Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Meg: I don’t know, Chloe, I’m just telling you what it says here. Should I run it?

Chloe: No, we have to do it up here.

Meg: Then why did you send it down here in the first place?

Chloe: That was Edgar’s executive decision.

Meg: Shall I give it to you?

Chloe: No, I’m the primary tactical in the trade for Jack. Give it to Edgar.

Meg: He said he’s too busy.

Chloe: Just run it through county and get it to him.

Meg: OK.

[Meg burns the information onto a disk. Chloe calls Edgar.]

Chloe: Edgar.

Edgar: What?

Chloe: Meg found something in the hourly. She’s gonna get it to you. I need you to look at it. I’m preparing for this briefing.

Edgar: Can’t Meg do it?

Chloe: No, it’s the job of the lead tactical. Isn’t that what you think you are?

Edgar: I don’t need your sarcasm, OK? I’ll take care of it.

Chloe: Fantastic.


Audrey: Hey. Is this briefing about the trade for Jack?

Tony: Yeah. Marwan called us again.

Audrey: Has a decision been made whether to go through with it or not?

Tony: No, that’s gonna be decided in this meeting.

Audrey: By whom?

Tony: Division. Look, the assessor went down to run point.

Audrey: Is Division thinking about not going through with this exchange?

Tony: Honestly, it could go either way, but I don’t need to tell you that Jack would want us to do what’s best for the operation and this country, not what’s best for him.

Audrey: I know.

Tony: I’ll let you know what’s going on as soon as I can.

Audrey: All right. Thanks, Tony.

Michelle: Were you able to get anything out of Behrooz?

Tony: I don’t think he knows anything, but Curtis is still trying.

Michelle: OK. Bill, are you up to speed?

Buchanan: Yeah. I got briefed on the way here.

Michelle: All right, everyone. Listen up. This is Bill Buchanan from Division. He’ll be overseeing the operation. All department heads, run everything through him. Bill.

Buchanan: in less than half an hour, Habib Marwan wants to make an exchange at the union conduit dam - Behrooz Araz for Jack Bauer. Now, before we decide whether or not to go forward, I need to know a few things. Why does Marwan want the boy? What’s his value?

Michelle: We were unable to find any evidence that Behrooz had any critical information.

Buchanan: Did you push him?

Tony: Yeah. I don’t think the kid knows anything.

Buchanan: Who’s running backgrounds?

Chloe: Me. There’s nothing that specifically ties these two people together. The parents - yes, Behrooz - no.

Buchanan: Could Behrooz have had something implanted in his body? Something neither he nor his parents knew about?

Tony: No. We had him scanned when he was brought in.

Buchanan: Did you get an MRI?

Tony: Yeah.

Buchanan: I don’t like giving something up unless I know its value. Let’s talk about what happens if we don’t agree to the exchange.

Chloe: We don’t get Jack Bauer back, for one thing.

Buchanan: That can’t be the decidal factor here.

Michelle: Well, most importantly, if we don’t go through with this exchange we may lose an opportunity to trap Marwan.

Buchanan: Marwan has to know that’s what we’re thinking. The chances of him actually being present at the exchange are small.

Michelle: I agree, but we could put a tracer on Behrooz. He might lead us to Marwan.

Buchanan: We tried to trace Dina Araz and Jack an hour ago. They grabbed Jack and killed Dina.

Edgar: We’ll take a different approach. Use tracers, two of them. One for Marwan to find, the other subcutaneous.

Buchanan: There’s no guarantee he won’t find that one too.

Michelle: No, sir, there are no guarantees, period. But the fact is we have no viable leads on Marwan. We have to run with every chance we get.

Buchanan: Have tactical finish up the profiles in five minutes. Let’s get field teams on their way to the dam now.

Tony: How do you wanna approach the site?

Buchanan: We’ll figure that out when Marwan calls back with the details of the exchange. Go.


[Marwan calls Anderson.]

Anderson: Yeah?

Marwan: What’s your status?

Anderson: I should be airborne in 30 minutes.

Marwan: Very well.

[Marwan hangs up.]

Marwan: Get Bauer.

[Jack, meanwhile, has twisted the wires in the telephone panel box to cause sparks. Marwan’s thugs enter the room. While still handcuffed to the pipes, Jack knocks both of them down with his feet. This effectively distracts them from the box. The men subdue Jack and lead him out.]


