Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Jason: Not far.

Jack: OK, I need you to take the Football and start moving. I don’t care which direction, just start moving now. I’ll get back to you.

[Jack hangs up the call with Jason. Jason and Kelly take the Football and run off into the desert night.]

Jason: We gotta go. We gotta go now.

[Jack gets back to Tony.]

Jack: Tony, I’m gonna need surveillance of the entire area put up to my screen.


[Marwan and his henchmen stop their Jeeps in the desert.]

Marwan: Why are we stopping?

Henchman: We’ve lost the signal.

Marwan: How is that possible?

Henchman: I don’t know. Maybe it was damaged on impact.

Marwan: And it just happens to malfunction now that we’re getting closer? Scan the area for cell phones, active and passive signals.


[Jason and Kelly are on the run. Jason’s cell phone rings.]

Jason: Yeah?

Jack: Jason. OK, we found a reserve power station about a half a mile north of you.

Jason: Yeah, that’s right. I remember it from the map.

Jack: OK, I want you to go there now.

Jason: It’s OK. Yeah. Yeah, we’ll get there.

Jack: The station’s a large unmanned facility. I want you to break in and find a place to hide. I want you to avoid using your flashlight, and as soon as you hang up, I want you to take your cell batteries out.

Jason: The batteries?

Jack: Yeah, to prevent something called passive triangulation. In other words, it’ll stop you from being followed.

Jason: What if I need to contact you?

Jack: If you need to contact me, put the batteries back in, but only if you have to. Now, I’m gonna give you my direct line. Have you got a pen?

Jason: Yeah. Hold on. Go ahead.

Jack: 310-597-3781.

Jason: OK, yeah, I got it.

Jack: Start moving now.

Jason: OK.

[Jack hangs up.]

Jason: He said to take the battery out of the cell phone. Come on.


[Marwan’s associate notes a brief cell signal that went out.]

Henchman: I had a cell phone signal for a few seconds. It’s moving, but it’s gone now.

Marwan: Did it move enough to yield a vector?

Henchman: Wait. Yes, it was headed a few degrees west of north, just before we cut off.

Marwan: Check the map. See if there’s anything near there.

Henchman #2: There’s a reserve power plant. A kilometer away, maybe less.

Marwan: Whoever has the Football, that’s where they’re heading.


[Jason and Kelly run to the power plant.]

Jason: This is it. Stay back.

[Jason breaks into the power plant. He and Kelly go inside.]

Kelly: We’re not in any danger, right? I mean, how can anyone even know that we’re here?

Jason: We’re just being safe. Not a relaxing weekend in the desert, just like I said…

[They hear vehicles pull up.]

Jason: They’re here. I gotta call Jack. Come on. Come on.

[Jason calls Jack.]

Jack: This is Bauer.

Jason: It’s Jason. These terrorists you talked about? They’re here.

Jack: How many?

Jason: I just saw two jeeps.

Jack: Where are you?

Jason: Just inside the power plant. When are you going to get here?

Jack: Soon, just stand-by.

[Jack calls Tony. Jason is still on the other line.]

Jason: Go, Kelly, go, go. Would you get moving?

[Jason and Kelly look for a place to hide inside the power plant.]

Jack: Tony, it’s Jack. We’re out of time. We need the schematics for the power plant now.

Tony: Yeah, it should be on your screen in a few seconds.

Jack: OK, I got it. Thanks.

[Jack hangs up and gets back to Jason.]

Jack: Jason, you’re still with me?

Jason: Yeah, I’m with you.

Jack: Which side of the building did you enter?

Jason: Uh… The, the south side.

Jack: This is a large facility. I want you to go to the lower level, southeast corner. I’ll find you there as soon as we land.

Jason: OK, all right. Hey, hey, Agent Bauer? Please hurry.

Jack: We are.

[Jack hangs up.]


[Marwan and his men spread out through the plant to find the Football.]

Marwan: Find them.

Jason: There’s got to be stairs somewhere. Here they are, here they are.

Kelly: Wait. What if it’s a dead end?

[One of Marwan’s men shoots at Jason and Kelly, who bolt for the stairs.]

Henchman: There’s a man and a woman.

Marwan: Where are they?

Henchman: This way. They were down here.

Marwan: Follow them and flush them out. Go around and cut off the exits.

