Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Heller: Jack was pretty rough.

Audrey: Very.

Heller: That’s his job. He had to make sure. You have to believe that Jack had no choice.

Audrey: I know. I guess it was just a shock to see it. Somehow he seemed like a different person.

[Audrey starts crying.]

Heller: We need people like that, Audrey.

Audrey: Jack is an incredible man. It’s just…

Heller: But you’re not sure you feel the same way as you did before, is that it?

Audrey: Something like that.


[Sarah goes over to Michelle to let her know that Driscoll had promised her a raise after being falsely accused.]

Sarah: Can I speak to you for a moment? It’s important.

Michelle: OK. Um… I don’t have much time.

Sarah: You’re aware I was falsely accused of leaking information earlier today?

Michelle: Yes, I saw the report.

Sarah: Erin Driscoll didn’t talk to you about it or leave a memo?

Michelle: Her daughter died today. I think she has other thing on her mind.

Sarah: I understand, but there are some things that still need to be handled.

Michelle: What things?

Sarah: Well, she promised the accusation would be expunged from my record, and I’d be bumped up two pay grades as compensation, so I just wanna make sure that will still happen.

Michelle: I’ll look into it, but not today.

Sarah: What happened to me was an outrage! If you don’t do something to resolve it right now, I’ll go directly to Secretary Heller.

Michelle: Secretary Heller doesn’t run CTU. I do. And I am ordering you to go back to work.

Sarah: Not until you assure me the false accusation will be expunged and my pay grade changed.

[Michelle picks up the phone and calls security.]

Michelle: I need security to station 1.

Sarah: Security? What for?

Michelle: I need people whose minds are on their jobs. Yours isn’t.

Sarah: Oh, so you’re firing me? You can’t do that. You need me. I’m juggling active protocols.

Michelle: We’ll manage. Please escort Miss Gavin out of the building. Make sure you get her access card.

Sarah: You’ll be sorry for this. I promise you will.

[Sarah is escorted out of CTU. Tony sees this.]


[As Conlon and his men approach the sporting goods shop, Jack has the store owners prepare to defend themselves.]

Jack: Put one of these in each window. Have extra ammunition standing-by. Then I want you to get two hunting-vests. Fill all the pockets with empty clips. Go.


[Michelle explains the situation to Curtis and Edgar.]

Michelle: Miss Gavin won’t be working with us anymore. I’ll need the two of you to divide her workload.

Curtis: We’re already stretched pretty thin as it is. Everyone on the floor is either up to their necks already or not qualified to replace Sarah. You may wanna reconsider.

Michelle: No. I don’t trust her.

Curtis: And what about agent Almeida? Michelle, we can use the help. And he’s already proved himself useful today.

[Michelle dials the phone.]

Michelle (on speaker): Agent Almeida, please come to station 6.

[Tony does as Michelle asked.]

Tony: Yeah?

Michelle: You’ll be working with agents Stiles and Manning for the rest of the day. Edgar, I need you to call up Sarah’s protocols, check the configuration, make sure their accurate.

Edgar: OK.

Curtis: I’ll advise internal stations of the personnel change as well.

Michelle: Give me an update first.

Curtis: The zone’s still pretty quite, except for emergency vehicle chatter. There is no sign of Jack or Paul. CTU tac teams are standing-by, but the best we can do is to spread them around the perimeter and wait for some sign of Jack.

Tony: I think that’s a mistake. We should consolidate our teams, be ready to meet strength with strength.

Curtis: And where would you place them?

Tony: At the McLennan Forster building. Jack won’t be far from there. Look, he knows we won’t be able to find him without help. He’s gonna help us by starting a firefight. I know the way he thinks. Now, the hostiles would have to break radio silence when they attack. When they do, we can follow the signal straight to where he is.

Curtis: He is gonna deliberately engage an entire team of commandos?

Tony: It’s the most efficient way to be found, and he’s gonna expect us to be ready for it.

Michelle: Stick with the original plan. Cover the perimeter.

Tony: Michelle.

Michelle: If we send all our teams to one location and you’re wrong, Jack and Paul won’t survive an attack. But if we cover the perimeter, we may have a chance to save them. Do it.

[Curtis dials the phone.]

Curtis: Castle, you go ahead as planned. Be ready to move.


