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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Kalil: I understand.

Jack: Good. Let’s go. Which car is yours?

Kalil: The blue Lexus.

Jack: Unlock the door. Move. Tell those officers to put their weapons down and take five steps back!

Officer: OK, calm down. We’re gonna try to help you through this.

Jack: Tell them to do it now!

Officer: OK. Drop your weapons and move back.

Jack: Step back!

Officer: Do what he says. Step back. Step back.

Jack: Move to the car. Open the door. Open the driver’s door. If you try to follow me, I will hoot him. On my count, get in. One, two, three. Move. Go, go!

Officer: Call in a roadblock. Suspect driving east on route 11. One hostage.

Jack: Move the rearview mirror to the right, so I can see out the back. There.

Kalil: When do you let me go?

Jack: When I feel like it.

Kalil: Who are you?

Jack: What do you mean?

Kalil: You don’t seem like the kind of guy that needs to rob a Mercury mart.

Jack: That Mercury mart was a money drop. There was supposed to be 18 grand in that safe.

Kalil: How do you know that?

Jack: We’re done sharing. I’m not gonna forget your face and I’ve got your driver’s license. You talk to the police, it’s not gonna be hard to find you, do you understand me?

Kalil: I won’t tell them a thing.

Jack: OK. Pull over. Now! Get out of the car. Move! Start running. Now!

[Jack calls Chloe.]

Chloe: O’Brien.

Jack: You got him?

Chloe: Yeah.

Jack: Good work. Now download his position to my PDA, and stay reachable.

Chloe: I will.


Sarah: That right. Can you repeat that? Hold on a second. Ms. Driscoll?

Driscoll: Yes, Sarah, what is it?

Sarah: You have a phone call from a man who says he’s your neighbor. A George Kliakove? He says it’s about your daughter.

Driscoll: What line?

Sarah: 6.

Driscoll: George, it’s Erin.

George: Erin, there’s been another incident with Maya.

Driscoll: What’s happened?

George: She came into the backyard where Evan was playing, and she started creaming at him again.

Driscoll: Is Evan OK?

George: Yes. Fortunately, I was home. This is the end, Erin. I’ve gotta protect my boy.

Driscoll: Did you call the police, George?

George: Yes, I did. They’re on their way.

Driscoll: Where’s Maya now?

George: She went back to your house.

Driscoll: I’m very sorry, George. This will not happen again

George: It can’t, Erin.

Sarah: Ms. Driscoll, is everything all right?

Driscoll: No, it’s not.

Sarah: Is there anything I can do to help?

Driscoll: Yes. I need you to call LAPD and find out who they dispatched to pick up my daughter. She has a medical condition. She suffers from schizophrenia. There was an incident with one of my neighbors.

Sarah: What would you like me to do once I find out who they dispatched?

Driscoll: Tell the officers to cancel the call. I’ll take care of it personally.

Sarah: Yeah, I don’t think that’s possible. Once a call’s in progress, don’t they have to follow through?

Driscoll: CTU has preemptive privilege over local.

Sarah: Yes, but that’s only in a national security situation.

Driscoll: Sarah, I’m asking you to do something. Should I ask someone else?

Sarah: No. I’ll do it.

Driscoll: Send a unit over to my house. One medic, one field agent. Bring Maya back to our clinic.

Sarah: Yes, Ma’am.

Driscoll: Thank you.

Curtis: Yeah, I got it. Thanks. I found Jack Bauer.

Driscoll: Where is he?

Curtis: In Sols. He’s still tracking the hostile, only now he’s using satellite.

Driscoll: How do you know that?

Curtis: DOD just called to complain that someone over here was stealing bandwidth. I took a look at the imagery and found him.

Driscoll: All right. Bring them both in. Who logged onto that satellite?

Curtis: Chloe.

Driscoll: Chloe, why are you logged onto an active DOD satellite? All right, you’re done here.

Chloe: Whatever. I was gonna quit anyway.

Driscoll: You’re not being fired; you’re being arrested. Call security. Edgar. Lock up her systems, and take control over all her file.

Edgar: Yes, Ma’am.

Driscoll: I want you to call Jack Bauer, now.

[Chloe calls Jack.]

Jack: Yeah?

Chloe: Driscoll wants to talk to you.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Driscoll: Hello, Jack.

Jack: Erin. Look, I’ve got some information for you. The hostile’s name is Kalil Hassan.

