Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Episode 4X16: 10:00 P.M. - 11:00 P.M.
Original Air Date: 04/04/2005

TM & © 2005 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

Transcript by Nina Meyers - Posted on TWIZ TV.COM

Previously on 24:

Jack: Whatever you’ve planned next is going to fail, just like everything else you’ve tried today.

Marwan: Almost 40 dead in the train crash, many more near the San Gabriel island nuclear plant.

Jack: We managed to stop the other 103 power plants from melting down. That’s what America will remember, that we stopped you.

Marwan: No. This country will forever be afraid to let their leaders again public.

Jack: For all the hatred that you have for this country, you don’t understand it very well.


Rafique: Marwan. The police report file has been distributed. In the next few minutes CTU will be alerted that the military pilot and his family are missing. What do you think we should do?

Marwan: We have to make sure CTU is too busy to realize its significance. Jack Bauer is alive and in my custody. I will return him to you unharmed in exchange for Behrooz Araz.


Michelle: This is Bill Buchanan from Division. He’ll be overseeing the operation.

Buchanan: Let’s talk about what happens if we don’t agree to the exchange.

Chloe: We don’t get Jack Bauer back, for one thing.

Buchanan: That can’t be the decidal factor here.

Michelle: Well, most importantly, if we don’t go through with this exchange we may lose an opportunity to trap Marwan.


Behrooz: Is my mother in the van? She was working with you. Where is she?

Jack: I don’t know.

Behrooz: I don’t wanna die.

Jack: Why’d you give that kid?

Curtis: It’s OK, he’s being double tagged, we’ll be tracking him.

Jack: I managed to short circuit some phone lines in the building that I was being held. If you can find two service obstructions at the same coordinates, we can get to Marwan.

Tony: We have a location where Marwan was holding Jack.


Marwan: Yes?

Anderson: There’s a problem. Just as I was about to do a pre-fly check they grounded the plane.

Marwan: Resolve this now.


Anderson: Did you make your report to the Chief Mechanical Officer?

Mechanic: I was just about to head over there right now.

Anderson: Don’t let me hold you up.


Anderson: It’s just a false alarm.

Officer: All right. I’ll clear it for takeoff.


The following takes place between 10:00 P.M. and 11:00 P.M.

[Tony and Michelle brief President Keeler, who has been circling in Air Force One for twenty hours.]

Tony: We placed multiple trackers on Behrooz Araz, but those are no longer transmitting, which means that Marwan’s men found and destroyed them.

Keeler: Are you close to finding Marwan?

Tony: We may be, sir. Jack Bauer managed to tag the location where he was being held. We’re preparing to mount a raid on that location as we speak.

Keeler: I want Marwan found, now. I’ve asked Secret Service to secure a landing site so I can be on the ground to address the nation before the 11:00 O’clock news.

Tony: Sir, we believe that you’re safer in the air right now.

Keeler: I have been flying for twenty hours. The American people need to hear from me now, not tomorrow.

Michelle: Then may I suggest you do it from Air Force One? It may not be optimal, but at least you’ll get your message across.

Keeler: I appreciate your concerns, but I’m going to give my speech when I get to Los Angeles. I’ll inform the press core, give them enough time to notify their oblates.

Michelle: Yes, Mr. President.

Keeler: Just make sure I’m briefed on Bauer’s progress before I go on the air.

Michelle: Of course.

[The president hut the video feed off.]

Michelle: What’s Jack’s status?

Tony: His team just arrived at Marwan’s location. They should be in place in a few minutes.


[Jack calls CTU to report that he’s at Marwan’s hideout.]

Chloe: CTU, Com.

Jack: This is Bauer. Strike teams are moving into final position. We’re about five minutes out. How are you on your end?

Chloe: We’re coordinating backup teams, and the building plans are online.

Jack: Chloe?

Chloe: Yeah, it’s me. Michelle brought me back in.

Jack: Good. Are the satellites in position?

Chloe: Yes. We’ve been monitoring the area for the past five minutes, but there’s been no activity.

Jack: How’s Paul Raines doing? Is he still in surgery?

