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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Curtis: You’re under arrest.

[Curtis throws Marianne’s purse to another agent.]

Curtis: Examine her contents.

[Curtis throws Marianne’s car keys to another agent.]

Curtis: Impound her car. Strip and search it. I got her.

[As the agent puts the key in the door, Marianne’s car explodes in a fireball. Marianne is knocked unconscious on the ground.]


[Powell reaches his helicopter.]

Pilot: Mr. Powell?

Powell: Yeah. Let’s go.

Pilot: I’m sorry, sir. We can’t.

Powell: What?

Pilot: The flight’s been grounded.

Powell: No, “McLennen Forster” has special ordinates. The paper work was sent.

Pilot: I know, but the order was superseded.

Powell: By whom?

Pilot: The Department of Defense.

[Powell pulls out a gun and forces the pilot to take him up.]

Powell: You’re going to fly me out of here.

Pilot: Please, sir.

Powell: Now! Get in.

[The pilot and Powell get inside the helicopter.]

Pilot: All right. Where are we going?

Powell: Just get us in the air and fly east.

[Jack and Tony arrive at the helipad as the rotors fire up.]

Jack: There it is.

[Jack and Tony surround the chopper with their guns raised.]

Tony: Do not take off! Do not take off!

Powell: Get us in the air!

Pilot: Hey. Hey.

Powell: Let’s go! Let’s go!

Pilot: Hey. Come on.

Tony: Shut it down!

Powell: I said now!

Tony: Put your hands up and don’t shoot.

Powell: Come on. Move! Hurry up!

[Jack opens the helicopter’s door, and comes up behind Powell.]

Jack: Drop the weapon now! Now!

[Powell drops his weapon.]

Tony: Step out. Shut down the engine. Get out. Now.

Jack: Get out of the helicopter. Move! Move!

[Jack throws Powell on the ground.]

Jack: Let me see your hands. Now! Get up! Move!

Powell: Where are you taking me? I haven’t done anything.

Jack: Put your hands on the roof of the truck.

Powell: The people I know, they’ll pay you.

[Jack searches Powell for weapons.]

Jack: Shut up!

[Jack takes Powell’s cell phone of out his pocket.]

Jack: I got his cell phone. Bring me the bag. Put your hands behind your back.


[Audrey gets to CTU. She hugs her father.]


[Sarah is taken out of the interrogation room.]


[Tony brings Jack Powell’s bag. Jack searches it.]

Powell: Who are you guys? The police? FBI?

Tony: Actually, I’m currently unemployed.

Powell: I’ll make it worth your while.

Jack: Put him in the back.

Tony: Come on.

[Suddenly, a shot rings out and Powell is hit in the chest by a sniper hiding on a nearby rooftop. Tony checks Powell’s pulse.]

Tony: He’s dead, Jack.

Jack: Dammit!

____________________ 674

24 699

Previously on 24:

Marwan: The Americans have been able to shut down most of the reactors. I’m gonna have to manage the override personally. Make sure those six melt down on schedule.

Navi: Is there anything I can do?

Marwan: Take care of your mess.

Navi: I give you my word: my wife and son will be dead by the end of this day.


Behrooz: I’m not afraid of father.

Dina: You should be.

Behrooz: He tried to kill me, and then he did this to you.


Powell: You’re going to need to set things up on your end.

Marianne: All right. What do I do?

Powell: Divert suspicion.


Heller: Someone inside CTU is leaking information to someone on the outside.

Sarah: Ms. Driscoll, what’s going on?

Heller: You’re under arrest, Gavin.

Sarah: For what?

Driscoll: You’ve been passing classified information. Thousands of people’s lives are at stake. Where are the people who control the override?

Sarah: I swear I don’t know anything.


Jack: Yeah?

Driscoll: They got a match, Jack. His name is Henry Powell. He’s a computer consultant that used to work for “McLennen Forster”.

Jack: They’re the Defense contractors that designed the override device controlling the power plants.


Powell: You’re going to fly me out of here.

Jack: Drop the weapon now! Now! Put him in the back.

Tony: He’s dead, Jack.

Jack: Dammit!


Edgar: You got the wrong person. Sarah’s not guilty of anything. It’s Marianne Taylor.

Curtis: You’re under arrest.


The following takes place between 3:00 P.M. and 4:00 P.M.

[Curtis goes up to Driscoll’s office.]

