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Vorm: Had + VD


  • Een actie in het verleden die plaatsvindt vóór iets anders in het verleden (volgorde)

Voorbeeld zin:

She understood the movie because she had read the book. (volgorde)

  • Tot aan dat moment in het verleden.

Voorbeeld zinnen:

Before he moved to Canada, he had worked for SHELL for 10 years.


Vorm: Had + been + ww + -ing

Gebruik: tot aan dat moment aan de gang

Voorbeeld zin:

  • Een actie die aan de gang was vóór een andere gebeurtenis in het verleden.

They had been waiting for over an hour when Tony arrived.

Jason was tired because he had been jogging.


  1. Before I got into New York University, I ______________________ (study) at Brooklyn College for 2 years.

  2. She ________ never ________ (see) such a handsome man before, so she asked him out on a date.

  3. The boy sitting next to me on the plane was nervous, because he ________ never ________ (fly) before in his life.

  4. We ________ often ________ (dream) about meeting Brad Pitt, and then last week, we finally did!

  5. Nancy ________ never ________ (think) that she would ever learn to drive, so when she finally passed her test, she was very proud!

  6. The Rolling Stones ______________________ (play) three gigs in San Francisco before they went to Los Angeles for the next show.

  7. He ________ already ________ (eat) by the time he got to my house, that’s why I didn’t offer him dinner.

  8. By the time I got to the party, everyone ________ already ________ (go) home. I felt like such a loser!

  9. They ________ never ________ (be) so scared in their lives when they got lost in the middle of the night in the jungle!

  10. When we got to the concert, it ________ already ________ (start). We missed the first half hour!

  11. After she ______________________ (sign) a contract, she started her training again.

  12. Her coach got mad because she ______________________ (miss) her training.

  13. When Shireen joined the team, she ______________________ (already / play) in another team.


Use the Past Perfect Continuous

  1. She ______________________ (live) in Dallas for 3 years before she decided to move to Austin.

  2. I realized that I ______________________ (listen) to the wrong song when I started singing the wrong words in the studio!

  3. We ______________________ (wait) for over half an hour before the bus finally arrived.

  4. When he woke up, he realized that he ______________________ (sleep) for over half an hour in his lesson! He was really embarrassed… and tired!

  5. She ______________________ (learn) how to fly a helicopter for 2 years before she finally passed her pilot’s test!

  6. I was unable to pick you up on time because I ______________________ (wait) at the wrong gate in the airport! Sorry!

  7. Marco took a hot bath when he got home because he ______________________ (work) in his friends’ garden all day.

  8. The police asked the suspect if he ______________________ (drink) all day when they found him in the park.

  9. I ______________________ (think) about you all evening before you finally called and told me the good news! I am so happy your operation went well!

  10. It ______________________ (rain) for several days before it finally started to clear up last Monday.

Oefening 3: Vul de correcte vorm van de Past Perfect Simple of Past Simple in.

  1. She ..... (sound) excited, because she ....... (join) a badminton club.

    1. had sounded / joined B. sounded / had joined

  2. They ........ (look) happy, because they ........ (decide) to get married.

    1. looked / had decided B. had looked / decided

  3. The teacher ........ (be) angry, because he ........ (make) a mistake.

    1. had been / made B. was / had made

  4. They ......... (join) the National Trust right after they ....... (read) the leaflet.

    1. joined / had read B. had joined / read

  5. We .......... (just / have) dinner when there ....... (be) a power cut.

    1. had just had / was B. just had / had been

Oefening 4: Vul de juiste vorm in: past perfect simple or past perfect continuous.

I'm sorry I left without you last night, but I had told you to meet me early because the show started at 8:00. I (try) ____________________to get tickets for that play for months, and I didn't want to miss it. By the time I finally left the coffee shop where we were supposed to meet, I (have) __________________five cups of coffee and I (wait) ______________________over an hour. I had to leave because I (arrange) _________________to meet Kathy in front of the theatre.

