Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Episode 4X12: 6:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.
Original Air Date: 03/07/2005

TM & © 2005 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

Transcript by Nina Meyers - Posted on TWIZ TV.COM

Previously on 24:

Jack: There are five nuclear power plants ready to melt down. All I care about right now is making sure that that doesn’t happen. Your name is on a lease in a building that was used by the terrorists to plan today’s attack. That makes you a prime suspect.

Paul: I don’t know anything about some building in Chatsworth.

Jack: I don’t believe you.

Audrey: Jack, please don’t.

Paul: I don’t… I don’t know the specific building you’re talking about. I… I can find out.

Jack: How?

Paul: My corporate records are stored on my laptop. Yeah, here it is, it’s Harris Barnes.


Sarah: Interpol back-traced the name and provided a list of four nationals who’ve used it in the past.

Jack: Who used it most recently?

Sarah: A man named Habib Marwan.

Jack: OK. We need to find him.

Sarah: I think we already have.


Jack: Are you OK?

Curtis: Yeah. I overheard a phone conversation between Marwan and one of his men. We have less than 15 minutes.

Jack: Have your men secure the floor. Curtis and I are going after the override.


Jack: Stay down! Stay down! Marwan is impersonating a CTU officer. I repeat: the suspect is impersonating a CTU officer.


Driscoll: Edgar! Line 1, it’s Curtis. He has the override.

Edgar: Is the override logged in?

Curtis: Yes.

Edgar: Good. Send it to channel 11. Hurry up.

Curtis: It’s starting to respond. It’s working, Edgar.

Edgar: Yes! Yes!

Sarah: The temperature is dropping in all remaining power plants.

Heller: Congratulations, Edgar.


Nurse: Ms. Driscoll, it’s about your daughter, Maya. You better go down to the clinic right away.

Driscoll: Maya? Oh! Oh, baby… No!


The following takes place between 6:00 P.M. and 7:00 P.M.

Edgar: Curtis, I got some new Intel.

Curtis: What is it?

Edgar: We found out that the man you’re looking for, Habib Marwan, works for McLennan Forster.

Curtis: But they’re the ones that made the override. How’s that possible?

Edgar: He’s working under the alias, Harris Barnes. They had no reason to suspect him because his clearance has checked out. He must have positioned himself inside the company so he can use their technology.

Curtis: Call McLennan Forster. Tell them to freeze Marwan’s personal files.

Edgar: I did. You want me to send a comm team over?

Curtis: No. We’re closer. Jack and I’ll go.

Edgar: Sure.

[Curtis hangs up.]

Jack: OK, we know Marwan was in the building within the last 15 minutes. I want two tac perimeters set up here, roadblocks in every direction.

Castle: Got it.

Jack: OK.

Curtis: Jack, I just got off with CTU. It turns out this guy Marwan was working for McLennan Forster under an alias, Harris Barnes. I told CTU we’d check it out.

Jack: OK. I’ll check it out. I want you to take Paul and Audrey back to CTU. I’m gonna be reachable on my cell. Castle’ll stay in charge here. If this guy is still in the area, our teams will pick him up. Curtis is gonna take you both back to CTU.

Audrey: What about you?

Jack: I have to go to McLennan Forster.

Paul: Why there?

Jack: It turns out the man we’re looking for works there.

Paul: Need to get into their computer system?

Jack: Yeah.

Paul: OK. I’ll go with you.

Jack: Why?

Paul: My company sold them their IT system. I used to be a systems analyst. I designed their databases in code of a military security.

Jack: McLennan Forster has personnel on board. They’re gonna help us get into his files.

Paul: Yeah, well, I can get you in backdoors those people don’t even know about.

Jack: Fine. You go with me. Audrey, I want you to stay with Curtis. I’ll be on my cell. Let’s go.


[The doctor is about to put Maya’s body in a body bag.]

Driscoll: Stop.

[The doctor leaves Driscoll alone with her daughters body.]

Driscoll: Goodbye, babygirl.


Sarah (over the phone): OK. I’ll let everyone here know. Yeah. Thanks, Matt.

