Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Tony: Can you get me a license number on that?

Chloe: Not from the satellite. Let me check the traffic cameras. Edgar, get me the caltrans interface.

Edgar: We have a socket open. Logging in. Done.

Chloe: OK. There’s a camera at the entrance to the tunnel. Looking for the right frame. Got it.

Michelle: Send this out to all the field teams. I want interagency support on setting up a grid.

Tony: I’m on it. We have an ID on a vehicle. White Chevy van, late 90’s, license plate: Charlie-Victor-Alpha-3-2-2.


[The men driving the van stop the car and take Jack and Dina to Marwan.]

Marwan: You’ve caused me a lot of trouble.

[Marwan kicks Jack to the floor.]

Marwan: Sorry for your loss, Dina. Navi was a good man. I hope my men weren’t too rough with you. It was necessary, in case you were under surveillance.

Dina: I understand, but we weren’t followed. I was careful.

Marwan: You’re a good liar, Dina.

Dina: What?

Marwan: Fayed martyred himself. The men who were following you are dead.

Dina: What men?

Marwan: Enough with the lies!

[Marwan pulls a gun on Dina.]

Dina: Marwan, please believe me, I did not betray you.

[Marwan looks at Jack.]

Marwan: Prove it to me. Kill him.

[Marwan hands Dina his gun. She takes it. Dina aims the gun at Jack’s head. At the last second, she turns the gun on Marwan and pulls the trigger. The chamber clicks empty.]

Marwan: Just what I thought. Get him out of here.

[Marwan’s men kill Dina and take Jack away. Anderson enters the high security area of the Air Force base. He presses the pilot’s severed thumb to the keypad for verification. The door opens and he goes into the airplane hangar.]

____________________ 816

24 836

Previously on 24:

Paul: Jack, look out!

Jack: Paul! Get me a medic! Medic!

Medic: He’s losing pressure. I need ten cc’s of adrenaline, no compression.

Jack: It happened so fast, he was hit before I could do anything.

Audrey: How bad is it?

Jack: We don’t know. We just don’t know.

Audrey: Please tell me he’s not gonna die.


Dina: Why should I help you?

Jack: I’m offering you your freedom, Dina. You and Behrooz will be put in a witness protection program. You’d be given new names, identities, everything.

Dina: What do you need me to do?

Jack: I need you to go to Fayed and tell him that you need to speak to Marwan.

Dina: He won’t let me through his front door, let alone get near Marwan.

Jack: He will when you tell him that you’ve got a hostage that can help him.

Dina: Who?

Jack: Me.

Dina: What if Fayed doesn’t believe us?

Jack: Then we’re both dead.

Fayed: Close the door! Put your gun over there. Do it!

Marwan: What is it?

Fayed: A woman named Dina Araz came to me.

Marwan: What does she want?

Fayed: She wants to bring you a hostage. A CTU agent named Jack Bauer.


Marwan: You’ve caused me a lot of trouble, Mr. Bauer. Kill him. Just what I thought.


Marwan: Meet them at the hotel.

Anderson: I’ll need his entire flight package, including clearance and identification codes.

Marwan: You’ll have whatever you need.

Anderson: Get your things. We got a plane to catch.


John: Let me talk to my family.

Anderson: Your family is dead, and so are you.


The following takes place between 9:00 P.M. and 10:00 P.M.

Michelle: Edgar, have you found any way to locate Jack?

Edgar: We’re trying, but Marwan wasn’t stupid. He covered his tracks.

Chloe: Michelle.

Michelle: What do we have, Chloe?

Chloe: Local PD found the van that Jack and Dina were in.

Michelle: Where?

Chloe: It was abandoned at an industrial warehouse at the far end of San Fernando road. Dina’s body was in it.

Michelle: OK. Tell local police to look for witnesses. We need a license plate, something to follow. Edgar, pull up satellite from 8:45 to 9:00 O’clock.

Edgar: I’m on it.

Michelle: All right, everyone, listen up. Jack Bauer is missing. There’s a good chance he’s being held by our primary target, Habib Marwan. Because we believe Marwan is preparing for another domestic attack today we need to pull all our resources to find him. All com teams coordinate with Edgar. Thank you.


[Jack wakes up in the back of another van. Marwan’s cell phone rings. Jack listens as Marwan takes the call.]

Marwan: Yes?

Anderson: There’s a problem.

