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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Curtis: No.

[Jack and Curtis leave the room.]

Jack: Marwan called Amnesty Global. This is his play.

Buchanan: That means Prado definitely knows something Marwan doesn’t want us to hear. We still can’t get around that court order.

Jack: We need to call the President now.


Logan: We cannot have any leaks regarding this missing warhead.

Mike: I’ve contacted General Wilson in Iowa. He’s sealing off the roads while we clean up the ambushed convoy.

Logan: What about those highway patrol officers who discovered it?

Mike: Wilson’s already brought them in and he’s explaining the situation. The good news is this is happening in the middle of the night. Most of the country’s still asleep.

[The intercom rings.]

Mike: Yes?

Woman: CTU Los Angeles is on the line for President Logan. They say it’s urgent.

Logan: Thank you, gentleman, that’ll be all. Walt, stay. Put them through.

Woman: Go ahead, please.

Buchanan: Mr. President, this is Bill Buchanan. I’m here with Jack Bauer.

Logan: Yes, Bill? What do you have for me?

Buchanan: Sir, in the process of trying to track down this missing warhead we brought in a prime suspect for questioning.

Logan: What have you learned?

Buchanan: Well, that’s the problem, sir. Right now, our hands are tied. Amnesty Global has interceded on his behalf.

Logan: Interceded on what grounds?

Buchanan: He’s a US citizen with no previous record.

Logan: Why is he a suspect?

Buchanan: We found him with Yosik Khatami, the man who’s linked to today’s terrorist events.

Logan: I don’t understand. It doesn’t violate any law to question a suspect.

Mike: Mr. President, if I may?

Logan: Go ahead, Mike.

Mike: Jack, it’s Mike Novick.

Jack: Hi, Mike.

Mike: Am I corrected assuming that this suspect is unlikely to respond to the kind of Q&A his lawyer would permit?

Jack: That’s correct, Mike. If we wanna procure any information from this suspect, we’re gonna have to do it behind closed doors.

Logan: You’re talking about torturing this man?

Jack: I’m talking about doing what is necessary to stop this warhead from being used against us.

Logan: Give us a moment, Bill. Mike, what do you think?

Mike: I think we need to do whatever it takes to find Marwan.

Logan: Walt? Way in.

Cummings: Well, this makes me nervous.

Logan: Why?

Cummings: Should this man be innocent as he claims he is, your first act as President is to sanction his torture. That’ll forever haunt your presidency.

Logan: All right, gentleman. Here’s what I’ll agree to. I’ll call a special session with members of the Justice Department and we’ll discuss this. I’ll have an answer for you in twenty minutes.

Jack: Mr. President, this thing could be over in twenty minutes.

Logan: It’s as far as I’m willing to go right now.

Jack: with all due respect, sir, please let us do our jobs.

Logan: I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

[Logan hangs up.]

Buchanan: I’ll have Curtis stop the interrogation of Prado.

Jack: You and I both know we can’t afford to be wasting time like this.

Buchanan: You heard the President. He’s not gonna let us touch this guy.

Jack: The President’s not here, you are.

Buchanan: If I authorize this, they’ll know in ten minutes. We’ll all be out the door.

Jack: What if I can find another way to handle this that wouldn’t implicate anyone else but me?

Buchanan: I’m not gonna authorize that, Jack.

Jack: You don’t have to.

Buchanan: What do you mean?

Jack: Accept my resignation.

Buchanan: And if I do that, what then?

Jack: Release the suspect.

Buchanan: Release him?

Jack: We don’t question him, we don’t charge him, we just let him go. He won’t need a lawyer or a Marshall.

Buchanan: You’re gonna take him on as a private citizen.


[Marwan calls the driver of the truck holding the nuclear warhead.]

Driver: Yes?

Marwan: How far away are you?

Driver: 92 miles.

Marwan: When you get there, you’ll meet with Morris.

Driver: Is he the one who’s gonna configure the detonation?

Marwan: Yes. I’ve given him the codes.

Driver: OK.

Marwan: You have to follow the plan exactly, Sabir. We cannot give the Americans time to start an evacuation.

Driver: Yes, Marwan, I understand.

Marwan: No delays.

Driver: It will be done.

[Marwan hangs up.]


[Audrey comes upon Jack, who hurriedly packs up a taser gun.]

Audrey: Hey. When’d you get back?

Man (hands Jack a bag): Here you go.

