Science Journal (Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Makerere University, Uganda), since beginning 1998

  5. (Gembloux, Belgium), since April 1999

Co-author (together with Prof. Dr. Bruno Henry de Frahan,UCL) of the Belgian Government’s policy position text on Desertification (in preparation of Beglian’s adhesion to the Desertification Convention.
Referee Scientific Journals

  • Afrika Focus (since early 1985)

  • Tropicultura (since medio 1990)

  • Annales des Sciences Agronomiques, Université Nationale du Bénin (sinds januari 1999).

  • Plant, Cell and Environment (Plant Science Division, University of Nottingham; since October 2001)

  • Fitoterapia (Italië, since March maart 2003).

  • The African Crop Science Journal (Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Makerere University, Uganda), since beginning 1998.

  • Biotechnologie, Agronomie, Société et Environnement, BASE (Faculté Universitaire des Sciences Agronomiques, Gembloux, België) (, since February 2000.

  • Journal of Tropical Forest Science (Forest Research Institute Malaysia, Kepong, 52109 Kuala Lumpur, Maleisië), since November 2000.

  • Journal of Ethnomedicine Research (3/76 Vanchinathan Street, EVR Salai, Palavakkam, Chennai – 600 041 Indië), since June 2002.

  • Journal of East African Natural History (Nature Kenya + National Museums of Kenya), since June 2003

  • Economic Botany (, since February 2006.

  • Forest Ecology and Management (, since February 2006.

  • Environment, Development and Sustainability (

en, since February 2006.

  • Diversity and Distributions (, since December 2006.

  • Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine (, since December 2006.

  • Belgian Journal of Botany (, since January 2007.

  • International Journal of Biodiversity Science and Management (since January 2007).

  • International Journal of Biological and Chemical Sciences (Kameroen, IJBCS), since January 2007.

  • Fruits (Frankrijk), since October 2007.

  • Crop Protection, since March 2008.

  • Vertigo (La revue électronique en sciences de l'environnement) (, since March 2008.

  • Environmental and Experimental Botany (, since April 2008.

  • Environment (since February 2009).

  • Plant Systematics and Evolution (since February 2009).

  • New Forests (since May 2010).

  • AETFAT Proceedings 2010 (Fall 2010).

  • Agricultura Tropica et Subtropica (Spring 2011).

  • Journal of Biodiversity and Ecological Sciences (ssince Fall 2011).

Scientific coordinator for the activities of VVOB (Flemish Organization for Training and Education Abroad), ethnobotany, at CATER, Loja, Ecuador.
Founding member and member of the general assembly
VZW Groenhart (NGO Greenheart), NGO for development co-operation and environmental problems (September 2002 - )
Board Memberships
NGOs for Development Co-operation

  1. VZW Vredeseilanden (1983 - June 1996)

  2. VZW PROTOS (1990 – fall 1999; general assembly till now)

  3. VZW RUGOS (Rijksuniversiteit Gent OntwikkelingsSamenwerking) (May 1992 - ) (function: president of the board)

  4. International Society of Ethnobiology (June 2008 - )


  1. World Wildlife Foundation (WWF)-Flemish Community (WWF-Flanders; December 1994 - )

  2. WWF-Belgium (December 1995 - ).

Professional Organisations

  1. OLIS (Overlegcentrum Landbouwkundig Ingenieurs en Ingenieurs voor de Scheikunde en de Landbouwindustrieën) (since December 1993 - )

General Assembly Memberships

  1. VZW Kauri, linking private enterprise and development co-operation activities (April 1999 - now).

  2. VZW Vredeseilanden (November 1983 – now).

  3. VZW Vredeseilanden Productions (November 1994 - now).

  4. VZW PROTOS (1990 - ).

Member of Paraprofessional Organisations

  1. VZW Kauri Club (April 1998 - )

Membership of Scientific Committee

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture Centre for Research in Veterinary Medicin and Agrochemistry (Centrum voor Onderzoek in Diergeneeskunde en Agrochemie (CODA) (KB 10/07/97; KB /01)
Member of the Scientific Committee supervising the METAFRO (Museum of Middle Africa, Tervuren, Belgium)
Member of the Selection Committee (section agronomy) for ABOS, Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Law gazette 14 November 1994) – till end 2000.
Commissions at FAABS-level
Member of the Commissie Evaluatie Opleiding Landbouwkunde (Commission Evaluation Agronomy Department)

1 COSTBEN and COSTAB are two UN agency developed programmes; the first calculates cost/benefit ratios (and internal rates of return) for development programmes, the second is used in cost calculation of long term investment and development programmes.

2 currently used acronyms:

CECBelgian Administration for Development Cooperation (Algemeen Bestuur voor OntwikkelingsSamenwerking; Brussels, Belgium)

Belgian Technical Cooperation (Belgische Technische Cooperatie)

Commission of the European Community (also European Union)FAABS.Faculty of Agricultural and Applied Biological Sciences (Gent, Belgium)FAOFood and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (Rome, Italy)FIDA


GGSFonds International pour le Développement de l'Agriculture (UN Agency, Rome, Italy)

Additional training curriculum (formerly first year of MSc programme)

Specialised training curriculum (formerly MSc)ICRAF

ICUCInternational Centre for Research on AgroForestry (Nairobi, Kenya)

International Centre for Under-Utilised CropsIFADInternational Fund for Agricultural Development (Rome, Italy)IITA


KULInternational Institute of Tropical Agriculture (Ibadan, Nigeria)

International Fund for Agricultural Development

Catholic University Leuven (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Leuven, Belgium)KVIVRoyal Flemish Engineers Association (Koninklijke Vlaamse IngenieursVereniging; Antwerp, Belgium)NATURA

Network of European Agricultural (Tropically and subtropically oriented) Universities and scientific complexes Related with Agricultural development (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium)NCOS

NFWOFlemish NGO platform (Nationaal Centrum voor OntwikkelingsSamenwerking; Brussels, Belgium)

National Fund for Scientific Research (Nationaal Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek; Brussels, Belgium)NGONon-Governmental OrganisationRUGUniversity of Gent (Universiteit Gent; Gent, Belgium)VlIR

VUBFlemish Interuniversitary Council (VLaamse Interuniversitaire Raad; Brussels, Belgium)

Flemish University Brussels (Vlaamse Universiteit Brussel; Brussels, Belgium)VVOBFlemish association for development cooperation and technical assistance (Vlaamse Vereniging voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking en technische Bijstand; Brussels, Belgium)

3 Published in a "…book series, Topics in Biodiversity and Conservation [which] brings together some of the most exciting and topical papers in biodiversity and conservation research" and…"the series provides access to selected peer-reviewed papers which represent the cutting edge of current research".

Curriculum Vitae Prof. Dr. ir. Patrick Van Damme (last update: 4/04/2017)

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  • Editorial Boards Memberships (and Referee)
  • Referee Scientific Journals
  • Scientific coordinator
  • Professional Organisations
  • Member of Paraprofessional Organisations

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