Edgar: Let everyone know what?

Sarah: Driscoll’s daughter committed suicide in our clinic.

Edgar: Committed suicide? How did she do that?

Sarah: She slit her wrists.

Edgar: It doesn’t make any sense. She was being watched.

Sarah: I don’t know, Edgar, I wasn’t there!

Edgar: I was just thinking out loud. You don’t have to be so hostile.

[Sarah goes over to Heller in the conference room.]

Sarah: Excuse me, Mr. Secretary.

Heller: Where’s Driscoll? The President’s about to come on.

Sarah: Something terrible just happened, sir.

Heller: What’s that?

Sarah: Ms. Driscoll’s daughter, Maya, committed suicide in out clinic about 15 minutes ago. Apparently, the doctor walked in and she…

[Sarah and Heller notice Driscoll standing at the door.]

Heller: Erin. Sarah just told me. I am so sorry.

[Heller hugs Driscoll.]

Driscoll: Thank you, sir. Go back to the floor, Sarah.

Sarah: Yes, Ma’am.

Heller: Erin, you do not need to be here.

Driscoll: Where should I be, sir? We’re still in crisis mode. Habib Marwan is still out there and we have no idea how many other cells he might be trying to activate.

Heller: For God’s sakes, Erin.

Driscoll: Our systems are in a transition state that require my constant attention. I’m not in denial about my daughter’s death, nor am I in shock. I can perform my duties until you find a suitable replacement for me.

[The intercom rings.]

William: Secretary Heller, Ms. Driscoll. The President’s coming on now.

Driscoll: Thank you, William.

Keeler: Jim, Erin. First, I wanna express my deep gratitude for what you’ve accomplished so far today. Resting back control of the override has saved thousands of American lives. The latest NRC report is that the San Gabriel Island meltdown is now under control.

Heller: That’s great news, Mr. President, but has your staff informed you that we still have a few problems to deal with?

Keeler: Yes, and that’s why I’m calling. I understand the man responsible for today’s attack is still at large.

Heller: Yes, sir, he is. His name is Habib Marwan. He’s been a long-term employee of a major Defense Contractor.

Keeler: Yes, I heard. McLennan Forster. This Habib Marwan. Do you believe that the melting down of the reactors was his end game, or do you think he’s planning something else?

Heller: As long as he’s still out there, we have to assume it’s not over.

Keeler: Erin, exactly where are we on apprehending this man?

Driscoll: All our resources are being deployed to that in right now, Mr. President. I’ll have more information in a few minutes, once I’ve been briefed by my staff, but we know Marwan’s in Los Angeles, and we will find him.


[Marwan sheds the CTU gear and escapes onto a city bus.]


[In the staff briefing, Edgar pulls up the McLennan-Forster employment file for Marwan.]

Edgar: Using the alias Harris Barnes, Marwan worked at McLennan Forster for the last two years as a Senior Engineer. His most recent project there was the design and the development of the override.

Driscoll: And before that?

Tony: Well, here’s a timeline we’ve pieced together; He went to graduate school in England, then worked for several years for a company outside of London. Now, it’s not clear whether he was radicalized there or before then, but the one thing we do know is that from the day he arrived in the US, everything he did was about today.

Driscoll: What were his other duties at McLennan Forster?

Sarah: We don’t know yet. We’re taking a first pass at his records now. I’m looking into the possibility that he may have used McLennan Forster as a base to recruit his sleeper cells.

Tony: And that brings up another issue. At the present time, we have over 80 percent of field personnel looking for Marwan. I’m just wondering if we shouldn’t divert a part of that manpower trying to route out some of his other cells.

[Driscoll is distracted and he doesn’t say anything.]

Tony: Erin?

Driscoll: I’m sorry, Tony. What was the question?

Tony: Do you think we should reduce the field load on Marwan? How about we take some of our people off Marwan, but still keep a floor of 60 percent looking for him? Would that work?

Driscoll: Yes. That would work.

Tony: OK.

[Driscoll walks out of the meeting.]

