Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Richard: I didn’t ask you to come at all.

Heller: I do not want you to attend or to speak at that rally at Lockheed this afternoon.

Richard: You don’t have any leverage over what I do anymore. You haven’t since I stopped taking your money.

Heller: Can’t you ever think of anything besides yourself? If you do this, it will humiliate the President, and it will be dangerous to national security.

Richard: What could be more dangerous than 25,000 missile delivery systems?

Heller: Spare me your 6 grade Michael Moor logic. The world is a little bit more complicated than that, Richard. We do not live in a Utopia. America has enemies.

Richard: Enemies who were our friends a year ago. And in another year it’ll change again unless people stop supporting your psychotic need to control the world.

Heller: Psychotic need? We serve our country. We serve the cause of freedom. What do you do?

Richard: Why don’t you just go back to your little motorcade and drive somewhere where people actually buy the lies you’re selling?

Heller: OK, look, look. We don’t have to do this, OK? We do not have to.

Richard: Fine, dad. What do you wanna do?

Heller: Do not disrespect me. I am your father.


Kalil: What did you find on the internet?

Melanie: It was my friend, not me.

Kalil: What’s his name?

Melanie: Andrew.

Kalil: Andrew what?

Melanie: Andrew Paige.

Kalil: Who did you tell?

Melanie: I swear, we didn’t tell anyone. I don’t know…

Kalil: Don’t lie to me.

Melanie: I just walked out.

Kalil: Don’t lie to me!

Melanie: I’m not lying.

Kalil: Where is Andrew Paige now?

Melanie: I was just doing my work. I don’t…


Driscoll: You can use station 5. Chloe’s opened up a socket for you. You’ll be able to access through records volumes. Look at this budget numbers.

Jack: OK, fine. I know this guy.

Driscoll: Sherak?

Jack: We were tracking him when I was here. We knew him as Jann Bolek. We linked him to over a thousand complicated bombings in Europe in the late nineties.

Driscoll: Unfortunately, we weren’t able to stop him from today’s attack, but we did catch him. And Jack, I’m sorry I was abrupt before. You helped us with the takedown. Thank you.

Jack: Erin, listen to me. This doesn’t make sense. I know this guy’s file. He’s a major handler. He wouldn’t risk exposing himself here in the United States for a train bombing; it’s not big enough.

Driscoll: I’ll take that into consideration when we interrogate him. Give my best to Secretary Heller.

Jack: Chloe.

Chloe: What?

Jack: The original data that you pulled up on Sherak, was there any indication of a secondary strike?

Chloe: No. Everything supports that he was here for the train bombing. But there was a time discrepancy.

Jack: What do you mean?

Chloe: There was some high probability chatter indicating an attack at 8:00 a.m. The train bombing happened at 7:00.

Jack: They didn’t give a window? They actually called for a specific time?

Chloe: Yeah, but the Intel was off by an hour. Driscoll thought it was close enough. You can’t do that.

Jack: What’s your logon ID for Interpol overnights?

Chloe: I’m not comfortable doing this.

Jack: Chloe, please.

Chloe: You’re in.

Jack: This is the source?

Chloe: Yes. That’s in decipher.

Jack: Calls for an eight O’clock strike unless target deviates. That doesn’t make sense. Trains don’t deviate; they’re on fixed courses, schedule.

Chloe: Sometimes when Interpol’s breaking codes in communicates they won’t use the exact wording. What are you thinking, Jack?

Jack: Sherak didn’t come here for the train bombing. Something’s gonna happen at 8:00 O’clock.

Chloe: That’s 10 minutes from now.


Audrey: No, Paul. I don’t wanna wait. I’m gonna call my lawyer as soon as we get back to D.C. and we’re gonna get this divorce process moving.

Paul: What’s the hurry? We said we’d take a year apart, see what happens.

Audrey: Yeah, but it’s almost been a year. I don’t wanna wait any longer. Hang on. Look, I gotta take this call. I’ll call you when I get back to D.C.

Paul: Yeah. Bye.

Audrey: All right. Bye. Jack.

Jack: Hey. I need to speak with your father.

Audrey: He’s still in with Richard. He doesn’t wanna be interrupted.

Jack: This is urgent. I need him to get me clearance so that I can interrogate the suspect in the train bombing. Driscoll won’t let me anywhere near him. I believe he’s got information about a secondary hit, a larger one. Supposed to take place this morning at eight O’clock.

