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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Episode 4X10: 4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Original Air Date: 02/21/2005

TM & © 2005 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

Transcript by Nina Meyers - Posted on TWIZ TV.COM

Previously on 24:

Driscoll: San Gabriel island reactor’s just gone critical. Core material is now airborne.

Heller: I thought we had more time.

Rosner: At this room the radiation will continue getting stronger, and we’ll spill into the atmosphere until the core has exhausted itself.

Heller: Son, you’ve done everything you can. Now, get the hell out of there.

Rosner: Evacuating won’t make any difference, sir. We’ve already been exposed.

Heller: Jack has got to find the override before the rest of these reactors go critical.


Paul: I know about you and him, and I am not OK with it.

Audrey: Paul, you and I are not together any more.

Paul: I thought we were trying to work things out.

Audrey: I tried that. But you kept putting it off.

Jack: What did you say to Paul?

Audrey: That I’m filing for divorce.


Sarah: Somebody set me up.

Driscoll: Thousands of people’s lives are at stake. Where are the people who control the override? Talk to me, Sarah.

Sarah: I’m not a spy.


Jack: Erin, Powell’s dead. He was hit by a sniper as soon as we took him into custody.

Driscoll: Did you find anything from him before he was killed?

Jack: No, but I managed to get the last ten calls he made off his cell phone. He called two numbers repeatedly. We traced one of them to Marianne Taylor.

Curtis: You’re under arrest.


Jack: Don’t move! Drop the weapon!

Dina: Listen carefully, Behrooz. Government agents found me. I made a deal.

Behrooz: I don’t understand.

Dina: You’re going to be OK. I’m going to help them stop your father.


Behrooz: You broke my heart.

Behrooz: If you kill me, mother will tell them everything. If you don’t believe me, look outside. They’re coming to pick me up.

Jack: Drop the gun!

Navi: You’ll hit the boy!

Dina: Behrooz!

Behrooz: Mom!

Jack: Let’s seal all the exits of the basement. He’s got nowhere to go but down. Set up a link with CTU now!

Dina: If you can’t save my son, I am happy to see the reactors melt down.

Jack (to Driscoll): Did you get that?


The following takes place between 4:00 P.M. and 5:00 P.M.

[Jack briefs Heller, Driscoll and Audrey over the phone on the situation.]

Driscoll: Driscoll.

Jack: Erin, it’s Jack. Araz is on the move. We’re getting ready to move into the hospital now.

[Navi drags Behrooz through the tunnels to a hospital laundry room.]

Behrooz: Dad, you’re chocking me.

Heller: Jack, it’s Jim. Bring us up to speed.

Jack: We have a hostage situation involving one of the men that was involved in the terrorist attack this morning.

Driscoll: We’re pulling up his ID now. His name is Navi Araz. He was granted American citizenship five years ago.

Heller: Who’s the hostage?

Jack: His 17 year-old son, Behrooz. He broke ranks, now his father sees him as a liability. Araz knows we have his wife in custody. He’s worried that if he kills the boy, she’ll betray him by cooperating with us.

Audrey: What does she say?

Driscoll: She’s agreed to help us find the override to stop the nuclear meltdowns if we rescue her son.

Heller: So the father will stall, keep the kid alive until the reactors blow.

Jack: That’s right, sir.

Heller: We’ve already lost one in California, Jack. Can we trust this woman to help us?

Jack: I think right now she’ll do everything she can to protect her son.

Heller: OK, Jack. Whatever you need, you’ve got. Just get that kid.

Jack: Yes, sir. Erin, I’m gonna need a thermal satellite scan of the building. We’re looking for two heat sources in close proximity in remote areas of the basement.

Driscoll: I’ll call you back as soon as we have something.

Jack: Yeah.

[Jack hangs up.]

Dina: You’re running out of time. Save my son.

Jack: Bring her with us. We’re gonna need her.

[In the laundry room, Navi slaps Behrooz.]

Navi: I said get on the floor.

[Behrooz does as his father asks.]

Navi: You’re not my son.

Behrooz: Why? Because I don’t wanna kill innocent people?

Navi: Because you’re weak, and you stand for nothing! I always saw you something more and now… I don’t even recognize you.

Behrooz: Will that make it easier for you to kill me?

[Navi calls Marwan.]

Navi: Yes, it’s me.

Marwan: Did you find your son?