Tony: Edgar, I want you to relocate personnel.

Edgar: Based on what?

Tony: Keep the people who have come in the last six hours working on Marwan. I want our most alert people focused on him.

Sarah: Are we gonna ignore what just happened here?

Edgar: What do you mean?

Tony: She’s talking about Erin Driscoll.

Sarah: She can’t focus. She shouldn’t be running this place.

Edgar: Her daughter died a few minutes ago. Give her a little more time.

Sarah: More time? Edgar, since when do we have the luxury of time?

Edgar: She’s not stupid, Sarah. She knows what’s at stake here.

Tony: You’re right, Sarah. We don’t have the luxury of time. We have work to do, and our work does not include deciding Erin Driscoll’s fate.

Sarah: I think we have to tell Secretary Heller.

Tony: No, we don’t. Not yet. Now, let’s get back on it.


[Curtis and Audrey arrive at CTU. Audrey’s cell phone rings.]

Jack: Hey, it’s me. Where are you?

Audrey: Curtis and I just arrived at CTU.

Jack: Listen, I want you to get a security detail and go back to the hotel and just get some rest.

Audrey: Jack, I can’t leave, not now. My father still needs my help. Are you at McLennan Forster yet?

Jack: Almost.

Audrey: Jack, can you make me a promise?

Jack: What?

Audrey: Take care of Paul. He’s not like you. Please, Jack, promise me that you will look after him.

Jack: Yeah, I will.

Audrey: Thank you.

Jack: Yeah, OK. I’ll talk to you later.

Audrey: All right. Bye.

[They both hang up.]

Paul: Look, uh… I don’t resent you.

Jack: Well, I wouldn’t blame you if you did.

Paul: No, uh… you didn’t steal my wife. We were separated, that’s a fact. But I’m not… gonna let you take her from me.

Jack: I don’t think that’s really up to you. Or me.

Paul: No, maybe it isn’t. But she still has feelings for me. I can hear it in her voice, and I’m gonna fight to keep those feelings alive.

Jack: Paul, you’re gonna have to do what you gotta do.


[Tony, Heller and Driscoll discuss the current situation.]

Tony: None of our field agents at the Rockland building have been able to pick up a thread on Marwan. It’s starting to look like he might have escaped, so I think we have to assume that the first thing he’s gonna try to do is activate some of his sleeper cells.

Heller: I agree. They’ll most likely launch a strike right away; create fear that we’re still vulnerable.

Driscoll: You’ll have to excuse me, I’m not felling very well.

[Driscoll gets up to leave the room, but faints. Tony grabs her before she falls.]

Heller: Erin. Sit down.

Tony: Are you all right?

[Tony dials the clinic.]

Nurse: Clinic.

Tony: Get me medical up here right away. Erin Driscoll needs assistance.

Nurse: Yes, sir.

Driscoll: No, I’m… fine. I don’t need anybody. I just got a little light-headed for a second there.

[A medic arrives at the office.]

Medic: Ms. Driscoll.

Driscoll: No, I don’t need you here. It’s all right. I was dizzy, but I… I feel better.

Heller: We’ll take a break, get something to eat. Take Ms. Driscoll down and get her some food. I can handle the situation here while you rest. Come on.

Driscoll: All right. That’s probably a good idea.

[Driscoll leaves with the medic.]

Heller: She’s gonna need to be relieved of duty. Contact Division. Alert them to the situation and tell them to send someone.

Tony: I ran this office for two years. I could take over for Erin on a provisional basis.

Heller: Forget for the moment that you technically don’t even work here. You’ve been away quite a while. You’re not fluent with the new systems.

Tony: With all due respect, sir, you don’t need a programmer. What you need is a decision-maker who knows how to stack up protocols.

Heller: And you can do that?

Tony: Yes, sir, I can.

Heller: Fine. Affective immediately, you’re the Interim Director of CTU Los Angeles under my authority. I still wanna contact District; have them send someone on a more permanent basis.

Tony: I understand, sir.


Curtis: Sarah, do you have the abstract on McLennan Forster yet?

