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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Audrey: Look, uh… I hear what you’re saying, but I… I don’t… I don’t really know how to respond to that.

Paul: Well, you don’t have to. I just want you to know that I’ve been wrong about a lot of things, and I’m… just before you make any big decisions, decisions that you’re entitled to make, let some time go by. Is that fair of me to ask?

Audrey: Yeah. Yeah, that’s fair.

Paul: OK, well, I’ll… I’ll see you later.

Audrey: Yeah, see you later.

Jack: How far out are we?

Man: A few miles away, sir.

Jack: OK.


[Dina picks up Behrooz.]

Behrooz: Where are we gonna go?

Dina: Out of the city.

Behrooz: Why did father want to kill me? I’m his son!

Dina: Stop, Behrooz. You can’t think about that now. Get in.

Behrooz: We killed two people today. I can’t do this. I’m freaking out.

[Dina picks up Behrooz. She sees an oncoming train.]

Dina: Get in the train.

Behrooz: What?

Dina: Your father’s following us.

Behrooz: What?

Dina: It was the only way I could save you. Now, dammit, Behrooz, get out. Go. Go! Obey Me!

[Suddenly, shots fire and the windshield shatters. Dina is hit in the arm.]

Behrooz: Mom! Mom!

Dina: Oh, God!

[Behrooz climbs back into the car and drives from the passenger side.]

Navi: Go.

[Navi and his men follow, but Behrooz eludes them in traffic.]


[Navi goes to see Marwan.]

Marwan: This has taken care of?

Navi: No. There is a problem. My wife and Behrooz have betrayed us.

Marwan: Where are they now?

Navi: I don’t know. But Dina’s been wounded. She’ll have to get medical attention.

Marwan: So you come to me, asking me for help with this mess?

Navi: I can’t do it alone, Marwan. I’m ashamed of myself. Allow me to make this right.

Marwan: What would you need?

Navi: To monitor local hospitals. I’ll also need drivers, as well as access to police frequencies.

Marwan: You think she’ll go to the police?

Navi: No, no. But they may pick her up, if they find out she’s been shot.

Marwan: I told you. I can’t be distracted by this right now. [To the man sitting next to them] Give him what he needs. Make sure the woman and child are captured before they can do us harm.

Navi: Thank you. Thank you.

Marwan: No matter what happen today, you will answer to this.

Navi: I understand.


[Jack and Audrey arrive at “Felsted Security”.]

Marcy: Has she seen the tapes yet?

Jack: No, we just got here.

Marcy: Well, good. I’ll start putting the guest list together.

Jack: How long is it gonna take you to create the database?

Marcy: It shouldn’t be long. Once we’ve identified him, we’ll be able to run him through.

Jack: OK.

Marcy: I’m working on it right now. I’ll let you know the second it’s done.

Jack: OK, Marcy. Thanks. Our office just got a copy of the guest list from the dinner where you saw this guy. Once you make an ID on the surveillance tape, we’ll be able to send it through a database and find out who it is.

Audrey: OK.

Jack: I’m carrying.

Man: Clear.

[Jack’s phone rings.]

Jack: Yeah?

Marianne: Jack, this is Marianne Taylor at CTU.

Jack: What is it, Marianne?

Marianne: Curtis wanted me to tell you that as soon as Audrey recognizes somebody from the surveillance video, he wants it sent directly to my system. I’m on 6-0-Casper.

Jack: Why didn’t he tell me himself?

Marianne: They’re still trying to shut down all the remaining power plants, and everybody else is still working on that.

Jack: Are they gonna be able to control them in time?

Marianne: I don’t know.

Jack: OK. Keep me informed.

Audrey: What is it?

Jack: We don’t have a lot of time.


Doctor: She seems to be doing better now. She’s sleeping.

Driscoll: That’s very good news.

[Driscoll sees on Maya’s charts that she was given Haldol.]

Driscoll: Did you give her Haldol?

Doctor: Mm-hm. Why?

Driscoll: She’s allergic to it, it’s in her file.

[Driscoll runs up to Maya.]

Doctor: The date on this is old. This is the wrong file.

Driscoll: Maya! Maya! She’s unconscious! Maya.

Doctor: Mary, we have a code! I need 25 cc’s of epinephrine!

[The doctor attempts to revive Maya. Driscoll is terrified.]

Driscoll: How could you’ve got the wrong file?