Driscoll: Stand down, Jack. It’s over.

Jack: Erin, right now Hassan is free. He’s looking for a car and a phone. Once he has those things he’s gonna lead us straight to Secretary Heller, I promise.

Driscoll: You can’t know that for sure.

Jack: What have you got to lose? You’ve got him on satellite. Just bombard the area with the receptor beckon.

Driscoll: Send a team to pick up the hostile.

Jack: Dammit, Erin, if you do that, everything I’ve done over the last two hours will mean nothing!

Driscoll: I’m glad you finally figured that out.

Jack: Erin!

Driscoll: Take Ms. O’Brien into holding.

Agent: Ma’am.

Driscoll: Edgar, you have it up on satellite?

Edgar: Yeah. The hostile’s flagging down a car.


Driver: You need some help?

Kalil: Yeah, I just uh…

[Kalil beats up the man, takes his wallet and cell phone and gets in the truck.]


Driscoll: Give me the feed down here. Sarah, what’s the load on the cell tower on that area?

Sarah: About 40 to 50 calls.

Driscoll: Have personnel on every call. Record every call. Let’s see if he contacts someone.


[Kalil call Omar.]

Omar: Yes?

Kalil: Omar, it’s me.

Omar: Where have you been? We’ve been worried.

Kalil: Everything’s fine. I’ll explain later.

Omar: Where are you?

Kalil: I’ll be there within the hour. Is the broadcast on schedule?

Omar: Yes. We’re about to prepare Heller. Hurry.


Marianne: Edgar.

Edgar: Not now.

Marianne: Yes. Now. How do you feel about what’s happening to Chloe?

Edgar: What do you mean?

Marianne: She’s not just gonna lose her job, she may go to prison.

Edgar: What do you care about others?

Marianne: I’ve heard the conversation you had earlier. I know you were working with her behind Driscoll’s back.

Edgar: What do you want?

Marianne: I wanna make sure I have your attention whenever I need it.

Sarah: Thank, Robin. Ms. Driscoll, we got the call.

Driscoll: Put it on speaker. Cue it from the top of the call.

Kalil: Omar, it’s me.

Omar: Where have you been? We’ve been worried.

Kalil: Everything’s fine. I’ll explain later.

Omar: Where are you?

Kalil: I’ll be there within the hour. Is the broadcast on schedule?

Omar: Yes. We’re about to prepare Heller. Hurry.

Curtis: Looks like Jack was right.

Driscoll: Tell the team to stand down. We’ll keep tracking Hassan by satellite.


[As Jack drives away, he is stopped by a blockade of police cars.]

Jack: Son of a bitch. Dammit.

Officers: Get out of the car! Get out of the car and put your hands in the air! Step out of the vehicle now! Get out of the car now! Put your hand up and step out of the vehicle!

[Jack exits with his hands raised.]

Officers: Step away from the car! Take two steps forward! On your knees! Put your palms down! Put your chest right on the ground! Keep your hands down! All the way down!

[Jack lays face down on the ground as the cops approach to apprehend him.]

____________________ 585

24 606

Previously on 24:

Heller: I am the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America. You will listen to me.

Omar: Put down your weapon. If another one of my men dies, your daughter will be killed.


Behrooz: We need to get out of here.

Debbie: What?

Behrooz: You’re in danger.

Debbie: From whom?

Behrooz: Don’t ask questions, just come with me.

Debbie: Please help me.

Behrooz: Debbie. What’s wrong? Debbie. Debbie, what’s wrong? Debbie. What did you do to her?


Chloe: O’Brian.

Jack: The satellite up yet?

Chloe: No, I have to reposition without Driscoll noticing. Where are you?

Jack: I’m on Mercury mart. I had to stage a robbery to keep the hostile in place. Tell those officers to put their guns down and stand back!


Chloe: Edgar, I need you to help me.

Edgar: Help you with what?

Chloe: I’ve been in contact with Jack Bauer.

Edgar: What?

Chloe: That’s right. Now you’re involved, so you’re either gonna help me, or you’re gonna turn me in.

Edgar: You’re asking me to do something that can get me fired.

Marianne: I know you were working with her behind Driscoll’s back.

Edgar: What do you want?

Marianne: I wanna make sure I have your attention whenever I need it.


Driscoll: Chloe, why are you logged onto an active DOD satellite? All right, you’re done here.

Chloe: I was gonna quit anyway.