[The men lose Jason and Kelly in the darkness. Jason and Kelly keep running.]

Jason: Come on. Go up there, go up there. Come on, come on, come on.

Kelly: OK.

Marwan: Anything?

Henchman: Nothing.

[Marwan hears the helicopter land outside.]

Marwan: Helicopter. Intercept it.

[Jack and another agent get out of the chopper, which takes off. Jack’s cell phone rings.]

Jack: Jason.

Jason: Where are you?

Jack: We just landed. We’re approaching the building. Where are you?

Jason: We’re inside the plant, on the lower level.

[The other agent is killed by the gunfire. Jack fires back at the shooters.]

Jason: Jack? Jack?

Jack: Jason, you’re still there?

Jason: I’m here. They’re inside the building. We cannot keep hiding. They are gonna find us.

Jack: I know. You gotta keep moving. I’ll get back right back to you.

[Jack calls CTU.]

Edgar: Edgar Stile.

Jack: Edgar, it’s Jack. I need to speak to Audrey Raines now.

Edgar: Ms. Raines, Jack’s on line one.

Audrey: Jack.

Jack: Audrey, I’m taking fire. The other agent’s been killed. I need the latch code for the Football now.

Audrey: All right. Hang on.

[Jason and Kelly keep running from the terrorists.]

Jason: Take the Football, take the Football! Come on. Come on.

[Jack keeps firing at the shooters.]

Audrey: Jack. *76114.

Jack: I got it.

[Jack calls Jason again.]

Jason: Hey.

Jack: Jason, I need you to open the case. The combination is *76114.

Jason: Why? Where does that plant us?

Jack: Just do it. *76114.

Jason: He wants us to open the briefcase. *76114.

[Kelly opens the briefcase.]

Jason: OK, it’s open.

Jack: OK. Inside should be a phone, a control board and a book with colored pages. It’s called the Playbook. I want you to remove the Playbook. Give the case with the control board back to your wife. The two items need to stay separated.

Jason: Why?

Jack: Because the control board is useless without the Playbook. I need you and your wife to split up.

Jason: He wants us to split up.

Kelly: I can hear him.

Jason: I am not leaving my wife.

Jack: You have to.

Jason: Forget it.

Jack: Jason, please listen to me. I know how scared you are, but if this man gets what he wants, he’s gonna kill both of you. Right now the only chance you have to survive is to separate, do you understand me?

Kelly: It’s OK, Jason. He’s kept us alive this far. Let’s just do what he says.

Jason: Just get here as fast as you can.

Jack: I will.

[Jason and Kelly kiss goodbye. He sends her in the opposite direction with the cell phone and the briefcase.]

Kelly: I love you.

Jason: I love you. Give me the Playbook. That’s it. Here, you take the phone.

Kelly: OK.

Jason: I want you to go to that top wile over there, all right? I’m gonna stay down here. You just find a place to hide, all right?

Kelly: OK.

Jason: Go, go, go, go. Go. Hide, hide.


Jack: Hey.

[Jack kills the terrorist who is shooting at him and runs into the plant.]


[One of Marwan’s henchmen finds Jason. He pulls out his gun on him.]

Jason: Don’t!

Henchman: I’ve got him!

[The man searches Jason for weapons. Marwan takes Jason’s bag and searches it.]

Henchman: He’s clean.

Marwan: Where’s the control board?

Jason: I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.

[Marwan shoots Jason in the shoulder.]

Marwan: Tell me what I want to know.

Jason: I swear, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Please.

[Marwan shoots Jason in the knee. Kelly hears Jason’s screams, and she sees her husband held captive.]

Marwan: It doesn’t have to be this painful.

[Kelly calls Jack.]

Jack: This is Bauer.

Kelly: They’ve got my husband. They’re hurting him.

Jack: Where are you? I’m on the lower level.

Kelly: We had to leave. We’re on the second floor. I don’t know where.

Jack: OK, I’m on my way.

Kelly: They’re gonna kill him.

Jack: Kelly, stay on the phone. Keep talking to me.

Kelly: I can’t.

Jack: Kelly!

[Kelly hangs up.]

Jason: Please…

Marwan: Where is the control board?

[Suddenly, Kelly emerges from the darkness.]

Kelly: Stop. I have what you want.

