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V Taller Internacional de Agricultura sostenible y Biotecnologia Vegetal – ASBIO 2011

Invited keynote address: Fifteen years of research on cherimoya (Annona cherimola L.) in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia (presented in Spanish: 15 Anos de investigacion con cherimoya (Annona cherimola L.) en Ecuador, Peru y Bolivia (in collaboration with Scheldeman, X. and Vanhove, W.)

Symposium: Plant Breeding for Drought Tolerance

Paper presented:

  • Effects of water deficit induced by polyethylene glycol (PEG) 6000 on germination of some confirmed mutants of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) (Boureima, S., M. Eyletters, M., Diouf, M. and Van Damme, P.)

14 – 16 September Zürich (Switzerland)

Tropentag- World Food System – a contribution from Europe

Poster presentations

  • Evaluation of selected pesticidal plant extracts against major cabbage insect pests in the field (Mwine, J. and Van Damme, P.)

  • (… Van Damme, P.)

6- 11 June Xalapa (Mexico)

51th Annual meeting of the Society for Economic Botany

Featured symposium: Agrobiodiversity: lessons for conservation and local development

Oral presentation:

  • Wild edible plant knowledge by the Turumbu, Mbole and Bali ethnic groups, district Tshopo, Oriental Province, DRCongo (together with Céline Termote)


Ouagadougou IFS


12 – 14 October Kinshasa (DRC)

6 – 10 October Sanliurfa (Turkey)

V International Symposium on Pistachios and Almonds

Member of scientific committee

29 September – 3 October Meknès (Morocco)

4th International Symposium on Fig

Member of scientific committee

Oral presentations:

  • Fig (Ficus carica L.) cultivation systems and cultivars diversity in Moulay Driss Zerhoun (Morocco) (Messaoudi, Z., El Khaloui, M., Ibrahimy, A., Khatib, F., Perichon, S. and Van Damme, P.);

  • Morphological and chemical characterisation of Moroccan local fig varieties (Messaoudi, Z., Aghanbou, H., Adardor, R., Kajji, A. and Van Damme, P.);

  • Evaluation of Moroccan local varieties (Messaoudi, Z., Aghanbou, H., Adardor, R., Kajji, A. and Van Damme, P.).

Poster presentation

  • Comparison between fig (Ficus carica L.) propagation techniques (Messaoudi, Z., Khatib, F. and Van Damme, P.).

21 – 25 September San Bernardo de Bariloche (Argentina)

5th International Congress on EthnoBotany (ICEB 2009)

Member of the scientific committee

31 August – 3 September Nairobi (Kenya)

All Africa Horticulture Congress (AAHC), organised by GlobalHort and KARI (Kenya)

Member of the scientific committee (
23 – 28 August Nairobi (Kenya)

2d World Congress of Agroforestry – Agroforestry: the future of global land use

  • Co-organisator of technical session: Hot or cold: the role of underutilised crops for AF, in Theme: Markets as opportunities and drivers of Agroforestry (together with Dr. Hannah Jaenicke, ICUC Sri Lanka)

  • Member of the scientific committee (

  • Session leader for technical session 27: The role of underutilized crops for agroforestry

Poster presentation
4 – 10 July Yaoundé (Cameroon)

Développement d’une méthodologie pour évaluer l’impact des nouvelles technologies et nouveaux mécanismes sur le bien-être des ménages et sur les ressources naturelles (6-7 juillet, Yaoundé)

Workshop organised by ICRAF/UGent in preparation of project AFTP4A (Increasing small-scale farmer benefits from agroforestry tree products in West and Central Africa)

Session leader for: Identification des changements attendus et formulation des hypothèses d’impact au niveau des resources naturelles
8-10 June Warsaw (Poland)

Co-organisation van de “Agriculture Production workshop”, Warsaw University of Life Sciences- SGGW (


  • Presentation of the network, and objectives’ definition of the workshop

19 – 22 May Kampala (Uganda)

African Organic Conference 2009: fast tracking sustainable development in Africa through harnessing organic agriculture and biotechnology

Member of the scientific committee


Invited speaker:

  • key note address: Ethnobotanical and indigenous knowledge-based research for increased knowledge on biodiversity for use in organic farming

  • oral presentation: Indigenous biodiversity as a potential source of crops for future satisfaction of consumer demand.