When I arrived at the theatre, Kathy (pick, already) _____________________up the tickets and she was waiting for us near the entrance. She was really angry because she (wait) __________________________for more than half an hour. She said she (give, almost) __________________________up and (go) ________________________into the theatre without us.
Kathy told me you (be) _____________________late several times in the past and that she would not make plans with you again in the future. She mentioned that she (miss) _________________several movies because of your late arrivals. I think you owe her an apology. And in the future, I suggest you be on time!

Oefening 5: Kies het juiste werkwoord

arrived broke forgotten had had been had seen phoned said would

  1. I told him that I had ________________my keys.

  2. I could tell from her face that she __________________John.

  3. They had been flying for five hours when the storm _____________________out.

  4. When Dawn had _____________________, we left.

  5. After I _______________________bought my new computer, I sold my old one.

  6. I had been kissing Joan when her ex _________________.

  7. When they finally arrived, I __________________waiting for two hours.

  8. If only I had _______________________her.

  9. I wish I had ___________________yes.

Oefening 6: Kies de juiste vorm: Past Perfect Simple of Past Perfect Continuous
1 It ___________________ (rain) for over an hour before it finally cleared up.

2 She ___________________ (wait) for 15 minutes in the snow for the bus before it arrived.

3 He told me that he _______ never _________ (be) to London before.

4 I ___________________ (hope) for many years that I would get the chance to write a book!

5 When we got to the dinner party, everyone _______ already _________ (start) eating.

6 We ___________________ (look) for over an hour before we finally found a parking place downtown.

7 I was so happy to see my old friend because I ___________________ (not see) him for many years!

8 She ___________________ (learn) Polish for a year before she finally got enough nerve to have a conversation with a stranger.

9 The show ___________________ (go) on for 20 minutes by the time we got there.

10 He said we could start the baseball game after the rain ___________________ (stop).

Oefening 7: Leg uit:

Welke zin staat in de Past Perfect Tense?

    1. When Dawn arrived, we left.

    2. When Dawn had arrived, we left.

    3. We were leaving, when Dawn arrived.





Vorm: will have + voltooid deelwoord


  • Als iets op een bepaald punt in de toekomst gebeurd zal zijn

  • Tot aan dat moment in de toekomst

Voorbeeld zinnen

  • You will have perfected your English by the time you come back from the U.S.

  • I will have been in London for six months by the time I leave.

  • In 2014 I will have worked at RTL for 10 years


Vorm: will have + been + ww + ing


  • Als iets op een bepaald punt in de toekomst voor een bepaalde duur gaande zal zijn geweest.

Voorbeeld zinnen

  • By the time it’s 4PM, we will have been driving for more than 5 hours.

  • By midnight, I will have been working on this assignment for 10 hours.

  • By Monday, Susan will have been going out with him for a week.

Oefening 1: Vul de juiste vorm in FUTURE PERFECT
Margaret: Do you think everything will be finished when I get back from the store?
Jerry: Don't worry. By the time you get back, I (clean) ____________________ the living room and (finish) ____________________washing the dishes. Everything will be perfect when your parents arrive.

Nick: I just have two more courses before I graduate from university. By this time next year, I (graduate) ____________________, and I will already be looking for a job.
Stacey: Does that scare you? Are you worried about the future?
Nick: Not really. I (go) _____________to a career counsellor by then to get some advice on how to find a good job.
Stacey: That's a good idea.
Nick: I am also going to do an internship so that when I leave school, I (complete, not only) __________________over 13 business courses, but I (work, also) ___________________in the real world.

Stan: Did you hear that Christine is taking a vacation in South America this winter?
Fred: I can't believe how often she goes abroad. Where exactly does she want to go?
Stan: She (visit) _________________Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador by December.
Fred: At this rate, she (visit) ____________________every country in the world by the time she's 50.

