Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Michelle: It’s been hard for me too.

Tony: And I look at what this job does to the people in our positions, and I realize I want us to be together again, but it’s gotta be away from all of this.

Michelle: You want us to leave our jobs? We’ve spent the last twelve years of our lives doing this. Where would we go? What would we do?

Tony: I don’t care. People start over every day if it’s important to them.

Michelle: You’re asking me to leave the only thing I’ve ever done.

Tony: Yes, I am.

[Richard Heller creates a scene as he is dragged into CTU.]

Richard: This is beyond belief! I cannot be brought here! Audrey, you gotta get me out of here. These guys broke into my house. This is so illegal.

Audrey: All right, Richard, listen. Just calm down, OK? Listen to me. Your phone number came up on the cell phone of a terrorist, all right?

Richard: That’s what they said. That’s insane, and you know that, Audrey.

Buchanan: Audrey. Audrey.

Audrey: Listen, OK? Just listen…

Buchanan: Audrey. Audrey.

Audrey: Yes?

Buchanan: They have to get him into holding now.

Richard: Audrey! Audrey, don’t let them do this! Don’t let them do this to me!

Audrey: Who’s interrogating him?

Buchanan: Jack.

Audrey: What?

[Jack enters CTU and Audrey approaches him.]

Audrey: You are not gonna do this. You are not gonna torture my brother.

Jack: I’ll be right in there. I don’t wanna hurt Richard, but we’re out of time. He knows something, and I’m gonna find out what it is.

Audrey: And what if he doesn’t?

Jack: You’re aware that he called Marwan. It came up on his cell phone.

Audrey: There has gotta be an explanation for that. Let me talk to him.

Jack: You honestly believe that you can interrogate your own brother?

Audrey: It’s because he’s my brother, maybe I can get something out of him that you can’t, Jack. Please, just give me five minutes. Please.

Jack: Take five minutes.

Audrey: Thank you.


[Congressman Ashton tries to get information out of Novick about Palmer’s role as advisor.]

Ashton: Mike.

Mike: Don.

Ashton: How’s President Logan managing?

Mike: Given the circumstances, he’s doing very well.

Ashton: I noticed that ex-President Palmer’s here with him.

Mike: Yes, he brought the former President in to advice.

Ashton: Yeah, well, that’s probably a good idea. Palmer’s been at the helm in this kind of crisis before. He knows how to lead.

Mike: President Logan doesn’t have any problem leading, if that’s what you’re getting at.

Ashton: Oh, no, not at all. It’s just that if he’s not going to ask his cabinet for help or the leadership, it comforts me, somewhat, that he’s in good hands.

Mike: Is there something else you wanted to say, Don?

Ashton: Yeah, yeah, there is. The people elected John Keeler to run this country. In his absence, Logan is expected to take over. But if he’s not up to the task, Mike, it is I, Speaker of the House, and not David Palmer, who steps up.

Mike: Understood. And let me assure you that’s not the case. Logan is in complete control. Excuse me, Don, I gotta get back.

Ashton: Sure.

[Mike enters the President’s office.]

Mike: Excuse me, Mr. President. We may have a problem.

Logan: What is it?

Mike: Don Ashton. He’s been asking a number of questions and raising concerns as to President Palmer’s role here.

Logan: That’s too bad. We have more important things to worry about at the moment.

Mike: Sir, as Speaker of the House, he can create problems which you don’t need right now.

Palmer: Mike’s right, sir. Don’s very ambitious. Now that he’s next in line to the presidency, he’ll look to exploit any angle he can.

Logan: He won’t put his ambition in front of national security.

Palmer: No, he won’t see it in those terms, sir. In his eyes, national security and his personal ambition are one and the same.

Logan: What do we do?

Palmer: Show him who’s in charge.


Jack: Everything set up?

Curtis: Yeah, he’s ready.

Jack: Let’s do this.

[Audrey goes inside the interrogation room with Richard.]

Audrey: Hey.

Richard: Audrey. Get me out of here, please. Tell them I didn’t do anything.

Audrey: Richard, I want you to listen to me very carefully, OK? A missile carrying a nuclear warhead was launched by this man, Habib Marwan. Tell me what you know about him.

Richard: Look, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Audrey: CTU has proof that you called him last week. Last Tuesday at 4:00 in the morning.

Richard: I don’t know any Habib Marwan or anything about a missile. You have got to believe me, Audrey.

Audrey: Richard, that missile is in the air right now, heading toward a city. Please, Richey, just tell me what you know.

Richard: Look, I told you, I don’t know anything.

Audrey: Why’d you make that phone call last week?

Richard: I didn’t make a phone call, Audrey.

[Heller enters the observation room.]

Heller: What’s happened with my son so far?

Jack: We decided to let Audrey talk to him first. They just got started.

Heller: Has he confessed to anything yet?

Jack: No, sir.

Audrey: Richard, it’s not making sense. That call was made.

Richard: Look, I don’t know where you get your information, Audrey, but it’s all bull.

Curtis: His readings are spiking. He’s holding something back.

Audrey: Richard… Richey, I am begging you to talk to me, all right? If you don’t, there is a man who will come in here and he will get the information from you. I saw him torture someone today. It’s what he’s trained to do. He won’t stop hurting you until you tell him the truth. Please.

Richard: Don’t let them do this to me.

Audrey: Tell me what you know and they won’t.

Richard: I don’t know what you want from me. I don’t.

Audrey: Richey, look at me, look at me. We have a chance to fix this.

Richard: Audrey…

Heller: This is not working. We don’t have time to coddle him. Open up.

Richard: Don’t let them do this to me…

Heller: I don’t care if he is my son, he’s playing games now.

[Heller enters the interrogation room.]

Heller: All right, Richard, this has gone far enough. Either you tell us what we wanna know, or I will let them use every piece of equipment they have to drag it out of you. You understand that?

Audrey: Dad, don’t…

Heller: Audrey, leave the room.

Richard: Please…

Audrey: Dad, please…

Heller: Now! I mean it.

Audrey: Richey, I want you to tell them everything you know, please.

Richard: Don’t let them do this to me…

[Audrey leaves.]

Heller: Now what’s it gonna be, Richard?

Richard: Go to hell. I didn’t do anything wrong, I don’t have to tell you anything.

Heller: There’s a nuclear warhead gonna detonate somewhere over this country. Those lost lives will be on your head! You will be a murderer!

Richard: I didn’t mean to do anything wrong. I swear.

Heller: What did you do, Richard? Tell me what you did!

