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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Jack: Yeah. Her name is Dina Araz. She immigrated to the United States five years ago, became a citizen two years ago. Married to Navi Araz. He’s also a nationalized citizen. Owns an electronics store in Carson. They have one son, Behrooz, 17. A junior at the local high school. None of them have criminal records.

Tony: Did they pop up on any watch lists?

Jack: No. They must have slipped under the radar. Let’s send some teams over to the house and the store, see what we can find.

[Jack’s cell phone rings.]

Jack: Yeah?

Driscoll: Jack, it’s Driscoll. Homeland Security has…

Jack: Hold on, Erin. I can barely hear you.

[Jack goes outside the room. Tony follows.]

Jack: Go ahead.

Driscoll: After the attack this morning Homeland Security has been archiving select communications in the LA area. They pulled up a call that may explain how Dina Araz got shot.

Jack: Erin, I’m gonna put you on speaker phone. Hold on a second. You’re on.

Driscoll: This conversation happened about two hours ago between the mother and the son.

[Driscoll plays the recorded conversation between Dina and Behrooz.]

Behrooz: He wants me dead because I messed up with Debbie.

Dina: Behrooz, that’s not possible. Your father would never want to hurt you.

Behrooz: It’s true. Tariq told me everything.

Dina: He was lying.

Behrooz: No, he wasn’t. Mom, I don’t know what to do. You have to help me.

Dina: Where are you now?

Behrooz: I’m near the metroling station on Lawson in Chatsworth.

Dina: Are you using Tariq’s car?

Behrooz: Yes.

Dina: Hide it. I’ll pick you up there in a half hour.

Behrooz: Hurry.

Driscoll: That’s it. Let me know the minute you get something from her.

Jack: Yeah.

[Jack hangs up.]

Jack: We got our leverage.

[Jack comes back inside the room.]

Jack: How long have you been planning this operation? Two years? Five years? Ten? All this planning for one day. You do realize if all the reactors melt down hundreds of thousands of people will die.

Dina: Every war has casualties.

Jack: These people don’t know about your war. These people are innocent.

Dina: No one is innocent.

Jack: You really believe that?

Dina: As strongly as you believe in what you believe. But I won’t waste your time or mine trying to explain something you can never understand.

Jack: Maybe I understand more than you think.

Dina: I doubt it.

Jack: I know that something happened today that challenged your commitment to your war. You weren’t willing to let your son become a casualty. That’s why you were shot, protecting him from his father. I understand that. I know what it’s like to watch your child be threatened and feel helpless to do anything about it. Right now Behrooz is out there alone, and you and I know he’s not gonna last very long. His father will find him… and kill him. There is another option. If you were to help us find the override device, we will protect your son.

Dina: So he can spend the rest of his life in prison?

Jack: No, so he can walk away from all of this, immune from prosecution.

Dina: How?

Jack: Mrs. Araz, your son is a minor. He’s 17 years old. I can get him a legal and binding pardon signed by the President of the United States.

Dina: You don’t have the authority to do this.

Jack: I can reach the President. If you provide us with the information that allows us to find the override device in time, I am confident that the President will sign that pardon. And this offer expires the second another reactor melts down, do you understand me? You don’t have a lot of time. I would think about this.

Dina: Show me this document, and I’ll help you find what you want.


[Jack explains the situation to Keeler over the phone.]

Keeler: Can we rule out this boy’s involvement with the terrorist action?

Jack: No, sir. It’s likely he knew of his parents plans. He probably helped them.

Keeler: Jack, you’re asking me to grant clemency to a terrorist.

Jack: Mr. President, I’m sorry, but I don’t think we have a choice. In all of my professional experience, I believe that we have to give into this woman’s demands.

Keeler: Have you tried negotiating with her?

Jack: We don’t have time. In approximately two hours, five nuclear reactor are gonna go critical unless we find the override device. She is our only link.

Keeler: Well, I’m uncomfortable with this, but I trust your judgment. I’ll release the letter.

Jack: Thank you, Mr. President.

[Jack hangs up.]

Keeler (to aide): Make sure that document is non-binding.


Audrey (over the phone): Yes, I understand. I’ll get back to you.

Edgar: Ms. Raines? Did you talk to them?

Audrey: Yes. Edgar, I’m sorry. They can’t get your mother.

Edgar: Why not? They’re five miles off the highway. It wouldn’t take that much time.