Audrey: What? It’s almost eight now.

Jack: I know. That’s why I need to speak with him.

Audrey: All right. Hang on.

Richard: I’m gonna speak at that rally this afternoon, dad. And it’s not because I hate you. It’s ‘cause it’s something I believe in.

Heller: Did it ever occur to you that these people are using you? Don’t you realize they’re letting you speak for one reason, and one reason only? Because you are my son!

Richard: Well, I wish I weren’t.

Heller: What is it, Audrey?

Audrey: I’m sorry. It’s Jack. It’s urgent.

Heller: Excuse me, Richard.

Richard: What could be more important than intimidating me? I know you were hiding in the car.

Audrey: Richard, why are you doing this to dad? Can’t you just back off?

Richard: I’m not doing anything to him.

Audrey: You know if you go to that protest at Lockheed it’s gonna hurt him.

Richard: Whatever it takes to stop what he’s doing.

Heller: Jack, if I step on Driscoll’s toes and it doesn’t pay off, all of a sudden I have a ton of political fallout to deal with.

Jack: Sir, I understand that, but I wouldn’t be asking you this if I didn’t believe there was an imminent threat to national security that I could help avert.

Heller: Share your concerns with Driscoll. Let CTU handle this.

Jack: Sir, there isn’t time.

Audrey: It’s the President.

Heller: Jack, it’s the President. I gotta go.

Jack: Yes, Sir. Dammit.


Ronnie: How long have you been in Los Angeles? Who are you working with? We don’t have time for this. OK, you listen to me. Unless you start giving me some answers right now, you’re gonna end up in a hole for the next 30 years. Who are you working with? Why did you bomb that train? How far can I push this guy?

Driscoll: We have to find out who he’s working with. We should go as far as we have to. Maybe we should bring Johnson in.

Guard: Sorry, Sir. This area’s off limits.

Jack: Oh, I’m looking for Erin Driscoll.

Driscoll: Jack! Jack, what are you doing? Call security, now!

Jack: What is happening at eight O’clock?

Driscoll: Jack!

Ronnie: Son of a bitch, he’s jammed the codes.

Jack: I am not messing with you. You are gonna tell me; what is happening at eight O’clock?

Driscoll: Jack, holster your weapon! Jack! I said, holster your weapon!

[Jack shoots Sherak I the leg.]

Driscoll: Call medical!

Jack: What is your primary objective?

Driscoll: I’ll order security to shoot you if I have to.

Ronnie: Get that door open!

Jack: What is your primary objective?

Sherak: Secretary of Defense.

Driscoll: Heller.

Jack: Secretary Heller?

Sherak: Yes.

Jack: Secretary Heller’s the target. Call Secret Service now!

Driscoll: Call now! Get a team on the way.

Sarah: Get me Secret Service now.

Heller: Yeah, I’ll hold. The President wants us back in D.C. tonight.

[Audrey’s phone rings. She ignores it.]

Heller: What meetings can we eject?

Audrey: Not Van Hamburg. The media’s expecting you there. Maybe we could skip Paragon and handle that with the teleconference next week.

Jack: Come on, pick up the phone!

Heller: Tell the President we’ll rearrange our schedule and fly back this afternoon.

[Audrey answers the phone.]

Audrey: Yeah?

Jack: Audrey, it’s Jack. Are you still at Richard’s?

Audrey: Yeah.

Jack: You need to get your father out of there now. The bombing this morning was diversionary. Your father is the real target. You’ve gotta get out of there now.

Audrey: Target?

Jack: Audrey?

Audrey: Oh, my God.

[A rocket grenade sails past Audrey’s face and hits a Secret Service vehicle.]

Jack: Audrey?

[A van pulls up and gunmen fire at the Secret Service agents. The masked men abduct Audrey and Heller into the van.]

Audrey: Jack, no! Jack! Jack!

Jack: Audrey!

Heller: Let her go!

Audrey: Jack! No!

____________________ 524

24 543

Previously on 24:

Chloe: Excuse me, Ms. Driscoll.

Driscoll: What is it, Chloe?

Chloe: There was intelligence indicating the possibility of an attack at eight O’clock this morning. A Turkish national on the FBI watch list by the name of Tomas Sherak was last seen in the city.


Sherak: It’s Tomas.

Navi: Did Dar get the briefcase?