Jack: A few minutes ago. Thanks.

Audrey: Good. I could use your help on the DOD interface.

Jack: I can’t help you right now, Audrey. I’m sorry.

Audrey: What are you doing?

Jack: I’ll tell you when I get back.

Audrey: Jack.

[Jack walks away from Audrey in a rush.]

Audrey: Jack!

Jack: Audrey, please.


[Tony and Curtis let Prado out of custody.]

Prado: What the hell are you trying to pull here? First you wanna torture me and now you’re throwing me out?

Curtis: That’s right.

Weiss: It’s OK, Joe. I’m sure they tried to fight the restraining order, then realized they couldn’t.

Prado: No, that’s not what this is. They’re doing something.

Tony: Don’t be so paranoid. I’m just not interested in you anymore.

Prado: I want protection when I get out of here.

Weiss: The Marshall can escort you back wherever you wanna go.

Prado: No, no, no! You know what? Change of plan. I don’t wanna leave here until I know I’m safe for the next few days.

Curtis: If you don’t leave, I’m gonna have to arrest you for trespassing a secured government building. Once that happens, not even your attorney can protect you. Correct me if I’m wrong, David.

Weiss: He’s right.

[Prado reluctantly leaves CTU with Weiss and the Marshall. Edgar is incensed that Prado is being released.]

Edgar: What’s going on? Where are they taking Prado?

Chloe: He’s been released.

Edgar: Why?

Chloe: I don’t know. It came from Buchanan.

Edgar: Mr. Buchanan, why are you letting him go?

Buchanan: Edgar, not now, please.

Edgar: But he’s working with the people that killed my mother.

Edgar: Not now.

[Outside CTU, the lawyer leaves Prado.]

Weiss: Cheer up, Joe, you’re a free man.

Prado: Yeah, right.

Weiss: The Marshall’s gonna take you home.

Prado: No, are you kidding me? I can’t go home. I gotta go somewhere public, like a hotel.

Weiss: Fine. Tell him where you wanna go. Don’t let anyone know you’re there. Here’s my card. You call me if anyone from CTU tries to bother you.

Prado: Yeah, OK.

Weiss: You’re gonna be fine.

[A U.S. Marshall accompanies Prado to a government car. After the attorney pulls out of the lot, Jack tasers the Marshall. Jack pulls out his gun on Prado.]

Jack: Make a sound and I will blow your brains out all over the windshield. Handcuff your left arm to the dashboard, now.

[Prado handcuffs his left hand to the dashboard.]

Jack: Now we’re gonna talk.

[Jack gets inside the car.]

Jack: Now, you and I both know your heart isn’t in this. You just wanted the money. I don’t want you. All I want is Marwan.

Prado: I don’t know any Marwan. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Jack: Yeah. Well, I’m running out of time here, so why don’t we just cut to the chase?

[Jack breaks Prado’s fingers one by one.]

Jack: Where’s Marwan?

Prado: I don’t know!

Jack: Where is Marwan? Where’s Marwan?

Prado: I don’t know! I swear, I don’t know!

[Jack pulls out a knife and threatens to slit Prado’s throat.]

Prado: OK, OK. OK. Marwan’s… Marwan’s gonna be at a place called “The Hub” tonight.

Jack: Where is it?

Prado: It’s just… it’s just…

Jack: Where is it?!

Prado: It’s just east of downtown! Just east of downtown…

Jack: This will help you with the pain.

[Jack knocks Prado out with a punch.]

____________________ 907

24 932

Previously on 24:

Audrey: There’s a convoy missing. It was headed from Illinois to Jefferson City, Iowa. It disappeared just inside the boarder.

Buchanan: Disappeared?

Edgar: They are due to call in with their checkpoint every twenty minutes. They didn’t. I tried to reach them on com-sat, there was no reply.

Buchanan: What was on the trucks?

Audrey: A nuclear warhead.


Yosik: They found us.

Marwan: Where are you?

Yosik: It doesn’t matter. It’s over. They’re gonna get us.

Marwan: You have to kill Prado. He knows too much.

Curtis: Drop the gun!

Prado: I’m putting the gun down! I’m putting the gun down!

Curtis: Who are you?

Prado: My name’s Joe Prado. I’m innocent.


Weiss: Mr. Prado’s rights will not be violated. Take me to him now.

Buchanan: We have no choice, Curtis. Do what he says.