Agent: Excuse me, Curtis?

Curtis: Not now.

Driscoll (over phone): Coordinate that with NRC, and copy me on 6-0-B. Fine.

[Driscoll hangs up.]

Curtis: I warned you about her.

Driscoll: What are you talking bout?

Curtis: Marianne Taylor. I told you she was trouble and it was a mistake to let her work here.

Driscoll: No. You told me that you were uncomfortable working with her. You didn’t tell me you were having a relationship with a corporate spy.

Curtis: How could I have possibly known that, Erin? Don’t play that card with me.

Driscoll: Fine, then don’t walk in here with that “I told you so” attitude. Because now we both have to deal with this.

Curtis: You mean Division.

Driscoll: That’s right. They’re gonna want a complete timeline – everything from how Marianne got to the front door down to the highest security files that she was able to access in a very short period of time.

Curtis: Can we have a conversation off the book?

Driscoll: Go ahead.

Curtis: There’s no point in neither of us compromising on authority in the eyes of Division, agreed or disagreed?

Driscoll: Agreed.

Curtis: Marianne did an excellent job in establishing her credentials. All we need to do is leave out some of the details on how she managed to leverage her way in here.

Driscoll: I don’t like anyone holding something over me.

Curtis: Neither do I.

Driscoll: How long will it take you to adjust her files?

Curtis: Two minutes.

Driscoll: I’ll call Division in five.


[President Keeler grills Heller about Marianne.]

Keeler: Explain to me how this mole Marianne Taylor was able to infiltrate CTU.

Heller: We’re still investigating, Mr. President.

Keeler: Who does she work for?

Heller: We don’t know.

Keeler: Find out.

Heller: We will, as soon as he regains consciousness. She’s being treated here in the clinic.

Keeler: Treated for what?

Heller: An attempt on her life.

Keeler: Who tried to kill her?

Heller: We don’t know that either, but whoever it was, they’re more than likely connected with the theft of the override.

Keeler: Jim, we need to find that override now. What’s the latest from the NRC?

Heller: They just reported the San Gabriel island reactor’s about to go critical.

Keeler: What’s the timeframe?

Heller: A meltdown within the hour. We started evacuating the San Gabriel zone. The population affected is less than a hundred thousand; hopefully most of them are already on the move.

Keeler: All right. Expedite the process as much as you can.

Heller: Yes, sir.


[Jack calls CTU.]

Driscoll: Jack.

Jack: Erin, Powell’s dead. He was hit by a sniper as soon as we took him into custody.

Driscoll: Did you get anything from him before he was killed?

Jack: No, but I managed to get the last ten calls he made off his cell phone. He called two numbers repeatedly. Through caller ID, we traced one of them to Marianne Taylor.

Driscoll: Powell’s working with Marianne?

Jack: Apparently.

Driscoll: What about this other number?

Jack: Hold on. I’m gonna need you to trace it through CTU.

Driscoll: OK. Go ahead.

Jack: 8185550539.

Driscoll: I’ll get back to you as soon as I’ve got an ID.

Jack: I’ll be standing by.

[Jack hangs up.]

Driscoll: Edgar, I need you to run a locate on this number.

Edgar: It’s a cellular account.

Driscoll: Can you trace the location?

Edgar: I need to ping the number.

Driscoll: How?

Edgar: It has to ring at least four times before I can triangulate the coordinates. Jamison can have me set up in a couple of minutes.


[Navi goes to the home of Farrah, Dina’s sister. He knocks on the door.]

Farrah: Who is it?

Navi: Navi.

Farrah: Navi?

[Farrah opens the door.]

Farrah: What are you doing here?

Navi: I’m looking for Dina.

Farrah: Dina’s not here. Why would she be?

Navi: She hasn’t called you in the last hour?

Farrah: No. What’s going on, Navi?

Navi: Why are you blocking the door?

Farrah: I’m not.

Navi: Let me in.

Farrah: I told you, she’s not here.

Navi: You’re lying. You’re hiding her.

Farrah: No, I’m not!

[Navi barges into the house.]

Farrah: Navi, no! You have no right to come in here like this! She’s not here. Look.

[Navi looks for Dina.]

Farrah: That is my bedroom. You can’t go in there!

[Navi opens the bedroom’s door. A man emerges from the bedroom.]

Man: What the hell’s going on here?

Farrah: Nothing. It’s OK. Navi, please. Please go.