Richard: A week ago, I was… I was at a bar and… and there was this girl and her boyfriend… OK?

Heller: Right. What were their names?

Richard: I don’t know. They wanted to party and I… we… we went back to my place. We got high… and then… I guess there was time for one of them to make a call on my phone.

Heller: How?

Richard: When we were in bed.

Heller: So while you were in bed with her, he used your phone in the other room.

Richard: He wasn’t the one in the other room, dad. I was with him. She must have been the one that made the call.

Heller: So you were set up?

Richard: Yeah. I guess so, dad.

Heller: Did they leave you with a number or an address?

Richard: No.

Heller: What kind of a car were they driving?

Richard: They didn’t have one. I drove.

Heller: Where did you drop them off afterwards?

Richard: I didn’t. They took a cab.

Heller: Do you remember the name of the cab company?

Richard: No, dad, I don’t.

Jack: Get in touch with every cab company that works in the area. I want their log books. Get me a sketch artist now.

Curtis: I’ll run it. Take over.

Richard: So now you know. I suppose you’re even more disgusted with me, huh, dad?

Heller: This is not about how you choose to live your life, son. This is about how you’ve put this country in jeopardy. If you had told us this information yesterday, maybe these terrorist attacks would not have occurred.

Richard: No, don’t you put that on me, dad. ‘Cause yesterday I didn’t know that that night had anything to do with these attacks.

Heller: You should have told us everything.

Jack: I’ll wait outside.

Heller: You made a profound mistake today, Richard.

[Heller leaves Richard alone in the interrogation room.]


Jack: Based on this information here, we can start to develop a contingency plan.

Buchanan: You got the cab company?

Chloe: Better than that. We got the cab driver. He dropped the couple off at an apartment complex in panorama city called the Mercerwood.

Buchanan: Did you talk to the apartment manager?

Chloe: Yes, we gave him a description of the guy and the girl. He says he knows what unit they’re in.

Buchanan: OK, Jack, you take this.

Jack: I’m gonna need our best field ops. I want Curtis and castle.

Buchanan: I’m gonna need Curtis here with me.

Jack: Then you gotta give me Tony.

Buchanan: All right.

Buchanan: What about the phone call to Marwan?

Edgar: I used our digital com software to analyze Richard’s phone. The phone call to Marwan activated a listen-in. He was able to hear all of Richard’s calls after that night.

Curtis: That’s why Marwan knew that secretary Heller was visiting Richard off book yesterday.

Buchanan: Anything on the missile?

Chloe: We’ve been running military protocol, but so far nothing.

Curtis: Do we know if President Logan’s gonna make an announcement?

Buchanan: As of now, the President still thinks that would do more harm than good.


[President Logan greets his Cabinet and explains that he asked Palmer in as an advisor.]

Logan: Please, as you are, everybody. Be seated. Gentlemen and ladies, considering the crisis that we face today, I felt it prudent to enlist the assistance of ex-President Palmer.

Ashton: In what capacity, sir?

Logan: Excuse me.

Ashton: Sir, everybody in this room has a title and specific function. Exactly what position will President Palmer be occupying?

Palmer: I’m here solely as an advisor. Not only to the President, but to anyone here who requests my counsel.

Logan: President Palmer’s outside the chain of command, if that’s what you’re asking me, Don.

Ashton: Asking for a clarification, sir.

Logan: The missile carrying the nuclear warhead was launched from a location in central Iowa. It’s becoming more and more likely that the target is on or near one of the coasts.

Jenny: It’s clearly going to be new york or D.C. Why aren’t we evacuating those two cities?

Palmer: I disagree, Jenny. It’s not clear, and if you start to evacuate these two cities, then you may have an unauthorized mass exoduses of Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta. That’s a situation I don’t think the President should be dealing with.

Ashton: Maybe the President should be telling us that himself.

Logan: Please, Mr. Speaker, I’ve discussed this option with a number of domestic experts including President Palmer, and that’s my assessment as well.

Ashton: What about air defense? Are we gonna stand by and let the airspace over these cities remain undefended?

Palmer: We have a limited number of F-18 interceptor jets at our disposal. They need to be augmenting the search for this missile, and not deployed in a wait-and-see mode.

Ashton: Mr. Palmer, I’m sure that we all appreciate your desire to help, but the constitution has determined who the decision makers should be at this time. I think you’re overstepping your bounds.

Palmer: In the first place, it’s “Mr. President”, Don. And it is the content of my statements you should be addressing.

Logan: David. It’s true, you are to be addressed as President. It’s an expression of respect, but not a functional title.

Palmer: I understand that, sir. But you have to understand, I’ve been through this crisis before.

Logan: Yes, but we are here now. The appointed and the lawful representatives of the people of the United States.

Palmer: Mr. President…

Logan: David, there will be no more discussion on this matter. Your point has been taken. However, Ashton has made a good point, and I wanna address his concerns.

Palmer: Perhaps it’s best if I excused myself.

Logan: Perhaps.

Palmer: Ladies, gentlemen…

Logan: Mr. Speaker, I think you’re right. We’re gonna put those jets over D.C. and New York.

[Palmer walks into another office, where Novick has watched the Cabinet meeting.]

Palmer: Did you see it on the inside feed?

Mike: Yes. It went exactly as you’d hoped. We won’t have any more problems with Don Ashton today.

Palmer: I hope you’re right.


[Tony prepares to go out into the field with Jack.]

Michelle: We’ll be monitoring everything on three.

Tony: All right. Make sure LAPD’s there when we land. We’re gonna need transport to the site.

Michelle: They’ve already been called.

Tony: OK.

Michelle: Tony, wait. I can’t… I can’t spend another day without you. I’m ready to leave here. I’m ready to go with you.

[Tony kisses Michelle. He then turns to leave.]

Michelle: Tony. Be careful.

[Tony smiles at Michelle and then leaves CTU.]


Heller (over the phone): Right.

[Heller hangs up.]

Heller: They’re setting up a remote feed. Richard’s gonna help Jack identify the suspects when they get onsite.

Audrey: Then what?

Heller: Then they’ll let him go. His motives certainly weren’t seditious.

Audrey: Dad, I feel so lost.

Heller: I know, sweetheart.

Woman: Ms. Raines?

Audrey: Yes?

Woman: Jack Bauer’s on line two for you.

Audrey: Thank you.

Heller: You take it, sweetheart. I’ll be on the floor.

[Heller leaves the office and Audrey takes Jack’s call.]

Audrey: Hello?

Jack: Audrey, it’s Jack. I know you don’t wanna talk to me right now, but there are a few things I need to say.

