Kan ik er wat aan doen?!

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Kan ik er wat aan doen?!

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Kan ik er wat aan doen?!
The foundation “Kan ik er wat aan doen?!” consists of a group of enthusiastic people aiming to contribute to a better world. We support individuals such as Karin, Remko, Dietrich, Jan and Elise to realize their dreams: a foster home in Chimoio Mozambique, the renovation of a school for the blind in Nandyal India, a school in Santa Rosa in the Dominican Republic, renovation of a school in India and expansion of the Vista-project. We motivate and inspire people just like you to really improve the lives of people that are less fortunate than we are. Welcome to our group!
Who are we?
The people behind ‘Kan ik er wat aan doen?!”
De foundation ‘Kan ik er wat aan doen?!’ is a group of enthusiastic people who want to contribute to a better society. We help you by realizing your initiative. We inspire and stimulate people like you to support others who are less fortunate. Often in poorer countries, but also here in the Netherlands.
We offer diverse opportunities to become socially active:

  • Helping your initiative for a better community with our know how and network

  • Cooperating in projects

  • Participating in activities

  • Donating

  • Motivating others to donate

  • Dedicating your know how to a project of our foundation

  • Working with us in foundation activities e.g. writing newsletters, updating the website, developing new activities

Small-scaled activities, personal contact and transparency are key at ‘Kan ik er wat aan doen?!’.

Every euro(cent) that we receive goes to the selected projects!

‘Kan ik er wat aan doen?!’ supports small projects in several regions of the world.

‘Kan ik er wat aan doen’ supports small projects in several regions of the world. The construction of a children’s home in Mozambique, the renovation of a school for the blind in India and the realization of a roof for a church in the Dominican Republic. The projects are initiated and managed by people from our network. The personal contact with trustworthy local people are pre-conditions in our activities. We want to ensure our sponsors that 100% of their donations are well used and accounted for.

Criteria for project selection

Each initiative to improve the lives of less fortunate people is taken seriously. We judge applications based on the following criteria

  • The project has a limited time frame with a clear start and finish.

  • A solid project plan: the benefits to the local community are well defined.

  • Continuity of the community initiative is ensured after the project is finished

  • A personal relationship with the local project leader

  • Willingness to provide 100% transparency

  • Involvement of the local community is embedded in the project

  • (Opportunity to) Transfer of knowledge / experience to the local community

Applying for a project?

If you want to propose a project, you can take the following steps:

  1. Communicate your idea with one of the board members using the contact form. You will receive a first reaction from us by phone or mail.

  2. Fill in the Project Approval Document (PAD);

click here for the document (English version is available)

  1. Send the PAD – preferably with a clear(cut) project plan – to the secretary of KIEWAD:

  2. After a first review we will ask you to present your project plan and make necessary arrangements.

Transparency and communication

We requests 100 percent transparency towards our sponsors and donating members. They deserve proper follow up on the projects through our website and newsletters.

What can you do?
Yes of course!
1. Subscribe to our Newsletter ‘Kan ik er wat aan doen?!’

2. Send our URL ( to your own friends, family and colleagues

3. Set up a project, e.g. via your own network and the support of ‘Kan ik er wat aan doen?!’ and realize it.

4. Execute activities or generate ideas for our foundation and applying to become a “go- getter”

5. Become a supporter of our foundation to keep the organization running

6. Become a project-supporter for a specific project

7. Call or mail us to organize a brainstorm session with us about your ideas (or join a get-2- gether)

8. And of course keep taking care of people in your neighbourhood / environment

9. At least: DO SOMETHING!

The bank account is ABN-Amro bank, in Rotterdam:

Please mention the project name or general donation to the foundation!


Bank account

The bank account number is ABN-Amro bank, in Rotterdam:, please mention the project name or general donation to the foundation. For internationals donations: BIC: ABNANL2A en IBAN: NL66ABNA0404682499.

Donations without mentioning a specific project will be allocated to current projects.
Online donation
You can donate easily online with the “geef gratis” pay system. This way you can pay directly with your credit card. The foundation “GeefGratis” takes a handling fee of 10%.
In a few simple steps you help us with your contribution.

For more questions on the online pay system, click here.

By using the button below you can donate money in an easy, quick and safe way.

Tax return on donations
After some research we concluded that it is possible to get a Tax return on your donations to the foundation ‘Kan ik er wat aan doen?!’ at least in Holland. We here the same for Germany. The condition to do so is to donate periodically (annually, monthly or weekly), for a minimum period of five years. If you want more information you can always contact the Belasting Telefoon (Tax Information Office): 0031 800 – 0543.
Chamber of Commerce
Our registration at the Chamber of Commerce (trade register Rotterdam) is: 24353579

Foundation ‘Kan ik er wat aan doen?!’

