Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Episode 4X06: 12:00 P.M. - 1:00 P.M.
Original Air Date: 01/24/2005

TM & © 2005 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

Transcript by Nina Meyers - Posted on TWIZ TV.COM

Previously on 24:

Dina: For God’s sake, pull yourself together.

Behrooz: You didn’t have to kill her.

Dina: Yes, I did, because you didn’t have the courage to kill her yourself.

Behrooz: Courage? To poison a girl who did no harm to you at all?


Dina: This is my husband, Navi. This is Debbie’s mother.

Karen: Is she here?

Dina: We haven’t seen her since yesterday.

Navi: Get in the car. Follow her. Make sure she doesn’t go to the police.


Driscoll: Chloe, you’re done here.

Edgar: Chloe!

Chloe: Don’t worry, Edgar. Driscoll doesn’t know you were helping me.

Edgar: She doesn’t?

Chloe: I’m the one who got you into this. I’m not gonna sell you out.


Curtis: You’ll be here until you tell me what I need to know. Richard, your father was kidnapped by terrorists. Our polygraph analysis tells us you’re hiding something that might help us find him.


Audrey: There are people on the outside looking for us. You cannot give up.

Heller: I have to do something while I still can. This trial is gonna be a spectacle broadcast all over the world designed to humiliate and degrade this country.

Audrey: There’s a gas pipe.


Omar: You’ve checked out the briefcase?

Gelfand: It’s fine.

Omar: I was afraid it might be damaged in the train crash.

Gelfand: The case is very strong.


Omar: Come on! Take them out! Now! Come on! Hurry! Open the door, now!

Audrey: I know you.

Gelfand: She recognized me. She has to be killed.


Jack: Erin, I’m on site.

Driscoll: Jack, stand down.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Driscoll: The Marines won’t get there on time. The President wants to take out the building with a missile strike.

Jack: With the Secretary and his daughter inside?

Driscoll: Yes. I’m sorry. You’re gonna have to clear the area. Jack, don’t go in the alone. Jack, clear the area. The building is going to be destroyed.


The following takes place between 12:00 P.M. and 1:00 P.M.

[Omar begins Heller’s trial.]

Omar: James Heller, you have been brought before this court of law to stand trial as a war criminal. You will prove to the people of the world that these crimes against humanity are the direct results of the policies initiated by you and your capacity.

[Jack takes down the guards at the compound as he makes his way inside.]

Omar: Since the true extent of your evil legacy is immeasurable, we have done our best to document those acts which have been witnessed directly by the chosen followers. Under your orders, the death squads of America continued their imperial crusade against the true believers and pure followers.

Keeler: How much longer until the fighters are ready to launch their missile?

Robert: Commanding control is locking on target now.

Woman: Mr. President, I have Erin Driscoll on line 3.

Driscoll: Mr. President, I’m calling to ask you to consider aborting the missile strike.

Keeler: Based on what?

Driscoll: We are attempting a rescue operation.

Keeler: I was told that the Marines strike force was still ten to twenty minute away.

Driscoll: They are, sir. Jack Bauer went in by himself.

Keeler: The terrorists proved they’re just moments away from executing the Secretary of Defense in front of the world, and I cannot allow that to happen.

Driscoll: I understand, sir. But if Jack can affect the rescue before that happens?

Keeler: In that case, I’ll abort the missile strike. But he’s running out of time.

Driscoll: How long does he have, sir?

Keeler: Seven minutes.


[Jack captures a guard.]

Jack: Try and make a sound, I’ll blow you’re head off.

[Jack takes out his PDA with a map of the complex.]

Jack: This is a map of the complex. Where are they holding the Secretary of Defense? I’m either gonna kill you now, or you’re gonna tell me where they’re staging the trial. Point now. Where’s the Secretary?

[The guard points to the location.]


Omar: There is no place in the world where your evil has not scoured the sacred land of the true world. Your imperiling legacy has devoured the lives of the innocent.

Driscoll: Jack.

Jack: Yeah?

Driscoll: The President won’t call off the missile strike.

Jack: How much time do I have?

Driscoll: Less than six minutes.

