Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Keeler: I see.

[Keeler hangs up.]

Kevin: Dad?

Keeler: It’s gonna be OK. It seems our plane may come under attack. We’re gonna take some precautions. Get me the Vice President on the phone.

Robert: Yes, sir.


[Tony sends Jack a photo and bio of Anderson and calls Jack.]

Tony: All right, Jack. It should be coming through right now.

Jack: Yeah, I got it.

Tony: There’s not much to go on. Parents deceased, has a sister named Alicia. It looks like they might have lived together at the same address for a number of years, so they might be close.

Jack: Any recent contact information?

Tony: No. Let me see if I can find that for you.

Jack: No, we don’t have any time. Have you got the recall frequency?

Tony: Yeah.

Jack: Get ready to patch me through to Anderson.

Tony: Copy that.

[Chloe sees on her screen that Air Force One will soon touch down.]

Chloe: Air Force One is descending to 20,000 feet. The fighters have formed a protective shield.

Michelle: How long before it touches down?

Chloe: Nine minutes.

Michelle: And the fighters report no sign of stealth aircraft?

Chloe: Not yet.

Michelle: Maybe it’s not there.

Chloe: It’s there, we just can’t see it. We’re being beaten by our own technology.

[Tony gets the recall frequency in order to get through to the stealth bomber.]

Tony: Jack, you’re set. When you hit your intercom buzzer, you’ll be patched through to the stealth fighter.

Jack: Copy that.

[Tony patches Jack through to the stealth’s radio system.]

Jack: Mitch Anderson, can you hear me? Captain Anderson, do you read me?

[Anderson doesn’t respond.]

Jack: My name is Jack Bauer. I’m a Federal Agent. We know who you are. We know what you’re trying to do. Sir, I know you can hear me. Nothing you’ve done so far can’t be undone. All you have to do is change your vector to heading 115 southeast. That’ll put you on a fast track to Edwards Air Force base. Once you touch down, then we can discuss how you wanna handle this. Please, just talk to me. Explain to me what you’re trying to do, what you’re trying to accomplish. Why?

[Anderson still doesn’t respond. Jack turns to Anderson’s bio.]

Jack: I’ve been going over your service record. It’s very impressive. Graduated at the top of your class, Air Force Academy, highly decorated for your service in Desert Storm, including Air Force Silver Star. What happened to you? Explain it to me. Because what you’re trying to do right now – I don’t think that’s who you are. I don’t think that’s how you wanna be remembered.


[Keeler talks to his Vice President, Charles Logan, over the phone.]

Keeler: If I go down, you have to stay the course, do you understand?

Logan: Mr. President, I’m sure it won’t come to that.

Keeler: Charles, you’re the Vice President. The nation will be relying on you. If the worst happens, think of me as a casualty of war. Don’t waste time. Just pick up the torch and move forward.

Logan: Yes, sir, Mr. President.

[Keeler hangs up.]

Robert: Mr. President, we think CTU is in communication with the pilot of the stolen aircraft.

Keeler: Patch it through.

[Robert patches through the call so the President can hear it.]

Jack: Sir, I’ve just been notified by the FBI that they’ve contacted your sister Alicia. They’ve advised her of what’s happening. She’s scared. She wants to talk to you. All you have to do, Captain Anderson, is respond to me and I’ll put her right through.

[Anderson is affected, but turns the receiver off.]

Jack: Captain Anderson? Captain Anderson? Chloe, I think we’ve been cut off. Is there an override channel?

Chloe: He’s cut off all communication circuits. I don’t think there’s anything we can do.

Jack: Dammit!

[Hearing the call end, President Keeler hugs his son.]

Kevin: Dad. I’m scared.

[Anderson fires from the stealth. An explosion erupts in Air Force One.]

Chloe: Oh, my God.

Jack: Was Air Force One just hit? Was Air Force One just hit?!

Chloe: Escort pilots report Air Force One has suffered an indirect hit by an air-to-air missile. Pieces are falling to the ground over the desert.

[Everyone is horrified.]

____________________ 862

24 883

Previously on 24:

Marwan: We have a problem. If the information on that hard drive is discovered by the Americans, it’ll jeopardize the next phase of our plan.

Nicole: Well, it’s not here.

Marwan: Keep looking.


Jack: Agent Drake? Drop the weapon! Drop the weapon now!

