Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Michelle: We’re sending in a tactical team to pick him up now.

Jack: That’s a mistake.

Michelle: Why?

Jack: For everything that we’ve seen today, Marwan’s vetted his inner circle very carefully. Their men will die before he says anything.

Tony: You’re probably right, Jack, but what can we do besides arrest Fayed?

Jack: Send someone in undercover. Take a chance. That might lead you to Marwan.

Tony: Come on, Jack. You know we don’t have the time to put one of our own people undercover.

Jack: I’m not talking about one of our people; Dina Araz.

Michelle: She’s already made her deal, Jack. We granted her son immunity. We have nothing left to offer her.

Jack: Maybe, maybe not. Let me talk to her while you mobilize a tactical team. If I can’t get her to cooperate by the time they’re ready, send them in, but it’s simple; we either find Marwan or we will not be able to stop what he’s planning next.


[Marwan meets Mitch Anderson.]

Marwan: Meet them at the hotel, Holdover Road, half a kilometer from the base.

Anderson: When?

Marwan: Leave now.

Anderson: I’ll need his entire flight package, including clearance and identification codes.

Marwan: You’ll have whatever you need.

[Anderson leaves for the hotel.]


[An Air Force pilot is in a hotel room with his girlfriend.]

Girlfriend: Is that all you’ve got?

Air Force pilot: For now it is.

Girlfriend: Come on, I haven’t seen you in two weeks.

Air Force pilot: Yeah, I’ve gotta get to the base. I’m flying tonight. Damn, I’m gonna be late as it is.

[The pilot picks up his uniform.]

Air Force pilot: Oh, look at me, I’m all wrinkled.

Girlfriend: I wouldn’t worry about that.

[A cell phone rings. His girlfriend takes the call.]

Girlfriend: Hello?

Woman: Can I talk to John?

Girlfriend: It’s for you.

John: What?

Girlfriend: It’s your wife.

John: But it’s your cell phone.

[John takes the call from his wife.]

John: Dory.

Dory: They’ve got guns, John. They say they’ll kill the children unless you do what they want.

[Masked gunmen have Dory and their children hostage.]

John: What’s going on, Dory? Who’s there?

Dory: I don’t know.

John: Listen to me, Dory, who’s ever there, you put them on the phone.

Dory: Please, John, don’t let them hurt the children!

[One of the men takes the phone from Dory and hangs up the call.]

John: Dory? Dory, put…

[John turns around to find his girlfriend pull out a gun on him.]

Girlfriend: Put your clothes on, John.


Michelle: Curtis is prepping the tactical teams, which means you have five minutes to do this.

[Jack enters the holding room. He shows Dina the photo of Fayed.]

Jack: Do you recognize this man?

Dina: No.

Jack: He’s connected to Marwan.

Dina: I don’t know him. I already told the other agent. Marwan doesn’t permit communication between cells.

Jack: His name is Joseph Fayed. He’s a professor at Green University.

Dina: You know more about him than I do.

Jack: He’s also our only way to reach Marwan. We can’t do that without your help.

Dina: Why should I help you? I’ve already gotten all I’m going to get for cooperating.

Jack: That’s not necessarily true.

[On the computer, Jack has a live video feed of Behrooz in another holding room.]

Jack: I know you love your son. You’ve already shown me that today. But unless you help us get to Fayed, that’ll be the last time you’ll see him for the rest of your life.

[In the observation room, the phone rings.]

Michelle: This is Dessler.

Agent: All our teams are in place.

Michelle: All right. Have them stand-by.

[Michelle hangs up.]

Michelle: The tactical teams are ready. We can be at Fayed’s house in ten minutes.

Tony: Just give him another minute.

Jack: I’m offering you your freedom, Dina. You and Behrooz will be put in a witness protection program. You’d be given new names, identities, everything. This is what you told me you wanted. I’m offering you a life with your son. Right now the only question is which life do you want?

[Dina doesn’t say anything.]

Jack: We’re out of time.

[Jack gets up to leave.]

Dina: What do you need me to do?

Jack: I need you to go to Fayed and tell him that you need to speak to Marwan.

Dina: He won’t let me through his front door, let alone get near Marwan.

Jack: He will when you tell him that you’ve got a hostage that can help him.

Dina: A hostage? Who?

Jack: Me.


John: So what’s this all about? What are you doing?

