Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Meedogenloze martelingen voor het landsbelang’ Een onderzoek naar moraal en emotie in Jesper Kies 16 augustus 2010

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Episode 4X24: 6:00 A.M. - 7:00 A.M.
Original Air Date: 05/23/2005

TM & © 2005 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

Transcript by Nina Meyers - Posted on TWIZ TV.COM

Previously on 24:

Buchanan: The Chinese are continuing to press the case that we were involved in the assault on their consulate.

Bern: Have they managed to find evidence beyond the surveillance video of me?

Buchanan: No, and we have to make sure they don’t.

Cheng: You were part of a covert team that mounted the assault on our consulate. If you’re not gonna tell us who is ultimately responsible, that leaves you.


Buchanan: It’s stealth. We can’t track it by radar.

Tony: This missile’s traveling at a speed of 600 miles an hour, which means it can hit the target in either coast in under three hours.

Buchanan: That’s assuming it’s headed for the coast. If it’s not, it could hit its target at any time.


Logan: What is CTU gonna do now to find the missile?

Buchanan: At this point CTU no longer has any reason or expectation of finding the missile before it reaches its target.

Logan: I gave you the responsibility to stop this. You failed me, David. And you failed your country.


Jack: Drop the gun. It’s over.

Tony: Do it, Jack.

Mandy: Do you really have what it takes to let me kill him while you’re looking him in the eye?

Jack: Yes.

[Jack sees Curtis come from behind Mandy.]

Jack: Tony.

[Tony ducks as Curtis grabs Mandy. She is apprehended.]

Jack: I have the power to give you a deal signed by the President of the United States. In exchange, you’re gonna help me find Marwan and stop this warhead from hitting its target.

Mandy: Show me the deal.


The following takes place between 6:00 A.M. and 7:00 A.M.

[As Mandy is held captive, Jack calls Buchanan to find out about the Presidential pardon.]

Buchanan: Buchanan.

Jack: Bill, this is Jack. Has the President signed the pardon yet?

Buchanan: Any minute now. I don’t like that we’re cutting this woman a deal, Jack. We can’t verify she’s telling the truth until it’s too late.

Jack: We don’t have a choice. Right now she’s the only person who can lead to Marwan, and Marwan’s controlling the missile.


[President Logan prepares to sign the pardon.]

Logan: Has the Attorney General reviewed this immunity agreement?

Mike: Yes, sir. We should be getting his final approval any minute now.

Pierce: Mr. President. I’m sorry to interrupt, but there’s something you might wanna see. It may affect the immunity agreement.

Palmer: What is it, Aaron?

Pierce: The woman you’re about to pardon - I’m pretty certain you’ve met her before.

Palmer: Explain.

Pierce: May I?

Palmer: Absolutely.

Pierce: On the right is the hostile we have in custody. On the left is news footage from four and a half years ago in Los Angeles, moments before the attempt on your life.

Palmer: You’re telling me the woman we’re about to cut a deal with tried to assassinate me?

Pierce: Yes, sir.

[Mike’s cell phone rings.]

Mike: Novick.

Man: The agreement is in order, sir.

Mike: All right. Thank you.

[Mike hangs up the call.]

Mike: Mr. President, the Attorney General says the immunity agreement is in order, ready to be signed.

Logan: If I read this document right, it grants immunity not only for what this woman has done today, but for any crimes she’s ever committed in the past.

Mike: That is correct, sir.

Palmer: Sign it.


Jack: We’re trying to get you the deal, but we will pull it if the missile hits first.

Mandy: I will talk when my representatives confirm my immunity, not before.

[The phone rings.]

Curtis: Manning.

Man: This is Tom Bridges. Let me speak to my client.

Curtis: Yeah, she’s right here.

Mandy: I’m listening.

Man: I’ve just seen the document signed by the President.

Mandy: Is the paperwork in order?

Man: Yes, they granted you total immunity.

Mandy: Good.

Jack: Where’s Marwan?

Mandy: The Global Center. A helicopter is waiting for him on the roof that will be taking him to a ship.

Curtis: If he flies long enough, he’ll evade radar.

Jack: When is he leaving?

Mandy: Now.

Jack: Get the chopper ready.

Curtis: Alpha 4, it’s Manning. Get the chopper ready. We’re on the move.