Edgar: Jack’s on the line.

Michelle: Jack, what is it?

Jack: I pulled some data off a hard drive that we found hidden in Anderson’s apartment. I believe Mitch Anderson’s trying to steal a stealth fighter.


Michelle: Mr. President, we have reason to believe that a stealth fighter has been stolen by a terrorist. He’s in your airspace as we speak.

Keeler: Just how sure are we about this?

Michelle: It’s a near-certainty, Mr. President. This is a stealth aircraft. If he finds you, he may be on you before your fighter escort can react.


Jack: Mitch Anderson, we know who you are. We know what you’re trying to do. Captain Anderson? Captain Anderson? Chloe, I think we’ve been cut off. Is there an override channel?

Chloe: He’s cut off all communication circuits. I don’t think there’s anything we can do.


Kevin: Dad. I’m scared.

[Anderson fires from the stealth. An explosion erupts in Air Force One.]

Escort Pilot: Air Force One has been fired on. I repeat, Air Force One has been fired on.

Chloe: Oh, my God.

Jack: Was Air Force One just hit? Was Air Force One just hit?!

Chloe: Escort pilots report Air Force One has suffered an indirect hit by an air-to-air missile. Pieces are falling to the ground over the desert.


The following takes place between 11:00 P.M. and 12:00 A.M.

[As Air Force One plunges to the ground, CTU listens as the pilot radios in a distress call.]

Pilot: This is Air Force One. We are declaring an emergency. Repeat, Air Force One is declaring an emergency.

Man: Copy, Air Force One. What is your condition? Over.

Pilot: Extensive damage to the port side wing and fuse lines. We’ve lost our pressurization, losing fuel pressure. Low hydraulics.

Michelle: Chloe, are those the coordinates?

Pilot: We’re losing altitude fast.

Chloe: Yeah. They’re 20 knot of the miles northeast to the city of Indio.

Michelle: Edgar. Contact local PD and EMS. Alert them of the situation with Air Force One.

Edgar: On it.

Pilot: No fuel pressure at all. We’re not gonna make it.

Michelle: Tony, do we have any CTU support teams in the area?

Tony: The Las Vegas office has two satellites search and rescue teams available. I’m gonna dispatch Air Force One’s coordinates to all of the search and rescue teams over in LA and Vegas so they can start for the landing site now.

Michelle: Edgar, pull up satellite on the National Park. Pinpoint any possible landing scenarios. Chloe, what’s happening?

Chloe: We’ve lost the signal. They’re still moving fast and losing altitude.

Michelle: Change the frequency.

Tony (over the phone): This is Tony Almeida at CTU. I need you to report the following coordinates of Air Force One to LA and Vegas search and rescue teams.

Chloe: OK, I’ve got it.

Pilot: Reaching 6 knots. Going through 7500 and 210 knots.

Man: Roger, 210 knots.

Michelle: Chloe, are you still waiting coordinates?

Chloe: Yeah, they’re making a turn.

Pilot: Roger, I’m close to a stall. Yeah, I’m putting you down now. Don’t get redeployed, we are still hard and fast.

Man: Roger that, Air Force One.

Michelle: Air Traffic Control, This is CTU. We are sending EMS, Police and rescue teams to the site ASAP.

Man: Copy that, CTU.

Pilot: This is Air Force One, descending through 5500, 169…

Michelle: Chloe, what’s showing on radar?

Pilot: Going in.

Michelle: Chloe!

Chloe: Air Force One is down.

Man: Air Force One? Air Force One, do you read? Air Force One is down.

Audrey: I just got a confirm of scattered ground flashes from DOD satellite.

Michelle: Edgar, bring that up.

[Jack runs into CTU.]

Jack: What’s the status of Air Force One?

Buchanan: It’s down.

Jack: What’s its crash signature like?

Buchanan: It was a rough landing, radio’s down. We don’t know if there are any survivors.

Michelle: Match your coordinates to the satellite. Send it to all agencies.

Edgar: Got it.

Jack: Anybody tried sub-channel com-sat?

Michelle: No.

Jack: Secret Service has at least five personnel on board; all of them have private channels.

[Jack accesses the sub-channels of the Secret Service agents aboard the plane.]

Operator: Com-sat 3 operator.

Jack: This is Jack Bauer. Log in password: F-H-Ralfie-4.

Operator: Go ahead.