[Jack sees the McLennan-Forster commandos advancing, and he readies his crew with their weapons.]

Jack: Here’s one of them. It’s time. No one fires until I give the order.

Man #1: OK.

[Jack fires one shot, deliberately missing a mercenary. Just as Jack suspected, the commando radios his forces for backup. Jack and his team wait.]

Spector (over radio): Team leader, this is Spector. I was just shot at. I’m on the northwest corner of Stringer, between Flower and Third.

Man (over radio): Copy that.

Paul: He’s not returning fire.

Jack: Because he’s alone. He’s calling for backup now.

Paul: And… and what do we do?

Jack: Wait for them to come full force. Just stay ready.


Michelle: Audrey.

Audrey: Yes?

Michelle: Could you let DOD know that we’ve piggybacked on to local law enforcement channels in the blackout zone? I told them earlier we might need to use their feeds.

Audrey: So you don’t need it anymore?

Michelle: No.

Audrey: All right. No problem.

Michelle: Um… Look, I didn’t mean to be confrontational before, it’s just… when you walk into a hailstorm you have to be decisive.

Audrey: I understand. And I know where you’re coming from. I think that you’re making the right decisions, but…

Michelle: But what?

Audrey: I think that you should revaluate your professional opinion of Tony.

Michelle: Why’s that?

Audrey: This morning Jack had nowhere to turn, and he went to the one person that he knew would come through for him, and that was Tony. Tony saved our lives.

Michelle: I didn’t know that.

Audrey: After that, we just spent a couple of hours with him. It’s true, Tony does have a lot of issues, but he is good at what he does and I think that we could use him on a day like today.

Michelle: Fair enough.

Audrey: And business aside, he still cares about you.

[Michelle walks away. She approaches Tony.]

Tony: I got you those perimeter teams you asked for ready to go.

Michelle: Thanks. Tony, look, I just want you to know that just because I overruled you a few minutes ago doesn’t mean that I don’t value your input.

Tony: Don’t patronize me, Michelle.

Michelle: I’m not. Look, you ran CTU for two years. Anything that you have to say, I will consider seriously.

Tony: Don’t worry. I’m gonna tell you what I think whether you wanna hear it or not. All right?

Michelle: Good.


Jack: Are you scared? Are you sure you both wanna do this?

Man #2: Yeah. My brother and I are more angry about these attacks today than you are. So we’re gonna stand up, and we’re gonna try to be a part of the solution.

Jack: I’m sorry this had to happen to your store.

Man #2: Yeah. My father left us his business when he died. He worked his whole life to make a good name for himself in the community. This store is his legacy. But if he were here right now, he’d be standing next to you, just as we are.

Jack: Just stay low and do what I tell you.

Paul: Thank you. For saving my life.

Jack: Yeah. They’re here.


Audrey: Tony. Michelle just said that you were doing a search on possible ties to Marwan. May I help?

Tony: Do you have a sign on for the server?

Audrey: In Washington?

Tony: Yeah, it would save me time if I could use it on the search.

Audrey: Yeah.

[Audrey types in her password for Tony.]

Audrey: There you go.

Tony: Thanks.

Audrey: Anything else?

Tony: Well, it should kick off a few names. You can help me write them down once it’s done searching.

Audrey: OK, great.

Tony: So, um… did you tell Michelle what happened today?

Audrey: I said that Jack called you.

Tony: Anything else?

Audrey: Well, I didn’t say that you were living with anyone, if that’s what you mean.

Tony: She probably already knows that and I’m sure she couldn’t care less. So, uh… how are you and Jack fairing with him out in the field today?

Audrey: It’s different. A lot different than Washington.

Tony: Yeah, it is different. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t believe it when I heard that Jack had taken a desk job at DC.

Audrey: He said he was happier this way.

Tony: Uh-ha. Well, you’ve gotten the chance to see him in both worlds today. You think he’ll go back to wearing a suit?

Audrey: After the hell Jack’s been through today, you think he’ll wanna come back to this?

Tony: Some people are more comfortable in hell.

Audrey: Are you talking about Jack or yourself?

Edgar: I think we found them. See all those signals on the ground? Each one’s a radio, all using the same frequency.

Tony: That’s because they’re planning an attack.

Edgar: They converge on their location on Flower and Third, about a quarter mile from McLennan Forster.