Attn. Secretary office

Westlandgracht 167 hs

1059 TJ Amsterdam
Phone: 06 – 40158885

Fax: 084 – 7213344

Send an email to

- Renovation School for the Blind

- Educational Centre Santa Rosa

- Renovation School Pitipana

Renovation School for the Blind in Nandyal, India

(Project financing is ready)

Support a School for the Blind!
Since 2003 Dietrich Gondi, his wife, Foundation “Kan ik er wat aan doen” and many others in The Netherlands support the St. Luke’s School for the Blind. The school was originally started by a German organisation and had 43 Blind pupils. Approximately 3 years ago the German organisation decided to no longer support the school. This decision was based on lack of good management at St Luke’s as well as other priorities of the organisation. Because the German organisation stopped its support, St. Luke’s came into financial trouble. The building could no longer be maintained and the number of children was cut back to 21. Dietrich Gondi was born and raised in Nandyal, where the school is located. He knew the school well and he visits the school every year when he goes to India to see his family. He is convinced the school is well managed now and deserves all attention and support. That is why he started a project together with the foundation “Kan ik er wat aan doen (KIEWAD)” to support the school. Aim of the project is to ensure the school can continue its current activities. The school receives support for buying school materials and renovation of the school building. For the long run KIEWAD is searching for an organisation that is specialised in supporting such schools. The past years Dietrich and KIEWAD managed to find enough funds to buy new study materials. The current project is to renovate the school. The projects started this year and the first phase of the renovation is currently in progress. The table below shows the current status of the project.
1st phase: Top floor: repairing the roof (currently in progress) € 2.800

2nd phase: Plastering the walls and the ceiling, painting the wood € 3.200

3rd phase: New toilets, bath, floors and electric wiring € 2,240

4th phase: Electrical fixers, paintings and finishing € 3.000

Total €11.240
The money to finance the project is in. On November 26, 2007 more than € 12.000 was donated for this project! Thank you al so much!
Picture: The renovated ceiling of the porch (phase 2)

Picture: Reparation of the roof (phase 1)

Why is this project so important?
To provide a safe environment for the Blind children renovating the school is of utmost importance.

Because the children sleep in this building (the school is also a boarding school) the renovation will provide some privacy for the boys and girls in the school.

The school provides tailored education, which helps them to build a future.

This project makes it easier for other organisations to support the School for the Blind in the next phase.

Because of the project the number of teachers can grow form 2 to five.

The current building provides opportunities for 21 children. After finishing this project 43 blind children can be educated at the school.

Education and Socio-Cultural training Centre in Santa Rosa

(project is finished)

Project leader: Karin de Bruijn
Most people know the Dominican Republic by its wonderful beaches and a lot of sun. But in the slumps of the bid cities many people suffer from poverty, criminal offences and a lack of nutrition and education. The religious community Iglesia Comunitaria Agape in Bani, Santa Rosa started a project to improve the future of the children in Santa Rosa. The foundation “Kan ik er wat aan doen?!” decided to support this project.


Growth of children and district

In Santa Rosa is a district at the outskirts of Bani, a city with approximately 62.000 inhabitants the average level of education is very low. To help improve this situation Pastor Esdras Kelly took the initiative to start with a multi-functional Education- and Training Centre, that provides additional education to children. The idea behind it is that these children will get a better perspective for the future, and also improves the development level in the community. In September 2006 they started teaching the first group of children, aged 4 and 5 years old.
What is it we want to achieve?

In 2007 we will start with the 1st phase of this project. We will build an additional floor on the church with two classrooms, a kitchen, a dining room and sanitation facilities. The church building itself was realized in 2005/2006 with support of “Kan ik er wat aan doen?!” Many people in the community will work together in this project, for instance local construction workers. The foundation 4YOU ( organises trips for volunteers who want to help with the building activities or teaching and child activities.

The church was opened in January 2006. The school will be build on top of it.
Teacher Jenny started with the first group.
For whom?

Some 30 children will be selected for the project. They go to a public school for half a day and the remaining time they will attend the activities at the educational and training centre.

The religious community investigates opportunities to sponsor these children; initial meetings with the foundation Compassion (comparable with Plan Nederland).
How much money is needed?

For this project we need € 10.000.