Jack: I want you to flood all AF1 channels with an acknowledge signal.

Operator: Copy. This is com-sat 3 operator, calling AF1 channels 1 through 5, please acknowledge. AF1 channels 1 through 5, please acknowledge.

Peterson: This is channel 3.

Jack: Who’s this?

Peterson: Peterson. We’re down.

Jack: What is the status of the President?

Peterson: I don’t know. I can’t move yet.

Jack: Agent Peterson, my name is Jack Bauer. I’m with CTU. Rescue units are on route. What else can you tell me?

Peterson: I see some bodies. I… I think we have some survivors.


[In Washington, senior advisor Mike Novick informs Vice President Charles Logan about Air Force One’s status.]

Mike: Mr. Vice President, I just received confirmation. Air Force One sustained an indirect hit from an air-to-air missile fired from a stolen stealth fighter.

Logan: Is the President alive?

Mike: We don’t know at this time.

Logan: When will we know?

Mike: Hopefully within the next few minutes. Charles, we’ve known each other for 15 years. If I can offer some advice?

Logan: Of course.

Mike: We all hope President Keeler is alive, but even if he is, it’s very likely he won’t be in any shape to run the country. You need to make arrangements to be sworn into office as soon as possible, and the media should provide live coverage. The American people need to be reassured that their leadership is intact.

Logan: It’s good advice, Mike. I’ll take it under consideration, but I don’t wanna act prematurely.

Mike: I understand. Well, we have to get to the White House. I’ve arranged for a security briefing with the Pentagon.

Logan: That’s great.


Buchanan: By now, you all know that Air Force One has been shot down. The escort pilots following Air Force One managed to get a visual of the stealth fighter used to commit the act, pilot engaged, then shot down the stealth. The status of the President is unclear at this time. Rescue teams are minutes away. We’ll know very soon.

Michelle: The man responsible for what has transpired today, Habib Marwan, is still out there, and most likely planning further attacks. I want every one of you to rededicate yourselves to finding Marwan. I don’t want a single lead ignored or a shred of evidence missed. Let’s get back to work.

Jack: Michelle, let me talk to you. I want you to uplink all curtainlies to a station, so you and I can start working on a priority list. We might not know exactly where Marwan is, but he has to be within a 15 mile radius…

Audrey: Jack. I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I just got off the phone with the Secretary of Defense, and right now there’s a higher priority than finding Marwan.

Jack: What is it?

Audrey: Recovering the Nuclear Football.

Michelle: Didn’t it go down with Air Force One?

Audrey: Not exactly. The missile inflicted enough damage that the plane left a trail of debris as it went down. A lot of things were sucked out, including the Football. There’s a transponder embedded in the casing, so we know its exact location.

Jack: Well, good, then the retrieval team should have no problem recovering it.

Audrey: The Secretary wants you to head up that team, Jack.

Jack: Why?

Audrey: It’s his top priority. That case contains the codes and locations of out entire nuclear arsenal. Nothing is more critical than getting it back, and as quickly as possible.

Jack: Fine.

Michelle: I’ll organize your team, mobilize the units.

Jack: Thanks.

[Michelle leaves.]

Jack: What’s the location of the Football?

Audrey: Forty miles northeast of here, in the middle of the desert.

[Audrey turns to leave.]

Jack: Hey. Hey. What’s wrong? What else is happening?

Audrey: Paul may have to go back into surgery. Apparently the bullet did more damage than they thought.

Jack: I’m sorry.

Audrey: I keep thinking if I had handled things differently, if I had trusted him more, that…

Jack: Audrey, you are not responsible for this. I, and I alone, made the decision on how to handle Paul. If you wanna remain affective, be able to do your job, you have to let it go.

Audrey: Jack, that’s your gift. You’re able to block things out. I can’t do that.

Edgar: Jack, the chopper’s waiting.

Jack: I have to change and get ready.

Audrey: All right.


[Jason and Kelly are camping out in the Mojave Desert.]

Kelly: Honey. What’s wrong?

Jason: I don’t know. Something woke me up. It sounded like some kind of an explosion or something.

Kelly: Explosion? Nearby?

Jason: I’m not sure.

Kelly: It was probably just a bad dream.

Jason: Yeah.

Kelly: You’re still stressed, aren’t you? I want you to try and forget about work, OK? Just focus on what we came out here for – to relax, and to make a baby.