[Meg brings Edgar a disk with verification on the Air Force pilot family’s missing person report.]

Edgar (over the phone): No, we have to have the satellite repositioned before the exchange takes place.

Meg: Edgar. Chloe wants you to take a look at this when you have the time.

Edgar (over the phone): Hang on, I’m gonna write that down. (To Meg) Just put it right there. Thank you. (Over the phone) Yeah, OK. Got it.

[Edgar hangs up. He is too busy to look at the hourlies.]


[Audrey is still at the clinic, waiting for Paul to get out of surgery.]

Nurse: Mrs. Raines. The Doctor wanted me to tell you that your husband should be out of surgery within the next hour.

Audrey: How is it going?

Nurse: That’s all he said.

Audrey: Thank you.

[Tony enters the room.]

Tony: Audrey. Any word on Paul?

Audrey: We still don’t know yet.

Tony: Look, I thought you’d wanna know. We have decided to go ahead with the exchange. We’re getting Behrooz ready right now.

Audrey: It’s not gonna be as simple as that, is it?

Tony: These things are never simple, but, uh… if Marwan really wants this kid, he’s got no reason to hurt Jack.

Audrey: And if he doesn’t and it’s just a trap?

Tony: We’ll be prepared. Our field agents will have the area fully covered.

Audrey: Tony, will you be there?

Tony: No, I’m gonna be running point from here, but Curtis will be on the ground.

Audrey: Is the operational objective to get Jack?

Tony: No, it isn’t. Audrey, we have to consider Jack expendable. This whole thing’s about creating an exposure point for Marwan.

Audrey: I know. Thank you for being straight with me, Tony.

Tony: Look, Jack’s about the only friend I have left, so I’m gonna do everything I can to keep him safe. All right? OK.


[Curtis preps Behrooz for the exchange.]

Behrooz: What are you doing? Where are you taking me?

Curtis: Habib Marwan offered to exchange one of our operatives for you. We accepted that offer.

Behrooz: What are you talking about? What does he want with me?

Curtis: We don’t know, but we’ll be behind you every step of the way and we’ll cover you as soon as possible.

Behrooz: Does my mother know about this?

Curtis: Yes.

Behrooz: You made a deal with her, to put us both in witness protection.

Curtis: And we’ll do everything to abide by that deal.

Behrooz: Then don’t do this!

Curtis: That’s not an option. Now, put this watch on.

Behrooz: No.

[Curtis puts the watch with the transmitter on Behrooz.]

Behrooz: Get off of me.

Curtis: These devices will help track you, and I give you my word, I’ll do everything in my power for you. Hang on, this is gonna sting.

[An agent injects another transmitter into the back of Behrooz’s head.]

Curtis: It’s a micro tracker implanted under your skin.

Behrooz: You don’t care about me or your word. You’re just using me.

Agent: Let’s go.


[Edgar is just about to go through the hourlies when Tony interrupts.]

Tony: Edgar, I need you to sterilize a video feed to Curtis’ van.

Edgar: Tony, I’m stacked up. I got teams that need tactical uploads. These hourlies need to be looked at, they’re 30 minutes past due. And now I gotta put video together?

Tony: The video’s a priority. I’ll take care of the uploads.

Edgar: What about the hourlies?

Tony: Get on them as soon as the link’s in place.

[Edgar puts Meg’s disk aside. Chloe monitors the two tracking devices on Behrooz.]

Tony: Is that tracker working?

Chloe: The red dot is the decoy. When they find the watch and remove it, we can still trace the tracker in the back of his neck.

Tony: All right. Edgar, make sure all cellular stations in that area are put on auto trace.

Edgar: Got it.

Buchanan: When our vehicles get within two miles off the dam on the west, have them hold. Nobody goes into that area until we hear from Marwan again.

Tony: All right, Castle and his team will be there as soon as possible. Behrooz is on his way, the tracers are in place.

Michelle: We don’t have time to send in sweep teams. Make sure it’s not a trap.

Buchanan: We don’t have a choice.

[The phone rings.]

Edgar: CTU, Edgar Stiles.

Marwan: This is Marwan. Get Dessler.

Edgar: Miss Dessler, it’s Marwan.

Michelle: This is Dessler.

Marwan: I’m going to give you final instructions now. Make sure you follow them implacably. Are you ready?

Michelle: Go ahead.

