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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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[Edgar tries to call Jack.]

Message on phone: The cellular costumer is out of range.

Edgar: That’s weird. “Costumer out of range”?

[Edgar calls McLennan Forster.]

Woman: McLennan Forster.

Edgar: Yes, I need to speak with Jack Bauer. He’s a CTU agent working in Harris Barnes’ office.

Woman: I’ll transfer you. Hold on one moment.

Edgar: Hello? Hello?

Tony: What’s going on?

[Edgar hangs up.]

Edgar: It’s strange. All cell and land lines around McLennan Forster are out.

Tony: Can we use their network to message him?

Edgar: Yes. So far, the computers haven’t been affected.

Tony: All right. Open up a window for me, would you?

[Tony types a message to Jack over the system. Jack and Paul see the message.]

{Tony’s message: Jack, are you there? Tony.}

Paul: What the hell is this?

Jack: I don’t know.

[Jack tries to call CTU but finds that his phones are all down.]

Jack: Something’s wrong. I gotta respond. Can you pipe that window over to this computer?

Paul: Yeah, just give me an internet address.

Jack: 6EFF3239.

[Paul opens a socket for Jack to respond to the message.]

{Jack’s message: I’m here. Radio frequency is out.}

{Tony’s message: Outside your building too.}

Paul: I’ve almost got those files rebuilt.

{Jack’s message: Fixed radius?}

Tony: Sarah, do we have any data points outside that building?

Sarah: I’m online with the phone company now. They’re getting complaints as far as eight blocks from the McLennan Forster building.

{Tony’s message: No. It’s growing.}

Jack: Have you still got a connection?

Paul: Yeah, I got it. Look at this.

Jack: Son of a bitch, it’s encrypted. That’s it, print it out, now. Now!

Conlon: Dammit. They’ve got something.

Reiss: What?

Conlon: I can’t read it. How much longer till this thing goes off?

Reiss: Any second now. We should be fine.

Conlon: We’re not fine, he’s printing it.

McLennan: What are you going to do now?

Conlon: Take care of it.

[Conlon runs out.]

Jack: I don’t believe this. We’re dealing with an EMP. McLennan Forster were leading in the way of developing a non-lethal weapon for the military.

Paul: What is it?

Jack: An electro-magnetic pulse bomb. Once it goes off, everything within its radius that has electrical components gets fried. Lights, cars, computers – every piece of electronic data just disappears, vanishes forever.

Paul: How long have we got?

Jack: I don’t know. Its compositors are still charging. Come on.

Paul: The printer’s worming up.

[Jack writes another message to Tony.]

{Jack’s message: It’s an EMP. We found something and they must be on to us.}

{Tony’s message: We know. Trying to identify source.}

Tony: Sarah, do we have any choppers in that area?

Sarah: Yeah, one.

Tony: If that chopper’s in the area when the EMP goes off, it’s gonna knock out its whole electrical system and that chopper’s going down. Get them out of the area, now. Edgar, where’s this coming from?

Edgar: McLennan Forster. I’m trying to get a position now.

Sarah: CTU-3, do you hear me? CTU-3, do you copy?

Paul: All right, this is coming through.

[Jack gets another message from Tony.]

{Tony’s message: EMP is on first floor. Room 12.}

Jack: OK, they found it. I’m gonna try and stop it. If I don’t, I want you to take the hard copy, try to meet me in the front of the building.

[Jack runs out to find it. Reiss sees this from the surveillance feed.]

Reiss: Dave, Bauer ran out. He must have found out about the EMP.

Conlon (over radio): The CTU agent’s heading out toward you. Don’t let him anywhere near it.

[Conlon arrives in the office.]

Paul: Mr. Conlon. Is everything all right?

Conlon: As you can see, we’re having some problems with the electricity.

Paul: Jack just went to check it out.

Conlon: I saw you were printing something.

Paul: How’d you know that?

Conlon: Well, we were searching the systems the same time you were trying to help you guys out. Mind if I take a look?

Paul: Sure. It’s uh… just in the printer.

[The printer is empty. Paul runs with the printouts. Conlon pulls out his gun and chases after him. Paul hides in a dark office, and Conlon doesn’t see him.]

Man (over radio): Conlon, this is Barnett. Do you copy?