Poster presentations

  • Mwine, J., Van Damme, P., Kamoga, G. & Jumba, F., An inventory of pesticidal plants used in Maraka district in Central Uganda

  • Ssekyewa,C., Van Damme, P. & Steele, K.A., Molecular characterisation of tomato leaf curl disease causing viruses in Uganda

Overall theme leader for sessions 3 (Pest and disease management – challenges and solutions) and 4 (Post-harvest handling, processing and marketing) (Thursday May 21)

Convenor for the parallel session of Friday 21: Inter-faculty social science seminar on indigenous knowledge in Africa: Indigenous and farmer-led knowledge contribution to enhancing the sustainability of organic agriculture in Africa (together with J.C. Katongole, UMU)

18 May Makerere (Uganda)

Invited lecture: Ethnobotanical research for increased knowledge on biodiversity: examples from the field (Africa, Latin America)

april Montréal (Canada)
3 – 4 March Cuscatlàn (El Salvador)

I Seminario Nacional de la Agroindustria Frutícola Salvadoreña


  • PAVUC – Procuding Added Value to Under-Utilised Tropical Fruit Crops with High Commercial Value – project presentation

  • PAVUC – Methodologies for diversity-rich products to access a globalised market

  • European market environment for Latin American tropical fruit species

  • Impact of sensory experiences on the acceptance of tropical fruit juices by Belgian consumers

  • Consumer acceptace fresh versus processed tropical fruit products

  • Cost/benefit analysis of Latin American versus European fruit juices

31 January– 6 February Yaoundé (Cameroon)

Planning workshop for the ‘Increasing small-scale farmer benefits from agroforestry tree products in West and Central Africa (AFTP4A)’ project (ICRAF/IRAD/INERA - UGent)

  • Session leader of February 3 morning session on project components 3 – 5

  • Moderator for Working Group 4 (WG4): Science issues and potential PhD/MSc projects

  • Presentation: Effective organizational mechanisms and arrangements to strengthen linkages between actors in the AFTP value chain (together with ir. Céline Termote)

December (Sitske)
3 – 7 November Stellenbosch (South Africa)

Sustainable forest management in Africa. African solutions to African problems in natural forest management (

Poster presentation

Vessels as an indicator of bark harvesting methodology impact on the physiology of 10 medicinal tree species (Benin) (Delvaux, C., Sinsin, B., Van Damme, P. and Beeckman, H.)

 22 – 24 October Montpellier (France)

Non-food and energetic use of plants from Mediterranean and tropical areas/Valorisation non alimentaire et énergétique de plantes des régions chaudes, VANATROP workshop (georganiseerd door CIRAD, IRD, INRA; Agropolis International)

Sessievoorzitter: Enjeux économiques et sociaux/Economical and social issues (22 oktober)

Mededeling: What plants for what type of valorisation ?/Quelles plantes pour quelle valorization ?
7 – 9 October Stuttgart/Hohenheim (Germany)

Tropentag 2008, International Conference on Research for Development in Agriculture and Forestry, Food and Natural Resource Management Competition for Resources in a Changing World: New Drive for Rural Development

Poster presentation

Use and Socio-Economic Value of Wild Edible Plants by the Turumbu, Tshopo District, DR Congo (Termote, C., Dheda Djailo, B., Everaert, G., Haesaert, S. & Van Damme, P.) (

21 – 25 September New York (USA)

5th World Congress on Allelopathy. ‘Growins awareness of the role of allelopathy in ecological, agricultural, and environmental processes (The Saratoga Hilton, Saratoga Springs) (

Poster presentations

  • Evaluation of allelopathic and nematodicide effect of Capparis spinosa L. on germination and early growth of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) under laboratory conditions (Rafieiolhossaini, M. Sodaiezadeh, H. & Van Damme, P.)

  • Assessment of phytotoxic properties of Peganum harmala on growth of redroot amaranth (Amaranthus retroflexus) in greenhouse conditions (SodaeiZadeh, H. & Van Damme, P.)

 2 – 5 September Lleida/Lerida (Spain)

Developing roadmaps for European Life Science degrees: competences, quality, employability. Ninth European Conference on Higher Agricultural Education (ECHAE), organised by ICA and Universitat de Lleida.

Invited lecture: Meeting new demands for staff development. Dare to think – the road ahead

3 – 8 Augustus Athens (Greece)

7th Joint Meeting of AFERP, ASP, GA, PSE & SIF

Poster presentations

  • Herbicidal properties of Peganum harmala under laboratory condition (Sodaeizadeh, H. Van Damme, P.).

  • Variation in the yield and composition of essential oils in German chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) according to flower development stage (Rafieiolhossaini, M., Adams, A., De Kimpe , N. & Van Damme, P.)

  • Influence of soil nitrogen level and plant spacing on essential oil content and composition of German chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) (Rafieiolhossaini, M., Adams, A., De Kimpe , N. & Van Damme, P.)

