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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Episode 4X18: 12:00 A.M. - 1:00 A.M.
Original Air Date: 04/18/2005

TM & © 2005 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

Transcript by Nina Meyers - Posted on TWIZ TV.COM

Previously on 24:

Pilot: This is Air Force One. We are declaring an emergency. We’re not gonna make it. I have to put it down now.

Michelle: Chloe, what’s happening?

Man: Air Force One, do you copy?

Michelle: Chloe!

Chloe: Air Force One is down.


Rescue team member: This may be him. Mr. President? He’s still alive. I repeat, the President is alive.


Jack: Marwan has to be within a 15 mile radius…

Audrey: Jack. There’s a higher priority than finding Marwan.

Jack: What is it?

Audrey: Recovering the Nuclear Football.

Michelle: Didn’t it go down with Air Force One?

Audrey: The missile inflicted enough damage that the plane left a trail of debris as it went down. A lot of things were sucked out, including the Football. That case contains the codes and locations of our entire nuclear arsenal.

Jack: What’s the location of the Football?

Audrey: Forty miles northeast of here, in the middle of the desert.


Jack: Air support, the Football is in the lead jeep headed north. Take it out. I’m in possession of the Football. Three hostiles are down, one escaped. I’m not positive, but I think it was Marwan. There are some pages missing. Tell me what the contents are of the missing pages.

Audrey: Jack, it’s the Red Section which contains warhead locations and activation codes. If they get a hold of a warhead and a matching activation code, we will not be able to stop them.


Buchanan: Mr. Vice President, President Keeler is alive, but he’s in critical condition. Sir, I recommend you invoke the 25th amendment, and take control of things as soon as possible.

Cummings: You’re worried about him.

Mike: I am. He seems unsure of himself.

Logan: I soundly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States, preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States.

Mike: Mr. President, I just received a phone call from CTU. Part of the Nuclear Football has fallen into the hands of terrorists.


The following takes place between 12:00 A.M. and 1:00 A.M.

Buchanan: Vice President Logan has been sworn into office. He is now President of the United States. His office called. They want an update from us in fifteen minutes.

Michelle: We’re working on several protocols related to the plane crash. What is he gonna wanna focus on?

Buchanan: He’s gonna wanna know how a stealth fighter was stolen from one of our air bases, and more to the point, how it was able to take down Air Force One with one of our own missiles.

Michelle: Has he been briefed on Marwan?

Buchanan: He knows Marwan is the mastermind behind today’s events, yes, but he’s gonna want more specifics on the Football. Where are we on that?

Tony: Jack’s at the debris field outside Indio. He’s trying to reconstruct the Red Chapter of the Playbook that was stolen by Marwan.

Buchanan: How is he doing that?

Tony: He’s working with Fred Loudon from the Department of Defense. He wrote the codes, so he’ll know what’s missing.

Buchanan: Good.

Michelle: Who’s going to run point on this update?

Buchanan: You and Tony.

Michelle: All right, everyone. We don’t have a lot of time, so we’re gonna have to fast-track this. Double-source all Intel through Homeland Security and CIA. Skip the usual request procedures. Tie into their data directly.

[The intercom rings.]

Michelle: Yes?

Woman: Ms. Dessler, I’ve got Jack Bauer on the line.

Michelle: Put him through.

Woman: Go ahead, Jack.

Jack: Michelle, are you still in briefing?

Michelle: Yes, Jack. You’re on speaker. What have you found?

Jack: Fred Loudon and I just finished the rough reconstruction of the Red Chapter. We’re getting that over to you now.

Buchanan: Jack, it’s Bill Buchanan. Summarize our exposure. What information exactly does Marwan now have in his possession?

Jack: Well, the Red Chapter lays out the location of our domestic nuclear arsenal. The inventory is in the thousands, many of the weapons are in transit as part of our standard shift operations.

Buchanan: Why can’t DOD just secure these weapons?

Jack: Because a number of the weapons are in between checkpoints. It’ll take over an hour to account for all of them. Listen everyone, we’ve gotta remember Marwan only needs one.

Buchanan: All right, Jack. We’ll get on this immediately. Get back here as soon as you can and help Audrey liaison with DOD. We need to account for every single weapon documented in that chapter.

Jack: I’m on my way.


Marwan: The coordinates for the Fed-1-R: latitude, 37 degrees, 14 minutes. Longitude, 115 degrees, 21 minutes.

Henchman: There it is. Jefferson city, Iowa.

Marwan: When is the warhead due to arrive?

Henchman: 7:00 A.M., local time. Five hours from now.

Marwan: That puts it somewhere 200 miles east. It’s still in Illinois.