Curtis: You were right. He’s actually drawing them in.


[The commandos get into position outside the sporting goods store.]

Spector: The sporting goods store, across the street.

Conlon: Let’s move.

Spector: Bravo-1, move in.

[The commandos begin firing at the store. Jack and his cohorts shoot back. Edgar gets infrared proof that there is automatic gunfire at the spot of the radio transmission.]

Edgar: Infrared’s picking up automatic weapon fire outside of the radio transmission.

Audrey: How much longer before our teams get there?

Curtis: The ground teams are closest. They’ll get there first.

Audrey: When?

Curtis: At least five or six minutes.

[Michelle looks around, sheepish. She knows that her decision was wrong. Conlon becomes aware that civilians are helping Jack.]

Conlon: Who’s helping them?

Spector: I don’t know. They gotta be civilians.

Conlon: We need to end this quickly and get that document. Is that understood?

Spector: Yeah, I understand.

Conlon: Go.

[Jack and his team continue to fire back.]

Man #2: Hey, Naji! Hey, Naji! Hey. Hey. Hey, Naji. Are you OK? Naji?

Man #1: They hit the clip.

Jack: Fall back!

[Jack and his men retreat into the back of the store. The commandos blow the store’s entrance open and raid the premises.]

Jack: Hurry, take my shotgun. OK, because of their night vision goggles if they get within ten feet of you, shine your flashlight in their eyes. It’ll blind them.

Man #2: OK.

[The gunfire stops.]

Paul: Jack. Jack.

[Edgar sees that the gunfire has stopped. They suspect that Jack and Paul could have been captured, along with the incriminating evidence they were protecting.]

Edgar: The gunfire stopped.

Curtis: Are the teams on the site?

Edgar: Not yet.

Curtis: McLennan Forster commandos could have taken over the location.

Michelle: Which means they might have taken the information back from Jack and Paul.

Curtis: I’ll get in touch with our teams.

Michelle: I’ll update Division.

Audrey: If McLennan Forster won the firefight, what about Jack and Paul?

Tony: There’s no way to tell.


[CTU teams get to the location, but they have no verification on Jack and Paul.]

Edgar: CTU personnel are approaching the location.

Castle: CTU, this is Castle. We’re about to engage.

Curtis: How many hostiles have been sighted?

Castle: Six down outside, unknown number inside.

Tony: Lee, it’s Tony. Are Jack and Paul still alive?

Castle: Unknown at this point.

Tony: All right, look, the hostiles cannot be allowed to leave the area with the information Jack took from McLennan Forster, do you understand?

Castle: We’ll do the best we can.

Tony: No, Lee, listen to me. Failure is not an option. That information is what this whole thing’s about.

Castle: Roger that.


[Conlon moves in with his night goggles, and Jack flashes the light on him and shoots him down. Jack doesn’t notice that Conlon is still alive. The SWAT team arrives.]

Castle: Jack?

Jack: Yeah. I’m here.

Castle: Are you and Raines safe?

Jack: Yeah.

Castle: All hostiles are down. We’re clear.

[Castle radios his men.]

Castle (over radio): This is Castle. Get me CTU.

Man (over radio): Stand by.

Curtis: Curtis.

Castle: Curtis, this is Castle.

Curtis: Yeah, Lee. What’s your status?

Castle: The location is secure, Jack and Raines are safe.

Curtis: What about their information?

Castle: Unknown at this point.

Curtis: All right. Keep this line open. Jack’s OK. The team secured the store.

Audrey: What about Paul?

Curtis: Yeah, he’s with him.

Tony: Does Jack have anything from McLennan Forster?

Curtis: We don’t know yet. They’re still cleaning up the area. Stay in touch with the team. Whatever they get from Jack, be ready to work up.

Edgar: You got it.

[Tony goes up to Michelle’s office.]

Michelle (over the phone): Yeah, Dean.

Dean (over the phone): Do you want our people to help process?

Michelle (over the phone): No, no. My people will take care of that when we sift through the data.

Dean (over the phone): All right. Are you sure no involvement?

Michelle (over the phone): Yeah.

Dean (over the phone): All right. We’ll wait for your confirmation.

Michelle (over the phone): Yeah, OK.

[Michelle hangs up.]