Chloe: No, he just got out.

Jack: Chloe, I’m glad to have you back. We’re gonna need your help. Look, is Audrey there?

Chloe: I think so.

Jack: Let me speak to her.

Chloe: Hold on.

[Chloe calls Audrey on her cell phone.]

Audrey: Hello?

Chloe: Audrey, I have Jack on the line. Are you there?

Audrey: Yeah, I’m here.

Chloe: Hold for Jack.

Audrey: OK.

[Chloe puts Jack through to Audrey.]

Jack: Audrey?

Audrey: Jack. Are you OK?

Jack: Yeah, I’m fine. How’s Paul doing?

Audrey: They just finished operating. They said he’s gonna make it. I’m waiting to talk to the doctors.

Jack: Good, I’m glad. Look, Audrey. I know we have to talk about how I handled everything with Paul.

Audrey: Yeah, we do. It’s just… it’s really hard right now.

Jack: Yeah, I… I understand.

Audrey: Are you still out in the field?

Jack: Yeah, we’re getting ready to move on Marwan.

Audrey: Be careful.

Jack: Yeah, I’ll call you as soon as it’s done.

Audrey: Yeah. Right.

[Jack hangs up.]


[Michelle and Chloe brief Buchanan.]

Buchanan: I just got off the phone with DOD. They wanna know what our status is.

Michelle: Jack’s team has been deployed to Marwan’s location. He should begin the assault any minute.

Buchanan: Did you get a read on how many hostile are inside?

Chloe: Based on the infrared scan, we count eight.

Buchanan: Did we pick up voice transmission that could indicate that one of them is Marwan?

Chloe: No, but we know he was there 25 minutes ago, when Jack left the building.


[Marwan speaks to Nicole, the woman who lured the Air Force pilot into bed to get his passcards.]

Marwan: If the information on that hard drive is discovered by the Americans, it’ll jeopardize the next phase of our plan.

Nicole: Well, it’s not here.

Marwan: No, you haven’t looked hard enough.

Nicole: I’ve been searching for almost an hour.

Marwan: Aziz told one of his men he hid a backup copy of those files in his apartment.

Nicole: Well, why didn’t Aziz tell you where he hid it?

Marwan: Because he was killed before he could tell me.

Nicole: Look, Anderson shared this apartment with Aziz, maybe Anderson knows where the hard drive is.

Marwan: Keep looking. I’ll try to contact him.

[Anderson, meanwhile, has taken the stealth bomber into the air.]

Anderson: Robert-three-niner in the air, heading 5-5-2.

Tower: Roger, Robert-three-niner, you are clear for a 3-5 thousand feet.

Anderson: Robert-three-niner, I’m setting it to 3-5 thousand feet.

Tower: Copy that.

[Anderson’s phone rings.]

Anderson: I’m in the air. I’ll reach the target in 45 minutes.

Marwan: We have a problem.

Anderson: What kind of problem?

Marwan: Aziz. He hid a backup copy of his files in your apartment on hard drive. We haven’t been able to find it.

Anderson: Ask Aziz.

Marwan: Aziz is dead.

Anderson: I don’t know about a hard drive.

Marwan: You have no idea where he might have kept it?

Anderson: If I knew where it was, I’d tell you.

[Marwan notices sparks on the phone wiring that Jack configured.]

Anderson: Let’s not get myself killed.

Marwan: I’ll get back to you.

[Marwan hangs up. He becomes suspicious, and secretly arms a detonator remote. Outside, Jack and his team get ready for the raid.]

Jack: OK. In order to flush Marwan out I want you to lead your men down the main corridor. He’ll try and escape through the left flank. That’s where I’ll find him.

Castle: Tac teams are ready to go in on your word.

Jack: Have they set the charges on the door?

Castle: Yes.

Jack: Gentlemen, we are a go.

Castle: We’ve got a green light. Teams A and B, move into position. All teams, move in on the target.

Radio: All teams, all teams, it’s a go.

Jack: Prepare to ignite charges on my mark. Three, two, one. Blow the door.