Henchman: We can intercept it anywhere from this point to here.

Marwan: All right. Let’s put our people in place.


Tony: The warheads are in transit because of the daily shift and the hide operations causing this problem.

Michelle: We can verify military traffic on the coastal areas from here. Why don’t we find out what DOD has in mid-west?

Tony: Yeah, that’s already underway. Audrey says she should have them in a few minutes.

Michelle: Look, Tony…

Chloe: Am I interrupting something?

Michelle: No, Chloe. What is it?

Chloe: Are you logged on to Division 3?

Michelle: Yeah.

Chloe: Look at this. Fifteen minutes ago the credit card of Eric Murphy was used at Western gas station in Torrance.

Tony: Who is Eric Murphy?

Chloe: His real name is Yosik Khatami. He’s a terrorist affiliated with Marwan.

Michelle: How do we know that?

Chloe: From a watch list. We’ve put on a net asking for anybody connected to the name Habib Marwan. We didn’t expect to get any hits so soon.

Michelle: Why was he so careless?

Tony: Maybe he wasn’t. Maybe he’s some sort of decoy.

Chloe: Well, he wouldn’t be much of a decoy because we don’t know where he is or which direction they’re traveling in. This was a mistake.

Michelle: Did the gas station have a surveillance camera?

Chloe: Yes. He’s driving a black Lexus L-S-430.

Michelle: Are we hooked into satellite?

Chloe: Yes. We’re monitoring them now. If this guy’s still on the road, we’ll find him.

Michelle: Who do we have in the area to run point?

Tony: Curtis just left Division. He’s headed over here right now.

Michelle: Divert him to the Western gas station. Have Field-ops meet him there.

Tony: All right.


[Jack calls Audrey from a helicopter as he heads back to CTU.]

Audrey: This is Audrey.

Jack: Hey, it’s me.

Audrey: Hey. Are you on your way back here?

Jack: Yeah. How much of the weaponry has been accounted for so far?

Audrey: 72 percent. We’re having problems getting confirmations from the mid-west.

Jack: Why?

Audrey: There are several convoys shipping weapons to be dismantled in the coordinates where the arms reduction’s treated. A lot of them were rerouted after the train bombing this morning.

Jack: Just use local channels. All weapon transports have to check in with regional substation. Just call them directly.

Audrey: All right. I’ll do that.

Jack: How are you holding up?

Audrey: I’m OK.

Jack: What have the doctors told you about Paul?

Audrey: They’re having a hard time keeping him stable.

Jack: Just hang in there. He’ll fight through it.

Audrey: Yeah.

Jack: Tell Michelle I’ll be there in twenty minutes.

Audrey: All right. Will do. Bye.


[Yosik calls Marwan from the road.]

Marwan: Yes?

Yosik: Marwan, it’s me.

Marwan: Is everything all right?

Yosik: No. No, it’s not. I… I made a stupid mistake. They’re gonna find me.

Marwan: What happened?

Yosik: I stopped to get gas. While I was driving away, I realized I… I used the wrong credit card, the one with the name Eric Murphy. The one you gave me.

Marwan: I told you to get rid of that one.

Yosik: I was in a hurry, Habib. I had to make arrangements so they’d deliver you the warhead.

Marwan: When that transaction gets flagged, they’ll be searching the highways.

Yosik: I know. That’s why I’m not on the highway anymore.

Marwan: Where are you?

Yosik: Englewood. I’m on my way to Prado’s now.

Marwan: You’re closer to the Marina. Go straight there, I’ll have him meet you. Prado will help you get out of the country.

Yosik: Thank you, Habib. Thank you.


[President Logan heads to the Bunker.]

Mike: Mr. President, it may be precipitous moving to the bunker now. Working from the Oval Office might exhibit a greater sense of confidence in our abilities to handle this crisis.

Logan: The purpose of the bunker is to protect the President in the times of crisis, is it not?

Mike: Yes, sir.

Logan: Well, I feel it is always wiser to take the proven course. Am I gonna be able to function at a hundred percent down here, Mike?

Mike: Absolutely, Mr. President.

Logan: What kind of protection does this bunker afford?

Mike: Total. You’re 200 feet below the surface. If the White House suffers a direct hit, everyone in the bunker would be safe, as would the communication infrastructure to the rest of the country.

Logan: Let’s hope that’s not needed.

Mike: Yes?

Man: Mr. Buchanan is on the line.

Mike: Mr. President. Bill Buchanan from CTU is on the line.

Logan: Hello, Bill. What do you have for me?