Woman: I’m delivering you to someone.

John: Who?

Woman: I don’t know.

John: You don’t know who you work for?

Woman: I work for myself.

John: Somebody’s paying you.

Woman: I don’t ask them who they are and they don’t tell me. It’s how I stay alive.

[The woman looks out of the window with her back turned to John.]

Woman: All right. It’s time.

[John puts up a fight with the woman holding him captive. She quickly apprehends him.]

Woman: If you don’t cooperate, your family will die. Do you understand?

[Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door. The woman opens the door for Anderson. Anderson comes in and pulls his gun out on John. He then hands the woman a bag full of cash. She opens the bag to check its content.]

Anderson: It’s all there. Get out of here.

[The woman leaves.]

Anderson: Get your things. We got a plane to catch.


Michelle: Increased chatter indicates that Habib Marwan is planning another strike. It is imperative that we locate him before he’s able to trigger this. We are mounting an undercover operation that we hope will lead us to him through this man, Joseph Fayed. We’ve struck a deal with Dina Araz to work undercover for us and approach Fayed.

Curtis: But Marwan knows we had Dina Araz in custody.

Michelle: We’re trying to use that to our advantage. Jack will run us through the cover story we’ve fabricated.

Jack: The cover story goes as follows; An hour ago I was transporting Dina Araz to the Federal Detention Center when my vehicle was attacked by the surviving members of the terrorist cell ran by Navi Araz at the intersection of Sepulveda and National. I managed to kill or wound all of the attackers, but during the engagement Dina Araz secured one of the weapons and took me hostage. She’ll take me to Fayed. Hopefully, he’ll take me to Marwan.

Curtis: And if Marwan takes the bait we track you to him?

Jack: Yeah.

Tony: And we have to assume they’re gonna search both Jack and Dina, which is gonna make tracking and surveillance devices a problem.

Jack: We’re gonna have to handle this passively. We’re gonna use satellite parabolics and laser aggregators.

Curtis: Yeah, but what about Dina Araz? You’ll think she’ll be able to play this convincingly?

Jack: Well, she’s managed to live here in the United States for the past five year while part of a terrorist cell undetected. Yes, she’s an expert at deception.

Curtis: How do we know she doesn’t deceive us?

Michelle: Right now this is our best and only chance at finding Marwan, but no matter how well we fabricate this story, Jack will be in extreme and immediate danger. We have to be able to move in at the first sign of trouble. There is zero tolerance for error. Thank you.

Jack: Good luck, everyone.

Michelle: Curtis. The detainees from McLennan Forster have been taken over to Division. I want you to run the interrogation.

Curtis: You got it.

Michelle: Thank you.

Tony: Edgar, I want you to call LAPD and caltrans. We need their logs to reflect that the ambush on Jack took place.

Edgar: I need an exact time window.

Tony: He just finished telling us, an hour ago.

Edgar: I know. I just didn’t know if there was an updated scenario.

Tony: No, Edgar, you weren’t paying attention. Look, we can’t afford for you to be losing focus at a time like this, all right?

Edgar: I’m sick of people talking to me like I don’t know what I’m doing. Especially people who don’t really work here.

Michelle: Is there a problem with Edgar?

Tony: Well, his mother was caught in the contamination zone at the San Gabriel reactor. She took her own life. Up until now, he’s been handling it pretty well, but uh, I think it might be catching up with him.

Michelle: Do you think he’s in good enough shape to run the comm part of this operation?

Tony: Based on what just happened? No.

Michelle: Where’s Chloe? I didn’t see her on the active roster.

Tony: Yeah, well, Driscoll forced her to resign.

Michelle: Why?

Tony: Well, apparently Chloe went against Driscoll’s orders, sided with Jack. Turns out Jack was right.

Michelle: Thank you.

Tony: Yeah.

[Michelle calls Chloe.]

Chloe: Hello?

Michelle: Chloe, it’s Michelle Dessler.

Chloe: Are you calling me from Division?

Michelle: Uh, actually, I’m back at CTU. Secretary Heller asked me to take Erin Driscoll’s place.

Chloe: She got fired? That’s too bad. Listen, could you tell Edgar to upgrade the Langley pattern recognition software? It gets a little overwhelmed sometimes.

Michelle: Yeah, I’ll make sure he takes care of that.

Chloe: Thanks.