[Jack and his SWAT team blow open the door of the hideout and raid the premises.]

Rafique: Go, go, move, move, move! Delete the files! Delete everything!

[Marwan runs up a set of stairs as Jack sets out to find him. The agents take out a number of cell members.]

Jack: Hold your fire!

Castle: Clear!

Jack: Marwan’s not here. Notify the perimeter.

Castle: Team 1 and team 2, come in. Marwan is not in the building. Maintain your perimeter.

[Jack approaches a computer that is self-deleting.]

Jack: Come on! I can’t stop this thing from deleting.

[From the outside, Marwan get ready to set the bomb off with a remote control.]

Jack: This doesn’t make sense.

[Jack sees a red light flash.]

Jack: This room’s hot, get your men out of here. Get your men out of here!

[As they run, a small bomb goes off and all the computers in the compound explode. CTU hears the explosion.]

Michelle: Jack, what’s happening? What’s going on over there?

Jack: Are you OK?

Castle: Yeah, I think so.

Jack: Check your men.

Michelle: Jack, if you can hear me, respond.

Jack: Michelle, Marwan’s escaped. He just blew off the hard drive to all his computers. He’s trying to cover his tracks. I’m going off com. If you want be I’m gonna be on my cell.

Michelle: Chloe, get data forensics in there now, and start a high-target search for Marwan.

[Jack sees that one of Marwan’s key aides is still alive.]

Jack: Get me a medic! Medic!

Rafique: You can’t stop it.

Jack: Stop what?

Rafique: Within the hour.

Jack: What’s gonna happen within the hour? What’s gonna happen within the hour?

[Rafique dies.]


[The surgeon comes to let Audrey know about Paul’s situation.]

Doctor: Mrs. Raines.

Audrey: Yes?

Doctor: Your husband’s in recovery.

Audrey: How is he?

Doctor: He’s stable, but one of the bullets did some damage to his spine. Right now he’s paralyzed from the waist down.

Audrey: Is it permanent?

Doctor: It’s too early to tell. It’ll take weeks, maybe months before we fully understand the extensive damage to his spine.

Audrey: So it’s possible he could regain the use of his legs?

Doctor: It’s possible, yes.

Audrey: But not likely.

Doctor: Again, it’s too early to tell. We can go over the details later, but I’d be lying to you if I told you I was optimistic. A lot depends on his attitude, his support system - emotional as well as medical.

Audrey: Does he know?

Doctor: Yes. I just told him. I’m sure he’d like to see you.

Audrey: Thank you.

[Audrey goes in to see Paul.]

Audrey: Excuse me. Can you give us a minute, please?

Nurse: Mm-hm.

Audrey: Thank you.

[The nurse leaves.]

Paul: Oh, no. Don’t you even think of feeling sorry for me. Whatever they say, I’m gonna walk again.

Audrey: I know you will.

Paul: So where is Jack?

Audrey: He’s still out in the field. He called a little while ago, wanted to know how you were doing. He knows that bullet was meant for him.

Paul: I was just trying to push him out of the way. I didn’t expect to get shot myself.

Audrey: What you did was very… very brave, Paul.

[Audrey takes Paul’s hand and kisses him on the hand.]


[Buchanan admonishes Michelle for letting Marwan escape, but Tony defends CTU’s actions.]

Tony: LAPD’s widening the search perimeter, but so far they’re coming up empty.

Michelle: Jack said something might happen within the hour. If we don’t find Marwan…

Tony: We’re gonna find him.

Buchanan: Did you secure Marwan yet?

Michelle: No. He must have slipped through the perimeter.

Buchanan: How the hell could you let that happen?

Tony: It doesn’t matter how it happened. What matters is that he’s gone and we’re doing everything we can to find him.

Buchanan: What exactly are you doing?

Michelle: We’ve widen the perimeter, set up a search grid. State Police and LAPD are conducting a sweep.

Edgar: Jack’s on line 2. He says he’s got something.

Buchanan: Put him on speaker.

Michelle: Jack, it’s Michelle. You’re also on with Tony and Bill Buchanan from Division.