Buchanan: Mr. President, I’m here with Michelle Dessler, Director of CTU Los Angeles and Tony Almeida, heading up tactical.

Logan: Good. Let’s get started. Have all of our armaments referenced in the Red Chapter been secured?

Michelle: Not completely, Mr. President, but we’re working with DOD on that.

Logan: What else do we know?

Michelle: The man who choreographed today’s events, Habib Marwan, is still at large. Most likely, he is in possession of the Red Chapter.

Logan: What are we doing to find him?

Tony: We just picked up a thread, sir. We have a location where one of Marwan’s associates was detected twenty minutes ago.

Logan: That sounds promising. What else?

Michelle: We’re sifting through all our Intel now. We’re hoping to put together a pursuit scenario soon.

Logan: So you’re pretty confident you’ll be able to catch this terrorist, this… this Habib Marwan, before he strikes again?

Michelle: It’s not an exact science, sir. All we can do is maximize the probability for success. There are no guarantees.

Logan: Of course, I understand that! We need to get control of the situation. I can’t run the government from down here indefinitely, but I’m not going upstairs until it’s safe.

Mike: Sir, I think their time is better spent working up what they have. I recommend we let them get back to it.

Logan: OK, Bill. Call us when you have something more concrete.

Buchanan: Yes, sir, I will.

[Buchanan hangs up.]

Buchanan: All right. Let’s get back to work.

Tony: Wait a second. Does anybody else feel uneasy about what we just heard here?

Buchanan: In what way?

Tony: Logan’s supposed to be the man who speaks to the people of this country and exudes confidence, not fear.

Buchanan: Air Force One was just attacked. President Keeler is in critical condition. Logan was just sworn in. Give him time.

Tony: We don’t have time.

Chloe: We’ve got Yosik Khatami. A traffic cam picked him up heading towards the coast. We have him on satellite.

Michelle: Link this up to Curtis. I want him running point on this takedown.

Buchanan: Tell Curtis to remain discreet. I wanna know what Khatami is doing, who he’s meeting, before we take him down.


Tony: Michelle. I was out of line a couple of hours ago about you and Bill. It’s your life and I’ve got no right to judge you.

Michelle: I appreciate that.

Tony: Whatever tension there is between us, I wanna apologize for my part in it. I’d like it if we could just let it go so we can do our jobs. Leave the past in the past and move on.

Michelle: It sounds good.

Tony: All right.


Buchanan: Thank you.

Man: Yes, sir.

Edgar: Curtis just called in. He’s about to arrive at the Marina. We’re set up.

Buchanan: Good. Set up a satellite. Also patch in an audio link.

Edgar: I’ll take care of it now.

Buchanan: Thanks, Edgar.

Tony: Do you want me to run point on that?

Michelle: No. Bill and I will do that, but I want you in on this.

Tony: To do what?

Michelle: I’d like your tactical input.

Tony: Fine, I’ll have Edgar transfer everything over to the situation room.

[Tony goes over to Edgar.]

Tony: Edgar.

Buchanan: I get the feeling Tony’s not entirely comfortable with the configuration here today.

Michelle: We hadn’t seen each other for a very long time. It’s uncomfortable for both of us.

Buchanan: The difference is you seem to be able to stay on point. I’m not so sure about him.

Michelle: I am. He’ll be fine.


[Curtis and his team arrive at the Marina and see Yosik waiting alone on the dock.]

Curtis: He’s alone.

Buchanan: What’s he doing?

Curtis: It looks like a meet. He’s waiting for someone.

Buchanan: Is the Marine unit in place?

Tony: Yeah, they’re behind the jetty.

[A man approaches Yosik.]

Curtis: Looks like the man Yosik’s meeting just arrived. He’s walking towards him.

Michelle: Is it Marwan?

Curtis: I can’t tell.

Buchanan: Remember, Curtis, we need them both alive.

Curtis: I copy. All right, all teams, I’ll close up for the pier. Keep them contained, but do not shoot to kill. Repeat: do not shoot to kill.

[Curtis sees someone else near Yosik and Prado.]

Curtis: Dammit. Teams, respond. Who is that?

McAllen: This is McAllen at point 3. It looks like a private patrol.

Curtis: All right, hold your positions.

Prado: Yosik.

Yosik: Prado. You’re late. I’ve been standing here, waiting for you.

Prado: I’m here now. Let’s go.

[Prado starts walking. Yosik doesn’t move.]

Prado: Come on. What are you waiting for?

Yosik: Wait.

Prado: What’s the matter?

Yosik: Someone’s here.

Prado: It’s OK. It’s just Harbor Security.

Yosik: No. Something’s wrong. They’re on to us.