Tony: Jack and Paul are OK.

Michelle: What about the information?

Tony: We don’t know if Jack has it yet, but even if he does, we don’t know that it’s gonna bring us closer to finding Marwan.

Michelle: Well, we know that McLennan Forster’s involved. That should yield some leads.

Tony: Well, that’s gonna have to be worked up here because McLennan Forster’s computers were all knocked up by the EMP.

Michelle: You wanna head that up?

Tony: No, you know what? You should probably let Curtis handle that.

Michelle: All right. I will. I shouldn’t have said that earlier about your drinking. That was out of line. I’m sorry.

Tony: You don’t owe me an apology. My life right now… let’s just say that I’ve been better and, uh… quite frankly, seeing you here today has only made things worse. Uh… Look, I’m gonna leave, get out of here and let you do your job, all right?

Michelle: No. We can’t afford to lose you. Not today.

Tony: You’re sure?

Michelle: Yes. Yes, I’m sure.

Tony: All right.


Jack: I’m gonna make sure you get some help putting the store back together.

Man #2: I appreciate that.

Jack: Thank you. Thank you.

[Jack and the brothers shake hands. Without Jack noticing, Conlon reaches for a gun.]

Jack: Lee, I need you to get this to CTU. It needs to get decoded immediately. I also want you to set up a detail, five of your best men; nothing happens to this document, do you understand me?

[Jack hands the encrypted document to Castle. Paul sees Conlon rise up and aim his gun at Jack.]

Paul: Jack, look out!

[Paul pushes Jack out of the way, taking the bullet instead. Jack kills Conlon once and for all.]

Jack: Paul?

[Paul falls to the ground.]

Jack: Paul? Paul! Medic!

[Jack tries to keep Paul conscious.]

Jack: Just stay with me. Come on, Paul, stay with me. No, no. Paul. Paul, stay with me, come on. Look at me. Look at me. There you go. Look at me.

Paul: I owed you.

Jack: You don’t owe me anything, just stay with me, OK?

Agent: Jack? OK, the medic’s here. Jack, let the medics do their work.

[The medics try to save Paul.]


[Wearing his uniform, Anderson calls Marwan from an Air Force base.]

Marwan: Any problems?

Anderson: No. I’m here. Are we on schedule?

Marwan: Yes.

Anderson: What about you?

Marwan: I’m leaving now. The President of the United States is on a tight schedule. We can’t be late.

____________________ 795

24 815

Previously on 24:

Conlon: We know you printed a document before the EMP detonated. Where is it? You decide when the pain stops.

Guard: Drop the gun or I’ll kill him.

Jack: Paul, where is the data printout?

Paul: I hid it.

Jack: Is this it?

Paul: Yeah, it’s encoded. I couldn’t make any sense out of it.

Jack: We need to get it back to CTU.


Heller: Tony, I appreciate you carrying the ball until Michelle got here. Why don’t you bring her and everyone else up to speed?

Tony: The man responsible for planning today’s attacks, Habib Marwan, has been a long-term employee of McLennan Forster. Jack Bauer and Paul Raines went to the company to inspect his computer files but as they were doing so, an electro-magnetic pulse bomb was detonated, wiping out the company’s entire database. We have to assume whoever detonated the EMP thinks Jack and Paul found something and wants them eliminated.


Paul: Why are we going here?

Jack: Weapons and ammunition.

Man: Get away from here!

Jack: I’m a Federal Agent! Look, we need your help.

Man: Who’s after you?

Jack: It has to do with the terrorist attacks. I have critical evidence that I need to get to the authorities.

Man: If you’re finding the people who caused today’s bloodshed, then we’ll help you.

Jack: It’s time.


Castle: Jack?

Jack: I’m here.

Castle: Are you and Raines safe?

Jack: Yeah. I need you to get this to CTU. It needs to get decoded immediately.

Paul: Jack, look out!

Jack: Paul? Paul! Get me a medic!


Marwan: It’s time for you to go. Are you ready?

Anderson: Yes, of course.

Marwan: Proceed as planned. The President of the United States is on a tight schedule. We can’t be late.


The following takes place between 8:00 P.M. and 9:00 P.M.

[Jack flies with Paul on the medic helicopter back to CTU.]

Medic: He’s bleeding out. Tell them on the ground we need two liters of A-positive.