Jack: Did you get a read from the thermal scan on how many hostiles inside?

Driscoll: We estimate sixteen. Jack.

Jack: I’m not turning back, Erin.

Driscoll: Understood. Good luck.


[Audrey pleads a guard to help her father. Jack hears her screaming.]

Audrey: Stop this, please. Just stop this, please, you’ve gotta stop this. My father hasn’t done anything to hurt you. He’s an innocent man, please! Please, he’s an innocent man… please. Listen to me, please. Please, don’t. No, wait, please, you’ve gotta stop it! Listen!

[Jack finds Audrey in a cell.]

Jack: Audrey. Behind you.

Audrey: Oh, my God. Jack.

Jack: Are you all right? Did they hurt you?

Audrey: I’m OK. You’ve got to stop them.

Jack: I will.

Audrey: Get my father first. Go.

Jack: Take this.

[Jack gives Audrey a knife.]

Jack: Press the button on the handle.

[Audrey presses the button and the knife opens.]

Jack: Use that if you have to. I’ll be back for you, I promise.

Audrey: Jack…

[Audrey cries.]


[Jack goes to where the trial is being filmed and is able to signal Heller.]

Omar: Finally, we hold you responsible for the blasphemy, for disregarding holly lands and shrines, and for spilling the blood of our brothers. James Heller, your guilt of these charges is not a matter of dispute. I have here a full confession that you have signed. So now it is time for your sentence to be read, and for the execution of that sentence to be carried out. James Heller, for the eyes of God, I sentence you to death. Carry it out. Immediately.

[Just as the executioner is about to shoot him, Heller topples his chair over and Jack shoots the men. Omar escapes. Watching from the webcast, President Keeler calls off the bombers.]

Keeler: Call off the missile. Call it off.

Robert: Abort. Abort. Please confirm.

Driscoll: He’s doing it.

[Jack unties Heller and hands him a gun.]

Jack: There's one in the pipe, safety's off. We gotta get Audrey.

Heller: Down the hall.

Curtis: It’s been aborted. The strike’s been called off.

Driscoll: Where are the Marines?

Sarah: They haven’t crossed the perimeter. I’ll get an update at ETA.

[Jack and Heller go to look for Audrey.

Jack: We’re clear.

[Audrey is no longer in her cell.]

Jack: She was here. We gotta go. Move! Move!

[Jack and Heller make their way outside and hide behind a car, which is splattered with machine gunfire from the guards. They fire back.]

Jack: There are two shooters at your 11 O’clock! You’re ready?

Heller: Ready!

Jack: Go!

Heller: Give me a clip.

[Jack gets hit in the vest.]

Heller: Jack!

Jack: It went out my vest. It’s all right. Keep firing!

[After a few seconds, Jack gets up and resumes firing at the shooters.]

Jack: I’m out!

Heller: I’m out too.

[Suddenly, a U.S. Marine Cobra helicopter appears overhead. Marines rappel from the chopper and surround the terrorists.]

Jack: It’s the Marines, stay down. The Secretary, stay down. Just stay down until this area’s secure.

[Omar emerges from the building with Audrey at gunpoint.]

Audrey: Jack!

Jack: Stand down!

Omar: Stand back or I’ll kill her!

Jack: Stand down!

Omar: Stand back or I’ll kill her!

Jack: Put your gun down!

Omar: Stand back!

Jack: Drop it now!

Omar: I’ll kill her! I will kill her! Do it! Do it!

Jack: OK. Just relax. Audrey, stay calm. Just relax. This is over. You are surrounded.

Omar: You’re right. But first you’ll watch her die.

[Audrey stabs Omar in the leg with the knife Jack gave her. Then Jack throws his knife into Omar’s shoulder. Omar falls back, releasing Audrey, and the Marines shoot him. Audrey runs to her father’s arms, but looks lovingly at Jack from a distance.]


Heller: Yes, sir. The President sends along his gratitude.

Jack: I’m just glad you both are all right.

Heller: It’s been a while since you’ve been in the field, Jack. Looks like you haven’t skipped a beat. Audrey and I owe you our lives.