Jack: OK, look. Marwan had an area set up for forging documents. Some of them made it through the explosion. We managed to secure a number of names and faces. Agent Castle’s uploading them to your server now. I want you to cross reference them with the watch list.

Buchanan: We’ll get on it right away.

Jack: Get back to me if you got a match.

[Jack hangs up.]

Michelle: Edgar.

Edgar: I’m initializing the facial recognition software now.

Michelle: Good.

Buchanan: Michelle. Listen, um… I’m sorry if I snapped.

Michelle: It’s OK. We’re all under a lot of pressure.

Buchanan: You’re holding up?

Michelle: I’m fine.

[Buchanan gently touches Michelle’s shoulder. Tony notices this.]

Michelle: Edgar, how’s that uplink?

Edgar: Coming up.

Tony: Chloe, how long has Buchanan been in Division?

Chloe: I don’t know. It took him a while to fill Chappelle’s position. Six months.

Tony: Where was he before then?

Chloe: Seattle, I think.

Tony: Seattle?

Chloe: Yeah, that’s where Michelle was posted while you were in jail, right?

Tony: Yeah. Thanks.

[Tony formulates his own conclusion.]

Edgar: Got a match.

[Michelle calls Jack.]

Jack: This is Bauer.

Michelle: Jack, we have a match on one of those photos. He’s on the FBI watch list. His name is Mitch Anderson.

Jack: What have we got on him?

Michelle: Ex-military, arrested for drug possession, served time in military prison, was dishonorably discharged four years ago. Since then he’s been hired as a mercenary in a number of conduits around the world. Came back to the US about a year ago.

Jack: Is he on our active investigation?

Michelle: He was moved up the list when we raised the alert but he wasn’t made a priority. The Bureau sent an agent over to check out his apartment.

Jack: Has the agent checked back in yet?

Michelle: They still may be in transit.

Jack: OK, I want you to get me an address on Anderson. Start digging up as much information as you can, and get me a contact number for the FBI agent.

Michelle: I’m on it.

[Jack hangs up.]


[FBI Agent Drake arrives at Anderson’s apartment. She knocks on the door. Nicole is still inside the apartment.]

Agent Drake: FBI. I’m looking for Mitch Anderson. This is FBI agent Drake, please open the door.

[Agent Drake opens the door herself and enters the apartment. Nicole shoots her from upstairs. Drake’s cell phone rings and Nicole answers it.]

Nicole: Agent Drake.

Jack: Hi, my name is Jack Bauer. I’m working with CTU. I’m looking for a man named Mitch Anderson. Your office said you were investigating him.

Nicole: I just got to his apartment a few minute ago.

Jack: What do you mean? He’s not there?

Nicole: No. Why is CTU involved? Is there any new information about Anderson?

Jack: We have evidence connecting him to a man named Habib Marwan. Marwan’s been responsible for all the terrorist activities earlier today. We also have reason to believe he’s planning another attack.

Nicole: Well, how is Anderson involved?

Jack: I’ll advise you when I get there.

Nicole: How far away are you?

Jack: I’m about ten minutes out.

Nicole: I’ll be here.

Jack: Thank you.


[Marwan hides in an alley and gets in a car that has come to pick him up. He calls an accomplice of his.]

Man: Yes?

Marwan: We had a slight delay. I’m heading over there now.

Man: What about Anderson?

Marwan: He’s in the air, on his way to the target. Everything’s on schedule. Are your people in place?

Man: Yes. We’re ready to deploy.

Marwan: Good. I’ll see you when we arrive.

[Marwan hangs up.]


[Aboard Air Force One, the President goes through the speech he’s gonna give to the nation.]

Keeler: I’m sorry, but this just isn’t cutting it. The tone is all wrong.

Robert: Sir, maybe I could give the speech writers a clear idea of what you want.

Keeler: This is one of the most traumatic days in the history of this country. What I want is a speech that is equal to the occasion. Give me a few minutes, will you, Robert? Let me think about this a little while longer.

Robert: Of course, Mr. President.

Keeler: And Robert, ask my son to step in, will you?

Robert: Yes, sir.