Audrey: They know where she is.

Edgar: Then what’s the problem?

Audrey: Thousands of people are stuck in the interstate traffic and it’s taking the combined efforts of the police and the National Guard to get them moving.

Edgar: So who cares about one old woman?

Audrey: They’ve gotta throw their resources into saving the maximum number of lives.

Edgar: If my mother were rich or a politician, they’d find a way to save her.

[Edgar dials the phone.]

Woman: DOD, Communication Department.

Edgar: This is Edgar Stiles. I need another switch in station to that number. Do you need it again?

Woman: No, I’ve got it from before.

Edgar: Thank you.

Woman: Go ahead.

Edgar: Mom.

Edgar’s mom: Hello, honey.

Edgar: Mom, I’ve been trying everything. I can’t get anyone out there to help you. I’ve done everything I could, I did.

Edgar’s mom: I’m sure you did, honey. It’s OK.

Edgar: It’s not OK. The fallout’s coming toward you. It’s 15 miles away.

Edgar’s mom: I know. I’m watching it on the news. And I know what to do.

Edgar: Mom, there’s nothing you can do. You can’t stuff towels under the door.

Edgar’s mom: That’s not what I’m talking about doing, Edgar.

Edgar: What do you mean?

Edgar’s mom: They’ve been talking about radiation poisoning on the news. That’s not something I wanna go through, especially since there’s only one way it can end. Honey, I wanna end things on my terms, as opposed to all that pain and suffering.

Edgar: Mom.

Edgar’s mom: It’s the right thing to do. It’s the only thing, you know that.

Edgar: No, I don’t.

Edgar’s mom: You have been a wonderful son, Edgar. You’ve been a gift to me and your father. It’s OK. I’m going to a better place and I’ll see you there, but not for a long time. You’ve got a lot ahead of you, great things.

Edgar: Maybe I can get someone to you. I’ll keep trying.

Edgar’s mom: You’ve got a very important job to do there. A lot of people are counting on you. So… I’m gonna hang up now, and I want you to know how very very much I love you.

Edgar: Mom.

[Edgar’s mom hangs up.]

Edgar: Mom.

[Edgar gets up to leave CTU.]

Driscoll: Edgar, where are you going? Edgar!

Edgar: I have to get out of here.

Driscoll: What are you talking about?

Edgar: My mother. She lives next to the San Gabriel Island nuclear plant. She wasn’t able to evacuate in time.

Driscoll: We still have five other nuclear reactors that are on the verge of melting down. I need you at your station.

Edgar: I don’t care what you need!

Driscoll: You better start caring. You have a choice right now. Obey orders, or end up in a jail cell.

Edgar: You’ll arrest me for trying to save my mother’s life?

Driscoll: Edgar, what you’re saying is true. There’s nothing you can do for your mother. But there are thousands of other people whose lives you can save, and suppose your mother were here right now, what would make her proud? What do you think she’d want you to do?

Edgar: She’d want me to help.

Driscoll: Then don’t you think you should?

[Edgar returns to his workstation.]


Agent: We’re ready to go. We’re just setting up the com files.

[Jack brings Dina a faxed pardon from the President.]

Jack: This is a pardon for your son, signed by the President.

Dina: This is acceptable.

Jack: Where is he?

Dina: He’s at Lindauer Memorial Hospital. It’s not far.

Castle: Set up a perimeter around Lindauer Memorial.

Jack: I want you to call him, tell him we’re coming to pick him up. Give me the phone. We have to record the call.

[Dina calls Behrooz.]

Behrooz: Hello?

Dina: It’s me. Where are you?

Behrooz: Waiting for Naseem. I don’t know why it’s taking so long.

Dina: Don’t worry about that now. Things have changed.

Behrooz: What do you mean?

Dina: Listen carefully, Behrooz. Government agents found me. I’m with them now. Behrooz, they know everything.

Naseem: Behrooz, just a few more minutes, OK?

Dina: But it’s all right. Everything is going to be all right. I made a deal.

Behrooz: What are you talking about?

Dina: You’re going to be OK. You won’t be arrested or even named in any of this.

Behrooz: I don’t understand.

Dina: I’m going to help them stop your father.

Behrooz: You are?

Dina: Yes.

Behrooz: You said that I would be OK, but what about you?