Michelle: Listen, Chloe. You’re better at what you do than anyone I’ve ever worked with. I need you here.

Chloe: Thank you for saying that, but I think I’ve had enough for today.

Michelle: Chloe, this would be for Jack, not just for CTU.

Chloe: What are you talking about?

Michelle: He’s about to go undercover in a high-risk operation. We need to mount massive surveillance in very little time. I don’t have confidence that Edgar can do this on his own.

Chloe: Well, there’s nothing I can do about that.

Michelle: Chloe, I just need a few hours of your time and then you can move on. I just wanna do everything I can to ensure Jack’s safety.

Chloe: Fine, but it’s just for today.

Michelle: Thank you, Chloe.

Chloe: You’re welcome.

[Chloe hangs up.]


Jack: They’re setting cars up at the ambush site in case Marwan wants to verify. We’re using the dead bodies of terrorists from Heller’s rescue.

Tony: All right. The follow team will stay as close as they can but to tell you the truth, Jack, you’re flying without a net on this one. If a hostile decides to take you out without warning… there’s nothing we can do.

Jack: I know.

Tony: Look, Audrey’s still at the clinic. There’s time, if you wanna say goodbye.

Jack: She got a lot on her mind right now.

Tony: Jack, she should know what you’re about to do.

Jack: She’s been through enough today.

[Jack and Tony enter the holding room where Dina is held.]

Tony: I want you to look over the timeline. We’ll talk through the details.

Dina: I’m not doing anything until I see my son.

Tony: We don’t have time for that right now.

Dina: Seeing my son in non-negotiable.

Jack: Tony.

[Tony leaves the holding room.]

Jack: You need to learn every aspect of the cover story. Your life depends on it.

Dina: Don’t worry about me.

Jack: You can see your son, but only for a minute. That’s all. Let’s go.

[Jack takes Dina to see Behrooz.]

Behrooz: Mom. They wouldn’t tell me where you were. I thought I was never gonna see you again.

Dina: We’re going to be together.

Behrooz: What are you talking about? They wouldn’t let you come with me.

Dina: Everything has changed. I agreed to do something for them and they’ll let me go with you.

Behrooz: What do they want you to do?

Dina: Help them find Marwan.

Behrooz: It’s too dangerous.

Dina: Oh, I can handle Marwan.

Behrooz: Please, mom. No.

Dina: Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.

Behrooz: Please, mom.

Jack: Mrs. Araz, it’s time.

[Dina kisses Behrooz and then leaves with Jack.]


Michelle: Is field surveillance in place yet?

Tony: We have audio. There might be a few dead spots, but we should be able to hear inside the house, that’s assuming we’d get that far.

Michelle: OK, thank you.

Tony: Yeah.

Edgar: Come on. Come on. Why aren’t you going through? Dammit.

Chloe: Use the danziger filter. You can download it internally if you know what you’re doing. There, you’re in.

Edgar: Chloe, what are you doing here?

Chloe: Michelle thought you could use some help. Offload you task lists to me at station 12. I’ll cover your overflow.

Edgar: I can handle my assignment.

Chloe: Well, obviously you can’t, otherwise Michelle wouldn’t have called me in.

Michelle: Edgar. I meant to tell you before Chloe got here.

Edgar: Look, Miss Dessler, I can do my job. I don’t need any help.

Michelle: I’m not saying you can’t, but I’m not taking any chances either.

Edgar: Look, I know we got off to a rocky stop, but…

Michelle: Edgar. This isn’t a debate, it’s an order. Now, brief Chloe so she can run satellite with you, and do it fast. Jack’s approaching the staging area now.


[The phone rings.]

Byron: This is Byron.

Michelle: This is Dessler. We’re set on our end. Satellite and surveillance teams are in place. Go in at your discretion.

Byron: Roger that. We’ll leave this line open.

[Jack and Dina arrive at Fayed’s house. Still inside the car, Jack instructs Dina how the operation will go down.]

Dina: We are going in alone?

Jack: Our agents are conducting audio surveillance with mobile parabolics.

Dina: What does that mean?

Jack: Acknowledge that you can hear me. Copy that.

[Jack pulls out his knife. He aims it at his own stomach.]

Dina: What are you doing?

Jack: I have to make it look like I was injured during the attack.

[Jack plunges the knife into his stomach. He then loads his gun with bullets and hands it to Dina.]