[Robert leaves the room. The President’s son, Kevin, enters.]

Kevin: Dad.

Keeler: Well, a quick trip to Mexico, a low-key state visit, and then we’d finally have some time to spend together.

Kevin: It’s OK. The press core’s been keeping me entertained.

Keeler: You know, ever since your mother died I promised myself I’d be there for you.

Kevin: You’re doing what you had to do.

Keeler: I could use your help right about now. I’m gonna be addressing the nation in about one hour. I still don’t have a speech that I’m happy with.

Kevin: I’m no speech writer

Keeler: No, I know. But you’ve got a level head and you’re about the most decent person I know. As far as I’m concerned, you represent the very best this country has to offer. So… what do you wanna hear the president say when he addresses you tonight?

Kevin: The truth.

Keeler: We’ve been attacked by terrorists. Americans are dead. The man responsible is still at large, and we are by no means certain that we can catch him before he strikes again. What happened earlier may be nothing compared to what happens next. That’s the truth, Kevin. Is that what you think I should say?

Kevin: I don’t know.

Keeler: Neither do I. But the fact remains – I have to say something.

Kevin: You want me to help you figure it out?

Keeler: Absolutely.


[Jack arrives at Anderson’s apartment with another CTU agent. Jack and the agent enter the apartment carefully.]

Jack: Agent Drake?

[Jack and the agent pull out their guns.]

Jack: Agent Drake?

[Nicole appears with her gun drawn at Jack.]

Jack: Drop the weapon! Drop the weapon now!

Nicole: Are you agent Bauer?

Jack: Yes. Now, holster your weapon!

Nicole: I need to see your ID.

Jack: I don’t have identification. I’m working with CTU on a provisional basis. I talked to you ten minutes ago. You can call Division and confirm.

Hart: Agent Drake, just take it easy. He’s with me. Agent Hart, CTU. Now, I’m gonna holster my gun and I’m gonna show you my credentials.

[The agent shows Nicole his ID. Nicole puts down the gun.]

Nicole: I’m sorry. But with everything that happened today, you can’t be too careful.

Jack: I understand.

Nicole: Agent Bauer, we just intercepted a call indicating that Anderson was in possession of computer files that could tell us Marwan’s next target.

Jack: What the source on the intercepted call?

Nicole: I’m still waiting for the details.

[Jack looks around the apartment and sees the mess Nicole made trying to find the hard drive.]

Jack: Did you find the apartment in this condition?

Nicole: No. My A sac thinks that Anderson may have hidden a backup copy of the files here. I was trying to find it.

Jack: Right now Anderson’s our only lead. We’re gonna stay here and help you finish the job. Do the cabins, I’ll take upstairs.

[Jack goes upstairs.]


[Anderson calls Marwan to confirm that his cover has been taken care of.]

Marwan: Where are you?

Anderson: I’m almost in position.

Marwan: What’s the problem?

Anderson: Is my cover in place?

Marwan: I’ve told you before; yes, you’ll be 100 percent safe.

Anderson: Marwan, they have to believe I’m dead.

Marwan: They will. My people have taken care of this.

Anderson: They’d better. Because once this is done, the entire world is gonna be looking for me.


Chloe (over the phone): I understand. Yeah, I’ll tell him. Thanks, Ruben.

[Chloe approaches Edgar.]

Chloe: Edgar.

Edgar: Yeah?

Chloe: I have some bad news. Do you want me to tell you here or somewhere private?

Edgar: What?

Chloe: I just got off the phone with Ruben Weiss from OSHA, and he said they’re not gonna be able to get in the area where your mother died for a few weeks, maybe months.

Edgar: Why not?

Chloe: Think about it. Half-life, radiation.

Edgar: What does that mean?

Chloe: Well, he didn’t spell it out, but I think that means you’re gonna have to have a funeral without the body. Of your mother.

Edgar: I can’t deal with this right now, Chloe. Michelle needs prioritized list for Marwan’s pursuit plan.

Chloe: Oh. OK, good. Do you want me to do that for you?

Edgar: No.

[Edgar tries to hide his feelings.]