Curtis: There’s a nuclear warhead missing. This is our only lead, Bill.

Jack: What the hell’s going on here? You’ve got a key witness on a missing warhead. We should be pressing this guy with everything we’ve got.


Mike: Jack, it’s Mike Novick.

Jack: Mike, if we wanna procure any information from this suspect, we’re gonna have to do it behind closed doors.

Logan: You’re talking about torturing this man?

Jack: I’m talking about doing what is necessary to stop this warhead from being used against us.

Logan: All right, gentleman. I’ll have an answer for you in twenty minutes.

Jack: Mr. President, this thing could be over in twenty minutes.


Jack: What if I can find another way to handle this that wouldn’t implicate anyone else but me?

Buchanan: I’m not gonna authorize that, Jack.

Jack: You don’t have to.

Buchanan: What do you mean?

Jack: Accept my resignation.

Buchanan: And if I do that, what then?

Jack: Release the suspect.


Prado: Now you’re throwing me out?

Curtis: That’s right.

Jack: Make a sound and I will blow your brains out all over the windshield. Where is he?

Prado: I don’t know!

Jack: Where is he now? Where’s Marwan?

Prado: OK, OK. OK. Marwan’s… Marwan’s gonna be at a place called “The Hub” tonight.

Jack: Where is it?

Prado: It’s just… it’s just…

Jack: Where is it?!

Prado: It’s just east of downtown!

Jack: This will help you with the pain.


The following takes place between 1:00 A.M. and 2:00 A.M.

[At CTU, a medic treats Prado’s hand and head wounds. Buchanan dials his phone.]

Woman: Yes, sir?

Buchanan: Put me through to the White House.

Woman: President Logan?

Buchanan: No, not the President, Mike Novick.

Woman: One moment, please.

[Audrey enters the clinic.]

Woman: I’m sorry, we’re still trying to locate Mr. Novick.

Buchanan: Call me when you get him on the line.

Woman: Yes, sir.

[Buchanan hangs up the phone.]

Audrey: What happened?

Buchanan: Prado talked.

Audrey: Who did this?

Buchanan: Audrey.

Audrey: I’m a representative of DOD. I have a right to know, Bill. Did Jack do this?

Buchanan: Yes, he did. It was the only way to get him to give up Marwan’s location.

Audrey: So President Logan gave Jack the authority to use force?

Buchanan: No, Audrey. The President didn’t.

Audrey: Where’s Jack now?

Buchanan: He’s prepping a team to apprehend Marwan.

[Audrey leaves.]


[Curtis and his SWAT team suit up in a locker room.]

Jack: Curtis. Lawson told me you wanted to utilize LAPD.

Curtis: I’m having them lockdown a ten block perimeter.

Jack: I don’t think that’s the right call. Marwan’s people are coming and going. We lockdown that area, we just give them a heads-up.

Curtis: All right, we’ll stay invisible.

[Audrey comes in.]

Jack: Excuse me for one second. What is it?

Audrey: I just came from the clinic where they’re treating Prado for multiple injuries.

Jack: Audrey, what’d you expect me to do? Marwan has a nuclear warhead, and he’s gonna use it unless we find him first.

Audrey: I understand the situation, Jack.

Jack: Then you know what I did was absolutely necessary. At least now we know where he is.

Audrey: Logan gave you a direct order not to use extreme interrogation method without his authorization. Jack, you are acting against the President.

Jack: I know.

[Curtis comes out of the locker room.]

Curtis: Jack, we’re set.

Jack: I’ll be right there.

Curtis: All right, everyone. Let’s move out.

Jack: Look, I’ve gotta go.

Audrey: Jack, you can’t keep walking outside the line and not expect consequences.

Jack: Trust me, no one understands the consequences better than me. No one.

Audrey: Jack…

[Jack leaves with Curtis.]

Curtis: Are you OK?

Jack: Yeah, I’m fine. Why?

Curtis: Just asking.

Jack: I’m sorry. I’m fine.

Curtis: Look, for whatever it’s worth, you did the right thing with Prado.

Jack: Thanks.


[Novick battles with the President about how to handle the Prado interrogation.]

Logan: Authorizing the torture of a foreign national’s one thing, but torturing a U.S. citizen… I can’t…

Mike: Sir, this man, Prado, has information on the whereabouts of a nuclear warhead.

Logan: We don’t know that for sure, Mike.