Man: Look, pal, this is none of your business, all right? So why don’t you hike in on out of here?

Farrah: Please, don’t interfere.

Man: You can either walk out of here, or I’m gonna throw you out. I said go!

[Navi pulls out a gun on the man.]

Farrah: No, Navi, please, No! Navi, don’t. Please.

Navi: Get back inside.

[The man gets back inside the bedroom.]

Farrah: Navi. Don’t tell my husband, I beg of you.

Navi: You disgust me.

Farrah: Navi…

[Navi walks out. He calls one of his men.]

Navi: Dina’s not here. What about the hospitals?

Man: Nothing so far.

Navi: Keep looking.


[Dina and Behrooz hide out in a hotel room. Dina’s cell phone rings.]

Dina: Is it your father?

Behrooz: I can’t tell.

Dina: Don’t answer it.

[At CTU, Edgar traces the phone number.]

Edgar: We got it.

Driscoll: Where?

Edgar: A hotel in Chatsworth.

Driscoll: Download the coordinates to Jack’s PDA.

Tony: Here’s the backup.

[Jack’s cell phone rings.]

Jack: Yeah?

Driscoll: We traced the call to a location. We’re sending it to you now.

Jack: Hold on a second. OK, I got it. We’re less than ten minutes out.

Driscoll: I’ll have a tactical team emplaced by the time you get there.

Jack: Thank you.

[Jack hangs up. He goes over to talk to someone.]

Jack: His body’s over there by my car. He was taken out by a sniper from the north roof. I want you to take your photographs, get the body back to CTU as fast as possible. Come on, Tony. We gotta go.

Tony: Wait, Jack. Look, uh… I think I’m done here today.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Tony: CTU backup’s here. You don’t need me anymore.

Jack: I need you to see this through with me.

Tony: I appreciate the sentiment, Jack, but you don’t have to prop up my ego.

Jack: Tony, this isn’t about you. If we don’t find the override device within an hour, we’re gonna have six major nuclear disasters. So, please, get in the car. Let’s go.

[Jack and Tony get in the car and drive.]


[Dina is feverish and holds a bloody towel to her gunshot wound.]

Behrooz: Mom, we’ve got to get you some help.

Dina: I’m OK.

Behrooz: I’m sorry. This is my fault.

Dina: Your father shot me, not you.

Behrooz: Because you were trying to stop him from killing me.

Dina: Everything that’s happened today, what we’ve all been fighting to achieve… it’s more important to him than anything or anyone.

Behrooz: But not to you. Mom? I need to get you something for the pain.

Dina: I’ll be fine. I just need to rest.

Behrooz: I can get it from Naseem.

Dina: No.

Behrooz: The hospital he works at is right near here. I’ll be right back.

Dina: Naseem doesn’t know why we were really living here.

Behrooz: Mom, he’s your brother. I’ll tell him you need it and nothing else. I promise. I’ll be right back.

Dina: Just hurry.

Behrooz: I will.

[Behrooz heads to the hospital.]


Driscoll: Mr. Secretary. We have a meltdown. San Gabriel island reactor’s just gone critical. Core material is now airborne.

Heller: I thought we had more time.

Agent: Ms. Driscoll, I have Derek Rosner, the engineer of San Gabriel Island, on with the NRC. One of the generators exploded, cooped their com lines, so the feed is unstable. We may only have a few seconds.

Driscoll: Patch us in.

Edgar: What’s going on?

Driscoll: We had a meltdown in San Gabriel Island.

Rosner: All attempts to contain the core failed. Right now my men are trying to bypass the reactor tread. That’s not working either.

Driscoll: Mr. Rosner, this is Erin Driscoll from CTU. Can you hear me?

Rosner: Yes, ma’am, I can.

Driscoll: I’m here with Secretary of Defense James Heller. What are your radiation levels?

Rosner: We’re at, uh… 500 gram right now. That’s 10,000 times the dose of an X-ray. At this room the radiation will continue getting stronger, and we’ll spill into the atmosphere until the core has exhausted itself.

Heller: Son, you’ve done everything you can. Now, get the hell out of there.

Rosner: That won’t make any difference, sir. We’ve already been exposed.

[The feed shuts down.]

Agent: We lost it.


Heller: Have we analyzed the radiation wave’s movement?

Curtis: We’re still waiting for NGS to get the weather side front refreshed.