Michelle: LAPD has locked down the area where Marwan was last seen. I need you to review the search grid.

Tony: All right.

Michelle: OK. Thanks.

Tony: Michelle. When were you planning on telling me?

Michelle: About what?

Tony: About you and Buchanan.

Michelle: Never, because it’s none of your business.

Tony: Michelle. Before you worked with him at Division, you worked with him in Seattle in Homeland Security restructuring, right?

Michelle: Yeah.

Tony: We were still married then.

Michelle: Legally, yes.

Tony: Did you sleep with him while we were married?

Michelle: No, I didn’t.

Tony: But you are now.

Michelle: Like I said, it’s none of your business.

[Michelle goes over to Edgar.]

Michelle: Edgar, where are those updates?

Edgar: Coming right up.

[Chloe notices that Edgar has made a mistake.]

Chloe: Edgar, what are you doing?

[Edgar pulls a CD out and goes over to hand it to Michelle. Chloe intercedes before Edgar can say anything.]

Edgar: Ms. Dessler.

Chloe: Edgar, wait.

Edgar: What?

Chloe: Wait. Before you turn that in, I made a mistake. I used Rom-major format instead of Com-major.

Michelle: Why would you do that, Chloe? You know Rom-major isn’t compatible with our software. It’ll bring all our processors to a crawl.

Chloe: I know. It was a mistake. I thought it was going to Division.

Michelle: Well, fix it.

[Chloe goes over to her workstation.]

Edgar: Chloe. That was my mistake. Why did you cover for me?

Chloe: You’re welcome.

Edgar: You’d have had your job back if you let me hand her the disk.

Chloe: I thought you had a lot on your mind.


[Hart comes inside the apartment and goes upstairs, where Jack is. Nicole is downstairs, still searching for the hard drive.]

Hart: Agent Bauer.

Jack: Yeah?

[Knowing that Anderson has been a civilian for four years, Jack is suspicious when he finds a recent military medal in the closet.]

Hart: I checked with the neighbors. Nobody’s seen Mitch Anderson today.

Jack: Did you talk to the manager?

Hart: Yeah. Anderson kept him settled. Paid his run on time, the ideal tenant.

Jack: OK, thanks. Agent Drake.

Nicole: Yes?

Jack: Anderson was Ex-military, dishonorably discharged. This badge is from Vanguard Mills, they manufacture medals for the armed forces. There’s a date stamp on it. Three months old. Anderson left the military four years ago.

Nicole: You think he’s currently posing as military?

Jack: It’s a distinct possibility. I want you to let your people know. We’ll do the same. Have this scanned. (Jack hands Hart the medal.) Send it over to Chloe at CTU.

Hart: You got it.

[Nicole pretends to call this in.]

Nicole: This is Special Agent Drake. Can you put me through to Dalson, please? Thank you.

[Jack calls CTU.]

Tony: CTU, Almeida.

Jack: Tony, it’s Jack. We just found some evidence that indicates that Anderson may be posing as military. I want you to update the profile, see if anything comes back.

Tony: All right, I’m on it.

Jack: OK, thanks.

Nicole: Yeah, this is Drake. Listen, I just found credible evidence suggesting that Anderson is disguised as military. That’s right. Yes. Fine. Yes. No, that’s not a problem. Good. All right. Thanks. I’ll let you know if we find anything else.

[Nicole “hangs up”.]

Hart: Hey, I found something. It’s the external hard drive. This is exactly what we’re looking for.

Nicole: It’s good work.

[Nicole kills the agent and takes the hard drive. She pulls out her gun. From upstairs, Jack sees Hart’s body. He pulls his gun out.]

Jack: Drop the weapon!

[Nicole fires at Jack and he fires back, killing her. Jack goes down the stairs. He takes out the hard drive.]

Jack: Son of a bitch. Come on.

[With a laptop, Jack finds that everything on the hard drive is locked. He calls Edgar for help accessing it.]

Edgar: Edgar Stiles.

Jack: Edgar, it’s Jack. Where’s Chloe?

Edgar: She’s busy doing a system’s update.

