Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Chloe: Can you spell that?

Nabila: Ardakani; A-r-d-a-k-a-n-i.

Chloe: Where’d you go to grad school?

Nabila: Berkeley Tech. we were both studying engineering. He’s been traveling a lot lately; business trips, he said. I’m not sure why I looked, probably because of everything that’s been going on today, but I found something on his computer.

Chloe: Tell me.

Nabila: I think Sabir may have become involved with radical groups.

Chloe: You mean terrorists?

Nabila: Yes.

Chloe: Where is Sabir now?

Nabila: He said he was going to Arizona for a client meeting, but the hotel has no record of him.

Chloe: When you looked through his computer files, tell me what you found, specifically.

Nabila: Most of his files were encrypted, but there was one document in the recycle bin that’s a schematic for a microchip, a type I’ve never seen before.


[Jack sends a remote camera inside the building’s ventilation shaft for a visual.]

Curtis: Jack, do you copy?

Jack: Yeah.

Curtis: Buchanan wants to talk to you.

Jack: Now?

Curtis: He says it’s urgent.

Jack: Fine.

Curtis: Go ahead, Bill.

Buchanan: Jack, we got a problem. Secret Service is on their way over there now to arrest you.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Buchanan: Logan knows we violated his order when you went after Prado.

Jack: Bill, we can’t interrupt this mission. You gotta stall them.

Buchanan: Jack, I’ve been on the phone for the last ten minutes. There’s nothing I can do from here. You have to get Marwan before Secret Service gets there.

Jack: Curtis, did you copy that?

Curtis: Yeah. I’ll run interference.

Jack: Give me a couple of minutes. I’ll bury the transmit.

Curtis: Jack, we’re ready.


[Marwan and his men prepare to record a taped speech to a video camera in a backroom.]

Man: Excuse me, Marwan. I just talked to Abad in New York. As soon as you’re done, I’ll upload the tape.

Marwan: Good. I want this delivered to television stations by dawn on the east coast.

Man: It won’t be a problem. You wanna cover your face?

Marwan: No. I want the American people to know who did this. Ready.

[The man starts filming.]

Marwan: People of America, you wake up today to a different world. One of your own nuclear weapons has been used against you. It’ll be days and weeks before you can measure the damage we’ve caused, but as you count your dead, remember why this has happened to you. You have no understanding for the causes of the people you strike down or the nations you conquer. You choose to meddle in their affairs without respect. You follow your government unquestioning toward your own slaughter. Today you pay the price for that ignorance.


[Jack feeds a robotic camera into the nightclub’s air vent. He sends the visual back to CTU.]

Jack: The camera is in the vent.

[The camera gets to the main room.]

Jack: I’ve got a visual on the main room. Approximately 50 civilians. Marwan won’t be here. He’s gonna wanna stay out of sight. Hold on, I’ve got a possible sentry. A second possible sentry at the window looking down on the street.

Curtis: Hey, Michelle, can you get a frame grab?

Michelle: We’re working on an ID.

Chloe: I’m sending a freezed frame to the facial recognition software.

Michelle: Jack, we have a match. He’s a known associate of Marwan.

Tony: That confirms that Prado gave us a legitimate address.

Buchanan: But not that Marwan is in the building. We can’t risk exposing ourselves till we know he’s in there.

[Castle’s cell phone rings.]

Castle: Castle.

Man: Secret Service is approaching your position.

Castle: Jack, Secret Service has arrived.

Jack: Did Marwan’s people see them approach?

Castle: No, they came out through the rear alley.

Jack: Moving over to the next room.

[Marwan’s men are still recording at the backroom.]

Marwan: Unless you renounce your policies of imperialism and intervention in these activities, this attack will be followed by another and another after that.

[The camera gets to the room where the video is being taped.]

Jack: I got a visual on people, what looks like a storage unit.

Curtis: How many?

Jack: Five. But they’re talking to someone else out of my sightline.

Curtis: All right, copy. All right, stand-by, Jack. What’s going on?

Moorefield: Secret Service. I’m agent Greg Moorefield. This is agent Frank Wells. We know this is a highly irregular situation, but we have orders to take Jack Bauer into custody.

Jack: Curtis, let me talk to them.

Curtis: Go ahead, Jack.

Jack: This is Jack Bauer. Right now we are trying to confirm that Habib Marwan is in this building. He is the terrorist in possession of a stolen nuclear warhead. I cannot oppress upon you how sensitive this mission is.