Audrey: All right.

Jack: Look, I know with everything that’s happened today, you’ve seen me do things that before now you thought were unimaginable.

Audrey: I would have been happy to skip today.

Jack: Yeah, me too. But the truth of it is ,Audrey, I never believed you could ever really love me if you’d known about everything I’ve done.

Audrey: Jack, I can’t…

Jack: Audrey, please, let me finish. These were the things that I was running away from. That’s why I moved to D.C. That’s why I stopped doing field work. That’s why I don’t work at CTU.

Audrey: All I know is that you’re back in it, and it’s too much for me, Jack.

Jack: I know. I know. The last thing I ever wanted to do was push you away from me. God, Audrey, I love you. But this is how the job has to be done. I just want you to know how sorry I am that it had to involve you and the people you care about. Look, you don’t have to say anything now. Please, just promise me, as soon as this is over we can talk about everything that’s happened. Audrey, please.

Agent: Jack.

Jack: I gotta call you back later, OK?

Audrey: All right.

Jack: Yeah?

Castle: Jack, tactical’s just got the schematics ready.

Jack: What are the approach perimeters?

Castle: They want us to go in from the west.


Curtis: Edgar. This is the composite the sketch artist made based on Richard Heller’s description. Get it to Jack and Tony.

Edgar: Will do.

[Edgar sends Jack the composite sketch based on Richard’s descriptions.]


[In the Mercerwood complex, a couple finishes having sex.]

Gary: Now can we go?

Mandy: We still have plenty of time to get to Marwan.

Gary: Look, I don’t like cutting it this close.

[Suddenly, Mandy hears helicopters outside.]


[Jack briefs the SWAT team in the chopper using the composite sketches sent from CTU.]

Jack: This is a sketch of the guy that Richard Heller described. He and the girl are our only leads to finding Marwan, so once we identify the suspects, it is vital that we take them alive.

[Curtis’ cell phone rings.]

Curtis: Manning.

Jack: Curtis, it’s Jack. We’re getting ready to land. Is everything set?

Curtis: Yeah, we’re all set. Richard’s ready to make a positive ID.

Jack: Copy that. I want you to stay on this channel.

Curtis: You got it.

Jack: We’re a go.

[The chopper lands.]

Jack: I need you to make sure that no LAPD units go inside our established perimeter. Am I clear?

Agent: Yes, sir.

Jack: OK, let’s go!


[Mandy dresses and loads her weapons.]

Gary: Are you ready?

Mandy: They found us.

Gary: What are you talking about?

Mandy: A helicopter just landed a block away.

Gary: So what?

Mandy: So, they found us.

Gary: Dammit!

Mandy: Hey. We can’t go together.

Gary: Why not?

Mandy: Because one of us has to stay here in the apartment.

Gary: Why?

Mandy: Because if they think that we’re still here, then it gives the other a chance to escape.

Gary: You’ve gotta be joking. One of us is gonna get caught to save the other?

Mandy: Exactly. It’s gonna be you.

[Mandy shoots Gary.]


Tony: Jack, what do you wanna do? Move in on the apartment immediately?

Jack: No, I want you and castle to take up positions here on the roof of the main building in the center of the complex.

Tony: All right.

Jack: Teams B and C, acknowledge when you’re in position.

Agent: Team A set.

Agent: Team C in position.

Jack: Copy that. Let’s go.

Tony: OK.

Jack: LAPD, I need the entry code for the south gate.

Officer: It’s *4763458.

[Jack enters the building through the main gate.]

Jack: I’m in. OK, I’ve got a visual on the apartment. There’s activity inside. McAllen, meet me at the front door of the apartment. Have your people cover us.

McAllen: On the way. Go. Go.

[Jack and another agent break into Mandy’s apartment.]

Jack: Pick it.

McAllen: OK.

Jack: Put your hands where I can see them. Put your hands where I can see them now!

[Jack finds Gary’s dead body slumped in a chair.]

Jack: He’s dead. Get a picture of him. Send it back to CTU.

McAllen: Got it.

Jack: Tony, this is Jack. Has anybody reported any outside movement?

Tony: No. Why?

Jack: The man is dead. The girl is no longer in the apartment.

Tony: She couldn’t have gotten past the perimeter teams.

Jack: I know, but there are plenty of other places to hide. I want all teams to maintain their positions until we have time to search the other apartments.

Tony: Roger that. All teams, hold position.

Agent: Copy that.

[Mandy climbs up to the rooftop and shoots Agent Castle in the arm. She brings Castle out at gunpoint to Tony.]

Mandy: Drop your gun.

[Tony doesn’t drop his weapon. Mandy shoots Castle again in the leg.]

Tony: All right. All right.

[Tony relents and drops his gun.]

Mandy: Kick it away.

Tony: Look, he’s injured. Why don’t you let him go? You can take me instead.

Mandy: Your two-way.

[Tony drops the two-way on the ground.]

Mandy: Turn around. On your knees, hands on your head. (To Castle) Cuff him.

[Castle handcuffs Tony. Mandy then kills Castle.]

Mandy: Get up.

[Mandy leads Tony out.]


Agent: Curtis, you should have it.

Richard: Whoa.

Curtis: Is that him? Is that him?

Richard: Yeah, yeah.

Curtis: Jack, that’s him. Richard gave us a positive ID on the picture.

Jack: OK, thank you, Curtis. Tactical, this is Bauer. I need five teams of two to initiate a search of the complex. Start with the outer buildings along the perimeter, move your way in.

Agent: Copy that, all teams deployed now.

Jack: Tony, this is Jack. We’re initiating the search. Tony, do you copy? Castle, why is Almeida not on com?

[Jack runs up to the roof.]

Jack: Tony, do you copy? Tony, come in.

[Jack gets to the roof. He finds Castle’s body.]

Jack: All teams, this is Bauer. Castle is down, Almeida is missing. I repeat, Almeida is missing and possibly a hostage. Our communications have been compromised. Move over to secondary frequency. CTU, I need more tactical personnel now. Michelle, did you copy that? Michelle!

[Michelle listens from CTU with fear.]

Michelle: You heard him, people. Shift profiles. We may have a hostage situation. Move. Now!

____________________ 1009

24 1031

Previously on 24:

Logan: I’ve just been told a cruise missile was launched containing the nuclear warhead.

Jack: Yes, sir, that’s correct.

Palmer: What about Marwan, Jack? You think he’ll break?

Jack: That won’t be easy, sir. He’s planned and organized everything that’s happened today.