Heller: Get on the phone and have them expedite.

Curtis: I will as soon as I’m done re-reading these evacuation instructions.

Heller: Can’t someone else do that?

Curtis: No, sir. Short manpower.

[Heller opens up the TV.]

News Reporter on TV: Our government spokesman has just confirmed that a nuclear reactor at San Gabriel Island is in full meltdown. Emergency personnel are onsite attempting to rescue workers exposed to radiation.

Edgar: You’re not listening to me. I’ve been trying to get through to a number at the San Gabriel evacuation zone for ten minutes. I need you to link me into access at the emergency bandwidth and I need you to do it now.

Man: All right. Stand by.

Edgar: Thank you.

News Reporter on TV: Now, if you are on the road or awaiting instructions about an evacuation in your neighborhood, here are some items you and your family might need: a flashlight, extra batteries…

Edgar’s Mom: Hello?

Edgar: Mom.

Edgar’s Mom: Oh, hello, Edgar.

Edgar: Have you seen the news?

Edgar’s Mom: Yes, I’m watching it now.

Edgar: Then why aren’t evacuated by now? What are you still doing home?

Edgar’s Mom: You know I don’t have a car.

Edgar: Where’s Margaret?

Edgar’s Mom: Well, I’ve tried to get hold of her, but the lines are all busy. I’m surprised you got through.

Edgar: What about one of your neighbors? Can’t you get a ride from one of them?

Edgar’s Mom: No, by the time I got outside, they were all gone.

Edgar: Mom, listen to me. I’m gonna make some calls. I’m gonna get someone there to help you, OK? I want you to sit by the phone and wait for my call. Can you do that?

Edgar’s Mom: Yes. I… I don’t really have a choice.

Edgar: I’ll call you back, OK?

Edgar’s Mom: OK, honey. Bye.


Man: No, we delegated that whole situation to margin groups, sir.

Heller: I’m not interested in who got it wrong. We don’t have the luxury of miscommunication. I’m assigning someone from my office to coordinate between the State Police and the National Guard. Set up a conference call in ten minutes. Thank you all.

[Audrey comes in the conference room.]

Heller: Are you OK?

Audrey: Yeah. How are you holding up?

Heller: Considering the situation we’re in, I’m doing fine. The truth of the matter is, we do not have the manpower to handle this mess.

Audrey: Tell me what I can do.

Heller: I’ve prioritized evacuation protocol, but I need someone to keep the State Police and the National Guard from bumping into each other.

Audrey: All right. I’ll… I’ll stop the Guard at the 75th mile marker and let the police take over from there. We’ll maximize room for civilian traffic.

Heller: I wish we had some other way to get those people out of there.

Audrey: There’s no one else to route them.

Heller: Jack has got to find the override before the rest of these reactors go critical.


[Jack and Tony pull up to the hotel, where other agents are waiting.]

Castle: Hey, Jack. Good to have you in the field again.

Jack: Thanks, Lee. You remember Tony Almeida?

Castle: Yeah. I don’t know what he’s doing here, though.

Jack: I want him here.

Castle: He’s not authorized to be in the field.

Jack: I’m going through that door first. I want him there to back me up.

Castle: Fine. Get another vest.

Jack: You got a visual on the suspects?

Castle: We’ve got a fiber-optic camera inside the room. According to the manager, we’re grabbing a mid-40’s female and a teenage male, possibly mother and son. Both Middle Eastern.

Jack: OK. We need the suspects alive. They’re no good to us dead.

Castle: I’ve been briefed.

Jack: Let’s go.


Agent: Agent Castle, we got a visual on the woman.

Tony: What about the kid?

Agent: I haven’t seen him yet.

[Jack looks at his watch.]

Jack: We gotta go. Now.

[The agents approach the room.]

Jack: Are you ready?

Tony: Go.

[Jack and the agents raid the room.]

Jack: Don’t move!

[Dina draws a gun to her own temple.]

Jack: Drop the weapon!

[Jack grabs the gun before Dina can kill herself. Castle holds Dina down, pressing on her wound.]

Castle: Where is the override? Tell me who’s got it. Tell me. Now!

Jack: Agent Castle!

Tony: Castle, stand down!

Jack: Agent Castle!

Tony: Please, stand down!

[Tony pulls Castle off.]

Castle: We gotta get her to talk.

Tony: She’s gonna go into shock before she dies. Just relax.