Jane: I can't believe how late we are! By the time we get to the dinner, everyone (finish) _______________________eating already.
Jack: It's your own fault. You took way too long in the bathroom.
Jane: I couldn't get my hair to look right.
Jack: Who cares? By the time we get there, everyone (left) _________________. Nobody (see, even) ___________________your hair.

Oefening 6: Leg uit

Verwoord nu in het Nederlands wanneer je de Future perfect gebruikt. Geef 1 voorbeeldzin van zowel Future Perfect Simple als Future Perfect Continuous.




Oefening 1: Overzicht

Kijk naar het schema hierboven met een overzicht van de tijden in het Engels.

Zoals je kunt zien staat er niets bij de past continuous. Geef aan wanneer dee vorm wordt gebruikt.

Present – Past – Future tenses

Gebruik de uitleg en je aantekeningen van de voorgaande lessen om de oefenings op het volgende pagina’s te maken.

Oefening 2: Vul de juiste vorm van het werkwoord in. Onderstreep de signaalwoorden!

  1. I ………………….. (work) since 6 AM.

  2. John ………………….. (actually do) his homework last night.

  3. My teacher ………………….. (always pick) on me!

  4. I ………………….. (meet up) with Anna at the mall tomorrow.

  5. He ………………….. (go) to Tarantino’s newest movie last night.

  6. John’s not at school today. I ………………….. (see) him tomorrow in class.

  7. Stay seated! I ………………….. (do) the groceries.

  8. Lizzy …………………….. (already see) the movie Jason …………….. (bring) home.

  9. I ……………….. (love) Italian food! It’s my favourite.

  10. Miami definitely was the wildest place we ……………….. (visit) last year.

Oefening 3: Vul de juiste vorm van het werkwoord in.

1. Where______________________ (you/spend) your holidays last summer?

2. When______________________ (he/buy) that book?

3. I’m very tired. I______________________ (just finish) the housework.

4. Anna’s all sweaty and tired. She ______________________ (run) to be in time.

5. You______________________ (drive) for hours now. Let’s switch. I’ll drive.

6. I ______________________ (look) for Nickelback’s newest CD all day, but so far I haven’t found it.

7. My sister doesn’t like going to the cinema. She______________________(never watch) movies at all.

Oefening 4: Vul de juiste vorm van het werkwoord in

Bovenkant formulier

__________ (ever – you – fly) to America? Kevin is lucky – he was able to visit his cousin Amy Baxter last year. Yesterday, while Kevin ________________ (read) a book, his mother _______________ (come) in and gave him a letter from Amy. He read:” Hi, Kevin, I hope you ___________________ (not forget) me yet. __________ (you – remember) how much fun we _________________ (have) last year?
What ________________________ (do – you) since then? Well, let me tell you the chaotic story of my trip to the Poconos. I _________________ (want) to spend a nice weekend with my friend Jane. She _______________ (live) in Manhattan for some months now.
“I´m sure we ______________ (have) lots of fun,” Jane said while I _________________ (unpack) my things. “If the weather ______ (be) fine tomorrow we _________________ (go) on a trip to the Poconos.” “I think this is a fantastic idea,” I __________________ (agree). “I ___________________to climb the highest mountains.”
When we ____________________(drive) along Interstate 95 the next day we ___________________(notice) a red light in Jane´s mother´s car. “I think, if we _____________________ (want) to reach the Poconos we _____________________(need) some help first”, Jane´s mother said.
“I ________________________ (read – never) the handbook, so I ______________________ (not have) any idea what´s wrong.”
We ______________ (leave) the expressway and soon saw the sign of a car repair garage. The mechanic quickly ________________ (check) the car and smiled. “Lady,” he said, “I ____________________ (see) this problem many times before. I´m sorry, but a mechanic is not what you need. If you __________________ (not fill) up the tank, you ________________ (get – never) to the Poconos.”

Oefening 5: Vul de juiste vorm van het werkwoord in.