Navi: Yes.

Marwan: I he dead?

Navi: Not yet.

Marwan: Is there a problem, Navi?

Navi: Government agents have arrested Dina and surrounded the building that I’m in. I need the boy for leverage, but I’m not sure how much longer I can hold them off.

Marwan: Has Dina told them anything?

Navi: I don’t think so. She won’t, as long as I don’t kill the boy. How much more time do you need till you melt down the remaining nuclear power plants?

Marwan: One hour, maybe two.

Navi: Why? Why so long?

Marwan: The Americans have programs trying to prevent the meltdown. That means we have to manipulate each plant individually, and that takes time.

Navi: I’ll hold them off as long as I can.

Marwan: I know you will.


[Jack’s cell phone rings.]

Jack: Yeah?

Driscoll: Jack, I think we found Araz and his son.

Jack: Where?

Driscoll: We have two thermal readings in the north wing of this basement.

Jack: What’s there?

Driscoll: Laundry room.

Jack: How many ways in?

Driscoll: Just one, but according to the blueprints there’s a laundry chute.

Jack: Is it accessible?

Driscoll: From the third floor. It looks big enough to get a man in.

Jack: OK, we’re on our way. We got him.

Tony: Where are they?

Jack: The laundry room. This is Bauer. I need two teams to the north wing. Set up a hard perimeter. We’re moving to the third floor. I need a baseline and a rappelling harness.

Castle: Copy that.

Jack: Lee, get me Dina Araz. We’re putting her into play.

Castle: Got it.


Driscoll: Where are the latest timing estimates on the remaining nuclear plants?

Edgar: Right here.

Driscoll: These are from 40 minutes ago. They update every 15 minutes.

Edgar: I’m sorry, Ms. Driscoll. I’ve been a little upset about my mother.

Driscoll: You’re gonna have to put your emotions on hold a little longer, Edgar. We’re in the middle of a crisis.

Edgar: My mother just died, Ms. Driscoll. I can’t put that on hold.

Driscoll: I’m sorry. That was callas of me. But I’m really depending on you now, Edgar. Please come through for me.

Edgar: I’ll get you those figures as soon as we’re done here.

Driscoll: Thank you.

Heller: All right. Bring me up to speed.

Driscoll: We’re trying to hold off the meltdown process of five nuclear power plants.

Heller: How is that going?

Edgar: Our programmers are trying to fight off the override. They can slow it down, but they won’t be able to stop it.

Heller: Which means we still have to find the override.

Edgar: Yes.

Driscoll: Jack has a suspect cornered in a local medical facility, and we’re fairly certain this man he’s perusing is one of the key architects in today’s events.

Heller: Can we take him alive?

Driscoll: I don’t know.

Heller: What about Marianne Taylor?

Driscoll: I sent Curtis to interrogate her.


Marianne: I wanna call my lawyer.

Curtis: Really?

Marianne: I do have rights.

Curtis: Yeah? Henry Powell had rights too.

Marianne: I don’t know any Henry Powell.

Curtis: The one who helped the terrorists obtain the override. He’s right here. Wanna say hello? Bring him in.

[Curtis wheels the dead body of Powell into the interrogation room.]

Marianne: Are you sick? You sick bastard.

Curtis: CTU didn’t kill him.

Marianne: Well, then who did?

Curtis: The same people who planted the bomb under your car. Whoever they are, they’ve caught up with you. If I let you go you’d be dead in 15 minutes. Get him out of here.

[Powell’s body is taken out of the interrogation room.]

Curtis: Your only chance to survive is to tell us what you know.

Marianne: I want a deal.

Curtis: You get to live, that’s your deal.

Marianne: All right.

Curtis: Who did you and Powell work for?

Marianne: I don’t know, I only dealt with him.

Curtis: Why did he send you to CTU?

Marianne: To cover his tracks, in case it became necessary.

Curtis: And after Audrey Raines saw him at the warehouse, it became necessary?

Marianne: Yes.

Curtis: Did Powell work directly for the terrorists, or for someone else associated with the terrorists?

Marianne: I told you, I don’t know.

Curtis: I need names. People who can get us to the override.

Marianne: I don’t have any names. I can get them for you.

Curtis: How?

Marianne: Powell kept a file on his computer, at his office downtown. It was a… an insurance policy. In case either of us ever needed a bargaining chip.

