Grammar blocks Interface 2HV

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Grammar blocks Interface 2HV

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Grammar blocks Interface 2HV
Unit 9
A Choose the right forms:

  1. Mr. Peabody has got a scooter … (which / who / weglaten) doesn’t usually work very well.

  2. Jeffrey has got new trainers. He has bought the … (one / ones) with the stripes.

  3. I don’t think I … (ever ate / have ever eaten) Mexican food before.

  4. When I met Daisy, she … (just returned / had just returned) from Portugal.

  5. (What a / How) wonderful idea to paint that old table green!

  6. It is half past eleven. I think you … (would / should) go home.

  7. If I were you I’d buy this red … (one / ones) here. It looks much stronger … (then / than) those pink … (ones / one) over there.

  8. Recently I … (went / have gone) to Marks and Spencers to buy a pair of Roadrunners.

  9. I think I am the only one in my class who … (ever watched / has ever watched) Thunderbats.

  10. I have been calling Bruce all evening. Maybe he … (went / has gone) back to New Zealand already.

B Comparing:

Example: Roadrunners / expensive / trainers from Marks and Spencers.

Roadrunners are more expensive than trainers from Marks and Spencers.

Of: Trainers from Marks and Spencers are not so expensive as Roadrunners.

  1. Cartoons / funny / the Nine o’clock News

  2. A Ferrari / slow / a Mini

  3. Bran Nuts / good / for the waistline / bacon and eggs

  4. Teachers / intelligent / computer programmers

  5. My Dad’s condition / bad / my condition

C Answer the questions in complete sentences:

Answer the questions in English.

  1. Naar welk TV programma heb je nog nooit gekeken? (Absolutely Fabulous) I … never …

  2. Vertel naar welk programma je gisteravond hebt gekeken. (Robot Wars) Last night I …

  3. Naar welk programma ga je vanavond kijken? (Thunderbats) Tonight I …

  4. Zeg hoe lang je deze sportschoenen al hebt. (drie maanden) I …

  5. Vertel wanneer je je laatste CD gekocht hebt. (twee weken geleden) I …

D Write down what has changed:

Gebruik: used to

Example: ik / luisterde naar The Beatles / luister nu altijd naar Mozart

I used to listen to The Beatles but now I always listen to Mozart.

  1. moeder / speelde hockey op blote voeten / speelt nu niet meer

  2. ik / at veel cornflakes / eet nu altijd brood

  3. Jane / speelde met haar poppen / leest nu alleen maar boeken

  4. vader / ging naar zijn werk op de fiets / nu gaat hij altijd met de auto

  5. Dennis / droeg altijd afdankertjes / nu draagt hij altijd nieuwe kleren

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