Jack: Thank you, sir. I’ve arranged transportation for us back to CTU. I’d like you and Audrey to be debriefed there.

Heller: Just as long as we don’t lose any time in finding out who these terrorists are and where they’re coming from.

Jack: As soon as we get back there, I’ll set up a live feed with the office in Washington. You won’t miss a step. Those soldiers there are waiting to take us back to CTU.

Heller: Thanks, Jack.

Jack: How’s she doing?

Medic: A doctor needs to check out some of these contusions, and she’s dehydrated.

Jack: Thank you. You should go.

Audrey: Where?

Jack: I’m taking you and your father back to CTU.

Audrey: Jack, when I was inside, I recognized one of the men.

Jack: Who?

Audrey: I don’t know. I can’t place him, but I know that I saw him before today.

Jack: They’re gonna correlate a photo file of all the casualties. As soon as they’ve got that, you can make your ID.

[Jack’s cell phone rings.]

Jack: Excuse me. This is Bauer.

Woman: Agent Bauer, this is CTU. I’ve got Paul Raines on the line. He’d like to speak to his wife. Is she with you?

Jack: Hold on one second. It’s Paul. He wants to speak with you.

[Jack hands Audrey the phone.]

Audrey: Paul.

Paul: Audrey. Are you OK?

Audrey: Yeah, I’m fine.

Paul: Thank God.

Audrey: Where are you?

Paul: As soon as I heard about you and your father, I got on a plane.

Audrey: You’re in LA?

Paul: Yeah, I’m at CTU. Audrey?

Audrey: Yeah.

Paul: See you soon.

Audrey: I’ll see you soon.

[Audrey hangs up.]

Jack: We need to go. You’re all right?

Audrey: Mm-hm.

Jack: OK.

[Heller notices Audrey take Jack’s hand.]


Driscoll: Make sure Edgar gets this.

Woman: Got it.

Driscoll: Found anything?

Curtis: I’m still trying to connect up with the feed from the rescue site. Division’s using up most of our bandwidth.

Driscoll: Call over there and tell them to multiplex. We need to start going through the debrief.

Curtis: Now that Heller’s safe, we’re no longer in first position.

Marianne: Ms. Driscoll. I took care of it.

Curtis: What’s that?

Marianne: A list of pass codes for the FBI fiber. You can use their feed.

Driscoll: How did you get that?

Marianne: I used to consult there. I still have friends. And since I saw the load on the running table I knew we’d be running into a traffic jam.

Driscoll: Good. Install it. Start cataloging whatever’s there. Anything that flags, put it up to me.

Curtis: Yeah.

Marianne: You know, if you let me, Curtis, I can help you a whole lot more. Honestly, I don’t know why you have a problem with me. ‘Cause I’m ambitious? OK, I’m ambitious. Aren’t you?

Curtis: I don’t sleep with people to get ahead in my career.

Marianne: Neither do I. I slept with you because I was attracted to you. I still am. Deal with it.


[Navi watches a news report about Heller’s rescue.]

News Reporter on TV: White House spokesman has just confirmed that the interrupted video transmission was caused by a raid mounted by the Marines and the Counter Terrorist Unit who rescued Secretary of Defense James Heller moments ago.

Man: You’re watching this?

Navi: Yes, I’m watching. Of course I’m watching. God willing, our good fortune will continue for the rest of the day. Thank you.

Behrooz: What are you talking about? It’s over. They found Omar. The government stopped the trial.

Navi: Yes, I know.

Behrooz: Then how can you ay this is all good fortune? Everything we’ve worked for is ruined. You made me kill someone I cared about all for nothing.

Navi: No, not for nothing, Behrooz. The trial was only our first step.

Behrooz: I don’t understand.

Navi: There were certain things that your mother and I decided to keep from you.

Behrooz: What things?

Navi: This. I’m busy.

Behrooz: You forced me to kill my girlfriend because of this trial. You owe me an explanation.

Navi: I don’t owe you anything!

[Doorbell rings.]

Navi: See who it is. See who it is.

Behrooz: It’s Tariq.

[Navi goes to open the door.]

Behrooz: Why is he here?

Navi: Tariq.

[Navi and Tariq embrace.]