Mike: No, sir, we don’t because you’re not letting CTU do what they need to do.

Logan: I’m gonna wait till the Attorney General gets back to me with an opinion.

Mike: Mr. President, we are running out of time.

Logan: Walt. You were the first one to raise an objection to this. What do you think now?

Cummings: I think you need to make a decision, sir, and sooner rather than later.

[Mike’s secretary enters.]

Woman: Mr. Novick? Bill Buchanan’s on the phone from CTU. He’s called twice. He says it’s urgent.

Mike: I’ll be right there.

Woman: Yes, sir.

[The woman leaves.]

Mike: What should I tell him? Mr. President…

Logan: Stop pressing me for an answer I’m not ready to give! I need more time.

[Mike leaves. He takes the call from Buchanan.]

Mike: I’m sorry for the delay, Bill, but the President is still working through his decision.

Buchanan: The President won’t have to make that call, Mike.

Mike: What are you talking about?

Buchanan: Prado gave up Marwan’s location.

Mike: I thought Prado claimed he didn’t know anything.

Buchanan: He did. He changed his mind.

Mike: You mean Bauer physically coerced him? Tell me what happened, chapter and verse.

Buchanan: Mike, Bauer got the information we needed. I think it’s best if I insolate you from the details.

Mike: The President gave explicit orders. You should have restrained Bauer.

Buchanan: With all due respect, restraint is a luxury we can’t afford right now.

Mike: What am I supposed to tell the President?

Buchanan: Convince him to sign off on the extreme interrogation, and we’ll cheat the timeline in the official record.

Mike: I made a mistake of deceiving one president. I won’t make the same mistake twice.

Buchanan: Even though we both know Bauer was right? Mike, someone out there has one of our nuclear warheads. May I speak off the record?

Mike: Go ahead.

Buchanan: I’m worried about President Logan.

Mike: Worried? Why?

Buchanan: His behavior over the last few hours. I’m concerned about his ability to lead us through this crisis.

Mike: I understand.

[Mike hangs up the phone.]


[From a Los Angeles nightclub, Marwan phones his associate Robert Morrison, who has just arrived at a secret Iowa location with the warhead.]

Morrison: Yes?

Marwan: Where are you?

Morrison: I’m at the location. We just arrived with the package.

Marwan: Has Sabir done the compatibility check?

Morrison: Not yet.

Marwan: Call me as soon as he’s finished, then I’ll have the next payment wired to your account.

[Sabir confirms for Morrison that the warhead will be made compatible within an hour.]

Morrison: Is it compatible?

Sabir: I’ll need to reconfigure the trigger mechanism.

Morrison: Is it compatible?

Sabir: Yes.

Morrison: How long will that take?

Sabir: An hour, maybe less.

Morrison: Then you should start.

[Sabir’s cell phone rings.]

Sabir: My girlfriend.

Morrison: She’ll leave a message.

Sabir: She’s already left three messages. I don’t want her calling around for me.

Morrison: Take the call, but hurry up.

[Sabir takes the call.]

Sabir: Nabila?

Nabila: Where are you, Sabir?

Sabir: It’s the middle of the night.

Nabila: I asked you where you are.

Sabir: At the hotel.

Nabila: Stop lying to me. I called. You never checked in. tell me what you’re doing.

Sabir: Nabila, I can’t talk about this now. Get some sleep and I’ll explain everything tomorrow.

Nabila: You mean after you’ve had time to come up with another lie? I found something on your computer, Sabir. A bookmark. Do you have something to do with what’s been happening today?

Sabir: How can you ask that?

Nabila: Are you working with these terrorists?

Sabir: Of course not! You know I’m not a violent man.

Nabila: I know your politics.

Sabir: Nabila, enough! Stop talking nonsense.

Nabila: Is it nonsense?

Sabir: Like I said, I’ll explain things tomorrow.

Nabila: Sabir, listen to me.

[Sabir hangs up.]

Sabir: She’s fine. Don’t worry.


Buchanan: I want schematics on the nightclub, options for a staging area, and let county know when you’ve traffic control. Thank you.

Audrey: Bill. How could you let Jack torture Prado?

Buchanan: Audrey, it had to be done.

Audrey: The President made it very clear that he didn’t want Prado’s rights violated.

Buchanan: That’s right, he did make it clear, and he was wrong.

Audrey: We can’t just break protocol because we think it’s right at the time, and expect to get away with it.