Jack: OK. I need you to tell Michelle and Tony that the FBI agent that I met at Anderson’s apartment was an imposter working for Marwan. I killed her, but not before she took out my backup. CTU is to send out a team, lock down the apartment and initiate an investigation.

Edgar: Do you wanna tell them yourself?

Jack: No, you can tell them in a second. Right now I need you to help me pull some data off a hard drive. The directory’s locked. Hold on one second, I’m gonna put you on speaker phone. I’m set. Go ahead.

Edgar: Can you get into the root?

Jack: Yeah, but I can’t open the files.

Edgar: OK, hold down tab arrow until the manufacturer’s code appears.

Jack: OK, I got it.

Edgar: What are the last three digits on the part code?

Jack: R-2-5.

Edgar: Escape out and enter pass code CT-IS-8-3-R. That should backdoor you into the files.

[Jack unlocks the schematics for a stealth bomber and a flight simulator.]

Jack: Oh, my God.

Edgar: Jack, did it work?

Jack: Yeah, I’m in. I need to speak to Michelle and Tony now.

Edgar: Hold on, I’ll get them. Jack’s on the line.

Michelle: Jack, what is it?

Jack: I pulled some data off a hard drive that we found hidden in Anderson’s apartment. On it is a flight simulator and full schematics to an F-117A stealth fighter.

Michelle: Anderson’s an experienced pilot.

Jack: I know. I also think he’s posing as military. I believe Mitch Anderson’s trying to steal a stealth fighter.


[Jack drives back to CTU. He calls Tony.]

Tony: Almeida.

Jack: Tony, I’m on my way in. Have you gotten anything from the air force?

Tony: Hang on, it’s coming through. Central Air Command reports that an F-117A stealth fighter took off on a scheduled mission about 40 minutes ago. The pilot did not call in on schedule. That was about six minutes ago. All attempts to contact that pilot have failed.

Jack: OK, that’s it. We have to assume Anderson’s flying that plane.

Tony: Yeah, I agree.

Jack: Is the aircraft armed?

Tony: Yeah, a standard 9 nuclear ordinates.

Jack: We’re gonna have to work up a list of obvious possible targets.

Tony: Yeah. Right, I’m working that up right now.

Michelle: Wait. Air Force One is headed to LA.

Tony: Jack, did you hear that?

Jack: Yeah. What’s the ETA?

Tony: 11:00 P.M.

Jack: Oh, my God. They’re going after the President.

Michelle: I’ll call Air Force One.

Jack: Tony, we don’t have a lot of time. I need you to get me the recall frequency for that plane’s quadrant. And send Anderson’s bio over to my screen.

Tony: Yeah, I’m on it.

Jack: Where’s Buchanan?

Tony: He’s in tactical, talking directly to the military.

Jack: Tell him he’s gonna have to tell the joint chiefs of staff that we believe the likely target is President Keeler aboard Air Force One.


Keeler: You really have been helpful, Kevin. I think this speech strikes just the right note.

[Robert enters the room with a phone.]

Robert: Mr. President, I’m sorry to interrupt. It’s Michelle Dessler at CTU. She says it’s urgent.

[Keeler takes the call.]

Keeler: Yes? What is it, Ms. Dessler?

Michelle: Mr. President, we have reason to believe that a stealth fighter has been stolen by a terrorist, and is in your airspace as we speak.

Keeler: This plane is due to land shortly, and I’m about to address the country. Just how sure are we about this?

Michelle: It’s a near-certainty, Mr. President. We’ve informed your pilot. He’s preparing to combine evasive action with immediate descent. You’re clear to land in Palm Springs.

Keeler: I’m sure my escort fighters are perfectly capable of protecting Air Force One.

Michelle: Mr. President, this is a stealth aircraft, invisible to radar. If he finds you, he may be on you before your fighter escort can react.

Keeler: What are the chances he’ll find us?

Michelle: We can’t be sure, Mr. President. But the radar signature for 747 and fore fighter planes is unmistakable.

Keeler: You’re telling me that this stolen stealth plane will attempt to shoot me down?