Jack: Agent Castle, step outside. Now! I want her prints and photographs sent over to CTU immediately.

Castle: He has no right to give me orders.

Jack: Hey. Come here. He did the right thing. That woman was willing to kill herself. She’d die before she gave us anything to reforce.

Castle: We need to get her to talk before the other reactors go critical.

Jack: And we will.

Castle: What’d you have in mind?

[Jack calls CTU.]

Jack: We need to find some leverage.

Agent: CTU.

Jack: Yeah, it’s Jack. Put me through to Erin.

Tony (to Dina): Come on. Let me see your arm.

Driscoll: Driscoll.

Jack: Erin, we’ve got a suspect. I’m sending you fingerprints and photographs. I need you to run a profile and send me all relevant databases and electronic communications.

Driscoll: Got it.

Jack: Thank you.

[Jack hangs up and turns to Castle.]

Jack: Hey. I understand your concerns about Almeida. But for me, please, just give him a break.

Castle: OK, Jack.

Tony: Jack!

Jack: Thanks.

[Jack comes back inside the room.]

Jack: Yeah?

Tony: This is a bullet wound. Probably a couple of hours old.


[Behrooz goes to Lindauer Memorial Hospital to see his Uncle Naseem.]

News Reporter on TV: As the evacuation appears now to be in a full swing with major delays on…

Behrooz: Excuse me.

News Reporter on TV: A Nuclear Emergency Team has just emerged from the plant, which we can see over here in our sky cam. They seem to be doing some kind of…

Naseem: Behrooz.

Behrooz: Uncle Naseem.

Naseem: Are you all right?

Behrooz: Yeah, I think so.

Naseem: Yeah, it’s a disaster, what’s happening today. Everyone’s panicked about radiation poisoning. They all want araldite pills and we’re almost out. Is that why you’re here?

Behrooz: No. I need pain medication. It’s for my mother. She couldn’t reach her doctor by phone, so she wanted me to get it from you.

Naseem: What’s wrong with her?

Behrooz: It’s her back. She can barely walk.

Naseem: She needs a prescription.

Behrooz: I… I told you. She couldn’t reach her doctor.

Naseem: I’ll see what I can do, OK? Just have a seat.

[Naseem goes into an office and dials Navi.]

Navi: Yes?

Naseem: Navi, it’s Naseem.

Navi: Hello, Naseem. How are you?

Naseem: I’m well, but Behrooz just showed up at the hospital. He seems disturbed.

Navi: Is Dina there too?

Naseem: No. He says he needs pain medication for her, that there’s something wrong with her back, but he’s acting very strange.

Navi: I’m sorry you have to be involved in this, Naseem.

Naseem: Involved in what? What’s going on?

Navi: Behrooz may be taking drugs. It’s been getting worse.

Naseem: I’m sorry.

Navi: Me too.

Naseem: What do you want me to do?

Navi: Keep Behrooz there until I can come for him.

Naseem: How long will you be?

Navi: 15 minutes.

Naseem: I’ll do my best, but…

Navi: Please, Naseem. Don’t let him leave until I get there.


News Reporter on TV: The government is asking people to remain calm…

Edgar: Excuse me, Miss Raines, I’m Edgar Stiles. Sorry.

Audrey (over the phone): We’ve got a major noncompliance problem. I’ve got 25 percent of the evacuees who aren’t going where they’re being told to go, and another 25 percent that don’t even know that they’re in the evac zone. However you need to do it, make sure it gets done. (To Edgar) I’m sorry. What is it?

Edgar: It’s my mother.

Audrey: Your mother?

Edgar: She lives in the San Gabriel Island. She’s in a wheelchair. She doesn’t drive. She missed her call to evacuate. Now I don’t know what to do.

Audrey: Maybe someone from the National Guard can get her.

Edgar: I already spoke to the area commander and he said he couldn’t spear anyone.

Audrey: I’m sorry, I’m not sure what I can do.

Edgar: Here’s his number. I thought maybe if you called him yourself… Look, I hate asking for special treatment, that’s not something I would normally do, but she’s my mother.

Audrey: I can’t make any promises.

Edgar: Just promise me you’ll try, OK?

Audrey: All right.


Tony: I want you to give her something for the pain, but make sure she stays lucid, you understand?

[Jack pulls up Dina and Navi’s records on a laptop.]

Tony: Did you find out who she is yet?

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