Driscoll: I want you to call Jack Bauer, now.

Chloe: Driscoll wants to talk to you.

Driscoll: Stand down, Jack. It’s over.

Jack: Erin, right now Hassan is free. He’s looking for a car and a phone. Once he has those things he’s gonna lead us straight to Secretary Heller, I promise.

[As Jack drives away, he is stopped by a blockade of police cars.]

Jack: Son of a bitch.

Officers: Get out of the car! Get your hands up and step out of the vehicle! Step forward! On your knees!


The following takes place between 11:00 A.M. and 12:00 P.M.

Driscoll: Do we still have a sat visual on Kalil Hassan?

Edgar: West of the 14 on Route 11. Average speed: 62 miles per hour.

Driscoll: All right. I want traffic workups, block road schedules. We can’t let anything to delay or prevent him from reaching his destination. We need the tactical teams to launch now. Give them Jack’s location.

Curtis: I’m coordinating with Division. You want me to bring him back?

Driscoll: Yes. We’ll run point.

Curtis: All right.

Marianne: Curtis, I can pull up those tactical teams for you if you want.

Curtis: No, you can’t. That requires a level 3 channel. You don’t have that kinda clearance.

Sarah: Ms. Driscoll, I have a Sergeant Paulson from the Sheriff’s Department on line 1. He says it’s important.

Driscoll: Sergeant Paulson, this is Erin Driscoll at CTU.

Sergeant Paulson: Yeah, I have a man named Jack Bauer in custody. He claims he works with you. Is that true?

Driscoll: Yes, it is.

Sergeant Paulson: He just robbed a convenience store near Route 11. He claims it was part of some undercover operation to delay a suspect until satellite coverage could be established.

Driscoll: That’s also true, Sergeant.

Sergeant Paulson: Well, it might be nice if you communicate with us a little better.

Driscoll: Well, there were some national security issues involved, and I’m so sorry for any inconvenience. May I please speak to Mr. Bauer?

Sergeant Paulson: All right. Uncuff him.

Jack: Thank you. Tell me that you didn’t arrest Hassan.

Driscoll: No. He’s stolen a vehicle and we’re still tracking him by satellite. He intercepted a phone call that indicated he’s headed for the site where Secretary Heller’s being held.

Jack: You’re gonna need someone coordinating things on the ground. That should be me. Erin, listen to me. We can get Heller and Audrey out of there but we need to work together, and we need to start that now. We have to find Heller before this trial starts.

Curtis: That’s the right move, Erin. He’s our only option.

Driscoll: All right, you’re in, but you coordinate through me. And Jack, make this work.

Jack: I will. Please advise Sergeant Paulson of the new chain of command.

Driscoll: Fine.

Sergeant Paulson: Yeah?

Driscoll: In my capacity as Director of CTU, I’m vesting Jack Bauer with the authority to command and control this part of the ground operation. Consider him in charge.

Sergeant Paulson: Yes, Ma’am.

Driscoll: Thank you.

Sergeant Paulson: Sounds like you’re the new boss. Tell me what you need.

Jack: The vehicle the hostile is driving was stolen. I need you to make sure there’s no APB on it. If there is one, I need you to get CHP to cancel it.

Sergeant Paulson: Get on it.

Officer: Yes, sir.

Jack: I also left my CTU vehicle over at the convenience mart.

Sergeant Paulson: I’ll have it brought right over.

Jack: Thank you.

Officer: Cancel APB…


Edgar: Hassan’s making another phone call.

Driscoll: Bring it up. Patch it through to Jack.

[Jack’s phone rings. He answers it.]

Jack: Bauer.

Edgar: Jack, it’s Edgar Stiles. Hassan’s making another phone call. I’m patching it to you.

Jack: OK.

Omar: Yes?

Kalil: It’s Kalil. I’m on my way.

Omar: How much longer?

Kalil: About a half an hour.

Omar: The broadcast must begin on time. Any problems?

Kalil: Nothing I couldn’t handle. How are you coming with the servers?

Omar: Douman and Faress are managing, but I’m sure they could use your help.

Kalil: I’ll be there soon.

Omar: All right.

Kalil: Did Heller sign the confession?

Omar: Yes. He didn’t want to, but we used his daughter.

Kalil: Did you kill her?

Omar: Not yet.

Jack: Sergeant Paulson, what’s the ETA on my vehicle?

Sergeant Paulson: Any second, Agent Bauer.