Navi: Behrooz, you remember Tariq?

Tariq: Of course he does.

[Tariq embraces Behrooz.]

Navi: I just poke with Moar. He assured me that everything I still on chedule.

Tariq: That’s right.

Behrooz: What are you doing here?

Tariq: Your mother told Marwan you took care of the American girl.

Behrooz: Yeah.

Tariq: Then you’ll need help getting rid of the body.

Behrooz: I don’t need help, I can do it myself.

Navi: I’m sure you can, Behrooz. But we can’t afford any more mistakes. Show Tariq where the body is. Go.


[As another agent feeds video to CTU, Curtis collects a digital gallery of all the bodies and gear found at the compound.]

Agent: OK, agent Manning. This is the last of the bodies. You should see them now.

Curtis: All right, we got it. What’s next?

Agent: Here’s some of the terrorist gear we collected out of the warehouse.

Curtis: Wait a second… stop. Go back.

Agent: You need me to retransmit?

Curtis: No. On the ground in front of you; give me a shot on the briefcase.

Agent: This?

Curtis: Yeah. Can you open it?

Agent: It’s empty.

Curtis: Are there any identifying marks on it?

Agent: I see a kind of logo engraved near the lock.

Curtis: I wanna see it. Zoom in.

[A logo with the letters “MF” is on the lock.]

Curtis: Make sure to get someone to transport it back here.

Agent: Will do.

Curtis: Sarah, I need you to do a corporate logo search. We may have found a link between the train crash and Heller’s abduction. I’m sending it to you now.

Sarah: OK. We’ll pick this up later.

Agent: Sure.

[Jack enters CTU with Audrey.]

Audrey: The man I recognized at the warehouse? I wanna make that ID.

Jack: As soon as you’ve been checked up by the clinic. I’ll get the photos ready.

Agent: Excuse me, Miss Raines, this way please.

Jack: It’s all right, go ahead.

[Audrey sees her husband Paul.]

Paul [on the phone]: But I need you to handle this. No, I need to be able to trust that you’ll be able to take care of it. Right.

Heller: OK, good. Excuse us.

[Heller pulls Audrey aside.]

Jack: I’m gonna need to use your station. Have Driscoll send me over pass codes for the onsite feed.

Sarah: OK.

Jack: Thanks.

Heller: Does he know? About you and Jack.

Audrey: How long have you known?

Heller: Not until today. Although I’m surprised that I hadn’t figured it out till now.

Audrey: It’s not what you think. Paul and I were over before Jack and I started seeing each other.

Heller: Except Paul doesn’t think it’s over. The last time I spoke with him, he thought he had a second chance.

Audrey: Yeah, well, that’s more about fixing his wounded pride than fixing this relationship.

Heller: So he doesn’t know about it?

Audrey: Not yet. I’ll take care of it.

Agent: Miss Raines, right through here.

Driscoll: Sarah said you may have found a thread connecting the train bombing to Heller’s abduction.

Curtis: Yeah. About an hour ago NTSP reported a passenger was killed, but not as a result of the crash. He was shot at close range.

Driscoll: Who is he?

Curtis: We’re still trying to find out. He had no ID. His face and prints don’t show up on any database. Whoever killed him stole something he had chained to his wrist. I think it may have been this.

[Curtis shows Driscoll a photo of the briefcase.]

Curtis: A witness on the train saw a man with a briefcase handcuffed. Take a look at the damage. It could have been sustained during the crash. We just recovered this where Heller was being held.

Driscoll: What are you telling me? That the train bombing was a cover for the theft of this briefcase? What was in it?

Curtis: It was empty. But we traced the corporate logo on the briefcase to McLennen Forster.

Driscoll: The defense contractor?

Curtis: Yeah.

Driscoll: Have you contacted them?

Curtis: I just got off the phone with their CEO. He’s stronghold. He said before he disclosed anything, we need special clearance from the Department of Defense.

Driscoll: The Secretary should be able to get us whatever clearances we need from DOD. Let’s get a print out of all this.

Curtis: Yeah.