Sherak: Yes. He’s on his way to you now.

Navi: So far, everything is on schedule. The briefcase is on its way to us now. When he gets here, you’ll take it to the warehouse. What we will accomplish today will change the world. We’re fortunate that our family has been chosen to do this.


Andrew: I found something on the net I think you should know about.

Chloe: What?

Andrew: I think someone’s positioning codes for a major internet attack. The thing is that not all the code remarks are in English.

Chloe: What language were they in?

Andrew: Arabic or Turkish, maybe.

Kalil: What did you find on the internet?

Melanie: It was my friend, not me.

Kalil: What’s his name?

Melanie: Andrew Paige.


Audrey: Is it gonna be uncomfortable?

Jack: What?

Audrey: Going back to CTU. Seeing Driscoll again.

Jack: I don’t blame her for her decision.

Audrey: She forced you out of CTU.

Jack: I could have joined other agencies if I still wanted to do field work. But I didn’t. I know this guy.

Driscoll: Fortunately for you, Jack, it’s our problem, not yours.

Jack: Erin, listen to me. This doesn’t make sense. He wouldn’t risk exposing himself here in the United States for a train bombing; it’s not big enough.

Driscoll: I’ll take that into consideration when we interrogate him.

Jack: I am not messing with you. You are gonna tell me; what is happening at eight O’clock?

Driscoll: Jack!

Jack: What is your primary objective?

Sherak: Secretary of Defense.

Driscoll: Heller.


Heller: Did it ever occur to you that these people are using you? Don’t you realize they’re letting you speak for one reason? Because you are my son!


Jack: Audrey, it’s Jack. Are you still at Richard’s?

Audrey: Yeah.

Jack: You need to get your father out of there now. Your father is the real target.

Audrey: Oh, my God.

Audrey: Jack!

Jack: Audrey? Audrey!


The following takes place between 8:00 A.M. and 9:00 A.M.

Officer: Richard Heller?

Richard: They took my father and my sister.


Jack: I don’t care; it’s been over five minutes. You need to widen your perimeter. You’re not listening to me. I’m not interested in local law enforcement; I want Secret Service swarming that area, now. Good. Get back to me.

Driscoll: Everyone. Everyone, please listen up. Secretary of Defense Heller was abducted a few minutes ago along with his senior policy analyst, Audrey Raines. Heller was at his son Richard’s house when he was taken. LAPD is bringing Richard in for questioning. This is a top priority situation. I want all interagency protocols activated immediately.

Sarah: Move off that page. You have to link up to the Secret Service Channel.

Edgar: It’s not that simple. We’re locked down for a few minutes.

Sarah: Why?

Edgar: They’re sequestering the rest of the cabinet.

Sarah: Driscoll’s not gonna wanna hear that. She wants us to activate those protocols.

Edgar: What do you want me to do?

Sarah: I want you to break through those channels. Hack in if you have to.

Curtis: Chloe, I need you to move everything from the train bombing to the secondary server.

Chloe: I did that already.

Curtis: Good. Then re-key the databases so the kidnapping and the bombing are synced up as well.

Chloe: I did that too.

Curtis: What haven’t you done?

Chloe: I haven’t opened a pipe to the Criminal Investigation Division yet.

Curtis: Do it.

Chloe: I’m on my way to.

Jack: Yeah, I’m looking at it. They’ve widen the perimeter. Do you have an ID on any possible transportation?

Guy: I’m working on it. The only problem we have is…

Jack: I’m gonna have to get back to you. Erin, I need to speak to you.

Driscoll: You’re done here, Jack.

Jack: Just listen to me.

Driscoll: I’m detaining you.

Jack: Erin, just listen to me. Secretary Heller is my responsibility. Now, I need you to reinstate me on a provisional basis, until I get him back.

Driscoll: You don’t give me orders, Jack. I’m detaining you until an investigator from Division can take your statement. I’m gonna recommend that you’ll be arrested for torturing a suspect and rendering him useless for questioning.

Jack: You weren’t getting anywhere with him. Because of me Sherak told you everything he knows.

Driscoll: You better hope so. Would you please escort Mr. Bauer to a vacant office until Division gets here?

Jack: I’m fine. You’re making a mistake.

Edgar: Excuse me.

Driscoll: What?

Edgar: President Keeler.

Driscoll: What about him?

Edgar: He wants to talk to you.