Sarah: One second. I’m finishing it now. All right. McLennan Forster was a principal contractor in the design of the override. And Marwan – under the alias of Harris Barnes – had full security access on that project.

Curtis: And you ran FBI checks on the others that were involved in the project?

Sarah: Yes. They came up clean.

Curtis: So would anyone of the terrorists had inside access to a defense contractor?

Sarah: Actually, more than that, Curtis. McLennan Forster, in addition to being a weapons manufacturer, trains their clients to use those weapons.

Curtis: International clients?

Sarah: Yes. Several countries in the Balkans, Asia and the Middle East. This is a massive situation. When Jack gets to McLennan Forster, he’s gonna have to get into those company records and find out exactly who Marwan dealt with.

Curtis: It’s not gonna be that easy. This reflects on the company. They’ll be reluctant to give up an incriminating information, even if Marwan were the only guilty party.


[McLennan Forster CEO Gene McLennan is briefed by another executive, John Reiss.]

Reiss: Mr. McLennan, we need to talk seriously before CTU gets here.

McLennan: What’s the problem?

Reiss: It was more than a coincidence that one of our products, the override, was stolen and used in today’s terrorist attack.

McLennan: What do you mean, “more than a coincidence”?

Reiss: The entire operation, everything from Secretary Heller’s kidnapping to the meltdown of San Gabriel Island was organized by one of our own employees.

McLennan: What are you talking about?

Reiss: One of our engineers, a man who we now know is a terrorist named Habib Marwan, was running his own covert organization from within our company.

McLennan: When did you find this out?

Reiss: A couple of minutes ago they called and said that one of our employees, Harris Barnes, was actually Habib Marwan.

McLennan: Who else knows about this?

Reiss: Just the two of us… and Conlon.


[The Head of Security, Dave Conlon, greets Jack and Paul as they arrive at McLennan Forster headquarters.]

Conlon: Gentlemen. I’m Dave Conlon, the Head of Internal Security.

Jack: Jack Bauer, CTU. This is Paul Raines.

Conlon: Jack, Paul. How can I help you?

Jack: I need to speak with your CEO, Gene McLennan.

Conlon: Well, Gene’s in a meeting with a couple of directors right now and he asked me to assist you. I have access to everything in the building.

Jack: I’m sorry, but maybe my office didn’t make itself clear. This is a matter of national security. I need to speak with Mr. McLennan now.

Conlon: I understand. Let me see what I can do.

[Conlon leaves. Jack becomes suspicious.]

Paul: What’s the matter?

Jack: Something’s not right.


McLennan: John, I’m not gonna keep this a secret. We have to let the government know. Right away.

Reiss: Sir, if you do this it will, with a hundred percent certainty, be the end of this company. Now, you built McLennan Forster from scratch. Everything you have is tied up in it. If this comes out, your name will be synonymous with what happened today – terrorism, treason…

McLennan: Well, what do you want me to do, John? Lie to the government?

Reiss: Look, if I knew 24 hours ago what I know now, I would have done whatever it took to stop today’s attack. But there’s nothing we can do now, except protect ourselves and keep this company from going under, which it will do if CTU finds out the truth about Marwan.

McLennan: John, CTU will soup in on the file. They will find out the truth.

Reiss: No, they won’t, Gene. I promise you. Conlon and I can deal with this, if you let us.

McLennan: I don’t like the sound of this.

Reiss: Mr. McLennan, we implicitly violated national security procedure. This could mean prison time. We’ve got to protect ourselves.


[Conlon takes Jack and Paul into McLennan’s office.]

Conlon: Did you get the latest casualty figures of the San Gabriel Island?

Jack: No, not yet.

Paul: Which version of the Datalink security system are you currently running?

Conlon: Excuse me?

Paul: One of my companies produces fieldwork for Datalink. They’re stored on your system. You’re 3.4 or 3.5?

Conlon: Uh… 3.5. Will that work for you?

Paul: Yeah. Thanks.

[Conlon, Jack and Paul enter McLennan’s office.]