Man: Roger that.

Jack: Come on, Paul, stay with us. We’re almost there.

[Jack calls Audrey.]

Audrey: Hello?

Jack: Audrey, it’s me.

Audrey: Oh, Jack. Thank God you’re all right.

Jack: Audrey, I need you to listen to me. Paul’s been shot. Audrey? Audrey?

[Audrey becomes upset.]

Audrey: How bad is it?

Jack: The medics are working on him. We’ll be there in a few minutes.

Audrey: Jack, how did this happen?

Jack: We were securing the area. One of the gunmen tried to shoot me. Paul pushed me out of the way. He saved my life. Audrey?

Audrey: I’m here, just… Jack, I don’t know what to say.

Jack: You don’t have to say anything. The surgeons have been notified. They’re standing by. I want you to know that we’re gonna do everything that we have to, do you understand that?

Audrey: Yeah, I understand.

Jack: I’m sorry.

Audrey: I gotta… I gotta go.

Jack: See you in a minute.

Audrey: Yeah, OK.


[Heller updates the President about Marwan’s plan.]

Heller: Mr. President, all the evidence we’ve gathered confirms that this one man Habib Marwan is directly responsible for everything that’s happened today; the train derailment, my abduction, the sabotage of the nuclear power plants.

Keeler: Does any of your evidence suggest that he’s planning more attacks?

Heller: I’m afraid so. NSA is reporting a spike in chatter. They’re sifting through the Intel now, trying to determine potential targets and timeframes.

Keeler: Trying is not good enough. We need to preempt any further attacks.

Heller: I understand, sir. Our best chance of doing that is by capturing Marwan.

Keeler: How close are you?

Heller: Jack Bauer recovered a document we believe contains contact data on Marwan’s network. CTU is using it to track Marwan.

Keeler: And if that fails?

Heller: Mr. President, we just have to hope that it doesn’t.

Keeler: Jim, if today’s events are continuing to generate an unprecedented level of fear, I’m not sure the social and civil fabric of this country can withstand another attack. We need to make provisions.

[Heller goes outside of the CTU building to wait for the chopper carrying Jack and Paul. Audrey is there too.]

Heller: Provisions?

Keeler: A civil unrest that I believe is inevitable in the event of another terrorist strike.

Heller: Are you saying we should impose martial law?

Keeler: I’ve asked General Wakefield to meet with you in Los Angeles to discuss our options.

Heller: When?

Keeler: Now. His plane landed. He’ll be calling you to confirm a secure location. And Jim, keep this between us.

Heller: Of course, Mr. President.

[Heller hangs up. The chopper lands on the CTU grounds. The medics carry Paul on a gurney to the CTU clinic.]

Medic: Get him prepped. I need ten cc’s of adrenaline, no compression, let’s go.

[Audrey runs to Paul.]

Audrey: Paul! Paul, can you hear me? Paul?

Medic: Excuse me, ma’am. We gotta get him to surgery now. Let’s go.

Jack: I’m sorry.

Audrey: Please tell me he’s not gonna die.

Jack: Come here.

[Jack hugs Audrey and tries to console her.]

Audrey: Please. Jack, tell me.

Jack: We don’t know. We just don’t know.

[Heller and Audrey head back inside CTU. Tony and Michelle approach Jack.]

Michelle: Jack, are you OK?

Jack: Yeah, I’m fine.

Tony: Listen, we were able to decode and pull a name off the list you sent us.

Jack: Who is it?

Michelle: Someone on our watch list, but we had no idea he was connected to Marwan.

Tony: Come on inside, we’ll talk you through it.

[Jack, Tony and Michelle go back inside CTU. Paul is wheeled into surgery.]

Medic: I’m sorry, Mrs. Raines, You need to stay out here while your husband’s prepped for surgery.

Audrey: Wait, please, can I just talk to him for a second? Paul, hey. Hey, it’s Audrey. Listen to me. I just want you to know that I’m here, OK? I’m here.

Medic: We need to prep him now.

Audrey: And I will be here when you get out of surgery, do you understand me? Paul?


[Tony and Michelle brief Jack on the latest discovery.]

Tony: His name’s Joseph Fayed, an Associate Professor at Green University, chemical engineering. Came to the US in 1985 to get his graduate degree.

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