14 – 16 July Bangkok (Thailand)

International Seminar on Consumer Trends and Exports of Tropical and Subtropical Fruits


(Sabbe, S., Verbeke, W. & Van Damme, P.)
30 March – 4 April Athens (Greece)

XIV Meeting of the Mediterranean Research Group for Almond and Pistachio (GREMPA)

Session leader voor Session 5. Physiology, biology, biotechnology (together with Oliveira Margarida)

Poster presentation:

Characteristics of stomata in three almond species affected by drought stress (Rouhi, V. Ranjbarfardooei, A., Samson, R. & Van Damme, P.) (4.03)

3 - 7 March Arusha (Tanzanië)

see above – personally organised congresses

23 January Gent (Belgium)

Conference on Desertification, FBW

Poster presentation:

Evaluating salt tolerance of four Iranian wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes at different levels of salinity (Asgari, H.R., Hasan Ghassamei, T.M., Cornelis, W.M. & Van Damme, P.)

22 January Gent (Belgium)

Inauguration UNESCO chair on eremology (participation without presentation)

Prague – ook in 2007
12 – 14 November Bamako (Mali)

Atelier régional : ‘Options politiques et de recherches agroforestières pour améliorer la nutrition, la santé et la vie des populations rurales en Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre’ (ICRAF)

Poster presentations:

  • Characterisation of baobab and tamarind accessions in West Africa (De Groote, S. & Van Damme, P.)

  • Production and Marketing Chain Analysis of Baobab and Tamarind (De Caluwe, E., Djouara, H. & Van Damme, P.)

Oral presentation

 8 - 10 November Leipzig (Germany)

6th European Colloquium on Ethnopharmacology and 20. Fachkonferenz Ethnomedizin

Oral presentation: Fourlegged pharmacists, self-medicating livestock give insights to the origins of ethnomedicines? (Gradé, J. & Van Damme, P.)

5 – 8 November Ambato (Ecuador)

Sixth Ibero-American Congress of Food Engineering (CIBIA VI)

Oral presentation: Impact of sensory experiences on the acceptance of tropical fruit juices (Sabbe, S., Verbeke, W. and Van Damme, P.)

9 – 11 October Witzenhausen (Germany)

Tropentag 2007. International Research on Food Security, Natural Resource Management and Rural Development: Utilisation of diversity in land use systems: Sustainable and organic approaches to meet human needs (jointly organised by the Universities of Kassel-Witzenhausen and Göttingen) (

Poster presentation

Domestication and development of baobab and tamarind ~ DADOBAT (Van Damme, P., De Caluwé, E. & De Groote, S.) ( (full paper can be downloaded from:

3 - 6 October Valencia (Spain)

ERASMUS-SOCRATES teaching staff mobility programme – Politecnica de Valencia

Teaching of courses on:

  • Ethnobotany and new crop development: introduction (6 hours)

  • Study and research opportunities at University Gent (2 hours)

2 – 6 September Graz (Austria)

55th Annual Meeting and International Congress of the Society for Medicinal Plant Research (

Poster presentation

  • Antimicrobial activity of Ugandan Medicinal Plants (Kuglerova M., Halamova K., Kokoska L., Van Damme P., Grade J.)

  • Household Analysis on local knowledge, domestication and use of Moringa oleifera in the Volta region of Ghana (Suzanne Enoh-Arthur and Patrick Van Damme)

 3 –6 September Southampton (UK)

5th International Symposium on New Crops and Uses: their role in a rapidly changing world

oral presentation

Session 1. The context, justification and application of underutilized crops in a rapidly changing world

‘Food and Nutrition: the Role of Under-utilized Crops in Traditional Crop Improvement and New Crop Development’

poster presentations

Consumer perceptions and determinants of purchasing fresh and processed tropical fruit products: An exploratory study (Sara Sabbe, Wim Verbeke and Patrick Van Damme)

11 – 14 April Brussels

V Congreso Europeo CEISAL de latinoamericanistas: Las relaciones triangulares entre Europa y las Américas en el siglo XXI: expectativas y desafío (

Oral presentation

Similarities and differences between homegardens from Trinitario and Yuracare communities (Vandebroek, I., Thomas, E. & Van Damme, P.)
 2 – 6 April Accra (Ghana)

International conference on management of national/natural parks and biodiversity conservation in Africa.

Oral presentation:

From (African) plant biodiversity to domestication for sustainable development

26 February – 2 March Yaoundé (Kameroen)
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  • Co-organisator of technical session
  • Sixth Ibero-American Congress of Food Engineering (CIBIA VI)

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