Leestoetsen unit 8 Tekst 1 Dream teen holidays a calshot Activities Centre

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Leestoetsen unit 8 Tekst 1 Dream teen holidays a calshot Activities Centre

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Tekst 1
Dream teen holidays

Calshot Activities Centre

Learn to sail, canoe and windsurf at the Calshot activity centre on the Isle of Wight. Their Watersports Adventure Holiday is specially meant for 13-16 year olds and is a great way to try out three of the most exciting watersports known to man - or fish.

One week of Watersports Adventure Holiday costs £320.


Tall Stories Adventure Sports Holidays

If mum and dad are up for it, the whole family can enjoy a week of adrenaline-filled sports ranging from mountain biking to alpine trekking in some of Europe's most exciting locations.

One week of multi-activity in the French Alps starts from £475 per person.


PGL Holidays

As one of the biggest specialist activity holiday companies in the UK, PGL have a huge range of activities for 12-17 year olds in their centres in the UK and France. Options include motorsports in Surrey and a week of climbing and white-water rafting in the French Alps.

One week of motorsports costs £389.

One week of Alpine Adventure costs £459

Summer Camp Adventures

3D Summer Camps specialise in extreme activity holidays for 13-16 year olds at their centres on the South coast of England. Their teen x-treme week pushes it to the max with powerboat driving, mountain bike descents and snorkelling among the high-adrenaline activities on offer.

One teen x-treme week costs £359.


Lees de vier korte teksten en kruis aan wat op welke ‘dream teen holiday’ van toepassing is. Je kunt per stelling meerdere vakanties aankruisen.


1 is voor de hele familie ٱ ٱ ٱ ٱ

2 is bestemd voor 13-16-jarigen ٱ ٱ ٱ ٱ

3 is in de Franse Alpen ٱ ٱ ٱ ٱ

4 is alleen gericht op watersport ٱ ٱ ٱ ٱ

5 mountainbiken maakt deel uit van het programma ٱ ٱ ٱ ٱ

6 je kunt kiezen voor een week motorsport ٱ ٱ ٱ ٱ

Beantwoord nu de volgende vragen.

1 Welke vakantie is het duurst? En welke vakantie is het goedkoopst? Geef de letters van deze vakanties.

duurste vakantie: …

goedkoopste vakantie: …

2 Wat hebben deze vier jongerenvakanties met elkaar gemeen? Kruis het juiste antwoord aan.

ٱ Alle vakanties zijn buiten Groot-Brittannië.

ٱ Het zijn allemaal actieve vakanties.

ٱ Het zijn allemaal kampeervakanties.

Tekst 2
Your holiday nightmares!

Holidays are fun, but sometimes things can go horribly wrong. What happened to you on holiday?
I was in South Africa, on my summer holidays with my parents. We were exploring a huge lake with lots of animals in it. I was bending over the side of the lake, and suddenly a giant water snake grabbed my ankle. I was screaming with all my might and my dad came running. He grabbed me so I was not pulled into the lake, the snake let go and I was safe again. I still don’t like snakes or lakes.

Amanda, 12, Helston
I was on holiday in Washington DC and my mum's friend took me on a peddle boat on this really deep, massive lake. There were big ships on it and I was steering. When I turned round, all I could hear were people screaming, because we were 2 cm away from hitting a massive, big ship!!! I couldn't wait to get out, I was soooooo scared.

Rachel, 13, Grantham
I was in Egypt with my grandparents and we went to visit an old pyramid. I was last to come out, but there was this alarm that went off, and I got stuck because the door dropped down automatically! An hour later, I was freed by three men who had to kick down the door as the emergency button was broken. It was terrible.

Martin, 13, Larne

Lees tekst 2. Zet daarna de onderstaande woorden en omschrijvingen achter de juiste personen.

Egypte – erg bang – gered door drie mannen – gered door vader – groot schip – ingesloten – met grootouders op vakantie – met ouders op vakantie – schreeuwende mensen – Verenigde Staten – waterslang – Zuid-Afrika

1 Amanda

2 Rachel

3 Martin
Tekst 3