Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Faculty office

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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Faculty office

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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Faculty office

The Office of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences supports both the primary tasks (i.e. education and research) and the administrative processes. Dr. Cerien Streefland is managing director.

The Faculty Office is composed of the following clusters:

Cluster Board and Policy Support and Study Advice

Policy officer education: Drs. Sylvia Haerkens (cluster coordinator)

Policy officer education: Drs. Ghislaine Niessen
Office manager Education Institute: Ms Marjo Krebbeks
Secretary Board of Examiners: Drs. Robin Dirix

Educational advisor: Ms Marloes Menten

Policy officer research: Drs. Lidwien Hollanders
Administrative coordinator Graduate School, Laurie Baggen MA
Research Policy and Research Funding Advisor: Drs Merle Achten
EU project coordinator: Sarah Melker
Student adviser Cultural Sciences: Ms Miranda van den Boorn
Student adviser European Studies: Drs. Pia Harbers
Secretary dean and director and secretary to the Faculty Council: Ms Nicole Cremers
Deputy secretary Faculty Board: Ms Hannie Spronck

Cluster IT and Facilities

Facility manager: Mr Vincent Cordewener
ELeUM co-ordinator: Mr Hans Duyx
E-learning and project coordinator: Drs. S. Stoffels
System administrator: Mr Bert Kerkhofs
Janitor: Mr Armand Schoonbrood
Student assistents IT: Mr Mike O’Regan, Mr Iskren Lalov, Mr Job Hartjes and Mr Thijs Janssen

Cluster Personnel and Finance

Financial controller: Ms Inge Coenen (cluster coordinator)

Administrative officer: Mr Marco van Sint Fiet
Administrative officer: Ms Sanne Winkens-Gartener
Administrative officer: Mr. Tim Janssens
Human resources Advisor: Ms Dorry Spijkers
Human Resources Advisor: Mr Bas Knoet
Human resources Assistant: Ms Ilse Gronenschild

Working conditions, prevention and environment: Ms Claire Bollen

Office of Student Affairs
Operational Management: Ms Ien van de Leur (head Office of Student Affairs)
Team Front Office: Ms Karin Menks, Ms Ivy Nijst, Ms Claudia Wolters and Ms Khaleda Ahmadi
Team service desk Board of Examiners: Ms Lucie van Gastel and Ms Sterre Rietbroek
Team Exams: Mr Simon Vogel, Ms Agnes Gilissen, Mr Jean-Marie Willems, Ms Leentje Snellings
Team Master Admissions: Ms Jenny Camps and Ms Ivy Nijst
Team Planning: Mr Eric Bleize, Mr Hans Duyx and Mr Harry Timm
International Relations Office: Ms Resi Schenk, Ms Sabine Vanhouwe and Ms Ine Mourmans

Marketing and Communications Office
Marketing and Communications manager: Ms Julienne Erckens (head MarCom Office)
Webcoordinator: Ms Claire Bollen
Event Manager: Ms Souhaïlla Koudan
Communications officer: Ms Maartje Lieshout
Communications officer: Ms Fransje Muijsken

  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Faculty office
  • Cluster Board and Policy Support and Study Advice
  • Cluster IT and Facilities
  • Cluster Personnel and Finance
  • Marketing and Communications Office

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