Curtis: Give me the address and the access code.

Marianne: It can’t be accessed externally. It requires thumbprint identification – either his or mine. And since he’s dead, it’ll have to be mine.


Tony: All right, are you set?

Jack: Yeah. We think we found them.

Dina: Where?

Jack: The basement, in the laundry room. Our satellite picked up two thermal images.

Dina: That means Behrooz is still alive.

Jack: Yes. I’m gonna need you to distract your husband.

Tony: I’m gonna take you down to the basement. In one minute we’re gonna have you call your husband. We’re gonna need you to keep him on the line as long as possible.

Dina: All right.

Tony: Let’s go.

Jack: OK. Are you ready?

Castle: Ready.

[Jack rappels upside down into the laundry chute, trying not to make any noise. When he’s halfway down, he radios Tony to have Dina make the call.]

Jack: OK. Keep going. Four feet. Three feet. Stop.

Tony: All right. Come here.

[Tony looks at his watch.]

Tony: OK. Make the call. Now, remember, keep him on as long as you can.

[Dina makes the call.]

Navi: Yes?

Dina: It’s Dina.

Navi: Where are you?

Dina: Still in the hospital.

Navi: What have you told them?

Dina: Nothing. And I’ll keep my mouth shut if you’ll release our son.

Navi: You know I can’t do that.

Dina: Then at least promise me you won’t kill him. Navi, please. He’s our son.

Navi: You turned him against me. Our sacrifice is nothing compared to the martyrs who have given all they have for our cause. No. He can still be of service.

Dina: Is he still alive?

Navi: Yes. And he’ll remain alive as long as you remain silent. How am I to do this alone? We planned this mission together, we fought it out as if of one mind. You betrayed me. Don’t tell me that!

Jack: I have a visual on the suspect. The boy is still alive. I’m ready to proceed. Go.

[Jack lands in the laundry room from the chute.]

Navi: Your conspiracy with him is over. I won’t allow you to continue it right in front of me. The boy is all I have. The only thing that keeps them from storming through that door. Of course it’s true. But in the end… in the end you’ll find that the martyrs…

Jack: Slowly retract the rig. I’m in position.

Navi: And you will suffer even worse than them. You’re gonna have to live knowing that everyone important in your life to is dead – your son, your brother. Yes, I killed your brother too.

[As the rappelling rig is retracted up into the chute, it clangs on the metal duct. Navi hears this and goes out to investigate.]

Navi: Don’t move.

[Jack knocks the gun from Navi’s hand, but Navi fights back. Jack is forced to head butt him to get him off.]

Jack: Get up slowly. Put your hands on your head.

Tony: Stay with her.

Jack: Put your hands on your…

Tony: Hostile’s engaged, I repeat, hostile’s engaged.

[Behrooz grabs Navi’s gun.]

Jack: I don’t wanna have to kill you, but I will. Now, get up. Slowly. Interlock your fingers.

[Navi is hit by a bullet in the back. Behrooz fired Navi’s gun.]

Jack: It’s OK, son. Put the gun down. It’s over. It’s over.

[Tony barges into the room.]

Tony: Drop the gun! Drop the gun!

Jack: Please, son, put the gun down.

[Behrooz puts the gun down.]

Tony: Hands on your head. Turn around.

[Jack checks Navi’s pulse, but Navi is dead.]

Jack: Dammit.

[Dina is brought in and she sees her son is alive.]

Dina: Behrooz, are you all right?

Behrooz: I killed him. I did it. I killed father.

Jack: Your son is safe. He’s alive. We did what you asked. Now, where is the override device?

Dina: I don’t know that, but I can give you an address where much of the work behind today’s attack was done.

Jack: That’s not the deal we made!

Dina: That’s all I know. I can only tell you what I know.

Jack: What’s the address?

Dina: 24878 Alvord Street.

Tony: What’s there?

Dina: It was a drop-off. The place we used to get our final assignments. It was the last place we saw the men who were going to take position of the override.

Jack: When was that?

Dina: Yesterday.

Jack: Send in an advance team. Tell them to set up a hard perimeter. No on goes in there until we get there.

Castle: You got it.

Tony: What about these two?

Jack: Until we know she’s not lying, they come with us.


[Curtis briefs the team about Marianne’s claims.]

Heller: So does Marianne Taylor claims she has to access the files personally?

Curtis: Yes.