Conlon (over radio): Yeah.

Man (over radio): I’m moving in three.

Conlon (over radio): All right.

[Jack comes upon the room where the EMP is and knocks out the three guards keeping watch. Jack takes one of their pass cards and enters the EMP room.]

[He sees a heavy metal door begin to slowly close the safety chamber housing the EMP bomb.]

Jack: Oh, my God. It’s not gonna stop.

[Jack uses all his strength to try to prevent it from shutting. Paul hides out by a window, where only the moonlight from outside illuminates him. He notices the lights from the city skyline begin to black out. Jack grabs a flashlight from one of the guards and tries to find his way out of the building. Meanwhile, Paul makes it to the front entrance but is stopped by an armed Conlon.]

Conlon: You have nowhere to go now. The doors are locked. Where’s the printout? Where is it? Come on.


[Edgar gets word that one of CTU’s choppers just crashed.]

Edgar: One of our choppers are down.

Tony: Send medical in now. Call all field teams outside the perimeter of the blast. We have to find Jack and Paul.

[Tony goes to Heller with an update on the EMP bomb.]

Heller (over the phone): I’ll get back to you. OK. All right.

[Heller hangs up.]

Tony: Sir, we have a problem. Someone set of an EMP blast in the McLennan Forster building. We believe Jack and Paul are still inside.

Heller: I assume that’s a response to our presence there. Someone does not want us to get a hold of Marwan’s files.

Tony: Jack was able to pull some information before the blast, but we don’t know whether it was Marwan or somebody else who set it off.

Sarah (over intercom): Excuse me, sir. Ms. Driscoll’s replacement arrived. She just passed through security.

Heller: Thank you.

Tony: That was fast.

Heller: We got lucky. Division had someone available with the appropriate qualifications and CTU experience.

Tony: I understand.

Heller: Tony, I wanna thank you for filling in, and I’d like you to stick around and assist Ms. Dessler.

Tony: I’m sorry. Who?

Heller: Michelle Dessler. Do you know her?

[Tony turns around. He is shocked to see Michelle walk into CTU.]

Tony: I used to be married to her.

____________________ 774

24 794

Previously on 24:

Driscoll: Here are all the access codes to CTU and Division.

Tony: Thanks.

Driscoll: I’m probably gonna be gone for a while. If you need anything you can always call me at home.


Sarah (over intercom): Excuse me, sir. Ms. Driscoll’s replacement arrived.

Heller: Tony, I wanna thank you for filling in, and I’d like you to stick around and assist Ms. Dessler.

Tony: Who?

Heller: Michelle Dessler. Do you know her?

Tony: I used to be married to her.


Jack: I have to go to McLennan Forster.

Paul: Why there?

Jack: It turns out the man we’re looking for works there.

Paul: Need to get into their computer system?

Jack: Yeah.

Paul: OK. I’ll go with you.


McLennan: So how can I help CTU?

Jack: One of your employees, a Harris Barnes, is actually Habib Marwan, one of the terrorists responsible for today’s attack and the theft of the override device. We need you to take your IT systems offline, so Paul can look into his directory.


McLennan: CTU will soup in on those files. They will find out the truth.

Conlon: Dammit.

Reiss: What’s he doing?

Conlon: He’s trying to rebuild the files I deleted.

Paul: Look at this.

Jack: Son of a bitch, it’s encrypted. That’s it, print it out, now. Now!

McLennan: They’re gonna find evidence we sold arms to terrorists.

Conlon: The pulse bomb – we have to use it. Now.


Jack: We’re dealing with an EMP. Once it goes off, everything within its radius that has electrical components gets fried. I’m gonna try and stop it. If I don’t, I want you to take the hard copy, try and meet me in the front of the building.

Conlon (over radio): The CTU agent is heading out near you. Don’t let him anywhere near it.

Jack: Oh, my God.


The following takes place between 7:00 P.M. and 8:00 P.M.

Curtis (over the phone): Are any electronic devices working in the area?

Agent (over the phone): Only the most basic battery-power devices.

Curtis (over the phone): How many square miles were affected by the blackout?

Agent (over the phone): Approximately eight, including the southeast quadrant of downtown.

Curtis (over the phone): OK. Hold your position until the reading stabilizes.

