Isjtar Curriculum Vitae

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Isjtar Curriculum Vitae

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_______________________________Isjtar Curriculum Vitae
Albert J Vandebroeck


Grondwetlaan 78

1090 Jette

Performances and exhibitions
03-12-10 SE/30 Welcome to the 20th Century Back!, with Code31 at inForm, Gent

16-07-10 Particular Sound, performance with Ofer Smilansky, TIK Launch Ateliers Claus, Brussel

17-01-10 Art's Anniversary. Improvisation sessiom met Ofer Smilansky, OKNO, Brussel

29-11-09 Collective improvisation Symbiosis. OKNO, Brussel

30-09-09 The Last Theatre Show Ever, Munich

28-08-09 Society of Algorithm, Praag

21-08-09 Music for Sunflowers, Connected Domes, OKNO, Brussel

29-05-09 Shifitng Metropolis, Coop-wrapup, Bratislava

23-04-09 Shifting Metropolis, OKNO, Brussels

20-04-09 Sewage Echoes 2, Prague

17-01-09 Hydrophonics, connected performance from Madrid to Brussel-Bratislava

19-12-08 Catatonic State Society, at Internet Disorders, iMal, Brussel

06-12-08 Catatonic State Society OSS, connected to Piksel08, Bergen, Norwegen

26-11-08 Ice09, performance for Karasssuite Gala, OKNO, Brussel

20-11-08 Catatonic State Society, at Triptik, Maison de la Creation, Laken, Brussels

18-11-08 Deflating Databases, performance with Guy Van Belle, OKNO, Brussel

19-09-08 Shift, performance at Tube, München, Duitsland

15-09-08 Catatonic State Society, Channel103, Skopje, Macedonië

13-09-08 Catatonic State Society, Upgrade! Chainreaction, Skopje, Macedonië

11-09-08 Shifting Metropolis, open artwork with Annemie Maes and Shelbatra Jashari, Upgrade! Chainreaction

16-05-08 SE/30, performance with Code31, Dorkbot Gent

29-02-08 Decomposing Spacetime by Non-Linear Insertions of Waves of Sonic Tension, with Jeroen Uyttendaele, OKNO

05-02-08 We Don't Play Guitar, with Society of Algorithm

17-01-08 Big Birthday Opera, Art's Anniversary with Society of Algorithm

18-11-07 Symbiosis #1 with Jeroen Uyttendaele, OKNO, Brussel

28-10-07 I'm sitting under an antenna with Stefanie Laforce and Bruno De Vuyst for Radiophonic festival OKNO's reopening, Brussel

21-06-07 Religious Fervor, Academie Brussel

27-04-07 Radio Tower Xchange, connected performance, OKNO-RIXC, Brussel - Riga

10-04-07 SE30 Welcome to the 20th Century Back!, installation with code31, dEAF, Rotterdam, Nederland

10-04-07 SE30 Welcome to the 20th Century Back!, performance with code31, dEAF , Rotterdam, Nederland

07-04-07 Electrified Jam, with Masato Tsutsui and Jeroen Uytendaele, OKNO Public03, Brussel

04-04-07 Walking on Mai Mind, installation with Masato Tsutsui, OKNO Public03, Brussel

27-01-07 Thoughts Go By Air, with Machine Cent'red Humans (mxHz), Flying Circus, 10 Years ZKM, Karlsrühe, Duitsland

17-01-07 Mai, Premature Birth of a Mind, performance with Masato Tsutsui, Art's Anniversary, OKNO

17-01-07 Paskian Patterns, connected performance with Society of Algorithm, Art's Anniversary, OKNO

12-12-06 performance with Annemie Maes and Masato Tsutsui, Altitude 1000, Brussel

09-12-06 SE30 Welcome to the 20th Century Back!, installatie, Altitude 1000, Brussel

09-12-06 SE30 Welcome to the 20th Century Back!, performance, Altitude 1000, Brussel

13-11-06 MiniFM, begeleiding rits workshop met Annemie Maes, Tetsuo Kogawa en Guy De Bièvre

01-06-06 Patamutation, webproject met Society of Algorithm, Sonambiente, Berlijn, Duitsland

26-04-06 Transmutation, connected performance, OKNO, Beijing-Tokyo-Brussels

22-05-06 Isjtar@Tango, performance Club Tango, Beijing, China

17-05-06 Isjtar@Beds, performance Beds Bar, Beijing, China

14-05-06 I'mPulse, internationale uitwisseling, Asia Europe Foundation, Beijing China

23-03-06 SE30 Welcome to the 20th Century Back!, installatie ism Code31, Hyperbolic, STUK, Leuven

03-02-06 La Terreur, performance elektronica met Guy Van Belle, voor theater van Valérie Cordy

14-01-06 Art’s birthday party 2006, performance van Radio Music van John Cage, Okno, Brussel

24-11-05 Thoughts Go By Air , met mxHz, CynetArt festival, Dresden, Duitsland

18-11-05 Thoughts Go By Air, met mxHz Mais festival, Brussel

11-11-05 X-med-k 2005 performance, algorithms applied to audiovisual art, Okno, Brussel

21-10-05 X-med-k 2005 performance, synthetic speech, Nadine, Brussel

27-08-05 Saying Goodbye to Oscar, op Kijkraam op het platteland, Vitrine Urbaine à la Campagne, Kortrijk

14-07-05 Placard, Okno, Brussel

In C, internationale off line e-mail uitvoering van Terry Riley’s In C

2004/5/6 Sensoor, samenstelling voor radioprogramma ivm audiokunst en experimentele muziek op Xl Air

14-04-03 Memories of a Jaded Caterpillar, DIY release

12-01-03 Remorse, DIY release

28-11-02 Rigor, DIY release

10-11-02 Muziek voor galerij Pont & Plas, Gent

xx-10-02 Contact with the Beijing Art Scene, muziek, Gent

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