Kalil: I’ll see you soon.

Curtis: Play it back.

[Jack’s vehicle arrives.]

Jack: Tell your men to stay on channel 3.

Sergeant Paulson: Got it.


[Audrey and Heller are chained back to back.]

Audrey: Dad. You did what anyone else would have done in your position.

Heller: I embarrass my country.

Audrey: You signed a piece of paper. All lies. Everyone will know that you that signed it under duress.

Heller: It’s more than a piece of paper. This trial is gonna be a spectacle broadcast all over the world designed to humiliate and degrade this country.

Audrey: Dad, there’s still time.

Heller: There’s no sense in deluding ourselves. There’s less than an hour. We’re gonna do anything we have to do, and now.

Audrey: We have done everything that we can.

Heller: Not quite.

Audrey: What do you mean?

Heller: What if I’m not alive? They can’t put me on trial. If I’m dead, their goals go right out the window, and they’ll be viewed as nothing more that communist asses.

Audrey: Dad…

Heller: Listen to me. Even if I say what they want me to say, are they gonna let me go? They’re gonna put me in front of a camera, humiliate me, and then they’re gonna kill me with the whole world watching.

Audrey: There are people on the outside looking for us. You cannot give up.

Heller: I have to do something while I still can. And I need you to help me.

Audrey: Help you?

Heller: The chain between your handcuffs. See if you can get it up and around my neck.

Audrey: No. No. No.

Heller: I can’t do it myself. I don’t have any leverage, but you can pull from back there.

Audrey: No, dad.

Heller: I’m counting on you, pull it out! Give it a try!

Audrey: Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! I won’t do that. There’s a gas pipe. If we could break it…

Heller: No. Break that, you die too.

Audrey: Do you think that they are gonna let me out of here alive? Do you? They’re gonna kill me too. Dad… together we can do this. We can do it, OK? Please.

Heller: Let’s try it.

Audrey: There. That’s good. You’re ready?

Heller: Yeah.

[They manage to knock the faucet off so that gas leaks into their cell.]

Audrey: I love you.

Heller: I love you too, honey.


Curtis: I want a full analysis on both these forces.

Sarah: OK. I’ll have it done in ten minutes.

Curtis: OK, good.

Marianne: Edgar.

Edgar: What, Marianne?

Marianne: What’s a level 3 channel?

Edgar: It’s a logon that gets into older systems: Tactical, District and Division.

Marianne: I want it.

Edgar: What do you mean?

Marianne: I want clearance for a level 3 channel.

Edgar: I can’t give it to you, only Driscoll can authorize that.

Marianne: I don’t care who authorizes it. I want it.

Edgar: Look, just because you overheard that conversation between Chloe and me, doesn’t mean I’m your bitch.

[Marianne calls Driscoll.]

Edgar: I’m done being scared of you.

Marianne: Ms. Driscoll, it’s Marianne.

Driscoll: Yes, Marianne, what is it?

Marianne: I have some further information for you regarding Chloe circumventing her authority.

Driscoll: I’m listening.

Marianne: I don’t think she was acting alone.

Driscoll: Who was she working with?

[Edgar nodes his head “no” so Marianne doesn’t tell Driscoll anything.]

Marianne: I’m not sure, but I found an electronic eco on her call log, and every time she spoke to Jack there was someone else on the line too.

Driscoll: That’s an automated behavior on our system. It doesn’t mean anyone else was on the line. Is that the extent of your suspicions?

Marianne: Yes. I’m sorry to have bothered you.

Edgar: You’re sick.

Marianne: You’re gonna go to Driscoll, and you’re gonna tell her that you’re overloaded and you need some help. And then you’re gonna ask her to issue me a level 3 channel clearance.


Jack: Unit 3, this is Bauer, do you copy?

Officer: Copy.

Jack: Back off another 200 yards. We can’t afford to be spotted here.

Guy: Roger that.

[Jack’s phone rings.]

Driscoll: Jack, you’re there?

Jack: Yeah.

Driscoll: The Marines have assembled and are leaving base.

Jack: OK. Have Chloe collate the satellite images. Make sure they stay in sink.

Driscoll: Chloe is in a holding room, Jack. She’s being suspended.

Jack: We could use her help here.

Driscoll: Things are under control. I’ll have Curtis collate the images.

Jack: Erin, Chloe was just doing what I asked her to.

Driscoll: The point is she was supposed to be working for me.