[They kiss. Jason spots the fire from Air Force One.]

Jason: Look.

Kelly: What?

[They approach the landing site.]

Jason: Watch your step.

Kelly: Oh, my God.

Jason: Kelly!

Kelly: What is it?

[Jason and Kelly are startled when they see the debris of the wreckage from Air Force One.]


Buchanan: If the President is unable to fulfill his duties, Vice President Logan will have to assume office, at least on temporary basis. Cabinet members will need to be briefed on the circumstances surrounding the crash.

Tony: Yeah, I’ll take care of it.

Buchanan: Not all Cabinet members are equal. State and Defense need more detail than say, Aviculture and Treasury.

Tony: Yeah, I can handle it.

Buchanan: I just wanna make sure that the transition is smooth.

Tony: I understand, but uh… I do know what to do.

Buchanan: All right. Tony. I’ve noticed a little hostility on your part. If it’s because of me and Michelle…

Tony: It’s none of my business. As far as the hostility goes, I can promise you – it’s over with.

Buchanan: Whatever you say. One more thing; I think the world of Michelle, love working with her. Outside work, we never got off the ground, she never said why but it didn’t take a genius to figure it out – she cared about you. If you ask me, she still does.

Chloe: Mr. Buchanan, rescue teams are inside Air Force One. We’re picking up the live feed now.

[Everyone at CTU watches a live feed of the rescue workers as they scan the crash site.]

Rescue team member #1: Go ahead. Check to see if he’s alive.

Rescue team member #2: All right.

Rescue team member #1: Check him. See if he’s alive. What have we got here? She’s dead too.

Radio: Rescue 1, the President should be in the conference room.

Rescue team member #1: Copy that. They said he was in the conference room.

Rescue team member #2: We got a survivor.

Rescue team member #1: I’m going in. Looks like the President’s son. He’s dead. Where’s the President? This may be him. Wait, hold on. This may be him. Mr. President? He’s still alive. I repeat, the President is alive. We need medivac teams in here ASAP. Did you read that? We need medivac teams in here.


[Buchanan calls Vice President Logan with the good news.]

Mike: Novick.

Woman: I have Agent Buchanan for the Vice President.

Mike: Yes, he’s right here. Bill Buchanan.

Logan: Bill.

Buchanan: Mr. Vice President. I’m in direct contact with the rescue teams at the crash site of Air Force One. President Keeler is alive.

Logan: Thank God.

Buchanan: Yes, sir. But he’s in critical condition. He is unconscious, he’s lost a lot of blood, there’s no chance he’s going to be able to lead this country, certainly not for a few days, and probably much longer. Mr. Vice President?

Logan: Yes, I’m here. This is all confirmed?

Buchanan: The President is being medivaced to the nearest emergency center as we speak. Sir, I recommend you invoke the 25th amendment, and take control of things as soon as possible.

Logan: I understand. Thank you, Bill.

[Vice President Logan hangs up the phone.]

Logan: President Keeler is alive but he’s incapacitated. We should, uh… we should probably contact the Cabinet members.

Mike: Actually, sir, I’ve already put that in motion. Most of the Cabinet members are standing-by. The others will be very soon.

Logan: You did without my permission?

Mike: I… You had enough to worry about, sir. I thought it’d be best to be prepared.

Logan: Yes. All right. Thank you.

Mike: Shall I begin the process of collecting votes?

Logan: Yes, go ahead.


Kelly: I can’t get a signal.

Jason: Try up here.

[Among the debris, Jason finds the Nuclear Football.]

Kelly: Got it.

Jason: Kelly. Look at this.

Kelly: what is it?

Jason: I’m not sure, but if it’s what I think it is… I read this article once; I think it’s got a funny name, umm… I can’t remember, but it’s got our nuclear codes. It goes everywhere the President goes, and he can launch an attack from it. We gotta call somebody.

Kelly: Who are you gonna call?

Jason: I’ll start with the police, I guess. They’ll put us through to the right people.

[Jason calls the police.]


[Jack’s on his way to the crash site.]

Pilot: The Football transponder’s signal’s still strong.

[Jack calls Audrey.]

Audrey: Hello?

Jack: Hey, it’s me.

Audrey: Hey.

