Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Jack: I want Melissa Rabb to stay in the van until I need her to translate. You both can cover the perimeter. I’m going in alone.

Curtis: Jack.

Jack: My orders are to make this mission completely deniable. If I get caught, I have to be able to say I was acting alone.

Curtis: All right. What do you want us to do?

Jack: Just cover the perimeter. You both can reengage as soon as I leave the Consulate. But I don’t wanna nock over bases, masks on, non-lethal force, you understand?

Curtis: We’ll be here.

Jack: Tony, I’m going in. Any change on infrared?

Tony: Negative. We’ll continue monitoring in real time.

[Wearing a mask, Jack enters the Consulate building as Tony guides him to the guards’ locations.]

Jack: The alarm system’s a Cambria model 3. I’m doing relays on the door now.

Tony: Roger that.

[Jack manages to get the door open. He enters the building.]

Tony: All right, Jack, stop. We have somebody approaching from your west side. I repeat, your west side. OK. He’s moving away.

Jack: Give me the status on the other four guards.

Tony: Jack, you’re right on top of them. We have someone approaching from your north side. OK, you’re clear.

[Jack climbs up to an inside balcony and shoots a tranquilizer gun into the neck of a Chinese guard, who drops to the floor. Jack silently takes down guards who man the room where Lee is. Jack knocks out Lee and carries him.]

Jack: I got him.

Tony: Roger that. People moving towards you on both floors.

Jack: Exiting the Consulate, hostiles in pursuit. Bring up the van. I repeat, bring up the van now.

Curtis: Go, go, go, go.

[Jack runs as the guards fire at him. Koo comes out and is accidentally shot by his own guards. Curtis and the agents run to the entrance to help Jack, and a Chinese guard briefly unmasks an agent named Bern. Bern recovers and puts his mask back on.]

Curtis: Let’s go. Let’s go.

[Jack throws Lee in the van and they realize that Lee’s been shot in the back.]

Jack: He’s been hit. Pass me the medical bag. Now!

Curtis: We’re in.

Jack: Go, go!

[The van speeds away.]

Tony: Jack, give me a status.

Jack: We’re away. Lee is in custody. He’s been shot in the back. No exit wound.

Tony: How bad is it?

Jack: I can’t tell yet. The bleeding doesn’t look too severe. We’re on our way to you. We’re about fifteen minutes out.

Tony: All right. I’ll have medical ready.

[Lee yells something in Chinese.]

Melissa: He says not to touch him. He doesn’t want you to touch him.

Jack: Tell him I’m just trying to help him. I need to check his wounds.

[Melissa explains Lee what Jack just told her. Lee is still resistant.]

Jack: Hold him down. Hold him down now! I need to calm him down so that I can talk to him. We’ve got medical assistance waiting for him. This shot is only going to help him, he’s in pain.

[Melissa tries to calm Lee down.]

Jack: Does he understand?

Melissa: Yes.

[Jack gives Lee the shot.]


Audrey (over the phone): Mm-hm. That’s great. Thank you very much.

[Audrey hangs up.]

Audrey: Hey. The FAA has cleared us to leave at 8:00 O’clock on a medical transport plane. Doctor Basin’s agreed to accompany us.

Paul: That’s great news.

Audrey: As soon as you settle in I’ll start looking for an apartment.

Paul: I don’t know what to say. I’m gonna get through this.

Audrey: I know you will.

[Audrey’s cell phone rings.]

Audrey: Raines.

Man: I have your flight information.

Audrey: Yeah.

Man: A medivac will be there to pick you up at 06:00.

Audrey: All right, so you’re gonna take care of the transportation?

Man: Yes, Ma’am, that’s correct.

[Suddenly, Paul has trouble breathing.]

Audrey: I gotta call you back.

[Audrey quickly hangs up the phone.]

Audrey: Paul? Paul, what is it? Paul? Doctor Basin! Please, someone come quickly!

[The doctor runs inside the clinic.]

Audrey: OK, OK, OK, it’s OK. He’s right here.

Doctor Basin: 10 milligrams of aspersing.

Audrey: He just started gasping, I don’t know what’s going on.

Doctor Basin: I barely hear his heart. We need to do an ultrasound, but all signs point to a cardio temping off.

Audrey: What does that mean?

Doctor Basin: The sac around his heart is filling up with blood, we can drain off some of the fluid, but we gotta get him back to surgery now.