Driscoll: All right.

[She picks up the phone.]

Driscoll: This is Erin Driscoll.

Woman: Please hold for the President.

Keeler: What can you tell me about the attack on the Secretary?

Driscoll: We know that he was taken along with his daughter approximately ten minutes ago.

Keeler: But you haven’t had any contact yet with the kidnappers.

Driscoll: No, Sir, we have not.

Keeler: How is it the Secret Service wasn’t able to protect them?

Driscoll: It’s my understanding that he broke a schedule to visit his son. Somehow the kidnappers had access to that information. We’re looking into that now.

Keeler: All right. We’re gonna go to an elevated level of security. I want you to take the appropriate measures.

Driscoll: I understand.

Keeler: Get them back, Erin.

Driscoll: We’re doing everything we can, Sir.


Andrew’s Mom: Hello?

Andrew: Mom?

Andrew’s Mom: Hi, sweetie. I wasn’t expecting you…

Andrew: Mom, listen, you gotta get out of the house right now.

Andrew’s Mom: What are you talking about?

Andrew: Someone’s looking for me and they might come for you next.

Andrew’s Mom: What kind of trouble are you in?

Andrew: I don’t know. I found something on the internet. Now these people are after me.

Andrew’s Mom: Andrew, you are being paranoid.

Andrew: Mom, they killed Melanie. They killed everybody in the office.

Andrew’s Mom: What?

Andrew: They shot her. Mom, I’m really scared.

Andrew’s Mom: My God. I’m gonna call the police.

Andrew: Just get out of there. Get to one of your friends’ house and stay there. Go. Go now!

Andrew’s Mom: Andrew.


Chloe: I told him Driscoll wanted me to question you.

Jack: What’s going on, Chloe? What are you doing?

Chloe: I’ll probably get in trouble for coming to you with this, but I don’t care. We may have a way to find Heller.

Jack: I’m being detained. Why are you telling me?

Chloe: Because I don’t think Driscoll’s handling this the right way and I don’t trust her. I trust you.

Jack: Sit down.

Chloe: A good friend of mine called about 40 minutes ago, someone I went to school with. I know him. He wouldn’t have come to me unless it was something serious.

Jack: What is it?

Chloe: He noticed some dangerous computer code was planted on the internet this morning.

Jack: How is that connected to Heller?

Chloe: Because it originated in Turkey, just like everything else that happened today – Sherak, the train bombing.

Jack: Where is your friend now?

News reporter on TV at Union Station: LAPD has swarmed off the area, and you can see them taking Secretary Heller’s son away from the scene now. That’s being done for his own protection, according to the police sources. Those same sources tell us that at least five Secret Service agents were shot and killed in the kidnapping.

[Andrew’s phone rings]

Andrew: Hello?

Chloe: Andrew, it’s me.

Andrew: What did you do, Chloe? Who did you tell?

Chloe: What do you mean?

Andrew: Everyone’s dead, and now they’re trying to kill me.

Chloe: Andrew, talk to me. Who’s dead? What happened?

Andrew: Everyone’s dead. They’re dead. After I called you, I went back to my office. There was a guy there, torturing Melanie. He wanted to know who hacked into their system. And then he shot her.

Jack: Who shot her?

Andrew: Who’s this?

Jack: My name is Jack Bauer. I work for Secretary of Defense Heller. Andrew, we need your help.

Andrew: what?

Jack: Secretary Heller was kidnapped less than half an hour ago. I believe the same people that kidnapped him are the ones that are chasing you now.

Andrew: But I don’t know anything.

Jack: Son, you’ve been targeted for a reason. You know more than you think.

Andrew: What do I do?

Jack: Where are you?

Andrew: I’m in Union Station. I’m getting out of town.

Jack: Don’t. You stay put. The best thing you can do right now is let me bring you in.

Andrew: Chloe, what should I do?

Chloe: You can trust Jack.

Andrew: OK. I’ll be next to track 3, the bottom of the ramp.

Jack: Andrew, what are you wearing?

Andrew: Blue jeans, brown jacket and a black bag.

Jack: OK, you stay put. I’ll be there in about 30 minutes.

Andrew: OK.

Chloe: This is all my fault. I shouldn’t have let Driscoll talk me into handing it over to the FBI.

Jack: She did what?

Chloe: She told me to give it to the FBI.


[Kalil phones Navi.]