News Reporter on TV: Our top story – only moments ago a second broadcast showing Secretary of Defense James Heller was put on the internet. This image was captured from that broadcast. The transmission then ceased. At this time we have no confirmed reports on why the broadcast was…

[Dina returns back home after tailing Debbie’s mother.]

Dina: The girl’s mother went home. Even if she calls the police, it will be too late. I heard the news in the car. Everything was accomplished?

Navi: Yes. The trial was cut short, but it served its purpose.

Dina: When they searched the warehouse, will they figure out what we’re doing?

Navi: It doesn’t matter. It’s too late for them to stop it.

Dina: If everything is working on schedule, why do you look so troubled? Where’s Behrooz?

Navi: He went to burry the girl.

Dina: But his car is still in the driveway.

Navi: He didn’t take the car.

Dina: I don’t understand.

Navi: He went with Tariq.

Dina: Tariq was here? My God, he’s going to kill my son. He’s going to kill my son. Oh, my God. He’s going to kill our son.

Navi: Yes.

Dina: I told Marwan that Behrooz took care of the girl.

Navi: Marwan must not have been satisfied. He must have decided that Behrooz was a liability.

Dina: Why’d you let this happen? How could you let him kill our son?

Navi: What could I do? What could I do?!

Dina: He’s our son! Our flesh and blood!

Navi: Dina, listen to me.

Dina: How could you let them kill our son?

Navi: Behrooz stopped being our son a long time ago.

Dina: How can you ay that?

Navi: Because it’s true. Living here has changed him. He’s been like a stranger to us. He proved it to me today that he no longer believes in our cause. Maybe… he never did.

Dina: Behrooz, Behrooz… Oh, my God.

[Dina cries.]


Driscoll: Secretary Heller would like to say a few words to you.

Heller: I’m incredibly privileged to have the finest people on the world behind me: all of you. It’s gonna take a lot more than a few words to express my feelings but for now from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Driscoll: Secretary Heller, Curtis Manning, head of tactical.

Heller: Curtis.

Curtis: An honor, sir.

Heller: Please, sit down. Erin, my daughter and I owe you our lives. Sounds like you had to make some tough calls, but you made the right ones. I’ll see to it that you get full recognition for a job exceptionally well done.

[Driscoll eyes Jack, as if expecting him to educate Heller on what really happened. Jack says nothing.]

Driscoll: Thank you, sir.

Heller: Now, before we start the debriefing, I’d like to visit my son. Where is he?

Driscoll: We’re actually holding Richard here, sir.

Heller: Why is that?

Driscoll: When we brought Richard in, we gave him a polygraph. It indicated that he was possibly withholding information from us.

Heller: About my kidnapping? My son and I have wildly different political views, but I can’t believe that he was involved.

Driscoll: We don’t think he had knowing participation, but we believe he shared knowledge of your whereabouts this morning with someone, and he refuses to divulge that information, or their identity.

Heller: And what are you doing about that?

Driscoll: We discussed a number of options. You have to understand the circumstances…

Heller: Stop BSing me. What did you do to him?

Curtis: There’s a technique that’s noninvasive called sensory disorientation.

Heller: You subjected my son to SDT?

Curtis: Yes, sir, we did. But it was stopped the moment you were rescued.

Heller: Jack, did you know about this?

Jack: No, sir.

Heller: I wanna see my son now.

Driscoll: Of course. Curtis.

Heller: Erin, I realize you’ve been under a lot of pressure these past few hours, but you better have cause for this.

[Curtis takes Heller to see Richard.]

Driscoll: Jack. I appreciate you not involving the secretary in the differences you and I had on this operation.

Jack: We both did what we thought was right, Erin.

Driscoll: I’d like to put the past behind us, Jack. I could use your help.

Jack: What do you need?

Driscoll: I’d like you to function in Ronnie’s position as Head of Field Ops until we avert this crisis.

Jack: Whatever I can do to help.

Driscoll: Let me make one thing clear; Ronnie was under my command and you will be too.

Jack: Understood. The photos from the warehouse, are they ready for Audrey Raines to see?

Driscoll: I believe so. I’ll have Edgar put them to your workstation.

Jack: OK. Thank you.


Richard: Dad!