Audrey: Paul, it’s OK, I’m right here.

Doctor Basin: If we don’t stop the bleeding, his heart will not be able to function.

Audrey: It’s OK. It’s OK.

Doctor Basin: I need a pair of cardio CT’s now.


Jack: I need to pull him on his back. Tell him we know that he helped Habib Marwan with the missing warhead, and now we need him to help us find Marwan and stop him before he can detonate it. We know he’s involved, tell him we can prove it with his E-mails.

[Melissa translates this to Lee.]

Melissa: He doesn’t deny it. He says he knows where Marwan is, and he will tell you if you agree to his terms.

Jack: What are they?

[Melissa asks Lee for his terms.]

Melissa: He says he went to the Consulate to gain protection from our government as well as Marwan. He believes Marwan wants to kill him to prevent him from talking. He wants our guarantee of protection.

Jack: Tell him if the information that he provide us leads us to the warhead in time, he will be immune from prosecution in this country and I will take him back to the Chinese Consulate or wherever he wants to go.

[Melissa translates this to Lee.]

Melissa: He says this is acceptable, but he wants a guarantee of this in writing from the President.

Jack: Tell him I understand him, and I will get that for him, I give him my word, but I need the information now.

[Melissa explains this to Lee.]

Melissa: He says he must have this guarantee before he will tell you.

[Jack’s cell phone rings.]

Jack: No, that’s not good enough. One minute.

[Jack takes the call.]

Jack: This is Ba…

[Jack takes the com earpiece out of his ear.]

Jack: This is Bauer.

Mike: Jack, I have President Palmer.

Jack: Put him through.

Palmer: Jack. Buchanan told me you’ve got Lee Jong in custody, and that he was wounded.

Jack: Yes, sir.

Palmer: Is he talking?

Jack: He wants to help us, but he won’t till he has a written guarantee that he won’t be prosecuted in this country. We also have to provide safe travel to a destination of his choosing. His guarantee has to be signed by the President.

Palmer: Jack, CTU believes the detonation of this warhead is imminent. Can you force him to talk immediately?

Jack: I don’t think so. I think the fastest way to make this happen – get him what he wants.

Palmer: OK. I’ll get the guarantee from Logan, and have it waiting for you at CTU.

Jack: Thank you, sir.

[Palmer hangs up. Mike enters the room.]

Palmer: What is it?

Mike: Su Ming, the Deputy Chinese Consul. They didn’t waste any time.

Palmer: I can’t blame them. They have to know we’re behind the attacks.

Mike: What should I tell him?

Palmer: I’ll take the call. We have to start fencing with them sooner or later. Might as well be now. Mr. Lee won’t talk unless he has a guarantee of immunity and safe transport. Get that from Logan, will you?

[Palmer takes the call with Su Ming.]

Palmer: Mr. Su.

Ming: Yes. Is this President Palmer?

Palmer: Yes. Has the Premier responded to the consul’s request to have Mr. Lee turned over to us?

Ming: Mr. President, the consul is dead.

[Palmer is shocked to hear that Koo was killed during the raid.]

Palmer: What?

Ming: He was shot when armed men broke into this building and took Mr. Lee with them by force.

Palmer: I’m shocked and deeply sad. Please convey that to your government on behalf of mine.

Ming: Mr. President, is it your position that you have no knowledge of this operation? That the timing of your call and this abduction is entirely coincidental?

Palmer: The Consulate is a solvent territory of the people’s republic of China. I can’t believe anyone connected with this country had a hand in it.

Ming: I’m sure you understand the political ramifications if you are incorrect.

Palmer: And I’m sure you understand the ramification of unproven accusations.

Ming: No accusations have been made, Mr. President, but I can assure you, there will be an investigation.

Palmer: Your government will have my complete cooperation.

Ming: Thank you, Mr. President. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from us again very soon.

[Ming hangs up.]


Mike: President Logan will provide Lee with a written guarantee as long as it remains covert. Sir? What’s wrong?

Palmer: Koo Yin was killed in the course of the abduction.

Mike: My God. By one of our own people?

Palmer: No. It must have been from their fire, but it really doesn’t matter. If they’re able to find proof that we were involved, in the long run the repercussions will be as serious as those we’re facing from the terrorists.


Buchanan: Tony. I just heard that Lee Jong is on his way here and he’s been shot. How did this happen?