Marwan: What?

Anderson: I got into the base through both layers of security using the pilot’s ID. Just as I was about to do a pre-fly check they grounded the plane.

Marwan: Why?

Anderson: Checking the trouble sensor. They might have to swap out a defective part.

Marwan: How long will it take?

Anderson: I don’t know yet.

Marwan: Resolve this now. It’s time to hand your money, Mr. Anderson. The window of opportunity on the target closes in an hour.

Anderson: I understand.

[Anderson hangs up. He approaches a mechanic to find out more about the plane’s situation.]

Anderson: Excuse me.

Mechanic: Yes, sir?

Anderson: You’re working on the Phoenix?

Mechanic: Yes, Captain. Sent me down from Hawkins. You’re taking her up?

Anderson: That’s the plan. What’s the ETA on getting me into the air?

Mechanic: Well, the trouble sensor was correct, sir. There was an aniline fracture on one of your strut pins, but, uh, replacement won’t be until morning.

Anderson: Is that the only problem? Strut pin?

Mechanic: Well, yes, sir, but it’d be one hell of a problem when you try to land. We were assembling with the sin gram impact. The only way out would be to parachute out and hope the jet doesn’t come down on anyone.

Anderson: Did you make your report to the Chief Mechanical Officer?

Mechanic: I was just about to head over there right now, Captain. And then I’m gonna head over to Ventura for a little R & R.

Anderson: It sounds great. Don’t let me hold you up.

Mechanic: Thanks, sir.

[The mechanic turns around to leave. Anderson shoots him in the head.]


Tony: Thanks. ME says Dina’s been dead for less than 30 minutes. We can only assume that that’s when Marwan grabbed Jack.

Michelle: What’s the search range on Jack and Marwan?

Tony: Fifteen hundred square miles, but it’s increasing by the minute.

Michelle: What about chatter?

Tony: Well, I filtered through everything that came from Langley, NSA and Interpol. None of it’s correlating right now.

Michelle: And volume?

Tony: It’s actually slowing down, which may mean that we’ve incurred all the damage we will today.

Michelle: Or could be the calm before the storm.

Tony: Yeah. The one thing we know for sure is that if Jack’s alive, he’ll find a way to contact us.

Michelle: We jut have to wait until we pick up a thread on Marwan.

Tony: Yeah.

Michelle: Tony.

Tony: Yeah?

Michelle: So I heard Jack called you earlier today.

Tony: Yeah.

Michelle: And that you saved his life.

Tony: Well, we both know I owed him one, right? Look, Audrey’s been waiting for her husband to get out of surgery. I think we should tell her about Jack.

Michelle: Why?

Tony: They’re involved.

Michelle: She’s married.

Tony: Separated.

Michelle: Well, then I prefer not to tell her anything.

Tony: Why?

Michelle: Because we may have to make a very tough call on how Jack’s capture plays out.

Tony: Well, Michelle, she’s a professional. She knows that’s a possibility. I think it’d be wrong to keep it from her.

Michelle: I don’t want her interfering.

Tony: I think she has a right to know. But, hey, you’re the boss. It’s your call.

Audrey: Excuse me.

Tony: How’s Paul doing?

Audrey: He’s still in surgery. I won’t know until he gets out. Have you heard anything from Jack?

Michelle: Jack is missing.

Audrey: Missing?

Michelle: We think he was taken by Habib Marwan.

Audrey: Oh, my God. What are we doing to get him back?

Michelle: Everything we can.

Audrey: How did this happen? I thought we were tracking him. He’s supposed to be protected.

Michelle: No one is fully protected in the field.

Audrey: Who was in charge of this operation?

Michelle: I was.

Audrey: Get him back, Michelle.


[Marwan and his men bring Jack to their hideout and chain him to a pipe.]

Marwan: I have a few simple questions. If you answer them, there’s a chance you might survive today.

Jack: Don’t waste your time.

Marwan: You located me through a man named Joseph Fayed, who you might be interested to know, has since martyred himself. It would help me if I knew he was the only link you had to me.

Jack: Whatever you’ve planned next is going to fail, just like everything else you’ve tried today.

Marwan: Fail? Almost 40 dead in the train crash, many more near the San Gabriel island nuclear plant.

Jack: That wasn’t really your plan, was it? We managed to stop the other 103 power plants from melting down. That’s what America will remember, that we stopped you.