Marwan: Give it to me.

Kelly: First, you let my husband go.

[Marwan trains his gun at Jason’s temple.]

Kelly: No!

[Jack hears Kelly’s cry and runs towards it.]

Kelly: OK. OK. I’ll give it to you if you promise not to kill us.

Marwan: I won’t kill you. I promise.

Kelly: It’s over there. It’s behind the pillar.

[A henchman goes to get the briefcase.]

Henchman: It’s locked.

Marwan: What is the code?

Kelly: It’s uh… *76114.

[The henchman opens the briefcase.]

Henchman: It’s here.

Marwan: Let’s go.

[The men take the Football and leave.]

Marwan: Kill them.

[Jack appears and shoots the man before he can fire at Jason and Kelly.]

Jack: This is Jack Bauer. I need a medic. Second level, north end of the building.

Radio: Roger.

Jack: It’s all right. He’s gonna be OK. Help is on the way. Where is the Football?

Kelly: They have it. They went out that door. I’m sorry.

Jack: Don’t be. You did great. Thank you. Air support, two hostiles just left the building. I do not have possession of the Football. I repeat, I do not have possession of the Football.

[Jack goes off after Marwan.]


[Jack runs out of the plant and sees one of the men load the Football into a Jeep. He radios air support.]

Jack: Air support, the Football is in the lead jeep headed north. Take it out. I repeat, take it out.

[The chopper drops down and shines its headlight on the Jeep, which causes it to flip over into an embankment. Jack runs to it.]

Jack: Put your hands where I can see them!

[Jack shoots the driver.]

Jack: Air support, I cannot see the Football in the vehicle. Shine your spotlight on me and follow.

[Jack spots the Football on the ground. He opens the briefcase.]

Jack: Air support, I’m in possession of the Football. Go after the other jeep.

[Jack calls Tony.]

Tony: Almeida.

Jack: Tony, it’s Jack. I’m in possession of the Football. Three hostiles are down, one escaped. I’m not positive, but I think it was Marwan. I’m sorry, but I had to make a choice.

Tony: Marwan gave us the Football to buy his freedom?

Jack: Yeah, that doesn’t sound right to me either.

Tony: What are you thinking?

Jack: I don’t know.

Tony: Let me ask you something; Is anything missing?

Jack: No. All the components are here. Hold on one second.

[Jack checks the Football again and realizes that a section of pages are missing from the Playbook.]

Jack: Tony, I was wrong. There are some pages missing.

Tony: All right, look, Jack, the sections are color-coded. What’s missing?

Jack: Red Chapter, Section Three. Get Audrey.

Tony: All right. We’ll call you right back.


Mike: Take care of this.

Aide: Yes, sir.

Cummings: You’re worried about him.

Mike: I am. He seems unsure of himself.

Cummings: No, Mike, trust me. He spent his whole life preparing for this. He’s just being cautious, feeling his way along. He’ll be fine.

[Walt’s phone rings.]

Cummings: Yeah?

Man: The votes just came in. They’re all in favor.

Cummings: All right, thanks.

[Walt hangs up.]

Cummings: Well, the vote was unanimous. The 25th amendment’s been officially invoked.

Mike: Tell the press we’re ready. Let’s get this done. Mr. Vice President, the 25th amendment is in effect.

Logan: Any descending votes?

Mike: None, sir.

Logan: Well, we should proceed with the sworning then.

Mike: Yes, sir. The sworning will only take a minute, and then we’ll take a short break and you can address the nation.

Logan: I’m still not entirely certain that a live address makes much sense this time of night.

Mike: After what’s happened today, sir, an awful lot of people are wide awake. I’m sure they’d like to hear from you directly.

Logan: Yes, of course.

Aide: We’re ready, sir.

[Logan goes out to a throng of waiting reporters.]

Logan: Please. Please. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen.


[Jack’s cell phone rings.]

Jack: Yeah?

Tony: Jack, it’s Tony.

Jack: Is Audrey there?

Audrey: Jack, I’m here.

Jack: Tell me what the contents are of the missing pages.

Audrey: Jack, it’s the Red Section which contains warhead locations and activation codes.

Jack: But we started canceling all the activation codes as soon as Air Force One went down.