Heller: And do you believe her?

Curtis: I’m not sure. The polygraph indicates that she’s telling the truth. In my opinion, she may be a sociopath.

Heller: Are you a psychologist?

Curtis: No, but I have had dealings with her before.

Heller: Dealings that might affect your judgment?

Curtis: No.

Heller: Well, we have to check it out. The question is how?

Driscoll: I can square an operative from the cyber unit and a security team.

Heller: What do you think?

Audrey: I think Curtis should go.

Driscoll: I need Curtis here.

Audrey: The information computer file may be important. Someone with experience needs to examine it first hand.

Heller: I agree. Send Curtis with a security team and you’ll have to figure out how to do without him till he gets back.

Driscoll: Yes, sir.

Curtis: I don’t like this.

Driscoll: Neither do I, but those are the orders. Get it done and get back here as quickly as you can.

Curtis: OK.

[Driscoll goes to see Sarah, who is recovering in the clinic.]

Driscoll: Are you OK? Anything you need?

Sarah: I’m fine.

Driscoll: You understand, Sarah, I had no choice. You were identified as a threat to security and I acted accordingly.

Sarah: I would have hoped you had more faith in me.

Driscoll: Personally, I do. But the evidence was brought to me by the Secretary of Defense and I couldn’t very well ignore it.

Sarah: So what happens now?

Driscoll: You can go home and rest. No one will blame you if you did. But if you’re up to it, I could use you on the floor. The San Gabriel Island reactor went into meltdown less than an hour ago. The five remaining plats are critical. I need my best people in play.

Sarah: I’ll go back to work.

Driscoll: Thank you, Sarah.


Marianne: It shouldn’t be too complicated. The building’s security is light. I have a key card that’ll get us into Powell’s office.

Curtis: How long is it gonna take?

Marianne: Five minutes to get up to his office, another five to download the data.

Curtis: We’re looking at a 15-minute operation total?

Marianne: Approximately.

Curtis: If I think you’re stalling, taking longer than you should… I will take action, you got that? Raise your leg. Don’t make me do it for you.

[Marianne raises her leg. Curtis places a tracking chip on Marianne’s ankle.]

Marianne: Curtis, I’m not gonna run.

Curtis: Then you won’t mind wearing it.

Marianne: Can I put my foot down now?

Curtis: Yes.

Marianne: Look, I realize that after today you have a hard time trusting me, but if we’re gonna pull this off you’re gonna have to…

Curtis: I don’t have to do anything except retrieve the data your boyfriend hid, and put you in jail for treason.

Marianne: Is that what you really want?

Curtis: Without a doubt.

Marianne: Curtis…

[Marianne places her hand on Curtis’ shoulder.]

Curtis: Get your hand off me.


Audrey: I spoke with Mike at the local DOD office. He wants to know who you wanna bring in to help manage with their load.

Heller: Things are too unstable for me to leave here. I have to keep my eye in tactical.

Audrey: Well, I checked with their logs and they’re gonna need someone pretty soon.

Heller: How are you holding up?

Audrey: I can’t handle it, if that’s what you mean. Dad, it’ll be fine.

Heller: Why don’t you head over there then?

Audrey: OK. I’ll call you from there.


[Sarah returns to her workstation.]

Edgar: Sarah, you’re back.

Sarah: Yeah.

Edgar: I heard some rumors about what they were doing…

Sarah: I’ll be all right. Just bring me up to speed.

Edgar: Sure. We’re still trying to find the override. It’s the only way we’re gonna stop the remaining plants from melting down.

Sarah: What have we gotten out of Marianne so far?

Edgar: She claims she has access to a computer that has data on it about the override.

Sarah: In which computer is this?

Edgar: She’s taking Curtis over to it now.

Sarah: They let her out of the building?

Edgar: Yeah. He’s got a security team with him.

Sarah: And we trust her because…?

Edgar: She’s trying to cut a deal. Curtis can take care of her. We need to mobilize tactical to support Jack.


[Jack and Tony arrive at the address that Dina provided, meeting up with the CTU backup team.]

Solars: Agent Bauer. Agent Solars.

Jack: Agent Almeida. You set your perimeter yet?

Solars: Anything inside four blocks isn’t going anywhere.

Tony: Any activity?

Solars: Not that we’ve seen.