Navi: Yes?

Kalil: I found the person who stumbled onto our server.

Navi: Is he with you now?

Kalil: No. I’ll have him shortly.

Navi: Find out who he’s talked to.

Kalil: Of course.

Navi: And then kill him.

Kalil: Yeah.


Dina: Is everything in there?

Navi: Yes. Where’s Behrooz?

Dina: Upstairs, checking traffic online.

Navi: It’s almost time for him to go.

Dina: Are you sure you don’t want me to take the briefcase to Omar?

Navi: The plan is in place. I don’t want to deviate. Why?

Dina: This is the key to everything we’re doing today. It’s a lot to entrust to a teenager.

Navi: I told you. Our whereabouts have to be accounted for today. Besides, it’s because he’s a teenager that he won’t arouse suspicion.

Dina: You’re right.

Navi: Don’t worry, Dina. We prepared well for today. The train, the kidnapping – It’s all gone as expected. I spoke with Omar. He’s happy.

Dina: And he knows Behrooz is the one who will deliver the device?

Navi: Yes, he knows. Behrooz will be fine.


Curtis: OK, people. We’re looking to find a connection between the train bombing at Santa Clarita and Heller’s abduction. Sarah?

Sarah: NTSP has given us a full passenger list. I’m processing those names now.

Driscoll: What about Heller’s son? Is it possible he had something to do with this?

Curtis: We’re not counting anything out at this point. He’s being brought here for questioning now.

Jack: Erin, I need to speak with you. Privately, please.

Driscoll: You’re testing me, Jack?

Jack: Erin, please.

Driscoll: Curtis will hand out assignment protocols to each department. I want status reports every 15 minutes.

Jack: I have information that you ignored that appears to be connected not only to the bombing but the kidnapping of Secretary Heller.

Driscoll: What information?

Jack: A computer programmer by the name of Andrew Paige accidentally came across a possible internet strike earlier this morning.

Driscoll: I know. It was passed on to the FBI.

Jack: Yes, against CTU protocol. You abandoned an active investigation by a CTU agent during a terrorist strike. I just got confirmation from the LAPD that Andrew Paige’s coworkers were all found dead less than 20 minutes ago.

Driscoll: I’ll coordinate with FBI and we’ll take over the investigation.

Jack: No, you won’t. I just talked to the kid. I’m the only one who knows where he is. You want that kid picked up? You’re gonna have to reinstate me.

Driscoll: I’m having you locked up for impeding my investigation.

Jack: You do that and I’ll tell the President that you had Sherak in custody over a half an hour before Secretary Heller was even kidnapped, and you couldn’t break him. I did.

Driscoll: You’re threatening me, Jack?

Jack: I am asking you to let me help rescue Secretary Heller.

Driscoll: This is how it’s gonna work: I’ll reinstate your commission on a temporary basis until Heller is safe. You will not make any unilateral decisions. You will work as an auxiliary agent under the authority of Ronnie Lobell. And then I’ll hand you over to Division.


Audrey: What are they gonna do to us?

Heller: I don’t know, but if they wanted me dead, they would have killed me at Richard’s house. Richard… God.

Audrey: He was still in the house. I don’t think they went in there.

Heller: Listen to me, honey. No matter what happens to me, they have no reason to hurt you.

Audrey: They don’t need a reason.

Heller: And I don’t want you to give them one. Do what they say. Whatever happens to me, don’t provoke them. If they threat me, if they hurt me, even if they kill me… Do what they say.

Omar: I only asked for Heller.

Omar’s Henchman: I didn’t wanna kill her without your permission.

[The henchman nodes for Audrey to be killed.]

Audrey: Dad! Dad, no! Dad! Dad!

Heller: Leave her alone! Don’t you touch her!

Omar’s Henchman: Omar, yes or no?

Heller: Do not do this! Leave her alone!

Omar: Not yet. We may be able to use her. Take them away.

Audrey: Dad…


Jack: I’m going with Ronnie over to the train station to pick up Andrew now.

Chloe: Has Driscoll cleared you for field work?

Jack: Yeah.

Chloe: That’s unlike her. I hope you didn’t tell her I gave you the information. I’m not in the mood for a confrontation.

Jack: I didn’t. Have we heard anything from any of the Secret service agents that’s survived the kidnapping?

Chloe: There’s only one so far. He’s in surgery.

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