Jack: Take my gun. This has to look as convincing as possible. Take my gun.

Dina: You must know that I want to kill you.

Jack: Yes. But you won’t because of Behrooz.

[Dina takes Jack’s gun.]

Jack: Let’s go.

[Jack and Dina get out of the car and approach Fayed’s house.]

Byron: They’re going in.

Michelle: We’re standing by.

Dina: What if Fayed doesn’t believe us?

Jack: Then we’re both dead.

[Inside, Fayed is watching a news report on TV.]

News Reporter on TV: …as people were evacuating the San Gabriel island area. As you can see here from footage that was shot earlier, there was a hundred mile radius as people trying to evacuate…

[Dina knocks on Fayed’s door. Fayed shuts down the TV and takes a gun from one of the drawers.]

Fayed: Who is it?

Dina: Joseph, it’s Dina Araz.

Fayed: Who?

Dina: Dina Araz. I’m a friend. My husband is Navi. He’s been killed.

Fayed: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Please, go away.

Dina: I need to speak to Marwan.

Fayed: I don’t know any Marwan.

Dina: Yes, you do.

Fayed: Go away before I call the police.

Dina: You won’t call the police, and we both know why.

Fayed: What do you want?

Dina: I have a hostage. Someone Marwan will want. His name is Jack Bauer. He’s a CTU agent. Now, please, let me in before someone sees me!

[Fayed opens the door and pins Jack to a wall.]

Fayed: Close the door! Put your gun over there. Do it!

[Dina does as Fayed asked. Fayed searches Jack for weapons and then knocks him out with the back of his gun.]

Fayed: How did you find me?

Dina: My husband told me.

Fayed: I don’t know your husband.

Dina: He knew you.

Fayed: Tell me what happened.

Dina: My husband was killed and I was arrested. They were transporting me to CTU. I heard an explosion and the van we were driving crashed. It was our people. They came to rescue me. Everyone fell, except Bauer and me. He was wounded and I managed to get his gun.

Fayed: Where did this happen?

Dina: At the intersection of Sepulveda and National, half a mile from here.

Fayed: Don’t move.

[Fayed nervously calls Marwan.]

Marwan: What is it?

Fayed: This is Fayed. A woman named Dina Araz came to me.

Marwan: How did she find you?

Fayed: She claims her husband told her.

Marwan: What does she want?

Fayed: She wants to bring you a hostage. A CTU agent named Jack Bauer.

Marwan: Jack Bauer?

[Chloe can’t tap into Fayed and Marwan’s phone conversation because the signal is scrambled.]

Michelle: Can you break into the other side of the conversation?

Chloe: No, the call’s being piped through a satellite switcher. The signal’s scrambled.

[Jack regains consciousness. Fayed doesn’t notice this.]

Fayed: As she was being transported, our people ambushed their vehicle at the intersection of Sepulveda and National. Everyone was killed, but she managed to escape with Bauer. What do you want me to do?

Marwan: Bring them to me. I will call you back in five minutes with the details. Be ready. Do you understand?

Fayed: Yes, I understand.

[Fayed hangs up.]

Fayed: Marwan wants to see you.

Michelle: Byron, it’s a go.

Byron: I heard. Set a follow grid and we’ll coordinate from our end.


[The Air Force pilot anxiously enters the base.]

Guard: Evening, sir.

John: Evening.

Guard: Pop the trunk for me, sir.

John: Since when are you searching officers’ cars at the gate, Sergeant?

Guard: Alleviated threat level.

[The guards search John’s car. They don’t see Anderson hiding inside the collapsed backseat.]

Guard: OK. You’re good to go, sir.

John: Thank you.

[John drives the car inside the base. Anderson radios Marwan.]

Anderson: I’m on base.

Marwan: Proceed as planed.

John: OK, I got you on base. Let me talk to my family.

Anderson: Open the trunk, John.

John: Let me talk to my wife.

Anderson: I said open the trunk.

John: Please, let me talk to my family.

Anderson: Your family is dead, and so are you.

[Anderson shoots John and puts him inside the trunk. Anderson takes the man’s pass card and identification. He then snips the thumb off the body with a pair of pliers.]


[The CTU doctor explains to Audrey and Heller that he called in a neurosurgeon to remove a bullet lodged near Paul’s spine.]