Jack: OK, I wanna keep this as surgical as possible. You, me and Almeida will be leading the searching team. Remember, maintain backup. Are you ready?

Tony: Yeah.

Jack: Go.

[Jack, Tony and Solars raid the house which is empty.]

Jack: We’re clear!

Tony: Dina must have been lying.

Jack: I don’t think so. She wants to save her son.

Tony: Well, they must have cleared the place out.

Jack: Bring in a forensics team now. I want this place torn apart for fingerprints.

Solars: Yes, sir.

Jack: Tony.

Tony: What is it?

[Jack finds a hidden basement that contains schematics of the nuclear power plants, passenger manifests from the train that was bombed and surveillance photos of Heller and Audrey. Jack is in the background of one of these photos.]

Tony: Go.

Jack: Clear. It’s the train from the attack this morning.

Tony: So that’s how the terrorists got a hold of the override. Jack? They planned the kidnapping here.

Jack: Yeah.


Sarah: Edgar, the location Jack is searching didn’t show up on any agency watch list.

Edgar: Then you won’t have a hell of a time here.

Sarah: Why?

Edgar: The building’s owned by a company that’s owned by another company that’s owned by an LOC.

Sarah: Wait. Hold on. “Galaxy Financial”? I’ve heard that name before.


Jack: No, Hal. I want you to put that in a separate file. We’ll handle the kidnapping and the train bombing another day. Right now I only want things that are pertinent to helping us the override device.

Hal: OK, I’ll have it up on the system when you get here.

Jack: OK, thanks.

[Jack hangs up.]

Jack: Tony, I need to talk to you.

[Jack’s cell phone rings.]

Jack: I’m sorry. Just give me a minute.

[Jack takes the call.]

Jack: Yeah?

Sarah: Jack, this is Sarah from CTU. Listen, I got something on that address you gave to Edgar.

Jack: What is it?

Sarah: The ownership of the building is complicated, but I recognized on of the shell corporations on the latter.

Jack: Which one?

Sarah: “Galaxy Financial”.

Jack: I’ve never heard of it.

Sarah: Neither did I until this afternoon. When Paul Raines came in I was the one who ran his clearance.

Jack: Paul Raines? What does he have to do with the company?

Sarah: he’s a general partner in “Galaxy Financial”.

Jack: You’re telling me that Audrey’s husband owns the building that was used by the terrorists to plan this morning’s attacks?

Sarah: According to this, yes.

Jack: Where’s Audrey now?

Sarah: She’s on her way over to DOD.

Jack: Patch her through to me.

[Sarah calls Audrey.]

Audrey: Yeah?

Sarah: Miss Raines, this is Sarah from CTU. I’ve got Jack. Hold, please.

Audrey: All right.

[Sarah patches Jack’s call to Audrey.]

Sarah: You’re on. Go ahead.

Jack: Audrey, it’s me.

Audrey: Hey. Did you find anything at the address?

Jack: Yeah. The building was used by the terrorists to plan this morning’s attacks.

Audrey: Jack, that’s a great find.

Jack: Yeah, there’s something else.

Audrey: What?

Jack: The company that owns the building – it’s called “Galaxy Financial Services”. Have you ever heard of them?

Audrey: No. Should I have?

Jack: Your husband’s a chief financial officer.

Audrey: What?

Jack: I need to find Paul. I need to speak to him now.

Audrey: Paul had nothing to do with the kidnapping.

Jack: Maybe, maybe not, but his name’s all over the paperwork for the building, and because of his relationship to you and your father, he’s gonna have to explain that.

Audrey: Jack, I don’t know where he is. He left CTU without saying anything.

Jack: Can you reach him?

Audrey: Well, yeah, I have his cell phone number.

Jack: OK. I want you to call him. I want you to keep it personal. I don’t want you to tell him what I know. I just want you to tell me where he is. Audrey, five power plants could still melt down. If Paul has any information that can help us stop that from happening, we have to follow through with it. You know that.

Audrey: All right.

Jack: Please, get back to me as soon as you can.

Audrey: OK, I will.

[Jack hangs up. Audrey calls Paul, who is about to check out of his hotel.]

Paul: Hello?

Audrey: Hey. Paul, it’s Audrey.

Paul: I wasn’t expecting to hear from you.

Audrey: I know. I’ve just… look, Paul, I didn’t like the way we left things between us.

Paul: I didn’t care for it much either. Look, uh… I’m glad you called, but, uh… I’m about to check out.