Doctor: Excuse me, please step out. I need that syringe now!

Mary: Doctor, 25 cc’s.

[Sarah comes in to tell Driscoll that Heller is looking for her.]

Sarah: Ms. Driscoll, Secretary Heller…

Nurse: Are we charging? Let’s go, Mary.

Doctor: Mary, make sure I get a crash cart.

Driscoll: What is it, Sarah? Sarah?

Sarah: Secretary Heller needs you.

Driscoll: For what?

Sarah: He’s going on-line with the President in a few minutes, and he wants to know about our progress on the reactors.

Driscoll: Um… tell him that Edgar’s still trying to get control of the system cornel, and that we’ll know more in 15 minutes.

Sarah: If we do stop the meltdown, he wants to know if there’s gonna be any system contamination.

Driscoll: I know there won’t be any contamination. It’ll take 36 hours to reboot the reactors. Is there anything else?

Sarah: No, that’s all.

Driscoll: All right, go.


[Jack and Audrey scan the surveillance footage from the dinner event.]

Gary: We had security cameras running on only two areas; one was covering the main ballroom and one was in the entrance.

Jack: OK, put them both up. The ballroom angle’s too wide. Let’s just go with the entrance.

Gary: All right.

Audrey: What time is that?

Gary: 6:39.

Audrey: No, that’s too early. I met him when I arrived, around 9:00, 9:15.

Gary: All right.

Audrey: Wait, stop. Can you back this up a few frames?

Gary: Sure.

Audrey: Wait, wait. Stop there. I think that’s him. Can you enhance him right here?

Gary: Yeah.

Jack: That image won’t process. We need to make it clear.

Gary: Let me see if I can get that for you.

[Jack notices on Felsted’s security camera that their guard is not at his post.]

Jack: Who’s supposed to be at that desk?

Gary: Oh, that’s Mitchell. He probably went out for another smoke.

Jack: The back door’s wide open. No one’s there.

[Jack radios for the CTU agents that accompanied him.]

Jack: Craig, do you copy? Craig? Rick? How many ways into this area of the building?

Gary: Two.

Jack: Put them up. Rick?

[Jack sees their dead bodies on the monitor. Then there are gunshots outside. Suddenly, the door blasts open and two men come in firing.]

Jack: Get down!

[The tech gets hit.]

Jack: Are you OK?

Audrey: Yeah.

[Jack sees the wounded Gary lying on the ground.]

Jack: Dammit. I’m gonna call for help, OK? But first I need to know where’s the surveillance tape is? Where is the source?

Gary: The main ser… servers.

Jack: How do I access it?

Gary: On the flash memory.

Jack: Watch the security monitors. Do you have sticks? Gary, do you have sticks?

Gary: In my… pocket.

[Jack takes the sticks out of Gary’s pocket. He copies the data from the main servers into the stick.]

Jack: OK.

[Jack sees that Gary’s dying. He tries to revive him.]

Jack: Stay with me. He’s gone.

[They see more men coming toward them.]

Audrey: Jack, they’re coming.

Jack: They’re trying to seal us off.

Audrey: Shouldn’t we call CTU?

Jack: No. CTU’s gotta be compromised, that’s the only way they’d know we were here. We gotta get out of here.

[Jack grabs the sticks, and he and Audrey make their way through the building.]

Jack: Move. Go! Go! Go. Go, go.

[Jack grabs a gun from one of the bodies and gives it to Audrey for backup.]

Jack: There’s one other pipe, safety’s off.

Audrey: Jack…

Jack: You can do this. We’ll cover each other.

[Jack calls someone on his cell phone.]

Audrey: I thought you said CTU’s been compromised.

Jack: It has been.

Audrey: Then who are you calling?

Jack: The only person I can trust right now.


[Heller briefs President Keeler on the situation.]

Keeler: And if there are 17 nuclear power plants about to melt down, I need to update an evacuation strategy.

Heller: I agree, sir. I’ve already laid the groundwork with the National Guard. They’re preparing to go into individual communities and effect a civil defense evacuation upon your command.

Keeler: And you say our worst case scenario gives up approximately three hours?

Heller: That’s correct, sir.

Keeler: Erin, what are our chances of shutting down the remaining 17?

Driscoll: At this time, I would say it’s less than 50 percent. But we’re trying something now that might improve those chances.