Jack: I understand that, but--

Driscoll: Jack. It’s one thing for you to disobey me in the field, but for someone who works for me here at CTU to betray me… I can’t reactivate her. It’s a nostrum. Anything else?

Jack: No, nothing else.


Driscoll: We have a situation here.

Chloe: I realize that. I can do the math as well as anyone.

Driscoll: The math?

Chloe: Protocols were violated. Someone has to take the bullet. Jack’s indispensable right now and I’m not.

Driscoll: It took a lot of guts for you to do what you did.

Chloe: I trusted Jack.

Driscoll: A lot of people around here trust Jack. It doesn’t mean they’re gonna risk their careers for him. I have a suggestion. I’m gonna leave this room, call at Min. They’ll fax over some resignation papers and you’ll sign them.

Chloe: And then what?

Driscoll: And then nothing.

Chloe: I walk out?

Driscoll: You walk out.

Chloe: No jail, no sanctions?

Driscoll: That’s right. Though if you need a letter of recommendation for your next job, you probably should get it from Jack, not me.

Chloe: Right.

Driscoll: It sounds like a plan?

Chloe: Yes.


Dina: For God’s sake, pull yourself together.

Behrooz: She didn’t know anything. You didn’t have to kill her.

Dina: Yes, I did, because you didn’t have the courage to kill her yourself.

Behrooz: Courage? To poison a girl who did no harm to you at all?

Dina: Your father’s home.

[Dina takes the gun.]

Behrooz: What are you doing? She’s already dead.

Dina: If your father doesn’t see a bullet wound, he’ll ask questions. Do you want him to know that you tried to help your girlfriend escape? Do you want him to know that you failed him again? Move away.

[Dina shoots Debbie’s dead body.]

Dina: Take it. [Refers to the gun.] Take it. Behrooz, take it! Take it!

[Dina hands Behrooz the gun.]

Dina: This has to stop, Behrooz. You are my son and I love you, but I cannot let you destroy everything, everything we’ve worked so hard to achieve.

[Navi enters the house. He sees Debbie’s body on the floor.]

Navi: I know this was difficult for you, but it was necessary.

Dina: You’ll dispose of the body tonight after dark. Meanwhile, move her car. Park it somewhere where it won’t be seen, then come straight back here. Navi.

[Debbie’s cell phone rings with a loud song. Behrooz sees that Debbie’s mother is calling but does not answer.]


Marianne: What?

Edgar: You got your level 3 channel clearance?

Marianne: Yes, I did.

Edgar: So we’re done, right? I mean, I don’t think I should have to keep doing things for you. What’s this about anyway? Why do you need a level 3 clearance?

Marianne: Look, you may be happy tapping on the keyboard for the rest of your life, but I’m not. If I get an opportunity to get ahead, I intend to use it.


Chloe: That’s mine. I’ll be right back. I’m more insulted that you thought I wouldn’t notice and by the fact that you were spying on me.

Sarah: Driscoll ordered me to do it.

Chloe: Next time, do it right, using Newman filter so the subject doesn’t see red lights flashing everywhere. Amateur. Bye, Edgar.

Edgar: Could you cover for me for just a second? Chloe! Can you guys give me a moment please? I’m really sorry this happened.

Chloe: Don’t worry, Edgar. I didn’t use names. Driscoll doesn’t know you were helping me.

Edgar: She doesn’t?

Chloe: I’m the one who got you into this. I’m not gonna sell you out.

Edgar: Thank you.

Chloe: You’re a geek, Edgar. But you’re a good guy. Stay that way.

Edgar: I don’t really have a choice.

Chloe: I guess not. Good luck today. You’re gonna need it.


Driscoll: Sarah, assuming he continues driving west, what are our potential target areas?

Sarah: Well, within the time frame he mentioned, Hassan will reach one of four residential communities and two industrial areas.

Driscoll: Data mime those areas. See if you can find any suspicious activity in the last six months. Citizen complains, known associates, everything.

Sarah: You got it.

Edgar: Jack, the hostile stopped in an intersection.

Jack: OK, I got him.

[Kalil gets stopped by three men who make racial comments to him in reference to the capture of Heller.]

Guy #1: Yo, Muhammad. That’s your name, right? You did what they call all your people?

Kalil: I’m just trying to get home.

Guy #2: It would be nice if all of you went home.

Jack: Erin, three men have approached Hassan’s vehicle.

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