Logan: Now, how am I supposed to be able to fight terrorists while I’m provoking a nuclear superpower? We marched onto Chinese soil, we kidnapped one of their nationals, and in the process the Chinese consul was killed.


Cheng: The murder of a Chinese consul on Chinese soil could be construed as an act of war. I assume you know this man, Howard Bern. One of your field agents.

Jack: A security camera at the Chinese consulate picked up your face.

Bern: That’s impossible. I was wearing my mask.

Jack: Trust me, I saw the freeze frame. It was you.

Bern: I’m sorry, Jack.

Jack: You gotta go. There’s a chopper waiting for you.


Marwan: It doesn’t matter where you take me. What I want is already happening.

Jack: Go! Notify the perimeter we no longer have Marwan in custody!


Curtis: Richard Heller called Marwan a week ago. They’re bringing him to CTU.

Jack: This is a sketch of the guy that Richard Heller described. He and the girl are our only leads to finding Marwan.


Gary: One of us is gonna get caught to save the other?

Mandy: It’s gonna be you.

[Mandy shoots Gary.]


Michelle: Tony, wait. I can’t spend another day without you. I’m ready to leave here. I’m ready to go with you.

[Tony kisses Michelle.]

Michelle: Be careful.


Jack: Tony, this is Jack. Has anybody reported any outside movement?

Tony: No. Why?

Jack: The man is dead. The girl is no longer in the apartment. Tony, do you copy? Tony, do you copy? Castle, why is Almeida not on com? All teams, this is Bauer. Castle is down, Almeida is missing. I repeat, Almeida is missing and possibly a hostage.


The following takes place between 5:00 A.M. and 6:00 A.M.

Buchanan: Jack, have you apprehended her?

Jack: No, we do not have the female hostile in custody. She’s hiding somewhere here in the apartment complex. She killed agent Castle and I believe she’s taken Tony Almeida as a hostage.

Michelle: Is there any way she slipped the perimeter?

Jack: No, the perimeter’s air-tight, but there’s over 600 apartments in the complex. We have to search them room by room. Listen, we need more personnel here.

Buchanan: Jack, we’re running low on manpower.

Jack: Dammit, Bill, there’s a missile in the air carrying a nuclear warhead. This is our best shot at taking it out before it hits its target.

Buchanan: The White House has us running point with DOD to find the missile. We’re stretched-thin.

Michelle: Jack, we’ll have LAPD send more men, and we’ll send Curtis and another tac team to the location.

Jack: OK, fine. We’ve already initiated the search starting with the buildings nearest the perimeter, working our way in, but we need LAPD here now.

Buchanan: Keep us posted.

[Buchanan hangs up.]

Buchanan (to Michelle): Contact Division, see if they can spare more men. I’ll call our liaison at LAPD.


[Audrey explains to Novick over the phone that she hasn’t found the missile on the satellite.]

Audrey: We’ve almost completed our second satellite pass over the current flight radius of the missile.

Mike: And no sign of it yet?

Audrey: No, not so far.

Mike: What do you think our realistic chances are of being able to locate the missile?

Audrey: I don’t think they’re very good. This missile’s an S-class. It uses elements of stealth technology. It was designed to evade detection.

Mike: I’m aware of that, but it will still have a heat signature.

Audrey: Yes, but the lower the missile flies to the ground, the harder it is to pick up.

Mike: How much longer until you’ve completed the second satellite pass?

Audrey: Less than twenty minutes.

Mike: Get back to me as soon as you have the results.

Audrey: All right.


Michelle (over the phone): I don’t care. We need every available agent there now.

Man: But they’re not cleared for field work.

Michelle: Bump up their security level on provisional basis if you have to.

Man: Yes, Ma’am.

Michelle: Call me back with the exact number when you have it.

Man: Yes, Ma’am.

[Michelle hangs up.]

Buchanan (over the phone): All right, coordinate that with Edgar Stiles here at com. Thanks, Rick.

[Buchanan hangs up.]

Michelle: What did LAPD say?

Buchanan: They’re keeping certain units in reserve and…

Michelle: But they’re sending more patrolmen to help Jack, right?

Buchanan: They’re sending nine over there now, and they’re gonna try to pull another twelve from the east round.

Michelle: Nine? That’s not nearly enough. We’ll have to reassign our people. Send them over there now.

Buchanan: I’m taking care of that, Michelle.

Michelle: When? We need people there now. This woman has to be captured.

Buchanan: Michelle. Everyone understands what’s at stake here. We’re gonna do our best to find this woman, but we have to remain calm, or everything will spiral out of control.

Michelle: You’re right, I’m not being objective. I’ll admit it; I’m worried about what this woman might do to Tony, but I will not lose sight of the big picture.

Buchanan: The big picture is that we have to apprehend this hostile, alive. Nothing else matters.


[Tony is bound and gagged in a vacant apartment. He’s stripped of his shirt. Mandy researches Tony’s background on a laptop. She sees a story on the web about his dismissal from CTU and his connection to Michelle. Mandy’s cell phone rings.]

Mandy: What is it, Marwan?

Marwan: You’re late. You were supposed to check in.

Mandy: I know. There was a hitch, nothing serious. I am gonna be there.

Marwan: What kind of hitch?

Mandy: There was a problem in the apartment, and I’m dealing with it.

Marwan: I’m leaving in one hour. I’m not waiting for you.

Mandy: I know, and I’m gonna be there.

[Marwan hangs up.]

Mandy: Well, we don’t have much time. They’re very close to finding us, and that would be very very bad for both of us. So tell me, Tony, two years ago you put Michelle Dessler’s life ahead of national security. You let a suspect escape, and you committed treason. Is she gonna do the same for you?


Audrey: Mike, it’s Audrey Rains.

Mike: Yes, Audrey. What have you got?

Audrey: Well, the second satellite pass is complete. We were unable to detect the missile with thermal imaging. There’s just too much radiant heat from ground sources.

Palmer: Ms. Raines, this is President Palmer. Is there a chance another satellite pass will find the missile?

Audrey: Well, the more data we have, Mr. President, the better, but a more intensive pass will take two to three hours.

Palmer: And we expect the missile to find its target before then.

Audrey: Yes, sir, we do.

Palmer: All right. Make sure FBI is on a real time link with all local emergency channels.

Audrey: All right, I’ll get that done right now.

Palmer: I also want you to compile disaster scenarios for the urban centers within range of the missile.

Audrey: Sir, that’s twenty of the largest cities in this country.

Palmer: I’m aware of that. I want death rates, fallout patterns, emergency response and predictions laid out for all of them.