Reiss: Dave, com on in. John Reiss, Chief Technology Officer.

Jack: That’s right, you helped us identify the override earlier. Jack Bauer.

Reiss: It’s good to meet you in person.

McLennan: And I’m Gene McLennan. I’m, uh… sorry I was delayed.

Jack: Thank you for your time, sir.

McLennan: So how can I help CTU?

Jack: One of your employees, a Harris Barnes, is actually Habib Marwan, one of the terrorists responsible for today’s attack and the theft of the override device. We need you to take your IT systems offline, so Paul can look into his directory.

McLennan: We can do that, can’t we, John?

Reiss: Absolutely. Follow me.

Jack: Thank you, sir.

McLennan: Certainly.


[Heller comforts Driscoll.]

Heller: Maybe you should go home.

Driscoll: I’m afraid to.

Heller: When my wife Susan died, I didn’t deal with it at all. Actually, I went to work the next day. I remember thinking to myself, “that’s life. Quit feeling sorry for yourself. Get over it, get on with it.” A few weeks later, I answered a call from an old friend of Susan’s who did not know she had died. And when I heard myself saying “Susan has passed away”, when I actually said those words, it hit me. All the pain I was trying to shut out just overwhelmed me. Erin, you can’t keep it inside. You cry, you blame God, you blame yourself, and then you cry some more. And all the while you let your friends help you. It’s pretty simple. Very painful. And I am so, so sorry for you.

[Audrey comes in the room.]

Audrey: Dad, I just wanted… Oh, um… I… I’m sorry, I… I just wanted to let you know that I was back.

[Audrey leaves.]

Driscoll: I will go home. You should go and make sure your daughter’s OK.

Heller: If you need me, I’ll be on the floor.

[Heller leaves and heads for the floor.]

Curtis: Excuse me, sir. Tony just told me you put him in charge of CTU.

Heller: That’s correct.

Curtis: That doesn’t make any sense. He just got reinstated and I’m second in command.

Heller: Tony had Erin’s job for two years. He has experience running the CTU, you don’t.

Curtis: With all due respect, Mr. Secretary…

Heller: Relax, Curtis. It’s provisional till District finds someone else.

Curtis: For the record, I don’t like it.

Heller: What did you hear from Bauer?

Tony: He just arrived at McLennan Forster a few minute ago. He’s gonna call into comm if he picks any threads there.


[Reiss leads Jack and Paul to Marwan’s office. Conlon and McLennan watch this from a surveillance monitor.]

Reiss: OK, that was Marwan’s workstation in the corner. His computer is tied into the engineering subnet.

Paul: What about the rest of the network? Did he get into it from his account?

Reiss: Yeah, I think there’s a way to do that. All right, you got two windows; one shows you his files in the system and the other will get you outside the subnet.

Paul: Thanks.

Reiss: Let me know if you need anything.

Jack: Thanks for your help.

McLennan: This guy looks like he knows his way around our system.

Conlon: Don’t worry, I’d be able to control things from here. He won’t find a thing.

Paul: Marwan purged a lot of files.

Jack: When?

Paul: Deletion dates aren’t coming up.

Jack: That means they could have been deleted today.

Paul: Marwan wasn’t here today. He was at Rockland with the override.

Jack: Maybe someone else deleted the files. There.

Paul: All right. Let me see what I can find.

[Reiss phones Conlon.]

Conlon: Yeah?

Reiss: I had to open up a socket for him.

Conlon: I can see it.

Reiss: You think he’ll be able to find anything?

Conlon: As long as I can see where he’s looking and stay ahead of him, I should be able to delete the incriminating files.

Reiss: All right. I’m coming up.

[Reiss hangs up.]

McLennan: What if you can’t stay ahead of him? What happens then?

Conlon: There are other options.

McLennan: What other options?

Conlon: We’ll set off an EMP.

McLennan: A pulse bomb? Are you out of your mind? It’ll destroy every piece of hardware we have in this building. It’ll cripple us electronically.

Conlon: That’s the point.


[Driscoll hands over her files and pass codes to Tony.]