[Richard hugs his father.]

Richard: They said you were OK and Audrey too. Thank God. I said some awful things before. I was afraid I’d never get a chance to apologize.

Heller: I said some pretty harsh things myself. But no matter what we said, you’re still my son, and I will always love you.

Richard: Me too, dad.

Heller: They said they were using some interrogation techniques.

Richard: Totally out of line. I’m gonna sue them blind.

Heller: I think it’ll be a little more affective if you let me deal with it. I promise you, if they were out of line, heads will roll.

Richard: What do you mean, “If”?

Heller: Why did they think you were holding something back from them?

Richard: I don’t know.

Heller: Richard, if you know something that would shed some light on what happened to me…

Richard: Wait, you don’t think I would tell them if I thought it was relevant?

Heller: So there is something?

Richard: Now you’re giving me the third degree?

Heller: Son, do you have any idea what your sister just went through? If you know anything that would help us find the people behind this, tell me now.

Richard: Dad, I’m glad you’re alive, I really am, but I am not going to tell these people things about my private life that they don’t need to know.

Heller: That you don’t think they need to know. Richard, these people were trying to save our lives!

Richard: These people can’t be trusted! What they did to me is proof.

Heller: Agent Manning, could you come in here please?

[Curtis comes inside the interrogation room.]

Heller: Agent Manning, I am authorizing you to do whatever you feel is necessary to get this information out of my son.

Richard: Dad…

Heller: I love you, son. But I have a duty to my country.

Richard: You can’t be serious.

[Heller goes towards the door.]

Richard: Dad!


[Tariq drives Behrooz to a spot in the Chatsworth Mountains.]

Tariq: Bring the shovels from the back.

[As Tariq is removing Debbie’s body from the trunk, Behrooz sees him grab a pistol. He realizes that Tariq may be there to kill him.]

Tariq: Come on, help me.


[Paul comes to see Audrey at the clinic.]

Paul: They said it was OK to come in.

Audrey: Hi, Paul.

Paul: Oh, my God, I was so worried. Are you hurt?

Audrey: No, it’s just some cuts and scrapes, nothing serious.

Paul: Are you sure?

Audrey: Yeah. Really, I’m OK, Paul. They’ve OK’d me for my debriefing.

Paul: On the flight over I couldn’t stop thinking about us. How when we separated we said that we’d both take time to figure out what we wanted, and now I know.

Audrey: Paul…

Paul: I want us to be together again. I’m ready to work it out. I’ll make our marriage the first priority. Just give us a chance.

Audrey: I’m sorry, Paul. That’s not what I want.

Paul: Audrey… I am a fool for bringing this up now. You can’t make decisions about our relationship when you’re in this state.

Audrey: Paul… I’m seeing someone.

Paul: Well, how long has this been going on?

Audrey: Six months.

Paul: You love him or…?

Audrey: Yes.

[Jack comes in to let Audrey know that the photos are ready.]

Jack: Audrey. I’m sorry, excuse me. I’ll come back later.

Audrey: No, umm… Paul, this is Jack Bauer.

Jack: Nice to meet you.

Paul: You’re the one who saved Audrey’s life. Thank you.

Jack: You’re welcome. Those photos are ready for you to look at.

Audrey: OK. Umm, Paul, we’ll talk later?

Paul: Yeah.

[Paul walks out, leaving Jack and Audrey alone.]

Jack: You’re all right?

Audrey: Yeah.

Jack: You’re ready to go?

Audrey: Not yet.

[Audrey cries and Jack kisses her.]

Audrey: Now I am.


[Audrey goes through photos of the slain terrorists.]

Audrey: No. No.

Jack: You’re absolutely certain you saw this guy before the compound?

Audrey: Positive. I could tell that he recognized me.

Jack: OK.

Audrey: No. No.

Jack: That’s all of them.

Audrey: He must have gotten out before the rescue.

Jack: OK, but we should go through the pictures again just to make sure.

Audrey: I will, but there are only two men here who aren’t Middle Eastern, and neither one of them are him.

Jack: What?

Audrey: I just remembered where I saw him before.

Jack: Where?