Prado: Yosik, now!

[Yosik relents and follows Prado into a boat.]

Curtis: The man he’s meeting is not Marwan.

Tony: Is there anybody else there besides the two of them?

Curtis: Not unless there’s someone else on the boat. Harboring units, move into position. All teams, move in.

Prado: We’re OK. I think we should just get out of here.

Yosik: There was a police officer out there!

Prado: I told you, that’s Harbor Security. They stop by all the time.

[Prado looks out from the boat and sees the impending raid.]

Prado: Who the hell is that?

[Yosik calls Marwan.]

Curtis: This is CTU. We have you completely surrounded. Step out of the boat!

Marwan: Yes?

Yosik: They found us.

Marwan: Where are you?

Yosik: It doesn’t matter. It’s over. They’re gonna get us.

Marwan: Yosik, you can’t let that happen. You cannot allow yourself to be captured.

Yosik: I understand.

Marwan: Also, you have to kill Prado. He knows too much.

Yosik: I’ll do what you say.

[Yosik reaches for his gun, but Prado kills him first. Marwan hears this over the cell. Prado exits the cabin to the throng of agents. Marwan is still on the line.]

Marwan: Yosik! Yosik!

Curtis: Shots fired! Shots fired! Move in! Come out with your hands up! You’re completely surrounded, there’s no escape!

Prado: Coming out!

Curtis: Drop the gun!

Prado: I’m putting the gun down! I’m putting the gun down!

Curtis: Step out of the boat. Get out of the boat!

Prado: There’s a man inside. I shot him. He was gonna kill me. He was trying to steal my boat. It was self defense.

Curtis: Put your hands on your head. Who are you? Who are you?

Prado: My name’s Joe Prado. I’m innocent. I have nothing to hide.

Curtis: Where’s Yosik?

Agent: He’s dead. His phone was lying next to him.

[The agent hands the phone over to Curtis. Marwan has been disconnected.]

Curtis: Get him out of here.

Agent: Let’s go.

Curtis: Secure the boat.

Agent: Yes, sir.

Curtis: Yosik’s dead. We have the man he was meeting. He says his name is Joe Prado.

Michelle: Bring him in.

Curtis: Will do. We also recovered Yosik’s cell phone. We’ll try and pull something off of it. I’ll report you on the route.

Michelle: Good work, Curtis. We’re standing-by.


Man: What do you wanna do?

Marwan: Control the situation. Make sure Prado doesn’t talk to the authorities. He can hurt us.

Man: How do we get to him?

Marwan: We can’t. Not directly.

[Marwan dials his cell phone.]

Man: Hello?

Marwan: This is Marwan.

Man: Yes, Marwan?

Marwan: Can you reach Amnesty Global at this hour?

Man: What do you need?

Marwan: An attorney.

Man: What for?

Marwan: Tell them that an innocent man is being held without charges, and is about to be tortured at CTU Los Angeles.


[Everyone at CTU watches the television as Logan addresses the nation.]

Logan: By God’s grace, President Keeler survived, but more than 75 others did not. I share in your grief and anger over this tragedy. My family and I feel no differently than each and every one of you. We are shocked, saddened and maybe a little afraid. These terrorists have displayed once again their indifference toward human life. They will pay for what they have done, I assure you.

Audrey: Bill, excuse me.

Logan: However, we must…

Audrey: There’s a convoy missing.

Buchanan: What?

Audrey: It was headed from Illinois to Jefferson City, Iowa. It disappeared just inside the boarder.

Buchanan: Disappeared?

Edgar: They are due to call in with their checkpoint every twenty minutes. They didn’t. I tried to reach them on com-sat, there was no reply.

Buchanan: How about satellite?

Audrey: Nothing showing up.

Buchanan: What was on the trucks?

Audrey: A nuclear warhead.

Logan: …Our faith and our resolve will prevail.


[Edgar gets Prado’s photo and fingerprints from Curtis for a background check.]

Curtis (over the phone): Edgar, use the files I sent. Have Prado’s information waiting for me as soon as I get back to CTU.

Edgar (over the phone): OK. We’ve got the fingerprints. I’ll run them through our databases.

Curtis (over the phone): Thanks.

[Edgar hangs up.]

Michelle: What do we know about the prisoner Curtis is bring in?

Edgar: Just the name he gave, Joe Prado. Curtis just uploaded his picture and prints. I’m running through them now.

Michelle: Prep holding so Curtis can begin interrogation as soon as they arrive. I want this man broken in minutes, not hours.

[Michelle has the rest of the staff focus on finding the warhead.]

Michelle: Clear all directories. Put all resources into finding this warhead.