Agent (over the phone): Copy that.

Audrey: Any word from Jack or Paul?

Curtis: No. Once the pulse bomb went off, we lost all communication with them.

Audrey: What was the last word we heard from them?

Curtis: Jack and Paul found something. It seems that it must have been incriminating to McLennan Forster.

Audrey: So that’s why they set off the EMP, to destroy the evidence.

Curtis: That would be my guess.

Audrey: This doesn’t make sense. The fact that McLennan Forster is taking aggressive action is evidence against them.

Curtis: Yeah, but it’s not proof.

Audrey: Curtis, could Jack or Paul have been injured from the detonation?

Curtis: No. Any EMP damage hits electronics. But it doesn’t mean they’re safe.


[Conlon’s guards beat up Paul, who refuses to divulge any information.]

Conlon: We know you printed a document before the EMP detonated. Where is it? It’s up to you. You decide when the pain stops. Call me when he talks.

Guard: Yes, sir.

[Conlon leaves. The men continue beating Paul up. Suddenly, Jack storms in and shoots one of the guards. The other guard takes Paul hostage.]

Guard: Drop the gun or I’ll kill him. I said drop it.

[Paul tilts his head to the side and Jack takes a shot at the man. The man dies.]

Jack: Paul, where is the data printout?

Paul: I hid it in an office down the hallway.

Jack: I know you’re hurt, but we’ve gotta get it and get out of here. Let’s go.

[Jack and Paul go to the office where Paul hid the printout. Conlon walk in the room and sees the dead guards. He doesn’t see Paul and runs out to look for him.]

Paul: It’s here.

Jack: Take a seat. Where is it?

Paul: Bottom drawer, under some folders. I hid it because I thought I might be captured.

[Jack is looking for the printout and finds it.]

Jack: This is it?

Paul: Yeah, it’s encoded. I couldn’t make any sense out of it.

Jack: We need to get it back to CTU.

[Jack takes the document.]

Paul: I don’t think I could hold on much longer.

Jack: You did great. Let’s go.

[Jack helps Paul escape.]


[Heller introduces Michelle to the CTU staff as the new CTU Director.]

Heller: For those of you who don’t know, this is Michelle Dessler. She’ll be taking over as acting Director of CTU affective immediately. Tony, I appreciate you carrying the ball until Michelle got here. Why don’t you bring her and everyone else up to speed?

Tony: Yes, sir. Less than an hour ago we discovered that the man responsible for planning today’s attacks, Habib Marwan, has been a long-term employee of McLennan Forster, the third largest Defense Contractor in the country. Now, we know that Marwan’s been using the alias Harris Barnes. What we don’t know yet is how he managed to evade their security checks. Marwan knows we’re looking for him, so he’s probably gone dark, but his association with McLennan Forster has become our primary focus. Jack Bauer and Paul Raines went to the company to inspect his computer files. But as they were doing so, an electro-magnetic pulse bomb was detonated, wiping out the company’s entire database.

Sarah: It also fried every electrical device within an eight-mile radius. Street lights, computers, cars, cell phones – everything.

Michelle: Were Jack and Paul able to find anything before detonation?

Tony: Yeah, but we haven’t been able to contact them since the blast. We have to assume whoever detonated the EMP thinks Jack and Paul found something and wants them eliminated.

Michelle: Have rescue teams been sent into the area?

Tony: Not yet. Once we’ve confirmed that the effects have subsided, we’ll send two teams in with fully functional electronics. The only problem is, until we find Jack and Paul, they’re not gonna be able to do much.

Michelle: We wanna do everything we can to find Jack Bauer and Paul Raines, but the priority is to retrieve any information they found at McLennan Forster. That’s all.

[Tony starts walking away. Michelle stops him.]

Michelle: Tony. I need the access codes for CTU and Division.

[Tony hands Michelle the access codes.]

Michelle: Thank you.

Tony: What do you want me to do?

Michelle: Division’s sending over a supplemental list of terrorists who supposedly had contacts with Habib Marwan. I want you to check any names that have been flagged by other agencies, including overseas.

Tony: Given to what’s happening right now, it doesn’t seem like the best use of my time.

Michelle: It has to be done, and I’d like you to do it.

[Audrey sees this.]