Dina: We’ll talk about that later. Right now these men are coming to pick you up. I want you to go with them.

Behrooz: Are they making you say this?

Dina: No.

Behrooz: I don’t know who these people are. I want to be sure that they’re not forcing you to say this.

Dina: I’ll come with them. You’ll know that when you see me, OK?

Behrooz: I’ll meet you outside.

Jack: No. Tell him to go to the emergency room. I want him to stay where it’s crowded.

Dina: Did you hear that?

Behrooz: Yes.

Dina: I’ll see you in a few minutes, Behrooz.

Behrooz: OK.

Tony: We’re transferring the suspect. They want him sent over to protective court right away.

Castle: Copy that.

Jack: Let’s go.

[Jack, Tony and Castle take Dina with them to the hospital.]


Behrooz: Uncle Naseem. I have to go.

Naseem: What about the pain medication?

Behrooz: My mom’s got one from someone else, but thanks for trying.

Naseem: Behrooz! I can’t let you go.

Behrooz: Why not?

Naseem: I spoke to your father.

Behrooz: What?

Naseem: He told me you need help.

Behrooz: You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Naseem: Hey, hey, hey. I gave your father my word.

Behrooz: My father is a terrorist. He’s involved in what’s happened today.

Naseem: Stop talking nonsense.

Behrooz: I swear it’s true.

Naseem: You’re talking nonsense!

Behrooz: No, I’m not! He’s behind the kidnapping this morning and the reactors melting down. We’re all involved - My mother and me. We’ve killed people.

Naseem: Your father will be furious when he hears this.

Behrooz: Father’s coming here? No!

[Behrooz runs out.]

Naseem: Behrooz!

[Naseem chases Behrooz. As he is fleeing the hospital, Behrooz runs right into Navi. Naseem comes up behind Behrooz.]

Naseem: I tried to stop him.

[Navi shoots Naseem dead. Navi grabs his son and drags him into the stairwell.]

Behrooz: You broke my heart, Behrooz. You broke my heart.

[Navi presses a gun to Behrooz’s forehead.]

Behrooz: If you kill me, mother will tell them everything.

Navi: Tell who?

Behrooz: The police. She’s with them.

Navi: I don’t believe you.

Behrooz: It’s the truth. She wants me to be safe, and if you kill me, she will ruin everything you’re doing.

Navi: No!

Behrooz: If you don’t believe me, look outside. They’re coming to pick me up.


[Navi runs with Behrooz down the stairwell.]

Behrooz: Help!

Navi: Shut up!

[Jack, Tony and Dina pull up next to the hospital.]

Jack: Tony, did you notify security?

Tony: No.

Dina: Something is wrong.

Jack: Set up a level 3 cordon around the hospital.

Castle: You got it.

Dina: I’m going with you.

Jack: No, you’re not!

[Jack gets out of the car and runs inside the hospital.]

Jack: What’s going on here?

Security Guard: There’s been a shooting.

Jack: Who?

Security Guard: One of the pharmacists. Who are you?

Jack: My name is Jack Bauer. I work at the Counter Terrorist Unit. We’ve been tracking the man who did the shooting. Where is he?

Security Guard: Someone just radioed in from the C wing. Saw a Middle Eastern man running. He has a hostage.

Jack: A 17-year-old boy?

Security Guard: I think so.

Jack: What are the possible exits from that wing?

Security Guard: From where he was spotted, he’s pretty much caught at the end of an east parking garage. We got men headed there now.

Jack: You tell your supervisor to tell his men to back off. No one makes contact with him, do you understand me?

Security Guard: All right.

[Jack calls Tony.]

Tony: Hang on a second.

Castle: All right. Have your men on both sides…

[Tony takes the call.]

Tony: Yeah?

Jack: Tony, it’s Jack. Navi Araz is here. He’s already killed his wife’s brother.

Tony: What about the boy?

Jack: I don’t know. We’re gonna have to lock down all the exits. I think he’s headed for the parking garage. I need you to meet me on the east side of the building with backup.

Tony: Copy that. We’re going to the east side of the building. We need backup teams there right away.

[Jack waits for the elevator. It is taking too long. He goes down the stairwell.]

Jack: Dammit.

[Tony gets inside the car and drives it.]

Dina: What’s happening?

Tony: We’re still looking for your son.

Dina: There’s more. Tell me.

Tony: Mrs. Araz, we’re gonna find your son, all right?