[Mike complains to Buchanan that the President won’t be happy that the statement he just made has become invalidated.]

Buchanan: Believe me, Mike, I wish I had known about this sooner too.

Mike: Look, I’m not pointing fingers here. I’m on your side, but the President is not going to be happy that the statement he made could be invalidated.

Buchanan: I don’t know what to tell you. We’re putting everything we’ve got into finding this missing warhead.

Mike: All right, let me get back to you.

[Mike hangs up.]


[At the site of the torched, ambushed convoy, a group of men put the crated warhead onto their flatbed truck and throw a tarp over it.]

Man: Move! Inside, let’s go. Move, move, move!

Driver (over the phone): We have it. We’re heading out now.

[The men drive off.]


Logan: General Thomas just told me we’re missing a nuclear warhead.

Mike: Yes, I just heard some of the details from Bill Buchanan.

Logan: When did this happen?

Mike: It disappeared somewhere between 1:45 A.M. and 2:15, Central Time.

Logan: And none of our satellites was able to pick this up?!

Mike: It was at night. Our people are analyzing the imagery now, but it’s going to be hard to find.

Logan: What are we gonna do if we don’t find this man, Marwan?

Mike: Our people are doing everything they can to contain him to the Los Angeles area. It’s going to be difficult for him to leave.

Logan: Yeah, well, it’s difficult to shoot down Air Force One with one of our own stealth fighters, but he managed to do that. Who knows what else they’re planning? I’m sure he’s gonna come after me next.

Mike: Mr. President, there’s no indication that’s his plan.

Logan: You don’t know that, I don’t know that! We don’t have enough information to know what his plan is!

Mike: Head of Secret Service is on his way over now. He has a revised plan. I’m certain it’ll ease your mind about your safety.


[Curtis and the agents lead Prado into CTU.]

Edgar: That’s the bastard Curtis found at the Marina, the one who’s helping the terrorists.

Chloe: I guess.

Edgar: I’d like to get him in a room for a few minutes.

Chloe: What?

Edgar: He’d talk to me about two seconds.

Chloe: Oh, you wanna hurt him to get revenge for your mother dying.

Curtis: Did Michelle have a chance to look at this?

Chloe: I can understand that.

Curtis: I need him processed immediately. Take him to holding. Did Edgar run the prints I sent?

Tony: Yeah, the name checks out. Joseph Prado, Ex-Marine. No criminal record, but over the last five years he’s got no record of employment either.

Curtis: Which means he’s a criminal or a mercenary.

Tony: That’s right.

Curtis: I’ll find out if he knows anything about the missing warhead.

Tony: All right.

Chloe: Tony.

Tony: What do you got?

Chloe: We found the convoy. I just got off with Iowa highway patrol. Military transport was ambushed. Everyone’s dead.

Tony: What about the warhead?

Chloe: Gone.

Tony: All right. Find out what kind of vehicle they needed to transport it. Also, tell local law enforcement to put up perimeters. I want you to check for any airstrips or a remote clearance where they might be able to put down a chopper.

Chloe: Yeah.


[Curtis gets ready to interrogate Prado.]

Michelle: Remember, he’s an Ex-Marine. He won’t cave easily.

Curtis: I just need to establish that even though we’re in a government building, I’m willing to go as far as it takes.

Michelle: How are you gonna start?

Curtis: I’ll use Richards.

Michelle: OK.

[Curtis enters the interrogation room. Richards follows.]

Prado: I told you I’m not talking to you, Pal. I’m not being charged with anything. I haven’t done anything wrong. I killed that man in self defense. He was trying to steal my boat.

Curtis: We both know that’s a lie, so let’s not waste each other’s time. What do you say, Joe?

Prado: I’m not saying anything to you.

Curtis: Highly unlikely.

[Curtis gives Richards the go. Prado is shocked when Richards unsheathes his torture needles.]

Prado: What the hell is this?

Curtis: Tell us what you know.

Prado: You’re insane.

[Outside, at the observation room, the phone rings.]

Michelle: Yes?

Buchanan: Michelle, where is Curtis?

Michelle: He’s just about to start with Prado.

Buchanan: Tell him to stop.

Michelle: What?

Buchanan: That’s an order. Both of you, come to the floor now.

Prado: It was self defense!

[Michelle buzzes Curtis on the intercom.]

Michelle: Curtis.

Prado: You can’t do this to me!

Michelle: Curtis.

Curtis: What?

Michelle: Buchanan wants to see us before you start.

Curtis: Wait till I get back.

[Curtis steps out of the interrogation room.]

Curtis: What’s this about?