Tony: Michelle, Jack and Paul have information that could be vital to ending this crisis. I should be helping to find them. Michelle.

Michelle: The last time I saw you, you couldn’t stay sober long enough to keep a job.

Tony: That was six months ago.

Michelle: This is what I need you to do. If you don’t like it, you can resign.

Tony: I’m gonna need a security clearance.

Michelle: I’ll make sure you get a level-3.

Tony: Level-3? I used to have a 6.

Michelle: Right now, all you need is 3.

[Michelle walks away.]

Audrey: Is there a problem with agent Almeida?

Michelle: Not at all.

Audrey: It’s just that Secretary Heller is very sensitive to personal conflicts on the job. I know your history. I know that you guys were married, and that he sacrificed his career to save your life, but if this is gonna be a problem, I…

Michelle: His being here will not affect my work. I won’t let it. Now, if Secretary Heller wants to speak to me about it, I’ll be more than glad to.


[Curtis and Edgar watch a news report.]

News Reporter on TV: We are receiving preliminary reports from LAPD indicating that there is widespread looting going on in the blackout zone. A number of cars have been set on fire and stores ransacked. Witnesses report shots were heard. There may even be casualties, we just don’t know at this time.

Edgar: “Shots were heard”? That could be the same people who are after Jack. I don’t get it. What information could Jack have found that would be worth setting off a pulse bomb?

Curtis: Something that implicates McLennan Forster. Anything they’re doing now is insignificant if there’s proof that they helped Marwan with today’s attacks.


[Marwan enters his restaurant hideout and calls a man named Mitch Anderson.]

Anderson: This is Anderson.

Marwan: It’s time for you to go.

Anderson: Marwan, your face is all over the news.

Marwan: Don’t worry about it. Things will proceed as planned. Are you ready?

Anderson: Yes, of course.

Marwan: How long will it take you to get there?

Anderson: Less than 30 minutes.

Marwan: I’ll inform the others.

[Marwan hangs up. Anderson pulls out an Air Force uniform from his closet.]


[On her monitor, Sarah spots a helicopter heading to McLennan-Forster that won’t respond to any of CTU’s requests. It is not a police or rescue chopper.]

Sarah: A helicopter’s heading to McLennan Forster, and is not responding to any of our ID requests.

Curtis: Are you sure?

Sarah: Yeah, I’m positive.

Curtis: Michelle.

Michelle: Excuse me.

Curtis: This chopper’s flying through the dead zone, not one of ours.

Michelle: Police?

Sarah: No, not one of theirs either. I checked.

Curtis: We wouldn’t have picked it up if it wasn’t for its electronic signature.

Michelle: Where’s it going?

Curtis: Straight for McLennan Forster.

Sarah: Is it possible that it can be some sort of corporate rescue chopper?

Curtis: No, they would have given the police their call sign.

Tony: No, it’s on a search and destroy mission. A chopper that size carries 20 men, fully armed.

Sarah: Who would have sent it?

Tony: Whoever set off the EMP. They’re going after Jack and Paul. McLennan Forster’s been training mercenaries for years.

[Michelle throws a look at Tony for interceding in her authority.]

Michelle: Contact our field teams in the air. Let them know about the intruding chopper.

Curtis: You got it.


[Outside the building, Jack and Paul try to avoid the beam of the chopper as it lands.]

Paul: Jack, I can’t do this.

Jack: You don’t have a choice. Come on.

[Conlon comes out of the building with photos of Jack and Paul.]

Conlon: Get me some gear. These are the two men we’re looking for. They have a document, a computer printout that’s encoded. We need to erase these two men and recover the document. You must be aware. One of them is a CTU field agent.

Man: You want us to kill a Federal Agent?

Conlon: I’ll take care of him personally. He went bad. Tried helping the terrorists and dragging the company into it.

Man: LAPD has been getting a respond of this area. I’m gonna have to do this quickly if you wanna stay off their radar. Use that to keep in touch.

[The man hands Conlon a two-way.]

Man #2: Sir, we just spotted two men headed east on Edison.

Conlon: Deploy your men in the flanking position a mile down the road, and then start moving in. We’ll fan out and come in from behind.

Man: You got it. Give me a chopper back on the northwest corner. Let’s move!