Audrey: Yes, but there are thousands of warheads. It’s gonna take an hour to clear the slate. Jack, in the meantime, if they get a hold of a warhead and a matching activation code, we will not be able to stop them.

Jack: Copy that. I’ll get back to you.

[Jack hangs up and calls Mike Novick.]

Woman: Mr. Novick’s office.

Jack: Let me speak to Mike Novick.

Woman: Yes, sir, right away.


[Logan is sworn into office before the cameras.]

Logan: I soundly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States, and will, in the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States.

Man: Mr. President, I appreciate it.

Cummings: Ladies and gentlemen, I appreciate you coming at this late hour.

[Mike’s cell phone rings.]

Cummings: As most of you know, it’s not…

Mike: Novick.

Jack: Mike, it’s Jack. We got a problem.

Cummings: …to take this oath under tragic circumstances. Words cannot express the sense of sadness…

Jack: Part of the Football’s been compromised.

Mike: Yes, I’ll tell him.

[Mike hangs up.]

Cummings: President Keeler is unconscious and in critical condition from the injury he sustained during the crash of Air Force One. He is in our prayers, as well as our hearts and minds.

[Mike takes Logan aside.]

Mike: Mr. President.

Cummings: President Logan has asked me to assure you all…

Mike: I just received a phone call from CTU.

Logan: Yes?

Cummings: …determination to lead this country…

Mike: I’m sorry to tell you, sir, but it appears that part of the Nuclear Football has fallen into the hands of terrorists.

____________________ 884

24 906

Previously on 24:

Pilot: This is Air Force One. We are declaring an emergency. We’re not gonna make it. I have to put it down now.

Michelle: Chloe, what’s happening?

Man: Air Force One, do you copy?

Michelle: Chloe!

Chloe: Air Force One is down.


Rescue team member: This may be him. Mr. President? He’s still alive. I repeat, the President is alive.


Jack: Marwan has to be within a 15 mile radius…

Audrey: Jack. There’s a higher priority than finding Marwan.

Jack: What is it?

Audrey: Recovering the Nuclear Football.

Michelle: Didn’t it go down with Air Force One?

Audrey: The missile inflicted enough damage that the plane left a trail of debris as it went down. A lot of things were sucked out, including the Football. That case contains the codes and locations of our entire nuclear arsenal.

Jack: What’s the location of the Football?

Audrey: Forty miles northeast of here, in the middle of the desert.


Jack: Air support, the Football is in the lead jeep headed north. Take it out. I’m in possession of the Football. Three hostiles are down, one escaped. I’m not positive, but I think it was Marwan. There are some pages missing. Tell me what the contents are of the missing pages.

Audrey: Jack, it’s the Red Section which contains warhead locations and activation codes. If they get a hold of a warhead and a matching activation code, we will not be able to stop them.


Buchanan: Mr. Vice President, President Keeler is alive, but he’s in critical condition. Sir, I recommend you invoke the 25th amendment, and take control of things as soon as possible.

Cummings: You’re worried about him.

Mike: I am. He seems unsure of himself.

Logan: I soundly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States, preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States.

Mike: Mr. President, I just received a phone call from CTU. Part of the Nuclear Football has fallen into the hands of terrorists.


The following takes place between 12:00 A.M. and 1:00 A.M.

Buchanan: Vice President Logan has been sworn into office. He is now President of the United States. His office called. They want an update from us in fifteen minutes.

Michelle: We’re working on several protocols related to the plane crash. What is he gonna wanna focus on?

Buchanan: He’s gonna wanna know how a stealth fighter was stolen from one of our air bases, and more to the point, how it was able to take down Air Force One with one of our own missiles.

Michelle: Has he been briefed on Marwan?

Buchanan: He knows Marwan is the mastermind behind today’s events, yes, but he’s gonna want more specifics on the Football. Where are we on that?

Tony: Jack’s at the debris field outside Indio. He’s trying to reconstruct the Red Chapter of the Playbook that was stolen by Marwan.

Buchanan: How is he doing that?

Tony: He’s working with Fred Loudon from the Department of Defense. He wrote the codes, so he’ll know what’s missing.

Buchanan: Good.

Michelle: Who’s going to run point on this update?

Buchanan: You and Tony.

Michelle: All right, everyone. We don’t have a lot of time, so we’re gonna have to fast-track this. Double-source all Intel through Homeland Security and CIA. Skip the usual request procedures. Tie into their data directly.