Tony: The Chinese weren’t gonna give Lee up in time, so Jack and his team had to extract him.

Buchanan: Jack went into the Consulate? On whose authority?

Tony: The White House.

Buchanan: Why is this first I’m hearing about this?

Tony: This operation needed to be kept off the books, to make sure it was deniable.

Buchanan: But you know about it.

Tony: Yes, I did. I ran tactical from here.

Buchanan: It is absolutely unacceptable I was kept out of the loop on this!

Tony: That’s the way Jack wanted to play it.

Buchanan: You don’t work for Jack, you work for me! A situation frankly I wish I’d been consulted on in the first place.

Tony: Meaning?

Buchanan: Meaning I thought it was a mistake to reinstate you, and now I’m certain of it.

Tony: Look, I understand you don’t appreciate being kept in the dark, but I think this is about something else.

Buchanan: Well, you’re wrong about that too, and you are way out of line!

[Buchanan leaves in anger.]


Jack (over the phone): OK, thank you.

[Jack hangs up.]

Jack: Tell him we’re almost there. The medical assistance that we promised him and the guarantee are waiting for him.

[Melissa tells Lee about this.]

Melissa: I don’t understand him.

Jack: Ask him if he’s in pain.

Melissa: He says he’s cold, very cold.

[Jack listens to the man’s chest and realizes that his lungs are filling with fluid.]

Curtis: What’s going on, Jack?

Jack: He must have severe internal bleeding. Dammit, his lungs are filling up with fluid.

Curtis: I’ll alert CTU.

Jack: Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee. Tell me where Habib Marwan is. Please, tell me where he is now. Dammit, we’re losing him.

Curtis: All right. Stand-by with a gurney. We’re coming in hot.


[Audrey watches through the window as the doctor performs surgery on Paul in the CTU ward. Suddenly, Jack bursts into the operating room with a gurney.]

Audrey: Jack. Jack, what’s going on? Jack.

Doctor Basin: You can’t come in here.

Jack: He’s dying!

Doctor Basin: So is he. Get out of here, I just started this operation.

Jack: This man is our only connection to a stolen nuclear warhead. You gotta save him now.

Doctor Basin: I’ll get to him as soon as I can.

Jack: He’s not gonna make it.

Doctor Basin: I already have a patient.

Jack: Curtis.

[Jack pulls his gun on the doctor.]

Jack: You have a new one.

Doctor Basin: Are you crazy?

Jack: Maybe you didn’t understand me. This is the only man that can help us find the missing warhead and stop it from being detonated. If you don’t save him, millions of people will die, do you understand that? Millions of people. Start working on him now!

Audrey: Jack, what are you doing?

Doctor Basin: If I walk away from Mr. Raines now, he will die.

Jack: You don’t know that for sure.

Audrey: Jack!

Jack: Do it. Now!

[Audrey is stunned as Paul is abandoned.]

Doctor Basin: More valium.

Nurse: Yes, Doctor.

Audrey: Jack, please. Please, don’t do this.

Nurse: I’ll make half of the syringe. Prep me the needle.

Nurse #2: All right. I’ll have it standing-by.

Doctor Basin: His lungs are damaged. He’s lost a lot of blood.

Jack: All I need you to do I stabilize him so I can talk to him. Can you do that?

Doctor Basin: Maybe.

Jack: Then do it.

Doctor Basin: Debra, I need you over here.

Debra: What about Mr. Raines?

Doctor Basin: Have one of the agents give him chest impressions if his pressure drops.

Curtis: I got it.

Doctor Basin: Put some gloves on.

Audrey: Jack. Jack!

Jack: I have my orders, I’m doing my job! I’m sorry!

Audrey: You’re sorry? You’re letting him die! Stop, Jack!

[Audrey starts to become violent.]

Jack: Get her away from me, now!

[Agents pull Audrey out of the operating room.]

Audrey: Stop it, Jack! Jack, stop! He saved your life, Jack! Stop it!

Doctor Basin: We have to relieve the pressure immediately. Get me a trace 2.

Audrey: Stop! Let go of me! Stop it! Let go of me! Jack, listen to me. Please, stop this. Jack, please. Please, I’m begging you, Jack, stop it! OK, let go of me! Please! Let go of me.

[Paul’s blood pressure crashes.]

Curtis: Jack, his pulse crashing. Starting CPR.