Audrey: Yes, sir, I’ll take care of that right now.

Palmer: Thank you, Ms. Raines.


Michelle: As additional teams arrive on site, assign them sections of the grid. We do not want people bumping into each other.

Edgar: If the subject is spotted, what’s the approach protocol?

Michelle: We maximize for capture. There can be no lack time.

Edgar: Do you wanna evaluate the formation since she’s got Tony hostage?

Michelle: We proceed as if there is no hostage. There is only one operational objective, and that is to capture this woman. Make sure that’s the profile you send out to all the teams. Understand?

Edgar: Yes.

[Michelle’s cell phone rings.]

Michelle: Dessler.

Mandy: Why don’t you get somewhere private, where we can talk?

Michelle: Who is this?

Mandy: I’m sending you the answer.

[Mandy sends Michelle a photo message of Tony to prove that he’s alive.]

Michelle: Tony.

Mandy: Now do you know who this is? And don’t bother trying to triangulate the call. It’s scrambled.

Michelle: Please, don’t hurt him.

Mandy: He’s OK for now, but he won’t be unless you do everything that I say, Michelle.

Michelle: I understand.

Mandy: I need your help getting out of here.

Michelle: What kind of help?

Mandy: You’re hesitating.

Michelle: I’m not, I’m not. I just need to know what you want me to do.

Mandy: Your men are between me and my exit. I need to know what their search patterns are, and how many men there are.

Michelle: OK, OK, I’ll find out.

Mandy: You’ll tell me right now.

Michelle: I have to go downstairs and talk to my tactical team.

Mandy: No, Michelle, you’re stalling. How many men are there, total?

Michelle: Upwards of thirty, not including LAPD, and reinforcements are on the way.

Mandy: You will need to remove your men from the northeast driveway of the complex.

Michelle: I don’t know if I can do that.

Mandy: You will redeploy your men by the time I call you back, or Tony dies.

Michelle: When are you calling back?

Mandy: Soon. Get moving, Michelle.

[Mandy hangs up.]

Mandy: Well, she still loves you. The question is how much?


[Michelle calls Edgar.]

Edgar: Edgar Stiles.

Michelle: Edgar, send the deployment group to my screen.

Edgar: It’s updating. You want the last version, or do you wanna wait?

Michelle: Just send it.

[Edgar sends the deployment group to Michelle.]

Michelle: Are LAPD reinforcements there yet?

Edgar: Some are on site now, some will be there in about fifteen minutes. Do you want me to send the updated grid when it comes in? Ms. Dessler?

Michelle: Yes. Yes. Do that.


Buchanan (over the phone): No, no, we can’t eliminate the Mid West or any region within the missile’s flying range. Yes, that’s what I’m trying to tell you. This warhead could hit anywhere. We’re putting together the projective casualty numbers. They’re gonna be high. Yeah.

[Buchanan hangs up.]

Buchanan: Where are we on the search of the apartment complex?

Michelle: Nothing so far.

Buchanan: LAPD there yet?

Michelle: They’re on their way.

Buchanan: I’ll be at com.

[Buchanan turns to leave.]

Michelle: I can’t do this.

Buchanan: You can’t do what?

Michelle: I can’t… sacrifice the lives of all those people if this warhead goes off. She called me.

Buchanan: Who? Who called you?

Michelle: The hostile who has Tony.

Buchanan: When? What did she say?

Michelle: A couple of minutes ago. She said to redeploy our men so she can get away, or Tony dies.

[Buchanan dials his phone.]

Woman: Yes, sir?

Buchanan: Patch me through to Jack Bauer’s com.

Woman: Right away.


Jack: Take your team. Start working the second floor, building 11.

Buchanan: Jack, you read me?

Jack: Yeah, I copy.

Buchanan: We’ve got something. The suspect contacted Michelle. She confirms she’s holding Tony hostage. She’s trying to use him as leverage against Michelle to open up an escape route.

Jack: Is Michelle there?

Michelle: I’m right here, Jack.

Jack: Do we have any idea where she is?

Michelle: She wants me to clear a path in the northeast driveway. She’s going to call to confirm that I did it.

Jack: When?

Michelle: I don’t know. It could be any second.

Jack: Michelle, I want you to make her believe that you’re still cooperating with her. I need you to draw her into the open. I promise you that we will do everything we can for Tony.

Michelle: OK.

Jack: Stay ready for her call. Bill, I’m gonna pull all units out of the northeast driveway, put them in concealed positions outside the complex.

Buchanan: It’s still possible she’ll change her mind at the last minute and try another escape route.

Jack: I know, and we’ll be ready for that, but if she doesn’t, I want her to believe that Michelle’s still complying. As soon as she’s fifty yards outside of the complex, and can’t reenter – that’s when our teams will converge.

Buchanan: Let me know when your men are ready to redeploy.

Jack: Copy that.

Buchanan: Are you gonna be all right?

Michelle: Yeah. I was gonna do what she wanted.

Buchanan: Michelle…

Michelle: I didn’t call you right away. All I could think of at first was saving Tony’s life.

Buchanan: It’s OK. It’s done.


Jack: All designated teams, prepare moving to your secondary positions on my command.

[Curtis arrives on the scene.]

Jack: Curtis.

Curtis: What do you need me to do?

Jack: Some of the residents aren’t cooperating with this search. I want you to have LAPD units start arresting anybody that’s giving us a problem.

Curtis: You got it. Why don’t we pull some of the resources off the search? We have a better chance of finding the hostile through her communication with Michelle.

Jack: No, the hostile’s gonna be looking for any sign that Michelle’s betrayed her. We have to follow procedures if we have no idea they’ve been in contact.

Curtis: Understood.

Jack: As soon as you’re done with LAPD, I need you with me.

Curtis: You got it.

Jack: Bill, this is Jack. Do you copy?

Buchanan: Yeah, Jack?

Jack: We’re ready to go down here. Any new communication with the hostile?

Buchanan: No, Michelle’s still waiting for her call. Have you been able to make any kind of ID on scene?

Jack: Forensics tried to pull prints from her last known position, but they came up with nothing.

Buchanan: Same result here. No match on the voiceprint. She’s managed to stay completely out of the radar.

Jack: We’re gonna have to hope that because how fast this is moving she slips up and makes a mistake, otherwise we’re in trouble.

Buchanan: Proceed when ready, Jack. We’re standing by.

Jack: Copy that. All northeast driveway teams, move into secondary positions. We’re a go.

