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Extra english

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Oefening 1: Vul de juiste vorm in. Kies tussen present, past or future.

  1. We________________ TV when it _________ to rain. (to watch-to start)

  2. I ____________to visit you yesterday, but you__________not at home. (to want -to be)

  3. Look! It______________, so we can't___________ to the beach. (to rain) (to go)

  4. There are a lot of clouds! It ___________soon. (to rain)

  5. The sun___________ in the East. (to rise)

  6. They _______________their son every year. (to visit)

  7. While the doctor____________ Mr Jones, his son_________ outside this morning. (to examine) (to wait)

  8. Hopefully, tomorrow morning, the sun (shine) __________________ when I wake up.

  9. Larry___________ the film on TV. That’s why he decided to buy the book. (to see)

  10. Wait a minute, I ____________this box for you. (to carry)

  11. Finish this conversation:

Lars: Excuse me, which movie are you waiting for?
Tony: We (wait) _____________ for the new Stars Wars movie.

Lars: When (arrive) _____ you ______?

Tony: We (get) _________ here at 6:00 o'clock this morning. More than forty people (stand, already) _____________________here waiting for tickets when we (arrive) _______________.

Lars: I can't believe that! Are you serious?

Tony: Yeah, people (take) _____________ Star Wars movies seriously.

Lars: When (buy ) ____ you______ your tickets?
Tony: I (buy) ___________ them last week by phone. I (know) ____________tickets would be hard to get.

Oefening 2: Leg nu uit waarom je die vorm hebt gekozen (vorige oefening)











11. ___________________________________________________________________






PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE (= voltooid tegenwoordige tijd)

Vorm: have/has + voltooid deelwoord (ww + ed of 3e rijtje onr. Ww)


  • Als iets in het verleden begonnen is en NU nog zo is/belangrijk is.

  • Om RESULTAAT NU uit te drukken van iets dat in het verleden plaatsvond

  • Als het niet belangrijk is wanneer iets gebeurd is.

Signaalwoorden: Since, for, yet, until now, sof ar, ever, … (tot NU)

I have known him since I was five years old.

I have forgotten your name (now I don’t your name=result)

Mary has gone out. (not important when)


Vorm: have/has + been + ww + ing


Voorbeeld zinnen:

I have been working since six o’clock this morning.

He has been sitting there for hours now.

Let op: je voegt alleen het woord ‘already’ in, als je wilt benadrukken dat iets verschrikkelijk lang duurt.

Oefening 1: Vul de juiste vorm in

Fill in the correct form of the Present Perfect Simple.

1. She ___________________________ (not / to speak) to me lately.
2. I ___________________________ (not / to see) you for a long time.
3. I ___________________________ (not / to ride) a bicycle since I was 10.
4. I ___________________________ (to read) all the works of Dickens.
5. She ___________________________ (to forget) my telephone number.
6. I ___________________________ (to make) a new song.
7. You ___________________________ (not / to close) the car.
8. I ___________________________ (not / to hear) from Michael.
9. I ___________________________ (to break) a plate.
10. I ___________________________ (to speak) to the new supervisor.
11. The patient ___________________________ (not / take) his medication.
12. The rain ___________________________ (to stop) again.

Oefening 2: Vul de juiste vorm in

1. I ____________________ (to work) in this office since last summer.

2. _____________________ (you / to do) this course for a long time?
3. I _____________________ (to drive) this car for more than ten year.
4. She _____________________ (to plan) the party since the beginning of the month.
5. George _____________________ (to tell) the same stories for several years.
6. What _____________________ (you / to do) since the last time I saw you?
7. You _____________________ (to write) that letter for more than two hours.
8. He _____________________ (to feel) ill for a few days.

Oefening 3: Vul de juiste vorm in Present Perfect Simple of the Present Perfect Continuous.

A When did you arrive in London?

B Two weeks ago.
A Where _____________________(you / to stay)?
B I _________________________(to stay) with some friends in their flat. But I am going to move to my own flat next week.
A Hello. What are you doing here?
B I’m waiting to see the manager. I _____________________(to wait) for half an hour.
A She’s very busy. She ___________________(to talk) on the phone to someone all afternoon.
A I didn’t know that you could play the piano.
B Oh yes. I ________________________(to have) piano lessons for a year.
A How long ____________________(you / to look) for a job?
B I started looking immediately after I lost my old job. I _________________(to apply) for jobs for about six months.

Oefening 4: Vul de juiste vorm in Present Perfect Simple of the Present Perfect Continuous.

1. I’m exhausted. I ___________________(to work) in the garden all day.

2. That old house now looks fantastic. The owners ________________(to restore) it.
3. My garden is a jungle. I __________________(not / to do) any gardening for months.
4. I think Maggie and Max are dating. They _________________(to see) a lot of each other recently.
5. We ___________________(to discover) this great pub.
6. How is Maggie? I __________________(not / to see) her for ages.
7. You’re covered in hay, Max. What _____________________(you / to do)?
8. Maggie’s gone to the doctor’s. She _______________________(not / to feel) well lately.
9. Where have you been? I _______________________(to wait) for ages.
10. I have to write a 300 word essay. I _______________________(to write) about half so far.

Oefening 5: Leg uit:

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