Jack: What can we do for him?

Doctor Basin: He’s in v-fib. Use a defibrillator.

Jack: Charging. Clear.

[Jack hits Paul with the paddles.]

Audrey: Come on.

Doctor Basin: Hit him again, Jack.

Jack: Charging. Clear.

[Jack hits Paul with the paddles one more time.]

Jack: He’s still flatlining.

Doctor Basin: Give him a shot of epinephrine.

Jack: Where is it?

Doctor Basin: It’s on the tray, second syringe to the left.

Curtis: Got it.

Doctor Basin: Inject in the IV.

Curtis: It’s in.

Audrey: Come on.

[Jack tries furiously to pump Paul’s chest, but Paul dies.]

Curtis: Jack. Jack, he’s dead. Jack.

Jack: No.

Curtis: Jack!

Jack: No!

Curtis: Jack! He’s gone.

[Audrey cries.]

Audrey: Oh, God. Oh, my God.

[Audrey attacks Jack with punches.]

Audrey: You son of a bitch, Jack! You son of a bitch! You killed him! He saved your life.

Doctor Basin: Get her out of here now.

[Jack just stands there in shock. Audrey screams at Jack as she is carried out of the operating room.]

Audrey: How could you? You killed him! I hate you, Jack! You killed him! How could you do this? You killed him, Jack! You killed him! Let go of me! Get of off me! Let go of me!

Jack: Is he gonna make it?

Doctor Basin: I’m doing the best I can.

[The doctor continues to operate on Lee.]

____________________ 959

24 983

Previously on 24:

Marwan: People of America, you wake up today to a different world. One of your own nuclear weapons has been used against you.

Buchanan: “Wake up today to a different world.”

Michelle: Do we take that literally? That he’ll set off the warhead before dawn?


Mike: A CTU analyst named Chloe O’Brian secured a hard drive belonging to one of Marwan’s associates. This hard drive may contain information that could lead us to the warhead.


Logan: I will give you full authority to act as my proxy whenever you think it’s necessary.


Palmer: Mr. Koo, there’s a man in your consulate by the name of Lee Jong. We need to take Mr. Lee into custody immediately to question him.

Yin: But Mr. Lee is a Chinese citizen. I can’t just hand him over to you without going through channels.


Palmer: Jack, is there any doubt in your mind that Lee is working with Marwan?

Jack: No, sir. The E-mails he sent left no room for doubt.

Palmer: Then we have to get Lee out now and find out what he knows.

Jack: Yes, sir.

Palmer: No one connected with the government can admit to knowing anything about this. Ever.


Jack: I got him. Hostiles in pursuit. Bring up the van.


Ming: Mr. President, the consul is dead. He was shot when armed men broke into this building and took Mr. Lee with them by force.


Jack: Mr. Lee, tell me where Habib Marwan is. Dammit, we’re losing him.


Audrey: Paul, what is it?

Doctor Basin: I can drain off some of the fluid, but we gotta get him back to surgery now.


Audrey: Jack. Jack, what’s going on?

Jack: This man is our only connection to a stolen nuclear warhead. You gotta save him now.

Doctor Basin: I already have a patient.

Jack: You have a new one. If you don’t save him, millions of people will die.

Audrey: Jack.

Jack: I have my orders, I’m doing my job!

Curtis: His pulse crashing. Jack, he’s dead.

Audrey: Jack, you son of a bitch, you killed him.


The following takes place between 3:00 A.M. and 4:00 A.M.

[Paul’s body is wheeled out of the operating room as the doctor works on Lee.]

Doctor Basin: Gauze.

Nurse: Gauze.

Jack: Is he gonna make it?

Doctor Basin: We’re doing the best we can.

Jack: I just need him coherent long enough to get the information about Marwan and the missing warhead.

Doctor Basin: I know, Jack. You already made me aware of that when you forced me to sacrifice Paul Raines’ life. One milligram atropine.

Jack: What is it?

Doctor Basin: Jack, I don’t have time right now.

Curtis: Jack, we need to leave. Let them do this.

Doctor Basin: Gauze.

Jack: I’ll be right outside.

[Jack goes out to find Audrey crying.]

Jack: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Audrey: How could you? How could you kill him, Jack? How could you do it?

[Jack hugs Audrey, but she pushes him away from her.]

Jack: Come here.

Audrey: No… No… No. I can’t. I can’t… be near you right now.