Doctor: Mrs. Raines, your husband sustained bullet wounds to his chest and abdomen. Now, we were able to extract one of the bullets, but I called a neurosurgeon in from seeders to help extract the second bullet.

Heller: Why a neurosurgeon?

Doctor: Well, the bullet is lodged against his T-5 vertebra and we wanna be careful to avoid any further spinal trauma.

Audrey: I can’t believe this is happening.

Doctor: I’ll let you know as soon as I get any news on his condition.

Heller: Thank you.

[Audrey cries.]

Audrey: Dad, I don’t think I realized how much I care for Paul until now.

Heller: I know this is terrible timing, but the President has called and I have to leave. You’ll be able to reach me on my number. The doctors will keep me up to speed.

Audrey: OK.

Heller: I love you, Audrey. And I’m proud to be your dad.

Audrey: I love you too. Be careful.


[Chloe tracks on satellite as Fayed has Dina drive the car. Jack is in the backseat.]

Jack: Where are you taking me?

Dina: Shut up. How far are we going?

Fayed: It won’t be long.

Dina: You look nervous.

Fayed: What do you expect?

Dina: I wouldn’t have contacted you if I felt I had a choice.

Fayed: And as a result, I have no choice.

Dina: We do whatever we have to for the cause, so what’s the problem?

Fayed: There is no problem.

Chloe: He’s approaching the intersection. They’re turning off Olympic.

Edgar: Move into next sub channel.

Michelle: He’s turning on to a side street. Collier Avenue. Hold that distance.

Byron: Understood.

Tony: He’s heading towards the Broad street Tunnel.

Michelle: He’s slowing down. Byron, drop back. We can’t afford to have him spot the tail.

Byron: We’re backing off. Turning into the tunnel.

Michelle: Maintain your distance.

Byron: That’s too far ahead for the parabolic. We’re not gonna be able to hear what’s going on in there.

Chloe: The tunnel is 400 yards long. They’ll be out of satellite view for approximately 20 seconds.

Fayed: Pull in front of this truck.

Dina: What’s going on?

Man: Get out of the car.

Dina: What are you doing?

[Terrorists dressed as construction workers grab Jack and Dina from the car. One of the men hands Fayed a briefcase.]

Man: From Marwan.

Fayed: Yes.

[Fayed drives off. Jack and Dina are loaded into another van which goes out the opposite way.]

Tony: This is taking too long.

[CTU sees Fayed’s car but they realize that Jack and Dina are not inside.]

Edgar: We got them. They’re out of the tunnel.

Michelle: Do you have a visual?

Byron: That’s it. We got them up ahead.

Edgar: Fayed’s turning out to Nepean.

Michelle: Nepean loops back around to Olympic.

Tony: Because he just spent the last five minutes driving in a circle.

Edgar: Maybe he’s trying to detect surveillance.

Tony: Chloe, can you switch to infrared?

Chloe: Hold on. There’s only one person in the car.

Michelle: He made a switch in the tunnel. Byron, the covert part of the operation is over. All teams, move in on the target car.

Byron: Alpha team, cut him off at the bridge. We’re right behind.

Michelle: Establish the perimeter around the area. Stop and search all vehicles. Chloe, do you have anything on satellite?

Chloe: Nothing around the immediate area of the target’s car.

Tony: Go back into archives and find out what happened.

Chloe: Yeah, it’s gonna take a few minutes.

Tony: Do it.

Michelle: Byron, what’s your status?

Byron: We’re closing in now. We got him surrounded on the bridge. I’ll take the lead.

Agent: Get out of the car and put your hands up now!

Agent #2: Out of the car!

Agent: Go! Go! Go!

[As the agents approach the car, Fayed sets off the bomb in the briefcase. CTU watches in horror over satellite.]

Chloe: Oh, my God.

Michelle: Marwan’s had us up.


[A CTU agent calls CTU from the scene of the explosion.]

Tony: Almeida.

Agent: This is Delevan, agent Byron’s dead, so is Fayed. Is there any sign of Jack?

Tony: No, not yet. Any other hostiles in the area?

Delevan: The area looks secure.

Tony: OK. I’ll get you another backup team as soon as I can.

[Tony hangs up.]

Chloe: I have the archives satellite footage.

Michelle: Play it back.

Chloe: OK. During the time Fayed’s car is in the tunnel, three vehicles exit.

Michelle: Check the van.

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