Ivan Grubanov

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Ivan Grubanov

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Ivan Grubanov

Born in Belgrade 9th of March 1976

1996-2001 Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade, YU

Post Graduate / Residency:

2002-2003 Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, NL

2005-2006 Delfina Studio Programme, London, UK

2002, 2003 RABK / Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Amsterdam, NL

Solo exhibitions

2006 Nogueras Blanchard Gallery, Barcelona, ES

2005 Stroom, Den Haag, NL

2005 Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, SCG. ‘Visitor’

2004 Ron Mandos Gallery, Rotterdam, NL, ‘Study of My Father, a Relation to the Origin’

2004 Lawrence O’Hana Gallery, London, UK, ‘Visitor’

2004 Expodium, Utrecht, NL, ‘Cages’

2001 Dvoriste Gallery of Contemporary Art, Pancevo, YU, 'Level'

1999 Zlatno Oko, Novi Sad, YU
Group exhibitions

2007 Forum Stadtpark, Graz, AT, ‘Ground Lost’ (curated by WHW collective)

2007 ARCO, Madrid, with Nogueras Blanchard Gallery

2006 Le Grand Café, St Nazaire, FR, ‘Histoires’ (curated by Sophie Legrandjacques)

2006 Drawing Center, New York, ‘Common Destinations’ (curated by Katherine Carl)

2006 Pancevo Biennial, SER, (artist-curator)

2006 South London Gallery, UK, ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ (curated by Margot Heller, Jens Hoffman, Kit Kammonds and Claire Fitzsimmons)

2006 Apex Art, New York, USA, ‘Sweet Taboos’ (curated by Edi Muka)

2006 PSWAR, Amsterdam, NL, ‘Pixels of Reality’

2006 Blackwood Gallery, Mississauga, CA, ‘Everyday Every Other Day’ (curated by Seamus Keally)

2006 Delfina, London, ‘MRKS & SPNCR’

2006 Serious Interests Agency, London, ‘Ambivalent Truths’

2006 KCB Belgrade, SCG, ‘Affinity by Choice’, (curated by Eric Corne)

2006 Art Brussels, with RONMANDOS Gallery

2006 Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana, SLO, ‘Interrupted Histories’ (curated by Zdenka Badovinec)

2006 Kunsthalle Bern, CH, ‘Vila Jelmini’ (curated by Philippe Pirotte)

2005 Tirana Bienale, Tirana, AL, ‘Sweet Taboos” (curated by Hou Hanru)

2005 Extra City, Antwerp, BE, ‘Information/Transformation’ (curated by Wim Peteers)

2005 Kunsthalle Bern, CH, ‘Off-Key’ (curated by Philippe Pirotte)

2005 Press to Exit project Space, Skopje, MK, ‘20/21’

2005 Zvono Gallery, Belgrade, SCG, ‘20/21’

2005 Manif d’Art, 3rd Biennial of Quebec, Quebec, CA,

2005 Espace Culturel Francois Mitterand, Perigueux, FR, ‘Values’

2005 Ron Mandos Gallery, Rotterdam, NL, ‘Gala of the Year’

2004 De Appel, Amsterdam, NL, ‘The World is Fine, We Ourselves Unfortunately Somewhat Less’

2004 Freiraum, Museumsquartier, Vienna, AT, ‘Coded Cultures’

2004 The Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists, Vrsac, SCG. ‘Untitled as Yet’

2004 11th Biennial of Visual Arts, Pancevo, SCG, ‘Values’

2004 Center in Galerija P74, Ljubljana, SI, ‘Share Like a Receipt’

2004 Museum Beelden aan Zee, Scheveningen, NL, ‘Video Studio’

2004 ART Rotterdam, NL, Smart Project Space stand

2003 Museum De Beyerd, Breda, NL, ‘Martha Colburn, Ivan Grubanov, Bas Louter, Serge Onen-Fuse’

2003 RABK, Amsterdam, NL, 'Open Ateliers'

2003 Gallery of Contemporary Art, Pancevo, SCG, ‘Regional-Universal’

2002 RABK, Amsterdam, NL, 'Open Ateliers'

2002 US Art Gallery, Stellenbosch, SA, ‘Violence-Silence’

2002 Chinese-European Art Center, Xiamen, CN, 'Rendezvous in Xiamen'

2002 Goethe Institute, Tel Aviv, IL, 'Violence - Memory'

2002 N.S.A. Gallery, Durban, SA, 'Violence'

2002 Nieubethesda, Great Karoo, SA, 'Silence'

2002 Outline & Kunstruimte NP40, Amsterdam, NL, 'Fake or Real'

2002 KCB Gallery, Belgrade, YU, International Workshop ‘Glass’

2002 Josip Bepo Benkovic Gallery, Herceg Novi, YU, '35. Winter Salon'

2002 Publikum’s Calendar of New Art and Contemporary Life, Belgrade, YU

2001 The Modern Gallery, Rijeka, HR, 'International Triennial of Drawings'

2001 Gallery of Contemporary Art, Pancevo, YU, 'Resistances and Confrontations'

2001 Gallery of Contemporary Art, Pancevo, YU, '31. Salon of Pancevo'

2001 Museum of Voevodina, Novi Sad, YU, 'Resistances and Confrontations'

2001 Cinema Apolo, Pancevo, YU, 'Open Sensuality'

2001 Barutana, Belgrade, YU, '11th BELEF'

2001 Gallery of Contemporary Art, Pancevo, YU, 'Glass'

2001 Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowsky, Warsaw, PL, 'Under Construction'