Jack: Please, Audrey. Just tell me what you want me to do.

Audrey: Leave. I want you to leave, Jack.

[Jack leaves Audrey alone.]


Buchanan: Jack, you need to call the white house right away. Mike Novick needs to speak with you. It’s urgent.

Jack: OK, fine.

[Buchanan senses something’s wrong.]

Buchanan: What?

Jack: Paul Raines just died. There was only one doctor and I had to make a choice between Lee’s life and Paul’s… and I chose Lee.

Buchanan: You did the right thing, Jack. Are you OK?

Jack: No, I’m not OK. I’m sorry. Just tell me when Lee’s out of surgery.

Buchanan: I will.

[Jack calls Mike.]

Woman: Mike Novick’s office.

Jack: This is Jack Bauer for Mike Novick.

Woman: Please hold.

Mike: Hello, Jack. Have you gotten anything useful out of Lee yet?

Jack: No, he’s still in surgery.

Mike: How’s that coming along?

Jack: Not great, but he’s hanging in there.

Mike: I don’t have to tell you we took a huge risk getting this guy under the assumption that he can help us find the nuclear warhead.

Jack: Trust me, Mike, I know.

Mike: We also have a new situation.

Jack: What is it?

Mike: When you broke into the Chinese consulate, Koo Yin, the consul, was shot.

Jack: That’s not possible. My men never fired their weapons.

Mike: Then he was accidentally hit by one of his own people.

Jack: How badly was he hurt?

Mike: He died, Jack.

Jack: Oh, my God.

Mike: I want you to talk to the members of your team. Make sure that each one of them has an alibi for where they were during the ambush.

Jack: OK.

Mike: This is an extremely incendiary situation. I’m about to talk to President Palmer now. We’re trying to avoid a serious confrontation with China.

Jack: We’ll handle it from here. Thanks, Mike.


[Chloe discovers that someone on the outside is trying to jam the CTU satellite servers.]

Chloe: How did this happen?

[Chloe goes over to Buchanan.]

Chloe: Mr. Buchanan, the network security module lit up. Someone on the outside is trying to jam our satellite servers.

Buchanan: Could this just be a high network load?

Chloe: No, it’s definitely a denial of service attempt. What do you want me to do?

Buchanan: Did they do any damage yet?

Chloe: No, the Cisco system is self-defending.

Buchanan: All right, have one of your people use the security auditor tool. Maybe it’ll lead us to Marwan’s network.

Chloe: That was my point from the start.

Buchanan: Chloe. We’re in an active code. We don’t have time for your personality disorder. Do you understand me? Chloe. Yes or no?

Chloe: Yes, sir.


[Marwan calls Yasir.]

Yasir: This is Yasir.

Marwan: Is the warhead in place?

Yasir: Yes, but we have a problem. I can’t jam their satellite.

Marwan: You assured me that you could handle it.

Yasir: CTU must have just installed new software. This wasn’t in place last week.

Marwan: We’re gonna have to move our schedule forward by an hour.

Yasir: There won’t be as many casualties if people aren’t at work.

Marwan: If you can’t jam their satellite signal, they’ll find us. We can’t let that happen.

Yasir: I understand.


Mike: How long are we gonna keep the President in the dark? Eventually he’s going to find out that you authorized a raid on the Chinese consulate.

Palmer: We have to keep it from him as long as we can. Were you able to find Jack?

Mike: Yes. He’s back at CTU. The man they grabbed at the consulate, Lee Jong, is still in surgery.

Palmer: Was he able to tell us anything about the warhead?

Mike: No.

Palmer: What did Jack have to say about the Chinese consul’s death?

Mike: It wasn’t our people who fired the shot.

Palmer: The Chinese won’t care. He died as a result of our trespass. We have to start constructing a scenario that doesn’t implicate the United States government.

Mike: They must know we did this. We called the consulate about Lee Jong half an hour before the abduction.

Palmer: The Chinese don’t want a confrontation any more than we do. If we can create a scenario of plausible deniability, they may play along.

Mike: How do we do that?

Palmer: Call CTU. Have them find out which anti-Chinese factions have attacked their embassies or consulates in the last five years.

Mike: Most of these groups you’re talking about are Asian extremists. I’m sure Bauer’s team was predominately Americans.

Palmer: Bauer’s team was masked. No one saw their faces.


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