Buchanan: Normally, I’d agree with you, but in this case I’d rather ask for forgiveness and permission.

Audrey: What kind of answer is that?

Buchanan: The answer is it worked. We got Marwan’s location. Audrey. With all due respect, this is not Washington DC. Policy and politics do not always work on the front line, which is where we are today.

Audrey: Yes, well, Charles Logan is a politician, and he is not gonna give you forgiveness. I hope this does not come back to haunt you or Jack.

Buchanan: If what we did gets us to Marwan, we’ll live with it.


Logan: What is it?

Mike: CTU located Marwan. They sent a tactical team to grab him.

Logan: That’s good news. But I’m curious how they obtained Marwan’s location. Did they use force?

Mike: Yes, sir, I believe force was used, but I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that this is an extremely sensitive situation.

Logan: Who’s responsible, Mike? I’m asking you a question, Mike. Who did this?

Mike: Jack Bauer.

Logan: I’m the President of the United States. I can’t allow this kind of insubordination to go unanswered, especially at a time of crisis! I want Bauer arrested.

Mike: I agree, that should happen, sir. But I think we should wait until we have Marwan in custody.

Logan: No. I want him arrested now.

Mike: Sir, Bauer is heading the field operation.

Logan: Jack Bauer is not the only man who can do the job! Put someone else in charge!

Mike: Mr. President…

[Logan dials the phone.]

Logan: Get me Secret Service.

Woman: Yes, Mr. President.


Buchanan (over the phone): Has Jack set the robotic camera in position?

Curtis (over the phone): We’re still a few minutes out, Bill.

Buchanan (over the phone): We’re set to receive. Thanks, Curtis.

[Buchanan hangs up. He hands a disk to an agent.]

Buchanan: Get this to Audrey Raines and have her stream it to DOD, please.

[Buchanan’s cell phone rings.]

Buchanan: Buchanan.

Mike: Bill, it’s Mike Novick. I just got out of a room with President Logan. He knows how we got the information from Prado.

Buchanan: How did he find that out?

Mike: He’s not a stupid man, Bill. I’m not gonna lie to him.

Buchanan: Well, you’ll just have to convince him to leave it alone.

Mike: I tried. He’s not going to leave it alone.

Buchanan: Fine. Tomorrow he can bring charges against me. Right now I have to get back to the business of finding Marwan.

Mike: It’s not tomorrow and it’s not you.

Buchanan: What does that mean?

Mike: He wants Jack Bauer arrested.

Buchanan: Arrested? Mike. Jack is heading up the team that’s trying to bring in Marwan.

Mike: We’re aware of that. Logan’s adamant. He wants this dealt with immediately. Anything less he will take as a personal repudiation of his presidency.

Buchanan: OK, what’s more important, the President’s feelings or capturing the man who’s responsible for everything that’s happened today?

Mike: I hear what you’re saying, Bill, but Logan’s already called the Secret Service. They’re on their way to take Jack into custody. I suggest you warn him immediately.

[Mike hangs up.]


[Jack and Curtis arrive at the nightclub near downtown.]

Curtis: Before moving, we need confirmation Marwan’s inside.

Jack: I’ll send in the remote camera, see if we can get a visual.

Curtis: All right. What’s your point of entry?

Jack: The ventilation shaft.

[Jack calls Chloe.]

Chloe: O’Brian.

Jack: Chloe, it’s Jack. Can you get the schematics for the AC configuration for the building? Send it over to my PDA.

Chloe: I’m on it, Jack. I’ll end it to you a soon as I can.

Jack: OK, the camera’s working.

[The SWAT team gets into position.]


[Chloe’s phone rings.]

Chloe: O’Brian.

Man: We got a Los Angeles woman reporting suspicious activities.

Chloe: Cross referenced an ID match?

Man: She seems to be who she says she is.

Chloe: OK, send her information to my screen and put her through.

Man: There you go.

Chloe: This is Chloe O’Brian. How can I help you?

Nabila: I was just telling the man on the phone I’m not sure who exactly I should be talking to.

Chloe: I’m an analyst at CTU Los Angeles. Why don’t you start at the beginning?

Nabila: I’m calling about my boyfriend.

Chloe: What’s his name?

Nabila: You need to understand I’m not sure if this means anything…

Chloe: You were about to tell me his name?

Nabila: Sabir Ardakani. We’ve been going out since grad school.

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