Audrey: Where are you going?

Paul: What difference does it make?

Audrey: Look, Paul, I was thinking about what you said about how… we’ve got so much going on for us.

Paul: I thought you wanted a divorce.

Audrey: Yeah, I thought so too, but after… you now, Paul, today was the first time that we’ve seen each other in months and… I don’t know, maybe it took a while for it to sink in. Maybe you’re right. Maybe there is something there.

Paul: Audrey, you know this is what I want more than anything.

Audrey: Then let me come over. I don’t wanna have the most important conversation of my life over the phone.

Paul: OK. I’m at the “West Moore” hotel, room 408.

Audrey: All right. I’ll be there soon.

Paul: Good. I’ll wait for you.


[Jack orders a full forensic search of the building.]

Jack: OK. No one goes back down there until the forensic team gets here. When they do, I want that place torn apart. I want fingerprints, trace DNA samples, fiber samples, everything, you understand?

Solars: I understand.

Jack: OK.

[Jack goes over to Tony.]

Jack: Hey.

Tony: Hey.

Jack: I need to follow up a lead on my own. I need you to do me a favor. I need you to take Dina Araz and her son back to CTU and head up the interrogation.

Tony: Wait a second, Jack. They’d never let me set my foot in CTU even if I wanted to.

Jack: Just listen to me. You’re the only one I can trust to do this. Over the last two hours I watched my friend come back to life.

Tony: It’s not that simple, Jack.

Jack: If I press hard enough, I can get you reinstated but I need to know now: is that what you want?

Tony: I don’t know.

Jack: Maybe I was wrong.

[Jack starts to walk away.]

Jack: You saved the life of the daughter of the Secretary of Defense, who happens to be my boss, you do know that, right?

Tony: Jack. Thanks. I’ll do it.

Jack: Lee. Agent Almeida will be driving your car.

[Jack’s cell phone rings.]

Jack: Yeah?

Audrey: All right, Jack. I spoke with Paul. He’s at the “West Moore” downtown, room 408. I’m heading over there now.

Jack: No, Audrey, you need to let us handle this. We don’t know Paul’s connection to the attack yet. He could be dangerous.

Audrey: Jack, I don’t think we have a choice. He was on his way out the door. I had to make something up just to keep him there.

Jack: Fine, I can get there instead.

Audrey: Jack, I’m only a couple of minutes away and he knows that. He’s not gonna stick around if I don’t show up.

Jack: Audrey, I know you’re trying to help but I don’t feel comfortable with you going in that room alone.

Audrey: Jack, it’s the only thing that he won’t suspect. He’s been wanting to talk about the marriage all day long. Look, I’ll keep him there until you get there.

Jack: No, it’s not an option.

Audrey: Jack, just get there as soon as you can, please.

[Audrey hangs up.]

Jack: Audrey. Audrey!


[Driscoll and Heller discuss about Tony’s reinstatement.]

Heller: Erin, I just got off the phone with Jack. He wants me to approve Tony Almeida’s reinstatement. Do you have a problem with that?

Driscoll: Considering what Almeida has done for us today, I do not have a problem with that.

Heller: Good.

Driscoll: Sir, you said you spoke with Jack. How long ago was that?

Heller: 10, 15 minutes ago. Why?

Driscoll: We have some new information. I’d like to share it with you. We found a curious connection to the terrorists.

Heller: What kinda connection?

Driscoll: Paul Raines.

Heller: My daughter’s husband?

Driscoll: One of his companies is listed as the owner of the building Jack just searched.

Heller: The building the terrorists planned the attack from today?

Driscoll: That’s the one.

Heller: Is anybody going to pick him up?

Driscoll: We have teams on the way to the hotel where he’s staying, but he was about to leave and the only way to keep him there was under a false pretence.

Heller: “A false pretence”? What’s that supposed to mean?

Driscoll: Jack called to tell us that Audrey’s meeting Paul in his room. Jack’s on his way over there.

Heller: What?

Driscoll: She’s gonna try and keep him there until our backup teams could take over.

Heller: Unacceptable. How could you let this happen?

Driscoll: This wasn’t my decision. This was her choice. Jack did everything he could to stop her.

Heller: When did you find out about this?

Driscoll: About five minutes ago.

Heller: That’s when you should have told me.