Driscoll: This is the handover sequence for comm. I’d have the default password in place. You can reset it as soon as we’re done here.

Tony: All right.

Driscoll: Here are all the access codes to CTU and Division.

Tony: Thanks.

Driscoll: If any of my personal stuff gets in your way, you just have someone box them and put them into storage.

Tony: All right.

[Driscoll takes her daughter’s photo and puts it in her bag.]

Driscoll: If you need anything, ask Curtis. And if he can’t help you, you can always call me at home.

Tony: Thanks.

[Driscoll leaves CTU.]


[Tony addresses the CTU staff.]

Tony: Could I have everybody’s attention please? By now you all know that I’ve taken over Erin Driscoll’s command on a purely provisional basis. All protocols remain the same, but I want updates from all department heads every 15 minutes. Other than that, I’m just here to support you. So let’s get back to work.

[Tony approaches Edgar.]

Tony: Did you hear from Jack?

Edgar: He and Paul Raines are looking for Marwan’s files now.

Tony: Any promising leads?

Edgar: Nothing yet.

Tony: All right. Look, Edgar. Before Erin left, she told me the one person I should rely on is you.

Edgar: She said that?

Tony: Yes, she did. So if anything comes across your desk you think is important, I want you to bring it to me directly, all right?

Edgar: You got it.

Tony: All right. Thanks.

[Tony leaves and Curtis approaches Edgar.]

Curtis: Edgar. Have you scanned all the satellite imagery around the Rockland building?

Edgar: Yeah. Everything since the takedown of the override.

Curtis: All right. I want you to try a different search of channels on that satellite.

Edgar: Manually?

Curtis: Yeah. That’s the only way we can be sure to see it all.

Edgar: You’re gonna have to talk to Tony about that. I’m supposed to be backing up Jack and Paul at McLennan Forster.

Curtis: Put somebody else on that. This is more important.

Tony: What’s more important?

Curtis: We’ve got 75 percent of our people on McLennan Forster. I need Edgar to help me find a thread on Marwan.

Tony: No, we don’t have much of a chance to finding anything on Marwan by satellite. Our best chance of picking up a thread is through those files at McLennan Forster. Stay on that.

Curtis: We can’t afford one security grade analyst run over imagery?

Tony: Yeah, one, but not Edgar. Put somebody else on that.

Curtis: Tony. Are we trying to accomplish the same thing here, or is this about you establishing position?

Tony: I don’t have to establish position, I’ve already got it. Now, what do you say we stop wasting time arm-wrestling here? I respect your opinion, but we’re gonna disagree from time to time and when we do, we’re gonna do it my way.

Curtis: Fine. But I suggest you put more manpower into a data search for Marwan.

Tony: All right. Grab a couple of people from image-processing. Work the satellites with them. Curtis. Don’t worry. I’m gonna be out of here when this crisis is over, but in the meantime, I want the same thing you do. I wanna find Habib Marwan, all right?


[Marwan waits in a dark alley as a car pulls up. A man named Yosik gets out of the car.]

Yosik: Is everything all right? I heard you had a problem.

Marwan: CTU got to the override before the other nuclear plants melted down.

Yosik: Well, at least you’re safe.

Marwan: For now. But they know who I am. They’ll be tracking me with everything they’ve got.

Yosik: Does that affect our scheduling?

Marwan: It doesn’t. Stay on task. Make sure everything at the air force base is ready when I give the order.

Yosik: I checked in with everyone as of ten minutes ago. We’re gonna make this thing happen, Habib.

Marwan: Now, remember - when you’re done, get in touch with Praudo. He’ll get you out of the country.

Yosik: And you?

[Marwan doesn’t say anything. The men hug.]

Marwan: Go.

[Yosik gets inside the car and drives away.]


[Paul uses backdoors built by the software designers to rebuild the deleted files from the empty directories.]

Paul: Good.

Jack: What?

Paul: I can rebuild the files from these empty directories.

Conlon: Dammit.

Reiss: What’s he doing?