[Navi takes Behrooz into the parking garage.]

Behrooz: I hate you. I’ve always hated you. The only reason I never said so was because I was afraid of you. But I’m not afraid of you anymore!

Navi: Get in.

Behrooz: Go to hell.

[Navi slaps Behrooz.]

Navi: Get in!

[Navi throws Behrooz into the car and drives. Tony pulls into the garage as Jack comes down the stairwell into the same lot.]

Tony: Jack, we’re in the garage now. We’ve secured the exit.

Jack: I’m almost there. Can you get an ID?

Tony: No, nothing yet.

[Jack sees Navi driving toward him and he fires at the car’s tires. Navi smashes into Jack, who crashes onto the windshield. Jack rolls off and keeps firing at the car, popping one of its tires. Navi gets out of the car with Behrooz at gunpoint.]

Jack: Let me see your hands! Put your hands where I can see them now!

Navi: Careful!

Jack: Drop the gun!

Navi: You’ll hit the boy!

Jack: Let the boy go! We can work this out. I will put my gun down if you give me the boy. All I want is the boy!

Navi: Stand down!

Jack: Put the gun down!

Navi: Stand down!

Jack: Put the gun…

[Tony arrives, and Dina sees her son.]

Jack: Tony, stop the car.

Dina: Behrooz!

Behrooz: Mom!

[Navi takes Behrooz into a door.]

Jack: Keep her in the car. Let’s seal all the exits of the basement. He’s got nowhere to go but down. Set up a link with CTU now!

Tony: Copy that. Call CTU. We need backup here. Mrs. Araz, calm down. We’ll get your son, all right? Calm down.


[Jack talks with Driscoll over the phone.]

Driscoll: We’ve uploaded the plans to you from the building department. There are only three exits from the hospital’s basement.

Jack: We’ve got all entrances and exits covered. He’s trapped down there.

Tony: Let’s try to open up a negotiation.

Dina: My husband won’t negotiate.

Tony: Why is that?

Dina: He doesn’t need to. He has to assume I have agreed to help you in return for my son’s safety.

Tony: Well, he can’t stay down there with him forever.

Dina: He won’t. In two hours, all the reactors will have gone critical. After that, it won’t matter what I tell you, and he can kill my son. I am only helping you to save his life. I believe in our cause, and if you can’t save my son, I am happy to see the reactors melt down.

Jack (to Driscoll): Did you get that?

____________________ 700

24 724

Previously on 24:

Driscoll: San Gabriel island reactor’s just gone critical. Core material is now airborne.

Heller: I thought we had more time.

Rosner: At this room the radiation will continue getting stronger, and we’ll spill into the atmosphere until the core has exhausted itself.

Heller: Son, you’ve done everything you can. Now, get the hell out of there.

Rosner: Evacuating won’t make any difference, sir. We’ve already been exposed.

Heller: Jack has got to find the override before the rest of these reactors go critical.


Paul: I know about you and him, and I am not OK with it.

Audrey: Paul, you and I are not together any more.

Paul: I thought we were trying to work things out.

Audrey: I tried that. But you kept putting it off.

Jack: What did you say to Paul?

Audrey: That I’m filing for divorce.


Sarah: Somebody set me up.

Driscoll: Thousands of people’s lives are at stake. Where are the people who control the override? Talk to me, Sarah.

Sarah: I’m not a spy.


Jack: Erin, Powell’s dead. He was hit by a sniper as soon as we took him into custody.

Driscoll: Did you find anything from him before he was killed?

Jack: No, but I managed to get the last ten calls he made off his cell phone. He called two numbers repeatedly. We traced one of them to Marianne Taylor.

Curtis: You’re under arrest.


Jack: Don’t move! Drop the weapon!

Dina: Listen carefully, Behrooz. Government agents found me. I made a deal.

Behrooz: I don’t understand.

Dina: You’re going to be OK. I’m going to help them stop your father.


Behrooz: You broke my heart.

Behrooz: If you kill me, mother will tell them everything. If you don’t believe me, look outside. They’re coming to pick me up.

Jack: Drop the gun!

Navi: You’ll hit the boy!

Dina: Behrooz!

Behrooz: Mom!

Jack: Let’s seal all the exits of the basement. He’s got nowhere to go but down. Set up a link with CTU now!

Dina: If you can’t save my son, I am happy to see the reactors melt down.