[Mandy watches through binoculars as the police vehicles move out from the area that she had cleared with Michelle. She then tasers Tony and he passes out. Mandy applies lipstick and goes outside the apartment. Mandy knocks on a neighbor’s door.]

Mandy: Hey.

Woman: What are you doing? You’re supposed to stay in your apartment. There’s some crazy person who lives in the building.

Mandy: Yeah, I know, I know. Hey, man.

Man: Hey.

Mandy: Where’s Chaz?

Woman: He just got up.

Mandy: Can you just get him? ‘Cause I just need to talk to him. Something happened.

Woman: Chaz!

Man: What’s going on?

Mandy: Nothing, just weird stuff.

Man: What?

Mandy: Nothing.

Man: Why don’t you just tell me?

Mandy: No, it’s cool.

Chaz: Hey, what’s going on, neighbor?

Mandy: Hey, man. How are you?

[Mandy pulls out her gun and shoots Chaz.]

Mandy: Shh. Not a sound.


Logan: I just got off a very disturbing phone call from the Chinese foreign Secretary.

Palmer: So they’re still pressing us on the attack on their consulate?

Logan: It’s much worse than that, David. The fallout from that attack you authorized is escalating. They’re determined to pin this on us. If they manage to confirm that this is one of our men, I don’t have to tell you what kind of disaster that would be.

Palmer: No, sir, you don’t. But this alone is not conclusive enough for the Chinese to turn this into an international incident.

Logan: But if they find corroborating evidence?

Palmer: CTU is doing whatever they can to prevent that from happening, including getting this agent out of sight until it blows over.

Logan: I know I gave you the authority to make the decision, but you never should have ordered that assault.

Palmer: If we hadn’t carried out the raid, sir, we’d be nowhere on stopping the missile.

Logan: And where are we, David? Is there some progress I don’t know about?

Palmer: CTU is closing in on one of Marwan’s associates. If they apprehend her in time, they feel that they can use her to find Marwan.

Logan: Do you know how speculative that sounds? My God, we’re never gonna find it in time!

Palmer: Don’t say that! We will stop it, but you must believe that, if you’re gonna lead today.

Logan: How am I gonna believe that? Every second that passes brings that missile closer to its target, which for all we know, is us!

Palmer: We are not sitting on our hands, Mr. President. We are using every resource at our disposal to find this missile. We will prevent the warhead from going off.

Logan: I wish I was as confident as you are.

Palmer: You need to be. Remain Presidential. Demand nothing less than success from your people, and you will get it.

Logan: All right. All right. What do I tell the Chinese foreign Secretary when I talk to him next?

Palmer: You don’t. Let Mike handle this. He’ll tell them unless they have proof of our involvement, you don’t wanna hear from him today.


[Bern, the agent in the surveillance photo at the Chinese Consulate, calls Buchanan.]

Woman: Mr. Buchanan, agent Bern on 6.

Buchanan: Send it to my cell phone.

Woman: Yes, sir.

Buchanan: Buchanan.

Bern: It’s agent Bern, sir. I got a message to call you as soon as I land in San Diego.

Buchanan: Are we on a secure line?

Bern: Yes, sir. It’s an encrypted cell.

Buchanan: The Chinese are continuing to press the case that we were involved in the assault on their consulate.

Bern: Have they managed to find evidence beyond the surveillance video of me?

Buchanan: No, and we have to make sure they don’t. I want you to start fabricating an alibi with CTU in San Diego. I want you to make it look like you were working there during the assault.

Bern: My transport’s arriving right now, sir. I’ll get right on it.

Buchanan: The alibi has to withstand careful scrutiny. San Diego phone logs, roasters and mainframe records – all have to back it up.

Bern: It’ll be air-tight, sir.

Buchanan: It has to be.

Bern: Sir, about my family… you think there’s any chance that the Chinese will try to get to them?

Buchanan: They can’t. We’ve already contacted your wife and we’ve moved her and your kids to a hotel for the time being. I’ll be in touch, agent Bern.

Bern: Thank you very much, sir.

[The accompanying agent leads Bern to a car, but Cheng, the head of security for the Consulate, is inside. Bern struggles and the men hold him at gunpoint. The real CTU agents are tied up outside the hangar.]

Cheng: Drive.

Bern: What the hell is this?

Cheng: I think you already know what this is. CTU sent a team into our consulate just a few hours ago. You were on the team, and our Consulate General was killed. You’re gonna tell me who’s responsible.

Bern: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Cheng: Really? Then why were you being transported here by a helicopter from CTU Los Angeles?

Bern: You don’t know where I came from.

Cheng: Actually, I do. Before entering CTU earlier tonight, we turned our satellite on their location. While I was questioning superiors, our satellite picked up someone being taken away by helicopter.

Bern: So what? It wasn’t me.

Cheng: No, it was you! The Chinese government insists that someone take responsibility for the death of our consul.

Bern: What does that mean, “take responsibility”?

Cheng: I believe you were only following orders. Tell us who gave the orders, and I’ll let you go.

Bern: I’m not telling you anything.

Cheng: I believe you’re gonna change your mind.


[Mandy calls Michelle.]

Michelle: Yes?

Mandy: Have you redeployed all your men?

Michelle: Yes, I have.

Jack: Bill, it’s Jack. Uplink is on.

Mandy: Are you sure they followed your instructions?

Michelle: I’m sure.

Curtis: It’s starting to rain pretty hard, Jack.

Mandy: Michelle, do you love Tony?

Michelle: Yes, I love him.

Mandy: Good. Because if I find out that you’re trying to play me, the very first thing I’m gonna do is blow his brains out, and don’t think there’s anything you can do to stop it, because there’s not. You understand?

Michelle: OK, I understand.

Mandy: Good. Stay by the phone.

[Mandy hangs up.]

Buchanan: All com analysts, clone that call and filter it through all our servers.

Michelle: Do you have multiple source on audio?

Edgar: No, just on Talco feed, low-res.

Michelle: No, I know the configuration, Edgar. I need to know if we can multiplex. Pull some background noise off. We need to pinpoint the source.

Edgar: I was gonna do that.

Michelle: When? This is happening now! I shouldn’t have to walk you through this, dammit!

Edgar: You don’t have to walk me through this. I’m setting it up now.

Chloe: Go to Delta 2, Edgar. It’s all there.

Michelle: I will not let this thing fall apart because of technical incompetence.

[Buchanan and Chloe notice Michelle’s growing anxiety.]


[The CTU teams hide in the area near the apartment exit.]

Curtis: All right, I’ve got confirmation. All our visible forces have been pulled away from this street all the way to Western.