[The intercom rings.]

Michelle: Yes?

Woman: Ms. Dessler, I’ve got Jack Bauer on the line.

Michelle: Put him through.

Woman: Go ahead, Jack.

Jack: Michelle, are you still in briefing?

Michelle: Yes, Jack. You’re on speaker. What have you found?

Jack: Fred Loudon and I just finished the rough reconstruction of the Red Chapter. We’re getting that over to you now.

Buchanan: Jack, it’s Bill Buchanan. Summarize our exposure. What information exactly does Marwan now have in his possession?

Jack: Well, the Red Chapter lays out the location of our domestic nuclear arsenal. The inventory is in the thousands, many of the weapons are in transit as part of our standard shift operations.

Buchanan: Why can’t DOD just secure these weapons?

Jack: Because a number of the weapons are in between checkpoints. It’ll take over an hour to account for all of them. Listen everyone, we’ve gotta remember Marwan only needs one.

Buchanan: All right, Jack. We’ll get on this immediately. Get back here as soon as you can and help Audrey liaison with DOD. We need to account for every single weapon documented in that chapter.

Jack: I’m on my way.


Marwan: The coordinates for the Fed-1-R: latitude, 37 degrees, 14 minutes. Longitude, 115 degrees, 21 minutes.

Henchman: There it is. Jefferson city, Iowa.

Marwan: When is the warhead due to arrive?

Henchman: 7:00 A.M., local time. Five hours from now.

Marwan: That puts it somewhere 200 miles east. It’s still in Illinois.

Henchman: We can intercept it anywhere from this point to here.

Marwan: All right. Let’s put our people in place.


Tony: The warheads are in transit because of the daily shift and the hide operations causing this problem.

Michelle: We can verify military traffic on the coastal areas from here. Why don’t we find out what DOD has in mid-west?

Tony: Yeah, that’s already underway. Audrey says she should have them in a few minutes.

Michelle: Look, Tony…

Chloe: Am I interrupting something?

Michelle: No, Chloe. What is it?

Chloe: Are you logged on to Division 3?

Michelle: Yeah.

Chloe: Look at this. Fifteen minutes ago the credit card of Eric Murphy was used at Western gas station in Torrance.

Tony: Who is Eric Murphy?

Chloe: His real name is Yosik Khatami. He’s a terrorist affiliated with Marwan.

Michelle: How do we know that?

Chloe: From a watch list. We’ve put on a net asking for anybody connected to the name Habib Marwan. We didn’t expect to get any hits so soon.

Michelle: Why was he so careless?

Tony: Maybe he wasn’t. Maybe he’s some sort of decoy.

Chloe: Well, he wouldn’t be much of a decoy because we don’t know where he is or which direction they’re traveling in. This was a mistake.

Michelle: Did the gas station have a surveillance camera?

Chloe: Yes. He’s driving a black Lexus L-S-430.

Michelle: Are we hooked into satellite?

Chloe: Yes. We’re monitoring them now. If this guy’s still on the road, we’ll find him.

Michelle: Who do we have in the area to run point?

Tony: Curtis just left Division. He’s headed over here right now.

Michelle: Divert him to the Western gas station. Have Field-ops meet him there.

Tony: All right.


[Jack calls Audrey from a helicopter as he heads back to CTU.]

Audrey: This is Audrey.

Jack: Hey, it’s me.

Audrey: Hey. Are you on your way back here?

Jack: Yeah. How much of the weaponry has been accounted for so far?

Audrey: 72 percent. We’re having problems getting confirmations from the mid-west.

Jack: Why?

Audrey: There are several convoys shipping weapons to be dismantled in the coordinates where the arms reduction’s treated. A lot of them were rerouted after the train bombing this morning.

Jack: Just use local channels. All weapon transports have to check in with regional substation. Just call them directly.

Audrey: All right. I’ll do that.

Jack: How are you holding up?

Audrey: I’m OK.

Jack: What have the doctors told you about Paul?

Audrey: They’re having a hard time keeping him stable.

Jack: Just hang in there. He’ll fight through it.

Audrey: Yeah.

Jack: Tell Michelle I’ll be there in twenty minutes.

Audrey: All right. Will do. Bye.

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