What can you do?
Be part of a committee that provides ideas to generate funds. Contact

Help with building activities on location. Look at the website of 4YOU or contact project leader Karin de Bruijn (email:

Donate money to the Foundation, mentioning “Dominican Republic”: link to donate. Stichting “Kan ik er wat aan doen?!”, Rotterdam.


Stimulating other people in you network to get involved in this project.
Children fall asleep due to hunger and fatigue.
The children enjoy going to school.
For more photo’s from Bani, Santa Rosa and the Dominican Republic:

Renovation School Pitipana

Project leader Jan Kerkhof
The children of Pitipana in Sri Lanka go to school in worn down school building, and the building was damaged even further by a Tsunami. The roof is full of holes, the plaster came of the walls and part of the furniture is old and damaged. Not a good environment to get your education. The inhabitants of Pitipana are mostly poor fisherman. They are happy with the school because their children can get an education and better opportunities to build a future. If the school is not renovated quickly, they have to close because it will be to dangerous to keep on teaching. Help us to renovate the school!
Director Suranga asked the government to renovate the school. Hw got a NO on his request. The schools for rich people receive more support that the schools for the poorer people. Jan Kerkhofs from Panningen, after paying a visit to the school, decided to start a project to finance the renovation. “These children also have the right to education and a better future. I want to do my part to help. The foundation “Kan ik er wat aan doen?!” is going to help him with his efforts.
What is it we want to achieve?

We want to renovate the main building of the school in 2008. This contains: repairing the roof, new plaster and replacing the windows. We will also make new walls to separate the classes, to replace the current wooden panels. For the renovation we will need € 10.000.

Jan wil also renovate the other buildings of the school. He is getting support from the foundation “Boeken steunen mensen” who will organize a mega book event in Venlo. Half of the proceeds will be donated to the project in Pitipana.

The board of ‘Kan ik er wat aan doen?!’ consist of:

Paul van Schie

Ans Röling

Remko Berkhout
At this page you can get to know our board members, who we are, what we do and mainly why we are involved in Kiewad.
Paul van Schie

Paul van Schie (35 years), Manager Finance, Control en HR at Amphenol Infocom Europe. I found a balance between working hard for my employer on one hand and spending my time in a meaningful way on people who need it. Together we make or brake the world. What can you do from your own “small” circle of influence? With my involvement in “‘Kan ik er wat aan doen?!’ and by keeping myself informed on developments, I found a way of giving back to society. Even though it might be at a small level; it is tangible! Above all I am a human being who likes using its creativity and have fun in what I am doing. These are cornerstones of “Kan ik er wat aan doen”!

Ans Röling

Ans Röling (47 years), I have my own company in communications consulting. It started two years ago with the question of my cousin Paul: can you review our project plan and give us some advice on communications? A year later I started with the activities for the website and recently I joined the board with communications as my main focus. The foundation was looking for someone with communicative qualities and I was inspired by the enthusiasm and the projects of Paul, Remko and Reinier. That is the core of the foundation ‘Kan ik er wat aan doen?!’ connecting with people, mobilizing enthusiasm and creating continuity, inspiring people to look beyond the walls of their own community. We hare so fortunate in comparison to for instance children in Mozambique who lost their parents by aids or the blind children in Nandyal India. Through the foundation we can do something from a distance for these kids and hopefully for many others in the future.

Remko Berkhout (Advisor to the Board)

Let me introduced myself, Remko Berkhout (34 years) former employee of Amnesty International. Since February I work for Concern, an Irish voluntary organization, in the office of Mozambique. My story of the last couple of years: From banking in Utrecht via India, for two years as a volunteer to Bangladesh; an adventure by itself, living with people who lead lives that are less easy than ours., working with local and later on also international relief organizations and the world bank, giving advice to Governmental Departments on AIDS and governance. The core of all activities: a search to deliver added value in society. Noble? Nay, it is more a privilege and the freedom to choose for adventure. And the best thing is: in Development there is so much to do and to improve. That is my work and that is what I am proud of. I can recommend it wholeheartedly, but I will not impose it on someone. It is not necessary either, because contributing can be done at home as well. At friends an family I often hear: I want to do something, but what? In other words, ‘Kan ik er wat aan doen?!’ Yes, you can. That is why we started this foundation!

  • Kan ik er wat aan doen!
  • What can you do
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Renovation School for the Blind in Nandyal, India
  • Education and Socio-Cultural training Centre in Santa Rosa
  • What is it we want to achieve
  • Renovation School Pitipana
  • Paul van Schie
  • Remko Berkhout (Advisor to the Board)

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