Jack: OK, good.

Agent: Jack.

[As the rain falls, Jack spots a woman and a man walking under an umbrella.]

Jack: We’ve got something. Building 3, west entrance.

Buchanan: Edgar, video feed.

[Edgar puts the feed up on the screen. Mandy calls Michelle.]

Michelle: Yes?

Mandy: OK, Michelle, we’re on our way.

Jack: OK, it’s them.

Mandy: I’ve got a gun on Tony. My finger’s on the trigger, if I move it, he’s gonna die.

Michelle: I told you, I moved my men.

Jack: She’s completely in the open. She’s running a huge risk exposing herself like that.

Mandy: So far, so good.

Jack: She’s crossing the street.

Buchanan: She gets in near the car. She can’t stay on top of them. That’s our opportunity.

Jack: She’s moving towards the black Jag.

Curtis: All teams, hold your position.

Mandy: OK, here’s the deal. As soon as we’re in the car and I’ve cleared the area, I’m gonna call you, and I’m gonna tell you where you can find Tony.

Michelle: OK.

Curtis: All right, move, move. Everybody, go!

Jack: No! Not yet! All teams, stand down!

[As the couple approaches a parked car, Mandy spots the agents who are about to descend upon them.]

Mandy: I see your men, Michelle. You lied to me, you bitch. You are not gonna take me alive, got it?

[The car explodes.]

Michelle: No! No!

[Michelle watches from the video monitors and screams in horror. Jack runs out to the flaming wreck.]

Jack: Bill, they’re gone. She blew herself up in the car. She took Tony with her. They’re gone.


[Buchanan calls the President and Palmer to explain that their only lead killed herself with Tony.]

Logan: I understand Bill Buchanan requested a conference call.

Mike: Yes, sir, we were waiting for you to begin. Bill, we’re all here. Go ahead.

Buchanan: I’m afraid that Marwan’s associate – the woman we hoped would help us locate the missile – has killed herself and one of our agents.

Logan: Oh, my God.

Palmer: Bill, did she leave behind any physical evidence that can help us?

Buchanan: It doesn’t appear so.

Logan: So what is CTU gonna do now to find the missile?

Buchanan: Mr. President, at this point CTU no longer has any reason or expectation of finding the missile before it reaches its target.

Logan: This is it. It’s going to happen. What do we do?

Palmer: At this point we have no choice but to alert all State and Federal agencies, and focus all our resources on managing the aftermath.

Logan: But we don’t even know the missile’s target.

Palmer: I know. We can assume it will be a major city, but no matter what the target is, there will be widespread panic across this country. We need to mobilize the army and the National Guard, and every state can draw up a declaration of martial law.

Logan: Yes, we need to do that.

Mike: Bill, all Federal agencies need to prepare for the aftermath of a nuclear attack. CTU’s priority should be disaster management. Redeploy your people now.

Buchanan: Understood.

[Buchanan hangs up and calls Edgar.]

Edgar: Edgar Stiles.

Buchanan: Edgar, tell Jack the field operation is over. Have him bring his people back here immediately.

Edgar: Got it.


[Logan blames Palmer for allowing the worst disaster in American history.]

Logan: The worst disaster in American history is taking place under my watch. I gave you the responsibility to stop this. You failed me, David. And you failed your country.

[Palmer is stunned at Logan’s ingratitude.]


[Buchanan consoles Michelle.]

Buchanan: I can’t even imagine what you must be feeling. I know a part of you is second guessing your decision, but you couldn’t place Tony’s life before the lives of potentially millions of people. You made exactly the decision Tony would have wanted you to make. That’s our job. It’s what we signed on.

Michelle: We decided we were gonna leave this. Go somewhere and start again.

Buchanan: Michelle…

Michelle: I wanna get back to work. We still have to find this missile.

Buchanan: No. I want you to go home.

Michelle: I’ll be OK, Bill.

Buchanan: It’s not advice, it’s an order.


[Buchanan’s cell phone rings.]

Buchanan: Buchanan.

Edgar: Sir, Jack says he’s not pulling his men out yet.

Buchanan: Did you tell him we have orders from the White House?

Edgar: Yeah, but he says he’s not ready.

Buchanan: Put him on a videophone at the situation room.

[Jack replays the last phone call, trying to find an answer.]

Mandy: You lied to me, you bitch. You are not gonna take me alive, got it?

Jack: Play it again. Give me more damn volume on the phone call.

Curtis: Jack, we need to redeploy.

Jack: Just do it!

Curtis: Jack. Tony’s gone.

Jack: I’m sorry, Curtis. Just play it again, please.

Curtis: Yeah. Jack, you’ve got a phone call.

Jack: This is Bauer.

Buchanan: Jack, why haven’t you redeployed? The operation’s over. The hostile killed herself.

Jack: Because it doesn’t make any sense, Bill. Everything that we know about this woman tells us that she’s a professional, not a fanatic. We had her cornered. Her next move was to try and negotiate for her freedom, not kill herself.

Buchanan: In theory, I agree with you, but you saw what I saw.

Jack: All I saw were two darkened figures in the rain, concealed by an umbrella and an explosion, and I saw that from half a block away.

Buchanan: Jack, you’ve got to focus now. Nobody here is holding you responsible for Tony’s death. You gotta let this go.

Jack: Bill, you’re not listening to me. All I want…

Buchanan: Jack, we reviewed the tactical feed. There’s nothing that suggests we were deceived. Look, I know Tony was your friend, and you probably feel responsible for getting him involved today.

Jack: This is not about Tony. This is about her, and until I can absolutely confirm that she is dead, I am maintaining this perimeter, and I am gonna continue this search.

Buchanan: Jack, I’m under orders from the White House. You have ten minutes, then I want you to move out.

[Buchanan hangs up.]

Jack: Can you enhance the image from here?

Curtis: Not in the field.

Jack: Play it again.

Mandy: OK, Here’s the deal. As soon as we’re in the car and I’ve cleared the area…

Jack: I still can’t hear the audio properly. Get me a headset.

Mandy: I’m gonna call you, and I’m gonna tell you where you can find Tony. I see your men, Michelle. You lied to me, you bitch. You are not gonna take me alive, got it?

Jack: Play back the last fifteen seconds.

Curtis: What are you seeing, Jack?

Jack: It’s not what I’m seeing. Come on, play it back.

Mandy: I see your men, Michelle. You lied to me, you bitch. You are not gonna take me alive, got it?

Jack: It’s pouring rain. You see it bouncing off the car. You can’t hear it on her side of the phone call.