Audrey: There was a heritage foundation dinner about two months ago at the Hyatt downtown here.

Jack: Do you remember his name?

Audrey: No, but I know someone at the foundation. Maybe I can get the guest list.

Jack: OK, good.

Woman: Agent Bauer, Driscoll wants you in the conference. The call is starting in a few minutes.

Jack: OK, fine. I need you to get a hold of the Hyatt hotel security department. Get access to their archival video surveillance. Audrey will give you a time and a date, set up per amative and keep Driscoll informed. I’ll be right back.

[From another room, Paul sees Jack place his hand on Audrey’s shoulder. He becomes suspicious.]


[As they dig a grave, Behrooz sees the gun inside Tariq’s pants.]

Behrooz: It’s hot.

[Behrooz knocks Tariq down with his shovel.]

Behrooz: You brought me here to kill me. Why?

[Tariq tries to shoot Behrooz, but Behrooz hits him with the shovel again.]

Behrooz: Why are you doing this? I did everything they told me to do.

Tariq: You know why.

Behrooz: I took care of the girl! Marwan knows!

Tariq: It’s not Marwan wants you dead.

Behrooz: Then who want me dead? Who?

[Behrooz hits Tariq with his shovel again.]

Behrooz: Who wants me dead? I wanna know. Tell me!

Tariq: Your father.

Behrooz: No! No! No! No! No!

[Fueled by anger and despair, Behrooz hits Tariq with the shovel over and over until he kills him. Behrooz drives off in Tariq’s car.]


[Richard is being tortured in the interrogation room.]

Richard: Please! No! No! No!


Driscoll: Mr. Reese, I’m Erin Driscoll, Director of CTU Los Angeles. My colleagues Curtis Manning and Sarah Gavin are also present. Also Jack Bauer, the special advisor to Secretary Heller.

Reese: Ms. Driscoll, I hope you understand we at McLennen Forster couldn’t give you details about that case until we received the appropriate permission from DOD.

Driscoll: Understood, Mr. Reese. May we please begin? What was your courier transporting?

Reese: It’s a device we developed under the nuclear fragmentary commission’s emergency management program. It’s a Dobson type override.

Driscoll: What exactly does this override do?

Reese: It’s a combination of hardware and software that can remotely take control of the nuclear power facilities.

Jack: Under what circumstances would the override be used?

Reese: The government wanted to be able to control the plants’ nuclear pile in the event of a disaster that necessitated evacuation.

Jack: And the person in possession of this program? Can they do the opposite with it? Create a disaster in a plant, a meltdown?

Reese: Theoretically, yes. But merely having possession of the override wouldn’t be enough. There are safeguards in place.

Jack: What kind of safeguards?

Reese: Anyone who’s trying to use the override would have to hack through the reactor’s firewall. That would take massive computer power, which NRC could see coming a mile away.

Jack: Is it possible that NRC could miss this due to unusually heavy traffic on the internet?

Reese: I don’t follow.

Jack: Well, less than an hour ago millions of computers around the world were streaming the trial of the Secretary of Defense. Is it possible that this trial was just some kind of a Trojan horse to disguise a massive attack on nuclear power plants’ firewalls?

Reese: That might be possible.

Driscoll: How many nuclear power plants in this country would be vulnerable?

Reese: All of them

Jack: How many is that?

Reese: At this time, the United States has 104 nuclear power plants online.

Driscoll: We have to assume that they’ve used this override to take over the plants. Get me NRC now. Go find Secretary Heller.

Jack: Thank you, Mr. Reese.

Driscoll: Set up an all department briefing.

Curtis: Get me NRC now. Pipe it through here.

Driscoll: I want all personnel in the conference area.


Marianne: Edgar, can you monitor my allocation tables for a few minutes?

Edgar: Sure.

[Marianne, who has secretly listened in on the conversation about the nuclear power plant threat, goes to an area away from the main bullpen. She dials a man from a secure cell phone.]

Man: Yes?

Marianne: It’s me.

Man: You’re on a secure line?

Marianne: Yes. I would have checked in sooner. This was the first chance I got.

Man: All right. Go on.

Marianne: They found out about the override.


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