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Short report fourteenth meeting - Cognitive Radio+ for 5G and Beyond

Date: 2015-03-25







Dr. Ir. W. Lemstra

TU Delft

Jaffalaan 5
NL-2628 BX Delft
The Netherlands


Ing. V. Hayes

TU Delft

Jaffalaan 5
NL-2628 BX Delft
The Netherlands



Short report


Cognitive radio, software defined radio, radio spectrum management, government policy, firm strategy, coordination, governance


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A short report of the fourteenth meeting of the CRplatform.NL held on March 12, 2015. The topic was:

  • Cognitive Radio+ for 5G and Beyond

Opening and welcome

15 persons attended the workshop. See the attendancelist for details.

Wolter welcomed Ignas Niemegeers and the participants. He introduced the agenda of the workshop.

Reflection on the 13th CR Workshop Elements of Cognitive Radio

See infoshare, NWO project.

Cognitive Radio+ for 5G and Beyond

Ignas Niemegeers, Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology and advisor at the Centre for Wireless Technology Eindhoven (CWTe) introduced the presentation originally prepared by Professor Sonia Heemstra de Groot and adjusted by himself. The presentation is available on the website.

He concluded:

• 5G driven by evolution of present use cases and disruptive new use cases, imposing requirements that cannot be met by simply evolving the present infrastructure

• There is an important potential role for cognitive radio

• If we use a broader interpretation, the role if cognitive radio in 5G is even more prominent.

• 5G means working on building blocks for the future generation (cognitive) mobile networks

Framing the topic

A lively discussion was held. Major points of interest:

Emphaisis in 5G will not on being faster than 4G but will be on much larger number of devices, many of which will have low dat rates and need to operate with extremely low power.

5G will be different than what can be expected when extrapolating the line of 4G.

5G will not only be different in technologies applied, but will also have an impact on policy and regulation, a typical TBM topic.


Policy developments (incl. WRC): Peter Anker

Under the agenda item for extension of spectrum for Mobile below 6 GHz, the sharing study for the band 5350-5470 MHz, allocated for Earth Exploration Satelites, revealed that a single Wi-Fi station could jeopardize the images. Therefore the band will be kept free for the Earth Exploration Satelite service. For the next WRC an agenda item for frequencies for Mobile above 6 GHz will be proposed.

NWO project

Vic reported that the paper, discussed by Przemek Pawelzcak at Workshop #13, was rejected because the matter could not be generalized and the use of a dongle was not very realistic. The project is redirected towards Program Making and Special Events (PMSE).

Wi-Fi congestion report

The Ministry of Economic Afairs had requested a report regarding the congestion in the Wi-Fi frequency bands. The report is available at In about a quarter of their measurements they have seen congestion in residential and business areas. The recommendation is to migrate to 5 GHz, but not all Internet providers have 5 GHz on their modems. Vic has learned from the Chairman of IEEE 802.11 that a sharing issue is known to them and a new project 11ax, High Efficiency WLAN was approved March 2014, with a standard available March 2019.

Arrangement Frequencyspace without license terminated

The arrangement for the use of Frequencyspace without license has been discontinued per March 5, 2015.

Telecom Infra Event

On March 15, 2015, the Telecom Infra Event will be held in the Kuip, Rotterdam


Further to the success of Eduroam, a quick and secure association with Wi-Fi accesspoints at academic institutions worldwide, Govroam is intended to provide the same to public institutions. provides further information.

On April 14, govroam organises the national startgathering for govroam at the townhall of The Hague. Registration is required.

4G access to campusnetwork

As already announced at workshop #8, Surfnet is working on 4G access at campus. More information is available at

Summary and next steps

Raymond Valk may be able to organize a workshop on congestion control.

Concern was expressed about the plans to use the 5 GHz band for LTE, called LTE Licensed Assisted Access. We are looking for a workshop on the topic with proponents of the plan (some proponents found are Ericcson, Nokia and Qualcom) and proponents of Wi-Fi.

Attendancelist CRplatform.NL Workshop number 14

Held on 12-3-2015 at TUDelft

Theme Cognitive Radio+ for 5G and Beyond

15 Attending



Anker, (Peter), P.D.C.

Ministerie van Economische Zaken

Chandra, (Kishor), K


Dorst, (Machiel), M.J. van

University of Technology Eindhoven

Hayes, (Vic), V.


Iersel, (Frank), F. van

Stichting Govroam

Jong, (Alle), A. de

Ministerie van Defensie

Lemstra, (Wolter), W.


Milius, (Henk), H.


Mioulet, (Koen), K.


Moen, (Juul), J.


Moerkerken, (Paul), P. van


Niemegeers, (Ignas), I.G.M.M.

University of Technology Eindhoven

Nolet, (Frits), F.

Nolet5 Consultancy & Services

Valk, (Raymond), R


Zwiers, (Ton), T.

Agentschap Telecom

19 Excused



Begeer, (Carel), C

Unify Mobile

Bentum, (Mark), M.

Universiteit van Twente

Blankers, (Patrick), P.


Blom, (Willem), W


Bokhorst, (Ruud), R. van


Bruntink, (Gerjo), G.

Nederlandse Publieke Omroep

Enzler, (Sico), S.


Giessen, (Hans), J.S. van der


Heemstra de Groot, (Sonia), S.

TU Eindhoven

Jeanty, (Lilian), L.

Agentschap Telecom

Kamer, (Jos), J.

Agentschap Telecom

Martens, (Dick), D.


Nijhuis, (Eric), van


Panken, (Frans), F.


Reitsma, (Ynze), Y.


Schooten, (Hein), H. van


Smith, (Ben), B.

Agentschap Telecom

Vries, (Auke), A. de


Wilshaus, (Jan), J.

Agentschap Telecom

Short report page Vic Hayes and Wolter Lemstra

  • Opening and welcome
  • Framing the topic
  • Policy developments (incl. WRC): Peter Anker
  • Wi-Fi congestion report
  • Arrangement Frequencyspace without license terminated The arrangement for the use of Frequencyspace without license has been discontinued per March 5, 2015. Telecom Infra Event
  • 4G access to campusnetwork
  • Summary and next steps
  • Attendancelist CRplatform.NL Workshop number 14 Held on 12-3-2015 at TUDelft Theme Cognitive Radio+ for 5G and Beyond 15 Attending

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