Keeler: When will you know more?

Driscoll: In the next 15 minutes.

Keeler: All right. Keep me updated.

Driscoll: Yes, Mr. President.

Heller: Let’s find out from Jack and Audrey if they’ve come up with anything on their end.

Curtis: Yes, sir.

Driscoll: Mr. Secretary, I can have a room prepared for you to rest if you like. You’ve been under a great deal of stress in the past few hours.

Heller: Yeah. No, I don’t think I can rest, but uh… thanks anyway. Erin.

Driscoll: Yes, sir?

Heller: I understand your daughter’s down in the clinic.

Driscoll: Yes, but it won’t interfere with my work.

Heller: I’m sure of that. I was just wondering if everything was OK.

Driscoll: It’s something we’ve lived with since she was six years old. There are good days and bad days. Today’s a bad one.

Heller: I’m sorry.


Jack: OK, go right.

[Jack sees someone approaching them.]

Jack: Come here.

[Jack shoots the man.]

Jack: Go. Move, come on.

[They get to the parking garage.]

Jack: We’re clear.

[The door of the garage opens, and three men enter.]

Jack: Move. Move!

[Jack and Audrey hide. More men come inside. Jack starts shooting at them.]

Jack: OK. We’re gonna get through this, but you gotta listen to me. I need to get that guy’s weapon. I need you to provide cover. Save your ammunition. Space out your shots. You’re ready?

Audrey: Mm-hm.

Jack: OK.

[Jack runs, and Audrey starts shooting the men. Jack gets the guy’s gun, ad start shooting at the men too.]

Jack: Audrey, get down!

Audrey: I’m out!

Jack: Stay down!

[Jack runs back to Audrey.]

Jack: I’m empty.

Audrey: What?

Jack: I’m empty!

[The men approach, looking for Jack and Audrey. Suddenly, Tony Almeida appears and shoots the rest of the henchmen.]

Tony: Jack!

Jack: Tony!

Tony: You’re OK?

Jack: Yeah, we’re all right. Move. Move!

[The three run out of the building.]


[Heller and Driscoll watch as Edgar goes through the code to break the Override on the reactors.]

Driscoll: Edgar’s just started the final sequence.

Heller: Has he gained the cornel yet?

Driscoll: Yes. This is where we can’t make a mistake. If he does, he’ll accelerate the meltdowns instead of stopping them.

Edgar: Sarah, look up the up course for the load-A registered condition.

Sarah: F-F-0-9.

Edgar: No, not the jump-A. I need the load-A. Dammit. Move. That’s it. A-B-A-1. I think I got it.

Heller: What do you mean, “you think”?

Edgar: I’d like to review it again before I send it, please.

Driscoll: How long will that take?

Edgar: Ten minutes.

Driscoll: We don’t have time. You have to do it now.

Edgar: Let me just check the headers.

Curtis: Now, Edgar.

[Edgar sends it.]

Edgar: I did the best I could, sir. I hope it works.

Heller: So do I.

[Everyone at CTU wait to see what happens.]

Heller: There’s no response.

Edgar: Come on.

[One by one, the reactors are turned off.]

Sarah: There they go.

Heller: Congratulations, Edgar.

Edgar: Thank you, sir.

[Of the seventeen, six are still immune to the kill sequence.]

Edgar: No, don’t tell me that.

Driscoll: Edgar, what’s going on? Why are some of the reactors still not shutting down? Edgar, talk to me.

Edgar: Six of the reactors are immune to the kill sequence. The Dobson override’s already taken over their system.

Driscoll: All six are gonna melt down?

Edgar: Their shutdown codes have been completely corrupted.

Heller: Contact Bauer. Either he finds the people responsible for planning the override, or we’re looking at a nuclear holocaust.

____________________ 650

24 673

Previously on 24:

Dina: You killed Tariq?

Behrooz: You can’t let father know. He wants me dead because I messed up with Debbie.

Dina: You ordered Tariq to kill him. To kill our own son.

Navi: Nothing will stand in the way of what needs to be done. Not him, not you.

Dina: Your father’s following us.

Behrooz: What?

Dina: It was the only way I could save you.

[Shots fire and Dina is hit in the arm.]

Behrooz: Mom!


Edgar: I think I got it. This is really it. I can turn off the override and stop the remaining plants from melting down. I did the best I could, sir. I hope it works.