Michelle: I don’t know.

[Michelle and Curtis go to the floor to meet with Buchanan.]

Buchanan: We have a problem. This is David Weiss from Amnesty Global.

Weiss: And I have a signed court order here protecting the rights of one Joseph Prado whom you have in custody. His US Marshall is here to assure that I am taken to the prisoner immediately.

Curtis: That’s ridiculous.

Weiss: That’s your opinion, but Mr. Prado’s rights will not be violated. Take me to him now.

Buchanan: We have no choice, Curtis. Do what he says.

Curtis: There’s a nuclear warhead missing. This is our only lead, Bill.

Buchanan: I’ll get into this with the Justice Department. In the meantime, do what he says.


Buchanan (over the phone): When can I expect his call? It’s extremely important. Yes, I understand that, but I need to talk to the judge personally. Please have him call me back.

[Buchanan hangs up.]

Edgar: Mr. Buchanan?

Buchanan: Edgar, do you have those hourlies for me?

Edgar: No, I don’t, but I’m here on another matter.

Buchanan: What?

Edgar: I heard the interrogation of Prado has been put on hold.

Buchanan: That’s right.

Edgar: Why?

Buchanan: Edgar, you have a job to do. Please get back to it.

Edgar: I know I’m not supposed to be interfering in matters of policy, but considering what I’ve been through today – my mother dying because of these terrorists… I wanna know why we’re letting some slimy lawyer protect a dirtbag like Prado.

Buchanan: We’re not happy about that either and we’re gonna fix it, but it’s gonna take some time.

Edgar: That’s time we don’t have!

Buchanan: Edgar, stop. I’m trying to cut you some slack here, but you need to get back to your job. You need to put all that other stuff on hold for a while, please.

Edgar: Yes, sir.

[Buchanan’s cell phone rings.]

Buchanan: Buchanan.

[Edgar goes back to work.]

Buchanan: Yes, I’ll hold for the judge.

Chloe: What was that about? You’re supposed to be doing the hourlies.

Edgar: I know. I don’t know why everybody keeps telling me what I’m supposed to be doing. I have a photographic memory, in case you forgot.

Chloe: How can I forget? You tell me like every other day.

Edgar: I don’t like what’s happening here. We have some prissy lawyer holding us up from doing our job.

Chloe: Your job is to do the hourlies. You’re holding yourself up.


[Jack enters CTU.]

Jack: Chloe.

Chloe: Have you heard about the missing warhead?

Jack: Yeah. FBI linked up with Highway Sheriff’s Department yet?

Chloe: Yes, I’m sharing both databases.

Jack: OK, good. Who’s questioning the prisoner?

Chloe: You mean Joe Prado, the guy that Curtis brought in?

Jack: Yeah.

Chloe: No one.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Chloe: An attorney came in from Amnesty Global with a court order saying we weren’t allowed to be alone with Prado. Buchanan’s on the phone with the judge who signed the order now.

Buchanan: …you know that’s not the case here…

Jack: I’ll be right back. I don’t believe this.

Buchanan: I disagree with you, your honor. This does not fall outside the boundary of the petrianact. Yeah, all right, thanks.

[Buchanan hangs up.]

Jack: What the hell’s going on here? You’ve got a key witness on a missing warhead. We should be pressing this guy with everything we’ve got.

Buchanan: Judge Norm won’t budge. If we wanna appeal, we have to wait till 7:00 A.M., take it to an appellant judge.

Jack: Does he know what the stakes are?

Buchanan: He does, but he’s feeling if Prado’s got no record, he shouldn’t be treated like a terrorist.

Jack: What about the fact that he was caught meeting with a known terrorist in the middle of the night on a pier?

Buchanan: Circumstantial.

Jack: Bill, we need to interrogate this person and I don’t care what court order they’re waving at you.

Buchanan: I agree, but he’s got his attorney with him and a U.S. Marshall protecting his rights.

Jack: Where is his attorney?

Buchanan: In holding with Prado.

[Jack goes to the interrogation room.]

Buchanan: Jack, don’t make it worse.

Jack: I just wanna talk to him.

Prado: How much longer do I have to stay here?

Weiss: I’m trying to get you out as soon as I can. My office is in the process of filing a complaint.

Prado: They have nothing on me. I was standing alone on my boat. I don’t even know this man that they were going after.

[Jack enters the interrogation room with Curtis.]

Jack: Come in with me now.

Weiss: Who are you?

Jack: My name is Jack Bauer, Department of Defense. And you are?

Weiss: David Weiss, Amnesty Global.

Jack: Curtis, why is the suspect not in his restrains?