Marwan: No. They’ll remember the image of Secretary of Defense Heller held hostage on your own soil, and it will burn in their psyches. This country will forever be afraid to let their leaders again public.

Jack: For all the hatred that you have for this country, you don’t understand it very well. Whatever you throw at us, I promise you, that’ll never happen.

[Marwan leaves and enters an adjacent room where on of the guard approaches him to alert him of a problem.]

Guard: Marwan, we have a problem.

Marwan: What is it?

Guard: The family of the pilot that we killed.

Marwan: What about them? We’ve disposed of the bodies, right?

Guard: Yes, yes, but a relative showed up at the house and became suspicious when no one was home. He called the police and they’re now looking into it.

Marwan: Has it gotten to CTU yet?

Guard: No, but this man was a military pilot. If it will be flagged by other agencies, it’ll get to CTU within the hour. What do you think we should do?

Marwan: We have to make sure CTU is too busy to realize its significance. Distract them.

Guard: How?

[Marwan goes back to the room where Jack is being held.]

Marwan: Tell me about the boy.

Jack: What boy?

Marwan: Behrooz Araz.

Jack: What do you care about him for?

Marwan: Does CTU have him in custody?

Jack: Yes, he’s safe.

Marwan: You answered the question. Are you telling me the truth?

Jack: Call CTU. Ask them yourself.

[Marwan leaves the room again. Jack notices a telephone panel box in proximity to his chained hands.]


[Chloe can’t get into the central server. She calls Edgar for the password.]

Edgar: Edgar Stiles.

Chloe: Edgar, what’s the new password for the central server?

Edgar: I’ll get you on.

Chloe: No, don’t get me on, just give me the password so I can access it whenever I want to.

Edgar: It’s not your area anymore.

Chloe: What are you talking about? You work for me.

Edgar: No, I worked for you. Worked, with an ed at the end, past tense.

Chloe: Edgar, I’ve been reinstated, so quit being territorial and just give me the password.

Edgar: No.

[Chloe gets up and approaches Curtis.]

Chloe: Curtis, could you please explain to Edgar that I’ve been rehired to resume my position as Head of Comm?

Curtis: Things have changed, Chloe. Edgar took over for you. You’ll be working for him now.

Chloe: You’re kidding. Michelle called me in because things were falling apart here under Edgar. Now give me my command or I walk.

Curtis: You’ll have equal authority. Just on paper it has to look like you work for him.

Chloe: Well, I’m not gonna do that as a matter of principal.

Curtis: You’ll be bumped up to a term-4 analyst. That’s 35 percent of your present salary, plus bonus.

Chloe: Well, I should be getting that anyway, and that’s not my point. Edgar works for me.

Curtis: Not today, Chloe.

Chloe: Fine. What’s the password to the central server?

Curtis: CIS15A.

Chloe: Thanks.

[Chloe goes back to her workstation.]

Edgar: Curtis. A man who says he’s Habib Marwan is on line 1. He wants to speak to the Director of CTU.

Curtis: Put it through a high-res filter, activate all tracers and recorders.

Curtis: Michelle. Someone who claims to be Habib Marwan’s on line. He wants to talk to you.

Michelle: Are you prepped for the call?

Curtis: Yeah. Take it there.

Michelle: Put him through. This is Michelle Dessler, Director of CTU. To whom am I speaking?

Marwan: This is Habib Marwan. Jack Bauer is alive and in my custody.

Michelle: I’ll need to speak to him.

Marwan: I’ll return him to you unharmed in exchange for Behrooz Araz. I will give you ten minutes to secure clearances with your people.

Michelle: I need more time before I can agree to that.

Marwan: Ten minutes. I will call you then with exact details on how the exchange is to proceed.

[Marwan hangs up.]

Michelle: Did you get a trace?

Edgar: No.

Michelle: All right, confirm Marwan’s identity off voice, and process Behrooz Araz. We may need to move him.

Edgar: Got it.

Curtis: Why is Behrooz Araz worth trading for Jack?

Michelle: I don’t know. Have all tactical teams meet me in the situation room.

Curtis: Yeah.


Marwan: Have the local police sent the report about the pilot and his missing family to CTU yet?

Guard: I don’t think so, but our contact at LAPD says that the report has been flagged. It will go out to all the agencies within the next 15 minutes.