    1. Right now, I am watching TV. Tomorrow at this time, I______________________ (watch) TV as well.

    2. Tomorrow after school, I ______________________ (go) to the beach.

    3. I am going on a dream vacation to Tahiti. While you ______________________ (do) paperwork and______________________ (talk) to annoying customers on the phone, I

      ______________________(lie) on a sunny, tropical beach. Are you jealous?

  1. We______________________(hide) when Tony______________________ (arrive) at his surprise party. As soon as he opens the door, we______________________ (jump) out and _____________________ (scream) , “Surprise!”

  2. We work out at the fitness center every day after work. If you _____________________(come) over while we_____________________ (work) out, we will not be able to let you into the house. Just to be safe, we _____________________ (leave) a key under the welcome mat so you will not have to wait outside.

  3. When I _____________________ (get) to the party, Sally and Doug_____________________ (dance) , John_____________________ (make) drinks, Sue and Frank_____________________ (discuss) something controversial, and Mary_____________________ (complain) about something unimportant. They are always doing the same things. They are so predictable.

  4. When you_____________________ (get) off the plane, I _____________________ (wait) for you.

  5. I am sick of rain and bad weather! Hopefully, when we_____________________ (wake) up tomorrow morning, the sun_____________________ (shine) .

  6. If you_____________________(need) to contact me sometime next week, I_____________________ (stay) at the Sheraton in San Francisco.

  7. Listen to this terrible noise! – Where _____________________( (it/ come) from?

  8. Have you got any plans for next weekend? – Yes, sure. My parents and I _____________________( (visit) my grandparents in Vienna.

  9. When I _____________________( (meet) my classmate Ann again last week I _____________________( (not ecognize) her because she _____________________(change) a lot.

  10. Peter usually _____________________( (ride) his bike to school.


De woordvolgorde in Engelse zinnen is meestal als volgt:



indirect object

direct object





aan/voor wie






a glass of soda

at school

every day


will tell


the story

at school


Verschil met het Nederlands:

  • In het Engels staan de werkwoorden altijd bij elkaar, meteen na het onderwerp.
    Hij had dat al eerder gedaan. He had done that before.

  • Bepalingen van bepaalde tijd (=antwoord op ‘wanneer) staan of achteraan of vooraan in de zin. De vaste regel is: Plaats staat altijd vóór tijd!
    Ik heb hem gisteren op het feestje gezien. I saw him at the party yesterday.

  • Behalve bijwoorden van onbepaalde tijd, zoals usually, often, completely, quite, etc.
    □ Eén werkwoord in de zin = voor het werkwoord - I always work hard
    □ behalve bij vorm van ‘be’ = achter het werkwoord – I am never late
    □ Meer dan 1 werkwoord: na eerste werkwoord – I would never have done that

Oefening 1: Zet de woorden in de juiste volgorde

  1. Seldom / kisses / my / mother / me.


  2. From the station / leaves / at five o’clock / the train.


  3. Is leaving / my / next week / friend / for Spain


  4. She / to the disco / goes / usually / on Saturday / in town.


  1. In the weekend / works / my father / never / at home.


  1. We / told / often / you / that / have


  2. Always / mother / at home / is / his


  3. He / in the morning / in the garden / works


  4. I / you / loved / never.


  5. In class / our homework / we / do / never.


  6. are / here / you / when / happens / always / something


  7. a / cooks/ mam / her / meal / evening / in / usually / the


  8. never / book / holiday / that / in / we / April


  9. I / illness / in / life / often / had / that / my


  10. I / to find / often / tried / have / thing / that


  11. discussed / they / the results / yesterday / in class


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  • Oefening 4: Vul de juiste vorm in
  • ______________________
  • __________________________
  • Oefening 5: Kies het juiste werkwoord
  • Oefening 6: Kies de juiste vorm
  • Oefening 1: Vul de juiste vorm in FUTURE PERFECT Margaret
  • MIXED TENSES Oefening 1: Overzicht
  • Present – Past – Future tenses

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