[En route to Powell’s office, Curtis is briefed by CTU on Paul.]

Agent (over the phone): You want me to look into it?

Curtis (over the phone): Yeah. Find out.

[Curtis hangs up.]

Curtis: Tell me everything you know about Paul Raines.

Marianne: Why?

Curtis: What’s the connection to all this?

Marianne: How should I know? Look, Curtis, I wish I knew something that you could use. Believe me, I’m quite clear it’s my only way out of this, but I don’t know any more about Paul Raines than you do.

Curtis: How much longer?

Driver: We’re about five minutes out.

Curtis: Raines’ part in all of this is being investigated as we speak. If your name turns up linked to the kidnap in any way--

Marianne: It won’t. I am gonna do everything I can to find something on Powell’s computer that’ll help you. Maybe something about Paul Raines would be on there.


[As she arrives at the hotel, Audrey’s cell phone rings.]

Audrey: Yeah?

Heller: What’s this I hear about you going to see Paul by yourself?

Audrey: It’s the only way to keep him here.

Heller: If Paul was involved in out kidnapping--

Audrey: Look, Paul would never hurt me.

Heller: There is strong evidence that suggest that he was involved, which means he is dangerous.

Audrey: Look, I don’t believe he is.

Heller: You don’t know what he is, Audrey.

Audrey: I lived with him for eight years. I know him.

Heller: Yeah, I thought I knew him too. Audrey, I forbid you to do this.

Audrey: Dad, I’m sorry. I’m already here.

[Audrey hangs up on Heller.]


[Tony enters CTU with Dina and Behrooz.]

Driscoll: Mr. Almeida.

Tony: That’s right.

Driscoll: Erin Driscoll, Director of CTU.

Tony: How are you? This is Mrs. Araz and her son, Behrooz. Mr. Araz is in need of medical attention right away.

Driscoll (to guard): Have them taken care of, then prepare them for interrogation.

Dina: We’ve told you everything we know.

Driscoll: We’ll see.

[The guard takes Dina and Behrooz with him.]

Driscoll: You’re gonna need these.

[Driscoll gives Tony a badge and a gun.]

Tony: Ms. Driscoll, I’m sure you’re aware of my history here.

Driscoll: Not an issue. Jack Bauer and Secretary Heller both vouched for you. That’s enough for me.

Tony: All right. Thank you. Jack thought it’d be a good idea if I headed up the interrogation.

Driscoll: That makes sense. You’ve had the chance to observe them first hand. If there’s anything you need, let me know.

[Driscoll walks away from Tony and asks goes over to Sarah.]

Driscoll: The man I was just talking to is Tony Almeida. I want you to keep an eye on him. Let me know if he goes off-protocol. I’m particularly interested in--

Sarah: In any communication between him and Jack Bauer or Secretary Heller.

Driscoll: That’s right.

Sarah: I’m beginning to see how things work around here, Ms. Driscoll.

Driscoll: How do things work around here?

Sarah: You couldn’t care less about me being falsely accused and tortured. You’re beginning to feel squeezed out and you need allies. That’s why you were so nice to me before.

Driscoll: We’re facing a crisis today, Sarah, and our first priority is to deal with this successfully. Is that a problem for you?

Sarah: Not at all, but after what I went through today, if you want my help, I need something too.

Driscoll: And what’s that?

Sarah: I want my arrest expunged. Not explained by an official letter in my file – expunged. And I want a promotion – two pay grades.

Driscoll: Done.


[Audrey arrives at Paul’s room. She knocks on the door and Paul opens it.]

Paul: Come on in. I’m glad you came. Can I get you something?

Audrey: Sure.

Paul: I had them send up your favorite champagne. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t sure you’d really come.

Audrey: Why wouldn’t I?

Paul: You were so adamant before about ending things, it turns around as just a little surprising, that’s all.

Audrey: How about you? I hardly hear from you for about six months, and then you see me with another man and suddenly you’re pouring “Dom Parinion”.

Paul: It shows what a fool I am for not realizing what I had. It also shows that I still have feelings for you. And you must have some for me too, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right? I would hate to think you were playing some kind of game with me.

Audrey: I don’t play games, Paul.

Paul: Good. To new beginnings.

Audrey: New beginnings.


[As he speeds to the hotel, Jack calls Driscoll.]

Sarah: Ms. Driscoll, it’s Jack on line 3.