[Jack carries Paul through the darkened streets to a sporting goods store in search of weapons.]

Jack: Come on, this way. This way.

Paul: Why are we going here?

Jack: Weapons and ammunition.

[As they approach the store, a gunshot fires through the front door. Two Arab American brothers are huddled inside. They have just had their store looted.]

Man: Get away from here!

Jack: Paul, get down!

Man: Get out of here!

Jack: I’m a Federal Agent!

Man: Sure you are! Get away from here!

Jack: Look, we need your help.

Man: Go, now!

Jack: Just relax. I’m leaving. OK? I’m leaving.

[Jack bursts into the store and apprehends both men.]

Jack: Drop the weapon. Now! Get the gun over to me. Paul!

Paul: Yeah?

Jack: Get in here.

[Paul comes inside the store.]

Jack: Pick up that gun. My name is Jack Bauer. I am a Federal Agent.

[Jack flashes his badge.]

Man #1: Well, you should have been here to help us to stop the looting.

Jack: You still have any rifles? We need to get them too.

Man #2: Behind the counter here.

Jack: Show me.

[The man leads Jack to the rest of the ammunition.]

Man #2: Look, we’re the first to be hit because everyone knows we’re Arabs. I mean, we’re good citizens. We had nothing to do with what happened today.

Man #1: Be quiet, Safay, he doesn’t care. Look, take what you need, but leave us two guns. We chased the looters once but they’ll be back.

[Jack lowers his gun.]

Jack: Just stay there. Give me the keys.

[One of the brothers hands Jack the keys.]

Man #1: What are you guys doing here?

Jack: We needed to take cover.

Man #1: What do you mean? Who’s after you?

Jack: It has to do with the terrorist attacks. I have critical evidence that I need to get to the authorities. The men that are chasing us are responsible for this blackout. They detonated a device called an electro-magnetic pulse bomb. It destroys all electrical activity within an eight-mile radius.

Man #2: So everything that’s happened to us tonight – the looting, the blackout – it’s all because of the terrorists?

Jack: Yes, and the evidence that I have can help prevent further attacks from happening.

Paul: Jack, commandos will be here any minute.

Man #1: Commandos?

Jack: He’s right. You both need to leave this store. Right now, we’re their target. You’re not safe here with us.

Man #1: Why don’t you leave? This is our store.

Jack: If I had a choice, I would, but you have weapons and shelter. Right now, there’s no other place for us to be.

Man #2: Can I talk to my brother for a second?

Jack: Stay where I can see you.

[The brothers speak in the corner.]

Paul: What’s the plan?

Jack: CTU knows we’re in trouble. They also know we can’t contact them. They can view this area with satellite infrared. McLennan Forster commandos arrived in a military helicopter. CTU had to see that on satellite. If we can initiate a large enough firefight, we can force their commandos to use radio frequency to communicate their positions.

Paul: And CTU will pick up the signal?

Jack: Yes.

Paul: So you wanna engage a McLennan Forster army, just the two of us?

Jack: We have a positional advantage. And we’ll only have to hold out till CTU gets here.

Man #1: All right.

Man #2: All right.

Man #1: My brother and I talked about this. We’re staying.

Jack: I can’t force you to leave your own property, but this is not just a bunch of looters. It’s a very dangerous situation. I cannot guarantee your safety.

Man #2: You don’t understand. For years, we’ve been blamed for the attacks by these terrorists. We grew up in this neighborhood. This country’s our home.

Man #1: If you’re finding the people who caused today’s bloodshed, then we’ll help you.


Heller (over the phone): I agree. The President should stay in the air at least another hour, if not longer. If he wants to speak to the nation, he should do it from Air Force One.

Man (over the phone): All right.

Heller (over the phone): Keep me informed.

Man (over the phone): Yes, sir.

[Heller hangs up as Audrey gets inside the office.]

Audrey: I have an update on the damage from the San Gabriel Island meltdown. It’s not quite as bad as we have feared.

Heller: How are you doing? Sit down. Any word from Jack or Paul?

Audrey: No.

Heller: I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you. There’s something else, isn’t there?

Audrey: A couple of hours ago, when we thought that Paul was somehow involved with the attacks, Jack questioned him, and Paul has his pride, so he resisted, but…

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