Conlon: He’s trying to rebuild the files I deleted.

Reiss: How can he do that?

Conlon: I don’t know. It’s not a documented function of the system. He must be using some hook-lift embedded designer.

McLennan: They’re gonna find evidence we sold arms to terrorists.

Conlon: Not necessarily. The pulse bomb – we have to use it. Now.

[Conlon dials the phone.]

Technician: Research.

Conlon: Set it off.

Technician: Sir, we weren’t scheduled for a test today.

Conlon: This isn’t a test. Open up the safety chamber and set it off now.

Technician: Yes, sir.

McLennan: If we set off this EMP, CTU will know we’re trying to hide something.

Reiss: Not necessarily. Marwan’s their suspect. They’ll assume he was behind it.

McLennan: What about the damage it’ll do to the rest of the infrastructure?

Conlon: A lot better than destroying the entire company. It’ll take some time, but we can rebuild.

[The technician activates the EMP. He calls to notify Reiss.]

Reiss: Yeah?

Technician: The EMP has been activated, sir. The shield doors are open.

Reiss: OK, good. It’s been activated. It’ll take ten minutes to charge up before it’s released.


[Sarah notices that their phone taps at McLennan-Forster are not working.]

Sarah: Edgar.

Edgar: What?

Sarah: The phone taps that you asked me to put in place at McLennan Forster aren’t holding.

Edgar: What do you mean, “Not holding”?

Sarah: The connection keeps drifting. I have to reset the patterns. Is there a problem on our end?

Edgar: Check their power supply. It could be their PBX.

Sarah: Oh, my God. Look at this thing. The amplitude’s flocculating like crazy.

Edgar: I thought you checked that before you set the taps.

Sarah: I did. It was fine then.

Edgar: Let me call Jack.

[Edgar tries to call Jack.]

Message on phone: The cellular costumer is out of range.

Edgar: That’s weird. “Costumer out of range”?

[Edgar calls McLennan Forster.]

Woman: McLennan Forster.

Edgar: Yes, I need to speak with Jack Bauer. He’s a CTU agent working in Harris Barnes’ office.

Woman: I’ll transfer you. Hold on one moment.

Edgar: Hello? Hello?

Tony: What’s going on?

[Edgar hangs up.]

Edgar: It’s strange. All cell and land lines around McLennan Forster are out.

Tony: Can we use their network to message him?

Edgar: Yes. So far, the computers haven’t been affected.

Tony: All right. Open up a window for me, would you?

[Tony types a message to Jack over the system. Jack and Paul see the message.]

{Tony’s message: Jack, are you there? Tony.}

Paul: What the hell is this?

Jack: I don’t know.

[Jack tries to call CTU but finds that his phones are all down.]

Jack: Something’s wrong. I gotta respond. Can you pipe that window over to this computer?

Paul: Yeah, just give me an internet address.

Jack: 6EFF3239.

[Paul opens a socket for Jack to respond to the message.]

{Jack’s message: I’m here. Radio frequency is out.}

{Tony’s message: Outside your building too.}

Paul: I’ve almost got those files rebuilt.

{Jack’s message: Fixed radius?}

Tony: Sarah, do we have any data points outside that building?

Sarah: I’m online with the phone company now. They’re getting complaints as far as eight blocks from the McLennan Forster building.

{Tony’s message: No. It’s growing.}

Jack: Have you still got a connection?

Paul: Yeah, I got it. Look at this.

Jack: Son of a bitch, it’s encrypted. That’s it, print it out, now. Now!

Conlon: Dammit. They’ve got something.

Reiss: What?

Conlon: I can’t read it. How much longer till this thing goes off?

Reiss: Any second now. We should be fine.

Conlon: We’re not fine, he’s printing it.

McLennan: What are you going to do now?

Conlon: Take care of it.

[Conlon runs out.]

Jack: I don’t believe this. We’re dealing with an EMP. McLennan Forster were leading in the way of developing a non-lethal weapon for the military.

Paul: What is it?