Marwan: If CTU gets a hold of it even a minute too soon, they’ll be able to stop us. You need to tell me the second that report gets released.

Guard: Yes, Marwan.


Michelle: Marwan wants to exchange Jack Bauer for Behrooz Araz. The obvious question is why.

Tony: The way I see it, there are two possibilities; One, there’s a personal connection. Two, Behrooz has information that can damage Marwan.

Michelle: I agree. Edgar, have your team sift through everything we have on Behrooz Araz. Go back as far as you can and see if there’s a family link between him and Marwan. Did the initial interrogation reveal that Behrooz knew anything that might make him valuable to Marwan?

Tony: No, but the main focus was on the mother. We really didn’t push him very hard.

Michelle: Curtis, push harder. See what you can find, but do it now. My guess is Marwan will wanna make this exchange within the hour. Tony, monitor him from the observation room. Chloe, what do we have on audio?

Chloe: I was able to get some voice memos from McLennan Forster. The voice print matched – it was Marwan.

Tony: So how are you gonna handle this?

Curtis: The kid thinks his mother made a deal to protect him. The first thing we have to do is let him think that deal’s off.

Tony: No, we can’t use a psychological approach. It’s too slow.

Curtis: What are you suggesting?

Tony: Well, I think he’s just gonna drag us feet unless we put some physical pressure on him.

Curtis: He’s just a scared kid. I’m pretty sure he’s given us everything he knows.

Tony: You’re pretty sure?

Curtis: I’ll call Richards.

Audrey: Tony.

Tony: Go ahead. I’ll catch up.

[Curtis leaves.]

Audrey: Have you heard anything on Jack?

Tony: Yeah, we just got some information a couple of minutes ago.

Audrey: Why didn’t you let me know?

Tony: I’m sorry, Audrey, but things are going pretty fast here. Look, Jack’s alive. He is being held by Marwan.

Audrey: How did you confirm that?

Tony: Marwan contacted us.

Audrey: He contacted you? Why would he do that?

Tony: He wants to make a trade – Jack for Behrooz.

Audrey: When is that gonna happen?

Tony: Well, we don’t know if it is gonna happen.

Audrey: What do you mean?

Tony: Look, if he wants to make this trade, it means that Behrooz has tactical value. If that’s the case, then we may have to hold onto him. Look, there’s a lot of stuff we have to go over before anything happens. I’ll keep you posted, but right now I have to get in that room with Behrooz, all right?

Audrey: Thank you.


Curtis: All right. Keep it that level. Let me know if the reading’s fluctuating.

Tony: Remember, he doesn’t know that his mother’s dead.

Curtis: I know.

[Curtis enters the holding room.]

Curtis: Hello, Behrooz.

Behrooz: How much longer do I have to stay here?

Curtis: These things take time.

Behrooz: Where’s my mother?

Curtis: She’s still in the field.

Behrooz: With Jack Bauer? Is she OK?

Curtis: Yeah, she’s fine.

[Curtis gets physically forceful with Behrooz.]

Curtis: Tell me about Habib Marwan.

Behrooz: Why are you doing this?

Curtis: Habib Marwan. Your mother gave us a little information. She said you could give us some more.

Behrooz: You promised you wouldn’t hurt me, please, get this guy away from me!

Curtis: Look over here. We’re just gonna have a little talk.

Behrooz: Marwan’s the leader, that’s all I know. I heard my parents talk about him, that’s it.

Tony: Go ahead.

[Richards enters the holding room.]

Behrooz: What are you gonna do? What is he gonna do to me?

Curtis: I’m sorry, Behrooz, we just don’t have a lot of time.

Behrooz: No! No! No! Please, let go of me! Please, no!


Marwan: This is Marwan. Get me Michelle Dessler.

Edgar: Ms. Dessler, it’s Marwan.

Michelle: Everyone on this! This is Dessler.

Marwan: Union conduit dam, north entrance, 30 minutes.

Michelle: I need to know Jack Bauer is still alive.

Marwan: Very well. Michelle Dessler wants to make sure you’re alive.

[Marwan puts Jack on the phone.]

Jack: I’m being held in an abandoned warehouse, somewhere downtown.

[Marwan quickly pulls the phone away from Jack.]

Marwan: Satisfied?

Michelle: I don’t know if I can make this happen in 30 minutes.

Marwan: You’ll find a way.