Curtis: Amnesty Global’s order supersedes our authority.

Weiss: Mr. Bauer, my client is cooperating. He’s not trying to go anywhere. All he wants is to be treated like any other US citizen.

Jack: Your client aided and abetted the people who attacked the President of the United States today.

Weiss: You don’t know that.

Jack: As a matter of fact, we do.

Weiss: Then charge him.

Jack: May I speak with you privately? Get the door.

[Jack and Weiss speak outside the interrogation room.]

Jack: You and I both know that your client isn’t clean, and that he conspired to steal a US nuclear warhead.

Weiss: All my client wants is due process.

Jack: Mr. Weiss, these people are not gonna stop attacking us today until millions, and millions of Americans are dead. Now, I don’t wanna bypass the constitution, but these are extraordinary circumstances.

Weiss: The constitution was born out of extraordinary circumstances, Mr. Bauer. This plays out by the book, not in a back room with a rubber hose.

Jack: I hope you can live with that.

[Jack lets Weiss back into the interrogation room and starts to leave.]

Guard: Sir, can I help you?

Jack: No, it’s all right.

[Jack runs back inside the interrogation room.]

Jack: How’d you get here so fast?

Weiss: What?

Jack: Who asked you to represent Mr. Prado?

Weiss: I don’t have to give you that information.

Jack: Curtis, from the time of his arrest, did the suspect have time to call a lawyer?

Curtis: No.

[Jack and Curtis leave the room.]

Jack: Marwan called Amnesty Global. This is his play.

Buchanan: That means Prado definitely knows something Marwan doesn’t want us to hear. We still can’t get around that court order.

Jack: We need to call the President now.


Logan: We cannot have any leaks regarding this missing warhead.

Mike: I’ve contacted General Wilson in Iowa. He’s sealing off the roads while we clean up the ambushed convoy.

Logan: What about those highway patrol officers who discovered it?

Mike: Wilson’s already brought them in and he’s explaining the situation. The good news is this is happening in the middle of the night. Most of the country’s still asleep.

[The intercom rings.]

Mike: Yes?

Woman: CTU Los Angeles is on the line for President Logan. They say it’s urgent.

Logan: Thank you, gentleman, that’ll be all. Walt, stay. Put them through.

Woman: Go ahead, please.

Buchanan: Mr. President, this is Bill Buchanan. I’m here with Jack Bauer.

Logan: Yes, Bill? What do you have for me?

Buchanan: Sir, in the process of trying to track down this missing warhead we brought in a prime suspect for questioning.

Logan: What have you learned?

Buchanan: Well, that’s the problem, sir. Right now, our hands are tied. Amnesty Global has interceded on his behalf.

Logan: Interceded on what grounds?

Buchanan: He’s a US citizen with no previous record.

Logan: Why is he a suspect?

Buchanan: We found him with Yosik Khatami, the man who’s linked to today’s terrorist events.

Logan: I don’t understand. It doesn’t violate any law to question a suspect.

Mike: Mr. President, if I may?

Logan: Go ahead, Mike.

Mike: Jack, it’s Mike Novick.

Jack: Hi, Mike.

Mike: Am I corrected assuming that this suspect is unlikely to respond to the kind of Q&A his lawyer would permit?

Jack: That’s correct, Mike. If we wanna procure any information from this suspect, we’re gonna have to do it behind closed doors.

Logan: You’re talking about torturing this man?

Jack: I’m talking about doing what is necessary to stop this warhead from being used against us.

Logan: Give us a moment, Bill. Mike, what do you think?

Mike: I think we need to do whatever it takes to find Marwan.

Logan: Walt? Way in.

Cummings: Well, this makes me nervous.

Logan: Why?

Cummings: Should this man be innocent as he claims he is, your first act as President is to sanction his torture. That’ll forever haunt your presidency.

Logan: All right, gentleman. Here’s what I’ll agree to. I’ll call a special session with members of the Justice Department and we’ll discuss this. I’ll have an answer for you in twenty minutes.

Jack: Mr. President, this thing could be over in twenty minutes.

Logan: It’s as far as I’m willing to go right now.

Jack: with all due respect, sir, please let us do our jobs.

Logan: I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

[Logan hangs up.]

Buchanan: I’ll have Curtis stop the interrogation of Prado.

Jack: You and I both know we can’t afford to be wasting time like this.

Buchanan: You heard the President. He’s not gonna let us touch this guy.

Jack: The President’s not here, you are.

Buchanan: If I authorize this, they’ll know in ten minutes. We’ll all be out the door.

Jack: What if I can find another way to handle this that wouldn’t implicate anyone else but me?