Curtis: She’s making that call from somewhere else, indoors.

Jack: She’d want a position that’d give her a clean line of sight to the car. That would put her in the building that the couple exited from. Get the teams ready, we’re moving in now.

Curtis: All right, all teams, we’re gonna converge on building 11.

[All the teams start moving into the building. Mandy sees this.]

Mandy: Well, they’re heading back in. Looks like my neighbors died for nothing.

Tony: They know you’re still in here.

Mandy: Put out the palm of your hand. Here are the keys. Take off your cuffs. Put this on. We’re getting out of here.

[Tony takes off the handcuffs, and dresses in another outfit.]

Mandy: OK, now cuff yourself back up. Let’s go.

[Mandy leads Tony out at gunpoint. Tony sees broken glass on the floor. He purposefully steps on it and grinds his bare feet in. As he walks, he leaves a trail of blood.]


[Jack and Curtis look through every hall in the complex.]

Curtis: We’ve gotten every way in and out covered. We’ve got men on every floor, going room by room.

Jack: We need to take her alive.

Curtis: Everyone’s aware.

Agent (over radio): Agent Bauer?

Jack: Yeah.

Agent (over radio): We found fresh blood outside an apartment.

Jack: Where?

Agent (over radio): 208.

Jack: Stand down until we get there.

Agent (over radio): Copy that.

[Jack and Curtis run to the apartment.]

Jack: Curtis, take the door.

[Jack sees the trail of blood Tony left behind.]

Jack: Curtis, they went this way.

[Mandy takes Tony to an underground parking garage. He ducks under her gun and slams her into a column. She fights back, but Tony manages to kick and head butt her with his cuffed hands. Mandy regains her weapon and Tony gives in.]

Mandy: Turn around. Move.

[Jack appears and trains his weapon on Mandy.]

Jack: Don’t move! Drop the gun. It’s over.

Mandy: Take one more step and I’ll kill him.

Tony: Do it, Jack. Do what you have to do.

Mandy: Shut up. Do you really have what it takes to let me kill him while you’re looking him in the eye?

Jack: Yes.

Mandy: I believe you. So what’s to stop me from shooting him? You can’t kill me, can you? You need me.

[Jack sees Curtis come from behind Mandy.]

Jack: Tony.

[Tony ducks as Curtis grabs Mandy. She is apprehended.]

Jack: Hostile is down. I repeat, the hostile is down. Get a medic down here. I want her conscious as soon as possible.

[Jack helps Tony get up.]

Jack: Look at me. Are you OK? Are you OK?

Tony: Yeah.

Jack: Get me that medic now.

Curtis: He’s on his way.

Tony: Does Michelle know I’m alive?

Jack: No, not yet. I’ll call CTU on my cell so you can talk to her privately.

Tony: Thanks.

[Jack calls CTU.]

Buchanan: Buchanan.

Jack: Bill, this is Jack.

Buchanan: Jack, what’s going on? Have you redeployed back to CTU?

Jack: No, we just apprehended the hostile.

Buchanan: What?

Jack: She’s unconscious, but she’s unharmed. Tony’s OK too.

Buchanan: Thank God. I’ll alert the White House.

Jack: OK, good. Bill, Tony wants to talk to Michelle. Can you put her on the line?

Buchanan: She’s not here. I sent her home. I’ll… I’ll find her and patch her through to your cell.

Jack: Thanks.

[Michelle is sitting in her car in the CTU parking lot. She is crying. Her cell phone rings.]

Michelle: Hello?

Buchanan: Michelle, it’s Bill. Tony’s alive.

Michelle: What?

Buchanan: He wasn’t in the car. He’s OK. I’ll let Tony explain it to you. Hold on the phone.

[Buchanan patches through Jack’s call to Michelle.]

Tony: Michelle, it’s me.

Michelle: Tony. Oh, my God.

Tony: It’s OK, sweetheart.

Michelle: Oh, my God. What happened?

Tony: She made somebody else wear my clothes. She needed to keep me alive until she got out. Jack figured it out. He was able to save me.

Michelle: I don’t know what to say.

Tony: Look, you don’t have to say anything, sweetheart. I’m coming to CTU right now. I’ll see you in a few minutes. Michelle, I love you.

Michelle: I love you, Tony.


Jack: Get President Palmer patched through. We’re gonna have to structure a deal.

Curtis: Yeah, all right.

Medic: She’s conscious.

Jack: Pick her up. Call the White House now.

[Jack grabs Mandy by the throat.]

Jack: Where is Marwan? That’s what I thought. We’re both professionals. You know that I can force this information out of you, but I’m running out of time. We never get second chances in our line of work, but I’m gonna give you one. I have the power to give you a deal signed by the President of the United States that grants you immunity for past and present crimes. In exchange, you’re gonna help me find Marwan and stop this warhead from hitting its target, do you understand? Do you understand? You are either gonna help me now, or I will kill you.

Mandy: Show me the deal.


[Bern is held in a warehouse by Chinese henchmen. Cheng shows Bern the surveillance photo of him.]

Cheng: You were part of a covert team that mounted the assault on our consulate, an operation that resulted in the death of our consul. Who led the mission? Who was responsible for what happened?

Bern: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Cheng: Please, Mr. Bern. You’re wasting time. Give us a statement, and we’ll release you.

Bern: I’m telling you the truth, and you’re gonna have to release me as soon as CTU realizes what’s happened to me.

Cheng: Actually, Mr. Bern, no one will ever know. No one will ever tell them.

Bern: What are you talking about?

Cheng: The China Queen container ship is at the port of San Diego. If you don’t give us our statement, we’ll put you on board and you will arrive in eighteen days in the port of Hon Dough. Then we will transport you 28,000 miles to Sin Jan, where you will be remanded to the maximum security labor camp on the boarder with Siberia.

Bern: You wouldn’t do that.

Cheng: Why wouldn’t we, Mr. Bern? We want justice. If you’re not gonna tell us who’s ultimately responsible for the situation at the consulate, that leaves you. You’re wife and your two daughters will not be notified. The U.S. government will not be notified. Therefore, there will be no chance for prisoner exchange. There will be positively no chance of escape for the rest of your life. Decide, Mr. Bern. The China Queen is on a tight schedule.

Bern: I don’t know.

Cheng: All we want is a name. A recorded statement naming the person responsible for what happened at the consulate.

Bern: Then what happens?

Cheng: You will walk right out of that door.

Bern: No, I meant… to him.

Cheng: As I said, all we want is justice.

Bern: His name is Jack Bauer.

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