Information Windmill Cup Tilburg

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Information Windmill Cup Tilburg

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Information Windmill Cup Tilburg

The Windmill Cup, an international curling tournament, is about to start in Tilburg. It is to be held from September

22 – 24, 2006 in the Tilburg IJssportcentrum, Stappegoorweg.
27 teams from The Netherlands and from abroad have entered for this event. We are welcoming teams from countries as far apart as Slovakia, Switzerland, Scotland, England, Canada and the USA.
Anyone who would like to come and watch the curling is welcome. Entrance to the IJssportcentrum is free.
The finals will be played on Sunday afternoon, followed by the prize-giving ceremony. This will be conducted by the Alderman of Sports of Tilburg mr. Jan Hamming.
Please find the participating teams and the playing schedule following this information.

Group A Skip
1 NCB Men Greg Dunn

2 Bern Gurten Jorg Ramseyer

3 Barbarians CC 1 Alan Walker

4 Tunbridge Wells intl Gordon Lyon

5 CC Utrecht 1 Margreet Post

Group B

1 Barbarians CC 2 Dave Hubter

2 CC Bratislava Barbora Bugarova

3 NCB Ladies. Shari Demmon

4 CC Utrecht 2 Sierk de Jongh

5 CC Tilburg 1 Erik Dijkstra

Group C

1 The Team Andy Woolston

2 CC Tilburg 2 Jeroen van Lieshout

3 Margarita on Ice 2 Terry Chick

4 The Stonefreaks Marianne vd Wall Bake

5 Fryske CC Bob Bomas

Group D

1 Margarita on Ice 1 Greg Wright

2 Team East York Aidan Ritchie

3 NCB Juniors Jaap van Dorp

4 CC Flanders Walter Verbueken

5 NCB Senior Ladies Sylvia vd Pluijm

6 CC Utrecht 3 Willem Pronk

Group E

1 CC Wengen Alan MacDougal

2 AC Flyers Paul Copperwheat

3 Hammerheads Mark Rurup

4 CC Langnau Bernard Wuttrich

5 Curling Players Gus van Imhoff

6 CC PWA Wim Neeleman

Playing schedule:


10.00 a1-a2 a3-a4

b1-b2 b3-b4

12.00 d1-d2 d4-d6

e3-e5 e1-e2


14.00 c1-c5 c2-c3

a1-a5 a2-a3

b1-b5 b2-b3
16.00 – 17.30 ice preparation
17.30 e1-e4 e2-e5

e3-e6 d1-d4

d2-d5 d3-d6
19.30 a4-a5 b4-b5

c4-c5 c1-c2

21.30 ice preparation


8.00 b2-b4 d3-d5

e1-e6 a2-a4

10.00 b1-b3 e2-e3

a1-a3 c2-c4

12.00 d1-d3 d2-d4

d5-d6 b2-b5

a2-a5 c3-c5

14.00 – 15.00 ice preparation
15.00 c1-c4 b1-b4

e1-e3 e2-e4

e5-e6 a1-a4
17.00 d4-d5 a3-a5

d1-d6 d2-d3

b3-b5 c2-c5
note: This schedule shows the playing times only, not the rinks


8.00 Windmill Cup 1 - 12

10.00 Curling Club Tilburg Trophy 1-8 (13-20)
12.00 Others 21-28
14.00 ice preparation
14.30 finals 1-4 Windmill Cup

1-4 CCT Trophy (13 – 17)

17.00 Prize-giving Ceremony

  • Group B
  • Group D
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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