Key players Client

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Key players Client

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Key players

Client | GD Architects –offering comprehensive architectural services

Steve – CEO

Megan – Architectural designer

Supplier | Rainbow Coatings –a manufacturer of architectural coatings

Mary Accountmanager at Rainbow coatings

Larry Jones CEO, of Rainbow Coatings


Plaatje 1

Steve (CEO and Principal Architect) of GD Architects is visiting the Annual Architecture Expo.

Plaatje 2:

He attends a key note speech by Larry Jones CEO, of Rainbow Coatings.

Plaatje 3:

Larry presents Rainbow’s latest products for façade coatings

Plaatje 4:

and shows an example of a coating with a mesmerizing effect

Plaatje 5

Steve is inspired by the examples

Plaatje 6

And uses his his Phone to scan his business card to get Larry’s presentation by email.

Plaatje 7

A week later back at Steve’s office.

Plaatje 8

Steve envisions the mesmerizing effect on the facade for a new shopping center.

Plaatje 9

and shares his ideas with Megan, an architectural designer at GD.

Plaatje 10
He asks her to research this new special coating from Rainbow Coatings.
Plaatje 11

At her desk

Plaatje 12

Megan is visiting the Rainbow Coatings’ website

Plaatje 13

Her interest is drawn by a video of a new architectural extrusion coating.

Plaatje 14

After watching the video, she’s interested in more details

Plaatje 15

she downloads the datasheet of the product

Plaatje 16

The next morning

Plaatje 17

Megan continues her research.

Plaatje 18

Wow, that cannot be a coincidence. The homepage is looking different than yesterday

Plaatje 19

showing some great projects that are using this new coating.

Plaatje 20

Excited, she’s looking for a compelling example for Steve’s new shopping center.

Plaatje 21

“This is a good example!” She downloads the case study by completing the form.

Plaatje 22

Great, she thinks, while reading the case study.

Plaatje 23

Steve will like this.

Plaatje 24

Meanwhile, a lot has happened behind the scenes at Rainbow Coatings.

Plaatje 25

Since Steve and Megan belong to the same company

Plaatje 26

The interests and activities of both of them have been linked

Plaatje 27

into a highly relevant package of account information.

Plaatje 28
Their combined engagement resulted in a marketing qualified lead.
Plaatje 29

Mary, who is the account manager for Rainbow Coatings, is informed by the system.

Plaatje 30

She oversees all recent engagement of both Steve and Megan

Plaatje 31

and the connection between the 2 of them.

Plaatje 32

She decides to call Steve. The timing is perfect!

Plaatje 33
Steve welcomes Mary’s support in preparing the pitch of the facade design to Steve’s client.
Plaatje 34
Mary is excited and creates an opportunity in the CRM system
Plaatje 35

Time for some coffee, she thinks. This is a great way to start the morning

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