Marwan: How are you transporting Behrooz?

Michelle: In one of our tactical vehicles.

Marwan: Good. Now, approach via the frontage road. Pull up at the back gate of the dam and have Behrooz get out by himself and walk toward the gate. A van will be there to pick him up.

Michelle: What about Jack Bauer?

Marwan: He’ll be in the van.

Michelle: That doesn’t work for me. I wanna see Jack before I give up Behrooz.

Marwan: That’s acceptable.

Michelle: And I want him unharmed.

Marwan: Your boy scout is just fine.

Michelle: OK.

Marwan: Remember, Behrooz gets out by himself. If any of your agents interfere, Bauer dies.

Michelle: Understood.

Marwan: Don’t be late.

Michelle: Our vehicle’s five minutes away.

Marwan: Then we’ll see you in five minutes.

[Marwan hangs up.]

Marwan: That should keep them busy.

Guard: What do you want to do about Bauer?

Marwan: As soon as we have Behrooz, we kill Bauer.


[Curtis and Behrooz are on the way to the meeting point.]

Behrooz: Who’s going to protect me?

Curtis: We are. That’s why we put trackers on you.

Behrooz: You don’t think Marwan will find them? He will.

Curtis: Hopefully it won’t come to that, Behrooz.

Behrooz: What does that mean?

Curtis: We’re gonna have the area surrounded. We will protect you.

Behrooz: Why would you protect me? I’m nothing to you people. You think I’m a terrorist.

Curtis: I don’t believe you are.

Behrooz: If Marwan is going to be there, why don’t you just grab him when we get there?

Curtis: He’s probably not gonna be there. We need you to lead us to him.

Behrooz: Oh, God.

Curtis: It’s gonna be all right.

Behrooz: It’s not.


Sniper: I’m in position.

Marwan: Does CTU have anyone there yet?

Sniper: No, but Rashid has spotted vehicles at the edge of the access road. We think that it might be them.

Marwan: OK. Wait until the exchange, then I’ll give you the word to take out Bauer.

Sniper: All right.

Guard: Once the trade is made, how much longer do we need to keep CTU distracted?

Marwan: Ideally, until we hit the target. In any event, as long as possible.

Guard: And what should my men do with Behrooz once we have him?

Marwan: I haven’t decided yet.


[The CTU van arrives near the dam. Marwan’s cell phone rings.]

Marwan: Yes?

Sniper: They are here.

Marwan: Good. Send in the van.

[Curtis walks Behrooz out of the car.]

Behrooz: I don’t wanna do this, please. I’m afraid.

Curtis: I told you, Behrooz. We’ll be behind you every step of the way.

Behrooz: What good will that do if he wants me dead?

Curtis: He’s not going through all of this just so he can kill you, all right?

[Marwan’s van arrives.]

Curtis: All right, the van’s here.

Guard (to Jack): Come on, move it.

Curtis: All right, I see Jack.

Tony: This might be all we’re gonna get. We could converge on him now.

Michelle: Edgar, is there any indication that Marwan has other personnel or vehicles in the area?

Edgar: No, just the van.

Michelle: Marwan’s not gonna be there.

Buchanan: If we close in now, they could take the van out themselves. We’ll proceed.

Michelle: Curtis, it’s a go.

Curtis: All right. I’m sending Behrooz. Go ahead. It’s all right.

Guard (to Jack): Go.

[Behrooz walks toward Jack as the exchange takes place.]

Behrooz: Is my mother in the van? She was working with you. Where is she?

Jack: I don’t know.

Behrooz: I don’t wanna die.

[Marwan’s men grab Behrooz and put him in the van.]

Sniper: They’ve got Behrooz. I’ve got Bauer in my sight.

Marwan: Take him out.

[Suddenly, a CTU sniper takes out Marwan’s sniper first. The field ops grab Jack and throw him in the van.]

Jack: Why’d you give that kid? Why’d you give the kid?

Curtis: It’s OK, he’s being double tagged, we’ll be tracking him. All right, you two, secure the area. You two, let’s go.

[Jack calls Tony.]

Tony: Almeida.

Jack: Tony, it’s Jack.

Tony: Yeah, Jack, I got Buchanan and Michelle here. I’m putting you on speaker.

Jack: OK.

Tony: Are you OK?

Jack: Yeah, I’m fine. Look, Tony, I need you to pick up a phone main tracks within a 20 mile radius of the dam.