2000 Rex, Belgrade, YU, 'Short Electronic Form Fair'

2000 Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw, PL, 'Inside-Outside'

2000 Apolo Cinema, Pancevo, YU, 'Open Sensuality'

2000 Dvoriste Gallery of Contemporary Art, Pancevo,YU, '30. October Salon'

2000 Belgrade, YU, '10th BELEF', Installation at public space

2000 Cinema Apolo, Pancevo, YU, 'International Biennial of Sculpture'

2000 Graphic Colective Gallery, Belgrade, YU, 'Not a Day Without a Line'

1999 SULUJ Gallery, Belgrade, YU, 'The End of The Episode'

1999 Ljubljana, SI, 'BREAK 21', International Festival of Young Independent Artists

1999 Gallery of Contemporary Art, Pancevo, YU, '29. October Salon'

1999 Palazzo Piazzoni, Vittorio Veneto, IT, '250 European Artworks'

1999 Marko Gregovic Gallery, Petrovac, YU, 'Collection of GCA Gallery Pancevo'

1999 KUD France Presern, Ljubljana, SI, 'Project AAAAAAAAAAA'

1999 Gallery of Contemporary Art, Pancevo, YU, 'Between Two Air-Raids'

1999 Youth House Gallery, Belgrade, YU, '28. Drawings and Small Scale

Sculpture Exhibition'

1998 Cinema Apolo, Pancevo, YU, '28 October Salon'

1998 Konkordija, Vrsac, YU, '3. Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists'

1997 Belgrade, YU, 'De Valigia-International Traveling Exhibition'

1997 Ljubljana, SI, 'BREAK 21', International Festival of Young Independent Artists

1997 Student City Gallery, Belgrade, YU, '9th Biennial of Drawings'
Film/video screening

2004 Muffathalle, Munich, DE, ‘NEURO’

2004 VPRO Television, NL, Smart Project Space selection

2001 FLUX 01, Belgrade, YU

2001 Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Sarajevo, BH, ARTme

2001 SKC, Belgrade, YU, 'Mikrokino Fest'

2000 Culture House Gorizia, Gorizia, IT, 'VideoGong Festival'

2000 Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana, SI, 'hEXPO'

Awards and Permanent Collections

2006 Collection Kunsthalle-Kunstmuseum Bern, CH

2005 Delfina Studio Trust Award, London, UK

2004 Deutche Bank Collection, London, UK

2004 Collection of Contemporary Art Gallery, Pancevo, SCG

2001 Pancevo, YU, 'Award of 31st Salon of Pancevo' for video

2000 Pancevo, YU, 'Award of 30th October Salon for video artwork'

1999 World's Health Organization, Belgrade, YU, 'Award for poster'

1997 Patagonija Magazine, Vrsac, YU, 'Award for best drawing'

2006 Public speach in front of the National Parliament, Belgrade, SCG, ‘Affinity by Choice’, (curated by Eric Corne)

2000 Beton-Hala Theatre, Belgrade, YU, 'Performance in Stravinsky’s opera "Soldier's Tale

Lectures / Teaching

2006 Goldsmiths College, London, UK

2006 RABK, Amsterdam, NL, ‘The Real and Simbolical Father’

2005 Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK

2005 Guest Tutor, Konlijnke akademie, Den Haag, NL

2005 Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, SCG

2005 Banff Center, Banff, CA, ‘Bodies in Motion’

2005 Rex Cultural Center, Belgrade, SCG, Arist Talk

2003 Visiting Artist, Akademie voor Kunst en Vormgeving, Den Bosch, NL

2003 Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam, NL, Artist Talk

2003 Universiteit van Tilburg, Tilburg NL “Reconciliation”

2001 Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Sarajevo, BH, ARTme

2000 Muffathalle, Munich, DE, 'Future Communities'

Participation at Symposiums and Workshops

2004 ISEA, International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Helsinki, FI, Talin, EE

2001 Rex, Belgrade, YU, 'Video-Art/Theory/Realization/Presentation workshop (with Thierry Destriez -Heure Exquise, FR)'

2000 KC Metelkova, Kapelica, KUD FP, Ljubljana, MKC, Koper, Kibla, Maribor, SI, 'hEXPO -Festival of Self-Organized Cultural Forms'

2000 Rex, Belgrade, YU, 'Linker workshop (with Lisa Haskel -Mongrel, GB)

1999 Subotica, YU, 'Festival of Cheapo Film' 1999-2000

1998 Rex, Belgrade, YU, 'XER'

1997 Ljubljana, SI, 'BREAK 21-International Festival of Young Independent Artists' 1997-2000


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