Buchanan: I’m not gonna authorize that, Jack.

Jack: You don’t have to.

Buchanan: What do you mean?

Jack: Accept my resignation.

Buchanan: And if I do that, what then?

Jack: Release the suspect.

Buchanan: Release him?

Jack: We don’t question him, we don’t charge him, we just let him go. He won’t need a lawyer or a Marshall.

Buchanan: You’re gonna take him on as a private citizen.


[Marwan calls the driver of the truck holding the nuclear warhead.]

Driver: Yes?

Marwan: How far away are you?

Driver: 92 miles.

Marwan: When you get there, you’ll meet with Morris.

Driver: Is he the one who’s gonna configure the detonation?

Marwan: Yes. I’ve given him the codes.

Driver: OK.

Marwan: You have to follow the plan exactly, Sabir. We cannot give the Americans time to start an evacuation.

Driver: Yes, Marwan, I understand.

Marwan: No delays.

Driver: It will be done.

[Marwan hangs up.]


[Audrey comes upon Jack, who hurriedly packs up a taser gun.]

Audrey: Hey. When’d you get back?

Man (hands Jack a bag): Here you go.

Jack: A few minutes ago. Thanks.

Audrey: Good. I could use your help on the DOD interface.

Jack: I can’t help you right now, Audrey. I’m sorry.

Audrey: What are you doing?

Jack: I’ll tell you when I get back.

Audrey: Jack.

[Jack walks away from Audrey in a rush.]

Audrey: Jack!

Jack: Audrey, please.


[Tony and Curtis let Prado out of custody.]

Prado: What the hell are you trying to pull here? First you wanna torture me and now you’re throwing me out?

Curtis: That’s right.

Weiss: It’s OK, Joe. I’m sure they tried to fight the restraining order, then realized they couldn’t.

Prado: No, that’s not what this is. They’re doing something.

Tony: Don’t be so paranoid. I’m just not interested in you anymore.

Prado: I want protection when I get out of here.

Weiss: The Marshall can escort you back wherever you wanna go.

Prado: No, no, no! You know what? Change of plan. I don’t wanna leave here until I know I’m safe for the next few days.

Curtis: If you don’t leave, I’m gonna have to arrest you for trespassing a secured government building. Once that happens, not even your attorney can protect you. Correct me if I’m wrong, David.

Weiss: He’s right.

[Prado reluctantly leaves CTU with Weiss and the Marshall. Edgar is incensed that Prado is being released.]

Edgar: What’s going on? Where are they taking Prado?

Chloe: He’s been released.

Edgar: Why?

Chloe: I don’t know. It came from Buchanan.

Edgar: Mr. Buchanan, why are you letting him go?

Buchanan: Edgar, not now, please.

Edgar: But he’s working with the people that killed my mother.

Edgar: Not now.

[Outside CTU, the lawyer leaves Prado.]

Weiss: Cheer up, Joe, you’re a free man.

Prado: Yeah, right.

Weiss: The Marshall’s gonna take you home.

Prado: No, are you kidding me? I can’t go home. I gotta go somewhere public, like a hotel.

Weiss: Fine. Tell him where you wanna go. Don’t let anyone know you’re there. Here’s my card. You call me if anyone from CTU tries to bother you.

Prado: Yeah, OK.

Weiss: You’re gonna be fine.

[A U.S. Marshall accompanies Prado to a government car. After the attorney pulls out of the lot, Jack tasers the Marshall. Jack pulls out his gun on Prado.]

Jack: Make a sound and I will blow your brains out all over the windshield. Handcuff your left arm to the dashboard, now.

[Prado handcuffs his left hand to the dashboard.]

Jack: Now we’re gonna talk.

[Jack gets inside the car.]

Jack: Now, you and I both know your heart isn’t in this. You just wanted the money. I don’t want you. All I want is Marwan.

Prado: I don’t know any Marwan. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Jack: Yeah. Well, I’m running out of time here, so why don’t we just cut to the chase?

[Jack breaks Prado’s fingers one by one.]

Jack: Where’s Marwan?

Prado: I don’t know!

Jack: Where is Marwan? Where’s Marwan?

Prado: I don’t know! I swear, I don’t know!

[Jack pulls out a knife and threatens to slit Prado’s throat.]

Prado: OK, OK. OK. Marwan’s… Marwan’s gonna be at a place called “The Hub” tonight.

Jack: Where is it?

Prado: It’s just… it’s just…

Jack: Where is it?!

Prado: It’s just east of downtown! Just east of downtown…

Jack: This will help you with the pain.

[Jack knocks Prado out with a punch.]


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