Driscoll: Jack.

Jack: Are the backup teams at the “West Moore” yet?

Driscoll: No. They’re caught up in traffic.

Jack: I’m still a couple miles out. If your teams get there first, tell them not to waste time coordinating with hotel security. I want them in that room as soon as possible.

Driscoll: Why not put some fiber-optics in place first, get a better position on Raines?

Jack: ‘Cause if Paul’s involved, he’s gonna be nervous. I don’t want anything to possibly tip him off before we’re ready to enter that room. I don’t want Audrey in any more danger than she already is.

Driscoll: OK. I’ll pass it along to tactical.

Jack: Has Curtis had a chance to question Marianne about Paul yet?

Driscoll: She said she doesn’t know anything about him, but they’re about to get in some computer files that may help us find the override.

Jack: OK. Thanks, Erin.

[Jack hangs up.]


[Marianne and Curtis arrive at Powell’s office with their backup.]

Marianne: It’s right down this hall and to the left.

Curtis: Stay alert. This place may not be as empty as it seems.

Marianne: What, you think this is some kinda trap?

Curtis: Yes, I do.

Marianne: Like you said, Curtis, this is my only chance to stay alive. I’m not gonna blow it, so relax, OK?

[Marianne inserts her key card and the door to Powell’s office opens. The agents sweep the room.]

Agent: It’s all clear.

[Marianne and Curtis enter the office. The agents stay outside to guard it. Marianne enters her thumbprint into the computer.]

Marianne: It’s gonna take one moment. Here it is. All I have to do is reformat, and then we can download the data and get out of here.

[Marianne becomes alarmed when it asks for a second password.]

Marianne: Oh.

Curtis: What?

Marianne: The file has a second password encryption.

Curtis: Do you know it?

Marianne: I think so. But it’s strange.

[Marianne enters the second password. Suddenly, three armed men enter the room after killing the other agents.]

Man: Hand away from the gun. Take it away.

Marianne: The files are still secure. I… I didn’t give them anything. I…

[The men shoot Marianne anyway.]

Man: Now put the gun down. Put it down.

[Curtis puts his gun down on the table.]

Forbes: Your name is Curtis Manning. You work for CTU. You’re gonna tell me how far along you are on your investigation.

Curtis: What investigation?

Forbes: Of the override. Have they discovered where it is yet?

Curtis: You’re an American and you’re working with the terrorists? Who are you?

Forbes: I’m gonna ask you one more time; what does CTU know about the override?

[Curtis doesn’t answer.]

Forbes: Fine.

[The men knock Curtis unconscious.]


Paul: Or I could move to Washington. I could turn west-coast operations over to Ben Simon. Audrey.

Audrey: Yes, I heard you. Turn west-coast operations over to Ben Simon.

Paul: What do you think?

Audrey: I don’t know. I guess you’ll have to decide whether or not you thought he’s capable of running…

Paul: No… not what do you think of Ben Simon, what do you think of me moving back east?

Audrey: Oh, um… Well, I… I don’t know.

Paul: I feel like I’m doing all the work here. You said you wanted to talk, but you’re not talking.

Audrey: These things take time, Paul.

Paul: Well, maybe… talking isn’t what we should be doing. Why are you looking at me like that? You’re my wife, for God’s sake!

Audrey: You can’t believe that I come over here to sleep with you.

Paul: OK, you didn’t come over here to sleep with me, you didn’t come over to talk with me. Why did you come?

Audrey: I just… I thought that maybe we could spend a little time together, it would be nice.

Paul: On a day like this?! All hell’s breaking loose, you thought it’d be nice for us to spend some time together? I guess I really wasn’t thinking when you called, was I? What are you doing here? What’s really going on? What are you, are you spying on me?

Audrey: Are you doing something worth spying on?

Paul: What is that supposed to mean?

Audrey: I just… I think I should go.

Paul: I think you should stay!

[Paul becomes violent.]

Audrey: Please, just let me…

Paul: No!

Audrey: No, please, let me…

Paul: No!

Audrey: Let go of me, please. Let me just…

[Jack barges in with his gun at the ready.]

Jack: Get your hands off of her!

Paul: You set me up!

Jack: Audrey, get behind me. Put your hands on your head now. Now!

Paul: What do you want?

Jack: I want answers.

Paul: Well, I’m not talking to you.

[Jack punches Paul.]


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