Moorefield: The President was specific, sir. We need to pull you off this now.

Jack: I don’t think you understand. I am in a concealed position. You pull me out now, you put this whole operation in jeopardy. As soon as this is over I give you my word, I will go with you.

Moorefield: I’m sorry, agent, if you don’t come out, we’re gonna have to come in and get you.

Buchanan: Local Secret Service Command has confirmed the order, Jack. There’s nothing I can do about it.

Curtis: Jack, we don’t have a choice. We’re gonna need to replace you.

Castle: Jack, this is Castle. I’m heading out to you.

Jack: Approach the sound side of the building.

Castle: Got it.

Agent: We’re on the move.

Curtis: All right, careful.


[Marwan’s men spot the Secret Service cars outside.]

Man: Marwan, the police are here. Asir saw an officer outside.

Marwan: Start packing.

Jack: Hold on, I got a visual on Marwan. I have a visual on Marwan. He is in the building.

[Marwan sees the remote camera in the vent.]

Marwan: Let’s go.

Jack: Dammit, they know we’re here. Everybody, move on the building.

Curtis: Our cover’s blown. Everyone, go, go, go, go, go!

[Jack moves into the nightclub to find Marwan, who has slipped out down a flight of stairs. Jack chases after him, as Curtis and the SWAT team follow from the main room.]

Curtis: Get down! Everybody, get down! Get down now!

[Marwan and his crew go into an underground tunnel. Jack comes up behind them and kills one of the men bringing up the rear.]

Jack: Freeze!

Curtis: I got him, Jack.

Jack: Marwan’s men have escaped through a whole in the outer basement wall.

Tony: Set up a two mile perimeter. Cover all utility access points.

[Jack sees that they’ve activated a bomb, and he and the agents run out as it explodes.]

Jack: Bomb! Bomb!

Michelle: Jack, what happened? Curtis! Curtis!

Curtis: Jack, are you OK?

Jack: Yeah. Check out your men. Michelle, it’s Jack. We can’t pursue. They blew the tunnel off behind them. It’s completely blocked. Have LAPD tighten up the perimeter. Get them to tell us where this tunnel fits into now.

Curtis: Yeah.

[Secret Service agents enter the underground area.]

Curtis: Jack.

Moorefield: Agent Bauer. Agent Moorefield, Secret Service. I’m sorry, but I’m here to take you into custody. Hand over your weapon, please.

[Jack hands his weapon over to Moorefield. Moorefield searches Jack for weapons.]

Jack: You blew this mission.

Moorefield: I’m sorry, sir, I’m just following orders.

[Moorefield handcuffs Jack.]


[Curtis discusses the situation with Tony and Michelle over the phone.]

Curtis: Has anyone asked President Logan what the hell he was thinking arresting Jack in the middle of the operation?

Michelle: Look, Curtis, we still have to focus on finding Marwan. We pulled up city records. The building is directly adjacent to a sewer line.

Curtis: How many street level degrees points are there?

Michelle: At least 30.

Curtis: Which means Marwan’s probably gone past our perimeters already.

Tony: Yeah, well, we still have to keep looking. LAPD and FBI will set down a grid down there. I want you to coordinate your men with them.

Curtis: We just found a video tape on a man we shot. It’s been damaged, but we should be able to recover most of what’s on it.

Michelle: We’ll have one of your men come back here with the video tape. Edgar’s repositioning the satellite. We’ll let you know if we find anything.

Curtis: You got it.


[Buchanan has to explain to Novick and President Logan that Marwan escaped because of the Secret Service’s breach.]

Logan: How did Marwan get past your men?

Buchanan: They had to move in before they were ready.

Logan: Why?

Buchanan: Secret Service showed up to take Bauer into custody, which compromised one of our positions.

Logan: I didn’t mean… That’s not what I meant to have happen.

Buchanan: With respect, sir, your orders were explicit.

Mike: What other search protocols are you running?

Buchanan: None, Mr. Novick. We’re essentially without a lead.

Mike: Bill, give us a few minutes. We’ll get right back to you.

Buchanan: Standing-by.

[Buchanan hangs up.]

Logan: This is not my fault. None of this would have happened if Jack Bauer hadn’t disobeyed my orders in the first place!