Jack (to Driscoll): Did you get that?


The following takes place between 4:00 P.M. and 5:00 P.M.

[Jack briefs Heller, Driscoll and Audrey over the phone on the situation.]

Driscoll: Driscoll.

Jack: Erin, it’s Jack. Araz is on the move. We’re getting ready to move into the hospital now.

[Navi drags Behrooz through the tunnels to a hospital laundry room.]

Behrooz: Dad, you’re chocking me.

Heller: Jack, it’s Jim. Bring us up to speed.

Jack: We have a hostage situation involving one of the men that was involved in the terrorist attack this morning.

Driscoll: We’re pulling up his ID now. His name is Navi Araz. He was granted American citizenship five years ago.

Heller: Who’s the hostage?

Jack: His 17 year-old son, Behrooz. He broke ranks, now his father sees him as a liability. Araz knows we have his wife in custody. He’s worried that if he kills the boy, she’ll betray him by cooperating with us.

Audrey: What does she say?

Driscoll: She’s agreed to help us find the override to stop the nuclear meltdowns if we rescue her son.

Heller: So the father will stall, keep the kid alive until the reactors blow.

Jack: That’s right, sir.

Heller: We’ve already lost one in California, Jack. Can we trust this woman to help us?

Jack: I think right now she’ll do everything she can to protect her son.

Heller: OK, Jack. Whatever you need, you’ve got. Just get that kid.

Jack: Yes, sir. Erin, I’m gonna need a thermal satellite scan of the building. We’re looking for two heat sources in close proximity in remote areas of the basement.

Driscoll: I’ll call you back as soon as we have something.

Jack: Yeah.

[Jack hangs up.]

Dina: You’re running out of time. Save my son.

Jack: Bring her with us. We’re gonna need her.

[In the laundry room, Navi slaps Behrooz.]

Navi: I said get on the floor.

[Behrooz does as his father asks.]

Navi: You’re not my son.

Behrooz: Why? Because I don’t wanna kill innocent people?

Navi: Because you’re weak, and you stand for nothing! I always saw you something more and now… I don’t even recognize you.

Behrooz: Will that make it easier for you to kill me?

[Navi calls Marwan.]

Navi: Yes, it’s me.

Marwan: Did you find your son?

Navi: Yes.

Marwan: I he dead?

Navi: Not yet.

Marwan: Is there a problem, Navi?

Navi: Government agents have arrested Dina and surrounded the building that I’m in. I need the boy for leverage, but I’m not sure how much longer I can hold them off.

Marwan: Has Dina told them anything?

Navi: I don’t think so. She won’t, as long as I don’t kill the boy. How much more time do you need till you melt down the remaining nuclear power plants?

Marwan: One hour, maybe two.

Navi: Why? Why so long?

Marwan: The Americans have programs trying to prevent the meltdown. That means we have to manipulate each plant individually, and that takes time.

Navi: I’ll hold them off as long as I can.

Marwan: I know you will.


[Jack’s cell phone rings.]

Jack: Yeah?

Driscoll: Jack, I think we found Araz and his son.

Jack: Where?

Driscoll: We have two thermal readings in the north wing of this basement.

Jack: What’s there?

Driscoll: Laundry room.

Jack: How many ways in?

Driscoll: Just one, but according to the blueprints there’s a laundry chute.

Jack: Is it accessible?

Driscoll: From the third floor. It looks big enough to get a man in.

Jack: OK, we’re on our way. We got him.

Tony: Where are they?

Jack: The laundry room. This is Bauer. I need two teams to the north wing. Set up a hard perimeter. We’re moving to the third floor. I need a baseline and a rappelling harness.

Castle: Copy that.

Jack: Lee, get me Dina Araz. We’re putting her into play.

Castle: Got it.


Driscoll: Where are the latest timing estimates on the remaining nuclear plants?

Edgar: Right here.

Driscoll: These are from 40 minutes ago. They update every 15 minutes.

Edgar: I’m sorry, Ms. Driscoll. I’ve been a little upset about my mother.

Driscoll: You’re gonna have to put your emotions on hold a little longer, Edgar. We’re in the middle of a crisis.

Edgar: My mother just died, Ms. Driscoll. I can’t put that on hold.

Driscoll: I’m sorry. That was callas of me. But I’m really depending on you now, Edgar. Please come through for me.

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