Heller: So do I.

Driscoll: Edgar, what’s going on? Why are some of the reactors still not shutting down?

Edgar: Six of the reactors are immune to the kill sequence.

Heller: Contact Bauer. Either he finds the people responsible for planning the override, or we’re looking at a nuclear holocaust.


Marianne: Bauer and Audrey Raines left here about five minutes ago.

Powell: Where’d they go?

Marianne: “Felsted Security”.

Powell: You’re going to need to set things up on your end. When Jack Bauer and Audrey Raines are killed, CTU is going to know that someone inside leaked their location. Divert suspicion.

Marianne: Fine.


Jack: The override device maintains heat levels within the reactors. They can melt down every one of those power plants. The man you saw when you were being held captive – right now he’s our only lead.

Audrey: Stop there. I think that’s him.

Jack: They’re trying to seal us off.

Audrey: Shouldn’t we call CTU?

Jack: No. CTU’s gotta be compromised, that’s the only way they’d know we were here.

Audrey: Then who are you calling?

Jack: The only person I can trust right now. I’m empty. Tony!


The following takes place between 2:00 P.M. and 3:00 P.M.

Driscoll: Is there any chance this is a mistake? That the remaining six nuclear reactors are just taking longer to shut down?

Curtis: No. Edgar rechecked it. Those plants are firming the grip of the override which had been sealed off. We can’t get in.

Heller: Did you send the list of the six affected cities to the President?

Curtis: Yes, sir.

Heller: What about evacuation procedures?

Curtis: We’ve already alerted the National Guard. We’re just waiting to see how the President wants us to proceed.

Edgar: Ms. Driscoll, the President’s ready.

Driscoll: OK, put him on. Mr. President.

Keeler: I understand we’ve been able to shut down 98 nuclear power plants.

Heller: Yes, sir. But as of now, it appears that our shutdown order will not be affective with the six remaining reactors.

Keeler: “Not going to be affective”? What exactly does that mean?

Heller: I’m afraid it means that we could have six nuclear disasters on our hands.

Keeler: What are the casualty projections if all six plants melt down?

Curtis: 50 thousand deaths in the first 24 hours. The longer indictments in the long - millions, and that’s not taking into account the resulting cancers and birth defects.

Keeler: Why were we able to shut down the other power plants but not these six?

Driscoll: Because they are still being controlled by the terrorists, sir.

Keeler: You mean, because of the override device they stole today.

Driscoll: Exactly. We have to find the override device itself. It’s a prototype. The terrorists have the only one in the world.

Keeler: All right. Let’s find it. I’m going to order the evacuation of those six cities. Jim, keep me posted.

Heller: Yes, Mr. President.

[Heller’s cell phone rings.]

Driscoll: All right. Let’s get back to work.

[Heller takes the call.]

Heller: Yeah?

Jack: Mr. Secretary, it’s Jack. Don’t let anyone know you’re talking to me. We got a problem.

Heller: I understand, Marcy. Let me see what I can do. I have to take this call.

Driscoll: Yes, sir.

[Heller leaves the conference room.]

Heller: What’s going on?

Jack: First off, sir, I want you to know that Audrey and I are safe, but there was an attempt made on our life at “Felsted Security”.

Heller: What?

Jack: A group of assassins well-armed, well-trained took out our entire security detail. You’re gonna need to send a forensic unit over there to identify the bodies, but I don’t want anyone at CTU to know.

Heller: Why not?

Jack: Because I think someone over at CTU has complicit the attack.

Heller: How do you know that?

Jack: Sir, CTU is the only agency that knew where we were. No one else had that information.

Heller: Is one of Erin’s people working with the terrorists?

Jack: Yes, I think so. I just don’t know who. But it’s clear that they didn’t want Audrey to make the ID of the man she saw when you guys were both being held.

Heller: I’m sending a Secret Service detail to pick you two up.

Jack: Sir, please don’t do that. That’s not the right thing to do here.

Heller: Why not?

Jack: I don’t want anyone to know where we are. That way I know we will be safe.

Heller: How do you want me to handle this?

Jack: Remember the sequence we developed for the Melbourne situation?

Heller: Yes.

Jack: Try that. I think it’ll work.

Heller: OK.

Jack: sir, I’ve gotta go. I’ll get back to you as soon as I know we’re safe.

Heller: Jack, take care of Audrey.