Mike: I’m sorry, sir, but if you’re asking me to agree with that assessment, I can’t. If it wasn’t for Jack, we wouldn’t have located Marwan. CTU’s waiting for us to call them back with a directive. What would you like me to tell them, Mr. President?

Logan: I have no idea. And that’s the problem, isn’t it? It is my fault we lost him. This man, Marwan, has a nuclear warhead and I allowed him to escape.

Mike: Mr. President…

Logan: Stop. I don’t even know if I deserve to be called that.

Mike: Whatever I call you won’t change the fact you are President of the United States.

Logan: I shouldn’t be. For the good of this country, I should resign.

Mike: That’s not an option, sir. Not without destroying the public’s confidence, which is already at its limits. Free presidency as many hours will be devastating.

Logan: Then what should I do, Mike? Tell me what to do.

Mike: There’s someone who can advise you better than I can. You should consider bringing him in here to help you through this.

Logan: Who?


News reporter on TV: President Keeler is in critical condition after Air Force One crashed in the Mojave Desert a few hours ago.

[The phone rings.]

News reporter on TV: A White House spokesperson reports that the President was taken to an undisclosed military hospital following the crash. The details are still forthcoming, but what we know is…

Secret Service Agent: Sir, there’s a secured call coming through for you.

[The agent hands Palmer the phone.]

Palmer: Thank you, Alex.

[Palmer takes the call.]

Palmer: Hello?

Mike: Mr. President.

Palmer: Mike?

Mike: Yes, sir. I’m sorry to disturb you so late.

Palmer: No, I’ve been up all night following the news. This is a tragic day for our country.

Mike: Yes. May I ask when you received your last intelligence briefing?

Palmer: Three hours ago. Why?

Mike: Since then, the terrorist behind today’s events, Habib Marwan, has taken possession of a nuclear warhead.

Palmer: Oh, my God. How?

Mike: Well, he recovered the Football from the wreckage of Air Force One, and he used it to track and steal a warhead. President Logan feels he needs help.

Palmer: What kind of help?

Mike: Substantial.

Palmer: I’m not sure what you’re asking me to do.

Mike: President Logan is requesting you run the effort to recover the stolen weapon and be in place to make whatever decisions need to be made. A crisis is looming. Hard choices may need to be made. By the President’s own admission he feels he may not be up to the task. This county is very possibly about to face the worst terrorist act in its history. We need your leadership.

Palmer: Before I do anything, I wanna speak to President Logan face to face.

Mike: Fair enough. I’ll notify your Secret Service detail to bring you to the White House.

Palmer: All right, Mike.

Mike: Thank you, Mr. President.


[Outside the nightclub, Jack is released by the Secret Service.]

Curtis (over the phone): Secret Service resented the order. Yeah, they’re releasing Jack now. All right. Yeah.

Moorefield: Please step out of the car, Agent Bauer.

[Still handcuffed, Jack gets out of the car.]

Jack: What’s going on?

[A Secret Service Agent takes Jack’s handcuffs off.]

Moorefield: President Logan realized this was a mistake. You’re free to go. I am genuinely sorry about all this.

[Moorefield hands Jack his gun back.]

Jack: It doesn’t really help us with our situation, does it? We had Marwan. Any sign of him?

Curtis: We have people all over the tunnels. So far, nothing.

Jack: We had him. Dammit, we had him!

Curtis: They’re not finished searching the tunnels.

Jack: If you haven’t found him yet, you’re not going to. Too many ways in, too many ways out. CTU have any new leads on Marwan or the warhead?

Curtis: No.

Jack: Great. Load everybody up, we’re going back to CTU now.

Curtis: All right, everyone, let’s go!


Chloe: Edgar.

Edgar: I’m busy, Chloe.

Chloe: I need you to release your system.

Edgar: Why?

Chloe: It’s the only one with the random sequence search.

Edgar: You’re gonna have to wait.

Chloe: It can’t wait. Someone called a lead in, and now that Marwan’s escaped, I need to pursue this.

Edgar: This is more important. I have agents out there looking for Marwan. I need to reconfigure the perimeter for them.

Chloe: You don’t need your system to do that. Just tell them to use the profiles we loaded onto their panels.

Edgar: That won’t be good enough. Things are changing every minute.

Chloe: They’re field agents, they have guns. They don’t need you to cuddle them.

Edgar: You know, that’s a pretty rood attitude.