Michelle: Wait, I…

[Marwan hangs up.]

Michelle: Dammit.

Jack: CTU will never go through with the exchange. I’m expendable.

Marwan: Yes, you are.

Jack: If Behrooz is a value to you, he’s a value to them. They’ll never let you have him back.

[Marwan goes to the other room.]

Guard: Marwan. The police report file has been distributed. In the next few minutes CTU will be alerted that the military pilot and his family are missing.

Marwan: All right.


[Edgar receives an hourly report log from LAPD and calls Chloe.]

Edgar: Chloe, the hourlies from LAPD are here. What do you usually do with them?

Chloe: I go through them and promote any flagged items at the annalist.

Edgar: I can’t do that now. I have to get ready for the call with Marwan.

Chloe: Well, I can’t do it either. I’m working on tracking Behrooz, but I’d get on those hourlies if I were you.

Edgar: Well, you’re not me. I’ll hand it off to Meg, tell her to sift through it and deal with any flagged items when we’re done with the exchange.

Chloe: OK, boss.

Meg: This is Meg.

Edgar: Meg, the hourlies from local law enforcement just came in. Chloe and I need you to sift through them.

Meg: Do you know how back damped we are down here?

Edgar: Yeah, well, it’s worse up here. Just do it, OK?

Meg: fine, send it to 4.


[Dressed in the dead mechanic’s overalls, Anderson approaches the chief mechanical officer.]

Anderson: The Phoenix is ready to go.

Officer: I thought we were waiting on a part.

Anderson: It’s a good thing they called me in for a second opinion. The abstract’s fine, it was just a faulty trouble sensor.

Officer: Are you sure?

Anderson: Absolutely, I triple-checked it. It’s just a false alarm. Here’s my report.

Officer: All right. I’ll clear it for takeoff.

[The chief mechanical officer calls to clear the plane for takeoff.]

Officer: This is Hoarder. Yeah, Phoenix is cleared for takeoff. All right.


Michelle: Were you able to narrow it down?

Edgar: So far, nothing.

Michelle: We need to get this out to all departments.


[Chloe brings Audrey some paperwork to sign.]

Audrey: Chloe, what’s wrong?

Chloe: Nothing. I mean, there’s no bad news about Jack yet, if that’s what you’re asking. Since Jack and your father aren’t here, you’re the official DOD representative, so these are some standard non-disclosures. Read them whenever you get a chance. I flagged where you need to sign.

Audrey: I’ll do that now.

Chloe: I’m really sorry about your husband.

Audrey: Thank you.

Chloe: I can’t imagine how I’d be feeling right now if I were you.

Audrey: I’m feeling like someone who’s afraid of losing her husband.

Chloe: No, I meant, you know, you and your husband are separated, and then you fall in love with Jack, I guess… And then they end up together and your husband ends up taking a bullet that saves Jack’s life. What do you do with that?

Audrey: I can’t think about that right now, Chloe, OK? I just need Paul to pull through this.

Chloe: I mean, what about Jack? You just assume that the terrorists aren’t gonna kill him?

Audrey: Chloe. I don’t wanna talk about it. Here.

Chloe: I was inappropriately blunt, wasn’t I? I do that a lot. Sorry. Sorry, I’m gonna go. I have a… field meeting anyway.


[Curtis tries to get information on Marwan from a drugged Behrooz.]

Curtis: When you said your father spoke to Marwan, was that on the phone or did he come to your house?

Behrooz: Both.

Curtis: Did you ever speak to Marwan alone away from your parents?

Behrooz: No.

Curtis: And when they made the preparations for today’s attacks, were you in the room?

Behrooz: I told you, they didn’t want me in there.

[Tony’s phone rings.]

Tony: Almeida.

Agent: Tony, the briefing’s about to start.

Tony: All right, I’ll be right there. If he produces something relevant, let me know. I’ll be in the briefing.

Agent: Yes, sir.

[Tony leaves.]


[The phone at Chloe’s workstation rings. She answers it.]

Chloe: O’Brian.

Meg: Chloe, is anything you’re doing up there yielding a military connection?

Chloe: No, why?

Meg: It may be nothing, but the county hourlies contain an incident report that might be worth looking at.

Chloe: What is it?

Meg: An air force pilot’s wife and kids were reported missing as of two hours ago.

Chloe: Two hours ago? How can someone be missing in two hours?

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