Jack: Yes, sir, I will.

[Audrey is visibly upset about the second attempt on her life.]

Jack: Are you OK?

Audrey: I’m almost getting used to this.

Jack: Yeah. Tony, is it possible that we could have been followed?

Tony: No, we’re clear.

Audrey: Where are we going?

Jack: We need to lay low for a while.

Tony: What kind of communication do you need?

Jack: A wi-fi and a hard line.

Tony: All right. We’ll go back to my place.

Jack: OK. Thank you, Tony.

Tony: Wait until you see it before you thank me.

Jack: No, I mean, for picking us up, for saving our lives. I’m sure you’re wondering what’s going on.

Tony: Not really, no.

Jack: Something wrong?

Tony: What could be wrong? I’m not in the Federal prison any more, thanks to you and President Palmer. Michelle left me, I… you know what? Never mind. Why don’t you tell me what this is all about?

Jack: You heard about Audrey and her father this morning?

Tony: Yeah.

Jack: We were at “Felsted Security” so Audrey can make an ID of a man she saw during the kidnapping.

Tony: I don’t get it. Why?

Jack: The Secretary’s kidnapping was just a cover. The terrorists’ main objective is to gain control of American power plants from coast to coast. The man that Audrey saw – that’s our only lead.

Tony: I thought you weren’t in the field any more, Jack.

Jack: I’m not. The Secretary is my responsibility. I got caught up in it.

Tony: Yeah, well, listen to me very carefully: I don’t wanna get caught up in it. So you do whatever you need to do at my place. I’m staying out of it, all right?

Jack: Understood.


[President Keeler addresses the nation.]

Keeler: Today continues to be a challenge to the strength of the American spirit. We have a condition in six cities across the United States, in which nuclear power facilities may become unstable. While we work to regain control over these facilities, I’m also asking our National Guard to assist local authorities to affect an immediate evacuation of those six cities. This evacuation is only being issued for all persons living or working within a specific radius…

Curtis: The President didn’t mention the fact that there isn’t enough time left for complete evacuation. If those reactors melt down, there’ll be at least 50 thousand dead per city.

Driscoll: We still have time to try and find a way to prevent that.

Curtis: I can tell you now, Erin, the chances of doing that from here are very low. We have to find the people who have the override device.


[Navi is talking on the phone with one of his men.]

Navi: What about the hospitals north of there? All right. Keep checking.

Man: I called Dina’s sister. There’s no answer.

Navi: All right. I’ll take care of it. You and Raphy, go check the station again.

Man: OK.

Marwan: The Americans have been able to shut down most of the reactors.

Navi: How many are under our control?

Marwan: Six. More than enough to break their will. But I’m gonna have to manage the override personally. Make sure those six melt down on schedule.

Navi: Is there anything I can do?

Marwan: Yes. Take care of your mess.

Navi: Don’t worry, Marwan. I give you my word: my wife and son will be dead by the end of this day.


[Behrooz drives nervously.]

Behrooz: We have to get you to a hospital.

Dina: No. Your father knows I’ve been shot. He’ll be looking for us in all the hospitals.

Behrooz: Well, we’re going to have to take a chance. Mom, you’re hurt.

Dina: I’ll be OK.

Behrooz: You won’t. You need to get to a doctor. I’m not afraid of father.

Dina: You should be.

Behrooz: He tried to kill me, and then he did this to you. He’s not my father anymore. Mom, please.

Dina: All right. Drop me off at an emergency room, but then you’ll have to drive away.

Behrooz: No. Whatever happens, we’re staying together.


Marianne: Jackie, I’m running a filter for Driscoll. Could you babysit it for a sec? I’ll be right back.

Jackie: Sure.

Marianne: Thanks.

[Marianne sneaks into the restroom and phones Powell.]

Powell: Yes, Marianne?

Marianne: I couldn’t take your call. I was in a meeting.

Powell: Jack Bauer and Audrey Raines are still alive.

Marianne: My information was accurate.

Powell: Yes. Their location was correct, but they survived the attack. They’re headed back to CTU?

Marianne: I haven’t heard anything.

Powell: Bauer didn’t call in?

Marianne: Not that I’m aware of.

Powell: That doesn’t make sense.

Marianne: Actually, it makes perfect sense. Bauer knows there’s been a security breach, and you can bet he’s told someone here. I gotta get out.

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