Chloe: I need your system.

Edgar: No.

[Chloe goes over to Tony.]

Chloe: Tony.

Tony: What?

Chloe: A woman called in and she thinks her boyfriend may have had something to do with today’s terrorist attacks.

Tony: Did you verify it?

Chloe: No, that’s the problem. I need to use Edgar’s system.

Tony: Why?

Chloe: Her evidence involves data that she got from her boyfriend’s computer. It’s in preparatory format.

Tony: Well, what’s Edgar doing?

Chloe: He’s screwing around, moving agents that Jack and Curtis don’t need.

Tony: Edgar!

Edgar: Yeah?

Tony: Let Chloe into your system.

Edgar: What about tactical I’m running? I still got guys out there.

Tony: Marwan’s long gone. Most of those agents you can call back in.

Chloe: Excuse me.

[Chloe sits at Edgar’s system.]


Sabir: All right.

[Morrison calls Marwan, who is in an underground sewer tunnel.]

Marwan: Yes?

Morrison: This is Morrison. Is there a problem? I haven’t heard from you.

Marwan: CTU found the club.

Morrison: How’d they know you were there?

Marwan: Must have been Prado. Has the warhead been reconfigured?

Morrison: Yes.

Marwan: Then our timetable remains unchanged.

Morrison: Marwan. We may have a potential security breech here.

Marwan: Who?

Morrison: The technician, Sabir. His girlfriend’s getting suspicious.

Marwan: But it’s being taken care of?

Morrison: Of course. It’s being handled.

Marwan: Let me know when it’s done.

[Marwan hangs up. Marwan climbs out of the tunnel through a manhole cover.]


[Chloe updates Tony and Buchanan on what Nabila found on Sabir’s computer.]

Chloe: Tony.

Tony: Yeah?

Chloe: The woman with the phone tip, who is suspicious about her boyfriend panned out.

Tony: What’d you find?

Chloe: She sent us a schematic of a microchip that we did analysis on. It’s used exclusively in Legacy nuclear warheads.

Buchanan: Does this include the warhead Marwan has control of?

Chloe: Yes. This is the design of the chip that controls the trigger on the stolen warhead.

Tony: What do we know about the man whose computer we found this on?

Chloe: His name is Sabir Ardakani. According to his girlfriend, he’s recently become radicalized.

Buchanan: I want his picture and ID on an all-agency distribution list, highest priority.

Chloe: She thinks he’s out of state, but she has no idea where.

Tony: Well, if he’s in this with Marwan, he’s probably somewhere in the Iowa region with the warhead.

Buchanan: This woman who gave you the tip, is she local?

Chloe: Yes, Las Vilas. She says that the rest of the files on his hard driver are locked. If that’s the case, we’re gonna need a specialist.

Tony: We’re gonna need to sent a team over there as soon as possible, see what else we can dig up on him.

Buchanan: All right. Chloe, I want you over there.

Chloe: What?

Buchanan: Take a team with you, let’s get on this.

Chloe: Oh, I’m not a field agent. I don’t do that.

Buchanan: Chloe. We need a specialist on this. You’re the only one who can get those files off that hard drive. I wanna know what Ardakani is doing and where he is. Chloe, I’m giving you an order. Go.


[Chloe calls Edgar from the car to make sure he has everything covered.]

Chloe: Edgar, it’s Chloe. Does my panel have a live link to the tactical network?

Edgar: Not yet.

Chloe: What are you waiting for?

Edgar: We don’t do that until the agents are on site.

Chloe: I’m not an agent.

Edgar: I know that, but you’re attached to a mobile unit, Chloe. I’m just trying to do things by the book. Isn’t that always what you tell me to do?

Chloe: Why do you have to be so contrary? I’m just not comfortable out here. I wanna make sure you have everything covered.

Edgar: Fine. You have your live link. What else?

Chloe: Trunk my audio in with Bergin and White. I wanna make sure that I can monitor the two-way between them and CTU.

Edgar: Done.

Chloe: OK. I can’t think of anything else right now, but if I do, I’m gonna call you, but I really hope you don’t give me so much resistance next time.

Edgar: Chloe, I know you’re scared, and I’ll make sure everything is covered on this end.

Chloe: Why did they ask me to do this? I really hate it.

Edgar: While you were prepping, I asked Buchanan if I can go instead of you. He wouldn’t let me. He said you were the best analyst we have. He’s right.