Tony: What are you thinking?

Jack: I managed to short circuit some phone lines in the building that I was being held. Look, if you can find two service obstructions at the same coordinates, we can get to Marwan.

Tony: I’m opening up an interface with the phone company right now.

Jack: Tony, we don’t have a lot of time. Marwan was at the building when they moved me, but he’s not gonna stay there for long.

Tony: We have tactical teams ready to go. Once we get a location, I’ll position them for assault.

Jack: OK, I know the layout, I’ll run point.

Tony: Copy that.


Chloe: The van’s heading west on center. Both trackers are registering so far.

Curtis: Good. Let me know if anything changes.

Chloe: OK, I will.

[Meanwhile, Behrooz is in the van with Marwan’s men.]

Man: Marwan, we have the boy.

Marwan: I know they will have placed tracking devices on him. Find them.

Man: We are looking for them now.

Marwan: When you’ve destroyed them, report back to me.

Man: Very well.

[Marwan’s men spot the tracking device on Behrooz’s watch and remove the watch.]

Behrooz: Where’s my mother?

Man: Your mother is dead.

Behrooz: No. I don’t believe you.

[Marwan’s men also find the injected transmitter in Behrooz’s neck and carve it out with a knife.]

Behrooz: What are you gonna do to me? No! No…

[Chloe calls Curtis.]

Curtis: Curtis.

Chloe: We lost one of the tags. They found the decoy.

Curtis: All right. How’s the injected device looking?

Chloe: Still tracking. Wait. No, it’s not. They must have found it.

Curtis: Dammit. All right, can you get me a visual on the van?

Chloe: Hold on.

[Chloe calls Edgar, who just started sifting through the hourlies.]

Edgar: Yeah, Chloe?

Chloe: We need the satellite pumped into the tactical server.

Edgar: Chloe, I got something you should see.

Chloe: OK, I’ll get to it. Right now we need that satellite to find Behrooz Araz before they kill him.

Edgar: I’m on it.

[Edgar pulls the hourlies CD out again and puts it aside.]


[From the phone records, Tony gets the coordinates on Marwan’s location.]

Tony: We have a location from the phone company. I repeat, we have a location where Marwan was holding Jack. Edgar, download these coordinates to tactical right now.


[Marwan is on the phone with Anderson.]

Marwan: Our window is closing. We will only have this one opportunity. You’ve gotta get into the air now.

Anderson: No problem. I’m ready and on the move.

[Anderson is in the cockpit of an F-117A stealth fighter jet as it rolls out onto the tarmac.]

____________________ 837

24 861

Previously on 24:

Jack: Whatever you’ve planned next is going to fail, just like everything else you’ve tried today.

Marwan: Almost 40 dead in the train crash, many more near the San Gabriel island nuclear plant.

Jack: We managed to stop the other 103 power plants from melting down. That’s what America will remember, that we stopped you.

Marwan: No. This country will forever be afraid to let their leaders again public.

Jack: For all the hatred that you have for this country, you don’t understand it very well.


Rafique: Marwan. The police report file has been distributed. In the next few minutes CTU will be alerted that the military pilot and his family are missing. What do you think we should do?

Marwan: We have to make sure CTU is too busy to realize its significance. Jack Bauer is alive and in my custody. I will return him to you unharmed in exchange for Behrooz Araz.


Michelle: This is Bill Buchanan from Division. He’ll be overseeing the operation.

Buchanan: Let’s talk about what happens if we don’t agree to the exchange.

Chloe: We don’t get Jack Bauer back, for one thing.

Buchanan: That can’t be the decidal factor here.

Michelle: Well, most importantly, if we don’t go through with this exchange we may lose an opportunity to trap Marwan.


Behrooz: Is my mother in the van? She was working with you. Where is she?

Jack: I don’t know.

Behrooz: I don’t wanna die.

Jack: Why’d you give that kid?

Curtis: It’s OK, he’s being double tagged, we’ll be tracking him.

Jack: I managed to short circuit some phone lines in the building that I was being held. If you can find two service obstructions at the same coordinates, we can get to Marwan.

Tony: We have a location where Marwan was holding Jack.


Marwan: Yes?

Anderson: There’s a problem. Just as I was about to do a pre-fly check they grounded the plane.

Marwan: Resolve this now.