Michelle: It looks that way, Mr. President.

Keeler: I see.

[Keeler hangs up.]

Kevin: Dad?

Keeler: It’s gonna be OK. It seems our plane may come under attack. We’re gonna take some precautions. Get me the Vice President on the phone.

Robert: Yes, sir.


[Tony sends Jack a photo and bio of Anderson and calls Jack.]

Tony: All right, Jack. It should be coming through right now.

Jack: Yeah, I got it.

Tony: There’s not much to go on. Parents deceased, has a sister named Alicia. It looks like they might have lived together at the same address for a number of years, so they might be close.

Jack: Any recent contact information?

Tony: No. Let me see if I can find that for you.

Jack: No, we don’t have any time. Have you got the recall frequency?

Tony: Yeah.

Jack: Get ready to patch me through to Anderson.

Tony: Copy that.

[Chloe sees on her screen that Air Force One will soon touch down.]

Chloe: Air Force One is descending to 20,000 feet. The fighters have formed a protective shield.

Michelle: How long before it touches down?

Chloe: Nine minutes.

Michelle: And the fighters report no sign of stealth aircraft?

Chloe: Not yet.

Michelle: Maybe it’s not there.

Chloe: It’s there, we just can’t see it. We’re being beaten by our own technology.

[Tony gets the recall frequency in order to get through to the stealth bomber.]

Tony: Jack, you’re set. When you hit your intercom buzzer, you’ll be patched through to the stealth fighter.

Jack: Copy that.

[Tony patches Jack through to the stealth’s radio system.]

Jack: Mitch Anderson, can you hear me? Captain Anderson, do you read me?

[Anderson doesn’t respond.]

Jack: My name is Jack Bauer. I’m a Federal Agent. We know who you are. We know what you’re trying to do. Sir, I know you can hear me. Nothing you’ve done so far can’t be undone. All you have to do is change your vector to heading 115 southeast. That’ll put you on a fast track to Edwards Air Force base. Once you touch down, then we can discuss how you wanna handle this. Please, just talk to me. Explain to me what you’re trying to do, what you’re trying to accomplish. Why?

[Anderson still doesn’t respond. Jack turns to Anderson’s bio.]

Jack: I’ve been going over your service record. It’s very impressive. Graduated at the top of your class, Air Force Academy, highly decorated for your service in Desert Storm, including Air Force Silver Star. What happened to you? Explain it to me. Because what you’re trying to do right now – I don’t think that’s who you are. I don’t think that’s how you wanna be remembered.


[Keeler talks to his Vice President, Charles Logan, over the phone.]

Keeler: If I go down, you have to stay the course, do you understand?

Logan: Mr. President, I’m sure it won’t come to that.

Keeler: Charles, you’re the Vice President. The nation will be relying on you. If the worst happens, think of me as a casualty of war. Don’t waste time. Just pick up the torch and move forward.

Logan: Yes, sir, Mr. President.

[Keeler hangs up.]

Robert: Mr. President, we think CTU is in communication with the pilot of the stolen aircraft.

Keeler: Patch it through.

[Robert patches through the call so the President can hear it.]

Jack: Sir, I’ve just been notified by the FBI that they’ve contacted your sister Alicia. They’ve advised her of what’s happening. She’s scared. She wants to talk to you. All you have to do, Captain Anderson, is respond to me and I’ll put her right through.

[Anderson is affected, but turns the receiver off.]

Jack: Captain Anderson? Captain Anderson? Chloe, I think we’ve been cut off. Is there an override channel?

Chloe: He’s cut off all communication circuits. I don’t think there’s anything we can do.

Jack: Dammit!

[Hearing the call end, President Keeler hugs his son.]

Kevin: Dad. I’m scared.

[Anderson fires from the stealth. An explosion erupts in Air Force One.]

Chloe: Oh, my God.

Jack: Was Air Force One just hit? Was Air Force One just hit?!

Chloe: Escort pilots report Air Force One has suffered an indirect hit by an air-to-air missile. Pieces are falling to the ground over the desert.

[Everyone is horrified.]


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