Chloe: I know. I’ll call you if I can think of anything else.

Edgar: OK.

[Edgar hangs up.]


[Chloe and two other agents arrive at Nabila’s house.]

Chloe: Hi. I’m Agent O’Brian. These are Agents Bergin and White. You’re Nabila Argamila?

Nabila: Yes.

Chloe: Where’s the computer?

Nabila: Please come in.

Chloe: These men need to search the house. Did Mr. Ardakani keep records other than on his computer?

Nabila: There are some papers in the bedroom.

Chloe: This is the computer you found the chip schematic on?

Nabila: Yes, but like I told you before on the phone, the rest of his files are encrypted.

Chloe: Are you sure?

Nabila: Yes. I ran a check on the builder subroutine to confirm. I have a doctorate in computer sciences.

Chloe: OK, let’s see. You’re right. They used Blowfish Algorithm.

Nabila: How can you tell?

Chloe: By the tab on the file headers.

Nabila: Can you decrypt it?

Chloe: CTU has a proprietary Algorithm. It shouldn’t take that long. We’ll start by trying to hack the password. Let’s start with the basics. Write down nicknames, birthdays, pets, anything you think he might have used.

Nabila: OK. What was that?

Chloe: I don’t know.

[A gunman kills the two CTU agents. Chloe takes the computer and she and Nabila run and hide inside another room.]

Chloe: Go. Go!

Nabila: In here!

[With no weapon, Chloe barricades the door and calls Edgar for help.]

Man: Your men are dead. Open the door!

Nabila: Do you have a gun?

Chloe: I work with computers.

Man: Open the door!

Edgar: Edgar Stiles.

Chloe: Edgar, it’s Chloe, this is an emergency. We’re being shot at!

Edgar: Where are you?

Man: Open the door!

Chloe: The Las Vilas location. We need help.

Edgar: OK, all right. Jack, Curtis, Chloe’s in the field, she’s under fire.

Jack: What’s her location?

Edgar: 1482 Franklin, Las Vilas.

Jack: Curtis, how far out are the closest tac teams?

Curtis: I’m on it.

Jack: Chloe, it’s Jack. What’s your situation?

Chloe: I barricaded us in the laundry room.

Jack: Who are you with?

Chloe: Our informant. Bergin and White were with me. Bergin’s down. I don’t know where white is. I’ll call you back.

Jack: Chloe, don’t hang up the phone.

[Chloe hangs up.]

Jack: Get her back on the line, now.

[Chloe and Nabila escape through a window out of the house.]

Jack (over the phone): This is Jack Bauer. I need an LAPD response at 1482 Franklin. We have two agents down, one under fire.

[Jack hangs up.]

Jack: Where are the tac teams?

Curtis: About 15 minutes.

Jack: It’s too long.

[Chloe and Nabila get inside the CTU car.]

Chloe: We’re opening the door… We’re opening… Where are the keys? Where are the keys? Where are the keys?

[Chloe calls CTU again.]

Edgar: Jack, it’s her!

Jack: Put her on speaker.

Chloe: Jack, how far away is help?

Jack: At least ten minutes.

Chloe: Ten minutes is too long!

Jack: Chloe, just try to stay calm. Tell me where you are now.

[The man gets out of the house and starts to shoot at the bulletproof car.]

Chloe: He’s shooting at us! The glass is bulletproof.

Jack: Chloe, I need you to tell me where you are.

Chloe: We’re in the CTU car. He’s shooting at us from outside. I don’t… I don’t have the keys. Can I hotwire this?

Jack: No, it’s secure, but there should be weapons stored inside the vehicle.

Chloe: There’s a rifle in the back. It’s locked. I need the combination.

Curtis: I’m on it.

Nabila: He’s going. Where is he going?

Chloe: Wait. I think he’s leaving.

[The gunman gets in his car.]

Jack: Have we got the combination?

Curtis: Not yet.

Chloe: He’s gonna ram us!

[The man rams his car and the CTU vehicle.]

Nabila: Oh, God!

Chloe: What’s taking so long, Jack?

[The man rams his car and the CTU vehicle again.]

Curtis: Got it. It’s 3143.

Jack: Chloe, did you get that?

Chloe: 31…

[Hearing all the noise from outside, one of Nabila’s neighbors gets out of his house.]

Man: What’s going on here? What are you doing?

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