Anderson: Did you make your report to the Chief Mechanical Officer?

Mechanic: I was just about to head over there right now.

Anderson: Don’t let me hold you up.


Anderson: It’s just a false alarm.

Officer: All right. I’ll clear it for takeoff.


The following takes place between 10:00 P.M. and 11:00 P.M.

[Tony and Michelle brief President Keeler, who has been circling in Air Force One for twenty hours.]

Tony: We placed multiple trackers on Behrooz Araz, but those are no longer transmitting, which means that Marwan’s men found and destroyed them.

Keeler: Are you close to finding Marwan?

Tony: We may be, sir. Jack Bauer managed to tag the location where he was being held. We’re preparing to mount a raid on that location as we speak.

Keeler: I want Marwan found, now. I’ve asked Secret Service to secure a landing site so I can be on the ground to address the nation before the 11:00 O’clock news.

Tony: Sir, we believe that you’re safer in the air right now.

Keeler: I have been flying for twenty hours. The American people need to hear from me now, not tomorrow.

Michelle: Then may I suggest you do it from Air Force One? It may not be optimal, but at least you’ll get your message across.

Keeler: I appreciate your concerns, but I’m going to give my speech when I get to Los Angeles. I’ll inform the press core, give them enough time to notify their oblates.

Michelle: Yes, Mr. President.

Keeler: Just make sure I’m briefed on Bauer’s progress before I go on the air.

Michelle: Of course.

[The president hut the video feed off.]

Michelle: What’s Jack’s status?

Tony: His team just arrived at Marwan’s location. They should be in place in a few minutes.


[Jack calls CTU to report that he’s at Marwan’s hideout.]

Chloe: CTU, Com.

Jack: This is Bauer. Strike teams are moving into final position. We’re about five minutes out. How are you on your end?

Chloe: We’re coordinating backup teams, and the building plans are online.

Jack: Chloe?

Chloe: Yeah, it’s me. Michelle brought me back in.

Jack: Good. Are the satellites in position?

Chloe: Yes. We’ve been monitoring the area for the past five minutes, but there’s been no activity.

Jack: How’s Paul Raines doing? Is he still in surgery?

Chloe: No, he just got out.

Jack: Chloe, I’m glad to have you back. We’re gonna need your help. Look, is Audrey there?

Chloe: I think so.

Jack: Let me speak to her.

Chloe: Hold on.

[Chloe calls Audrey on her cell phone.]

Audrey: Hello?

Chloe: Audrey, I have Jack on the line. Are you there?

Audrey: Yeah, I’m here.

Chloe: Hold for Jack.

Audrey: OK.

[Chloe puts Jack through to Audrey.]

Jack: Audrey?

Audrey: Jack. Are you OK?

Jack: Yeah, I’m fine. How’s Paul doing?

Audrey: They just finished operating. They said he’s gonna make it. I’m waiting to talk to the doctors.

Jack: Good, I’m glad. Look, Audrey. I know we have to talk about how I handled everything with Paul.

Audrey: Yeah, we do. It’s just… it’s really hard right now.

Jack: Yeah, I… I understand.

Audrey: Are you still out in the field?

Jack: Yeah, we’re getting ready to move on Marwan.

Audrey: Be careful.

Jack: Yeah, I’ll call you as soon as it’s done.

Audrey: Yeah. Right.

[Jack hangs up.]


[Michelle and Chloe brief Buchanan.]

Buchanan: I just got off the phone with DOD. They wanna know what our status is.

Michelle: Jack’s team has been deployed to Marwan’s location. He should begin the assault any minute.

Buchanan: Did you get a read on how many hostile are inside?

Chloe: Based on the infrared scan, we count eight.

Buchanan: Did we pick up voice transmission that could indicate that one of them is Marwan?

Chloe: No, but we know he was there 25 minutes ago, when Jack left the building.


[Marwan speaks to Nicole, the woman who lured the Air Force pilot into bed to get his passcards.]

Marwan: If the information on that hard drive is discovered by the Americans, it’ll jeopardize the next phase of our plan.

Nicole: Well, it’s not here.

Marwan: No, you haven’t looked hard enough.

Nicole: I’ve been searching for almost an hour.

Marwan: Aziz told one of his men he hid a backup copy of those files in his apartment.

Nicole: Well, why didn’t Aziz tell you where he hid it?

Marwan: Because he was killed before he could tell me.

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