Jack: Look, when I walked away from you at CTU, I felt like you didn’t understand what I was trying to say. I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t care. I care. I care about you. I care about what happened to Paul, I feel completely responsible for it. But right now this country is under attack, and I’ve got a job to do, and I don’t have a choice.

Audrey: Jack, I understand. What you have to do is very important.

Jack: I just didn’t want us to leave things like that.

Audrey: I’m glad. Me neither.

[Jack gets a waiting call.]

Jack: Audrey, hold on a second. I gotta take this call.

Audrey: Wait, Jack. Take the call. Stay focused on what you have to do.

Jack: Yeah, I’ll talk to you in a little while.

Audrey: OK.

Jack: Bye.

[Jack takes the call.]

Jack: This is Bauer.

Tony: Jack, it’s Tony. I got a guy on the line the police put through. He’s in the desert, says he found a case. Jack, this guy found the Football.

Jack: OK. Let me speak to him.

Tony: All right. His name’s Jason Gerard. We’re running a background check as we speak. I’m patching him through right now.

Jack: OK. Tony, stay on the other line.

[Tony patches the call through to Jack.]

Jack: Mr. Gerard?

Jason: Yeah. Hey, call me Jason. I’m with my wife Kelly. Who’s this?

Jack: Jason, my name is Jack Bauer. I’m a Federal Agent with the Department of Defense. My colleague Agent Almeida says you found what we refer to as “the Football”.

Jason: Yeah, it sure looks that way. I mean, I don’t know very much about this sort of thing. My wife and I are just out here on a camping trip.

Jack: OK, fine. Why don’t you just describe to me what you found?

Jason: Sure. It’s a black-leather briefcase; it’s got a number paneling over by the handle. It was in a protective case that had the Presidential seal on it.

Jack: Well, that sounds like it. Right now I’m in a helicopter. I’m about 20 minutes away from you. Look, I just want you to hang out there and wait for me.

Jason: I think someone beat you to the punch. I see headlights.

Jack: How far away?

Jason: Uh, it’s hard to tell. A few miles?

Jack: OK, just hold on a second, Jason.

[Jack gets back to Tony.]

Jack: Tony. This kid Jason says he’s got headlights headed towards him. Do we have any ground units in his vicinity?

Tony: No.

Jack: How about patrol park rangers, anything?

Tony: No, nobody.

Jack: How can that be?

Tony: We’re spread thin, Jack. All state agencies are still assisting with the evacuation.

Jack: Son of a bitch. Jason, are the headlights headed straight for you?

Jason: Yeah. They’re pretty much coming this way.

Jack: Dammit. This situation just got a lot more complicated than we thought.

Jason: What do you mean?

Jack: The Football has a transponder. It’s a tracking device that allows anyone to pinpoint its exact location, as long as they’ve got the right frequency.

Jason: Do you think someone got a hold of the frequency, who’s not supposed to have it?

Jack: Right now we’re gonna have to make that assumption.

Jason: Well, who do you think it is?

Jack: The terrorists who carried out today’s attacks. Listen, if I’m right we don’t have a lot of time. I need you to remove the transponder and take the Football, and get away from there as far as you can.

Jason: Uh… All right. Flashlight. Get your light. OK, uh… Go ahead.

Jack: The transponder’s tiny, and it’s hidden in the surface of the case. It’s designed not to be found.

Jason: Then how am I supposed to find it?

Jack: Do you have a compass and a flashlight?

Jason: Uh, yeah. Get the compass.

Kelly: OK.

Jack: OK, I want you to move the compass over the surface of the case slowly. The transponder puts out an electromagnetic field. It’s not very strong, but it should move the needle. Just move the compass over the surface of the case slowly, and watch the needle.

Jason: Here, here, here. Get the beam of the compass.

Kelly: OK.

[Jason moves the compass over the surface of the briefcase. The needle moves.]

Jason: I think I got it. I found it. I found it.

Jack: OK, good. Take a knife or a sharp rock, and start scratching the surface hard.

[Jason scratches the surface of the case.]

Kelly: Hurry.

Jason: Dammit.

Kelly: Jason, they’re coming.

Jack: Come on, Jason, talk to me.

Jason: I’m working on it. OK, I think I got it.

Jack: OK, I want you to take the compass, put it over the scraped area and tell me, is the needle moving?

Jason: No, no, it’s not.

Jack: OK, you’ve disabled it. Good work. How far away is the vehicle?

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