Jack: An electro-magnetic pulse bomb. Once it goes off, everything within its radius that has electrical components gets fried. Lights, cars, computers – every piece of electronic data just disappears, vanishes forever.

Paul: How long have we got?

Jack: I don’t know. Its compositors are still charging. Come on.

Paul: The printer’s worming up.

[Jack writes another message to Tony.]

{Jack’s message: It’s an EMP. We found something and they must be on to us.}

{Tony’s message: We know. Trying to identify source.}

Tony: Sarah, do we have any choppers in that area?

Sarah: Yeah, one.

Tony: If that chopper’s in the area when the EMP goes off, it’s gonna knock out its whole electrical system and that chopper’s going down. Get them out of the area, now. Edgar, where’s this coming from?

Edgar: McLennan Forster. I’m trying to get a position now.

Sarah: CTU-3, do you hear me? CTU-3, do you copy?

Paul: All right, this is coming through.

[Jack gets another message from Tony.]

{Tony’s message: EMP is on first floor. Room 12.}

Jack: OK, they found it. I’m gonna try and stop it. If I don’t, I want you to take the hard copy, try to meet me in the front of the building.

[Jack runs out to find it. Reiss sees this from the surveillance feed.]

Reiss: Dave, Bauer ran out. He must have found out about the EMP.

Conlon (over radio): The CTU agent’s heading out toward you. Don’t let him anywhere near it.

[Conlon arrives in the office.]

Paul: Mr. Conlon. Is everything all right?

Conlon: As you can see, we’re having some problems with the electricity.

Paul: Jack just went to check it out.

Conlon: I saw you were printing something.

Paul: How’d you know that?

Conlon: Well, we were searching the systems the same time you were trying to help you guys out. Mind if I take a look?

Paul: Sure. It’s uh… just in the printer.

[The printer is empty. Paul runs with the printouts. Conlon pulls out his gun and chases after him. Paul hides in a dark office, and Conlon doesn’t see him.]

Man (over radio): Conlon, this is Barnett. Do you copy?

Conlon (over radio): Yeah.

Man (over radio): I’m moving in three.

Conlon (over radio): All right.

[Jack comes upon the room where the EMP is and knocks out the three guards keeping watch. Jack takes one of their pass cards and enters the EMP room.]

[He sees a heavy metal door begin to slowly close the safety chamber housing the EMP bomb.]

Jack: Oh, my God. It’s not gonna stop.

[Jack uses all his strength to try to prevent it from shutting. Paul hides out by a window, where only the moonlight from outside illuminates him. He notices the lights from the city skyline begin to black out. Jack grabs a flashlight from one of the guards and tries to find his way out of the building. Meanwhile, Paul makes it to the front entrance but is stopped by an armed Conlon.]

Conlon: You have nowhere to go now. The doors are locked. Where’s the printout? Where is it? Come on.


[Edgar gets word that one of CTU’s choppers just crashed.]

Edgar: One of our choppers are down.

Tony: Send medical in now. Call all field teams outside the perimeter of the blast. We have to find Jack and Paul.

[Tony goes to Heller with an update on the EMP bomb.]

Heller (over the phone): I’ll get back to you. OK. All right.

[Heller hangs up.]

Tony: Sir, we have a problem. Someone set of an EMP blast in the McLennan Forster building. We believe Jack and Paul are still inside.

Heller: I assume that’s a response to our presence there. Someone does not want us to get a hold of Marwan’s files.

Tony: Jack was able to pull some information before the blast, but we don’t know whether it was Marwan or somebody else who set it off.

Sarah (over intercom): Excuse me, sir. Ms. Driscoll’s replacement arrived. She just passed through security.

Heller: Thank you.

Tony: That was fast.

Heller: We got lucky. Division had someone available with the appropriate qualifications and CTU experience.

Tony: I understand.

Heller: Tony, I wanna thank you for filling in, and I’d like you to stick around and assist Ms. Dessler.

Tony: I’m sorry. Who?

Heller: Michelle Dessler. Do you know her?

[Tony turns around. He is shocked to see Michelle walk into CTU.]

Tony: I used to be married to her.


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