Jack: She stays here until we verify this.

[Jack warns his team not to use lethal force, even in self-defense. They need Marwan alive.]

Jack: Capturing Marwan alive is our only chance of stopping this warhead from hitting its target. We are not to use lethal force, even in self defense, am I clear?

Curtis: Got it.

Jack: Let’s go.


[Marwan and an associate go up to the roof of the Global Center. He tries calling Mandy but she doesn’t answer her phone.]

Marwan: She’s not answering her phone. She should have been here already.

Man: She said she was delayed.

Marwan: We’re not waiting. How long before we get to the ship at international waters?

Man: Ten minutes.

Marwan: Something’s wrong.

[Marwan and his associate get into the chopper.]


[As Jack heads downtown, Edgar gives him the location of Marwan’s helicopter from satellite imagery.]

Jack: Edgar, it’s Jack. We’re almost there. Have you got confirmation on the target?

Edgar: We’re just repositioned the satellite. The images are coming through now. There, on top of the Global Center. I see a chopper. Southeast corner.

Jack: Copy that. I want you to take a southeast approach. Stay below the building.

Pilot: Yes, sir.


Marwan: The missile’s still on the target. We gotta get out of here.

Man: Just a few minutes until we’re up to speed.

[Jack’s chopper comes up on top of the building. Marwan sees this.]

Pilot: Roger that, we have visual on the building. Approaching northwest.

Jack: OK, come on top of the building now.

Pilot: Yes, sir.

Jack: Don’t let him take off. Stay above him!

Marwan: Go! Go!

Man: He’s right on top of me.

[Jack fires at Marwan’s helicopter and hits the rotor engine. Smoke starts to erupt and they are unable to fly.]

Marwan: No! The engine’s out.

Jack: Put me in a position to bail.

[Marwan pulls a digital device out of his pocket and fires two rounds into it. The device lies in ruin on the floor. The CTU chopper lets the agents off onto the roof of the building. Marwan flees.]

Jack: There he is.

Curtis: I got you covered.

Jack: Clear.

[Jack, Curtis and another agent chase after him into a parking garage. Marwan fires back, killing the third agent and wounding Curtis. Jack hides under a car and shoots Marwan’s ankle. Marwan goes down and fires the remaining bullets in his chamber. He crawls to an open wall in the building. Jack sprints toward him. Just as Marwan hurls himself over the side of the building, Jack grabs his arm and holds him from falling. He tries to pull Marwan up.]

Jack: Tell me where the missile is. Tell me where it is. Tell me where it is.

[With his free hand, Marwan draws a knife and slices Jack’s hand. Jack winces in pain but doesn’t let go. As Jack’s strength decreases, Marwan’s hand slides from his grasp. Marwan falls several stories down to his death.]

Jack: No. No! No!


[President Logan yells at Palmer for the botched mission that allowed Marwan to be killed.]

Logan: I don’t understand. Bauer had orders to take Marwan alive.

Palmer: I’m sure Jack did whatever he could.

Logan: That’s not good enough, David!

Palmer: CTU is searching Marwan’s helicopter, trying to find something that will help them locate the missile.

Logan: We’re out of time.

Palmer: Not yet.

Mike: Mr. President… I’m sorry to add to an already difficult situation, but the acting Chinese Consul Su Ming is on teleconference. He says it’s urgent.

Logan: Put him through.

[Mike puts the call through.]

Ming: Gentlemen, as we discussed earlier, our consulate in Los Angeles was attacked three hours ago. A Chinese citizen was abducted, and our consul killed.

Palmer: We’ve already given you our assurance that we had no knowledge of this reprehensible attack.

Ming: Which is strange, since one of your agents has confessed his direct involvement and implicated his superior as well.

Palmer: What are you talking about?

[Ming plays a video of Agent Bern reading a statement.]

Bern: My name is Howard Bern. I’m a federal agent with the Counter Terrorist Unit in Los Angeles, speaking of my own free will, under no duress. I participated in an unlawful assault on the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles. I was acting under the orders of Special Advisor to the Secretary of Defense, Jack Bauer.

Ming: Mr. Bern provided details which leave no doubt that he is telling the truth. The full tape will be forwarded to you immediately.

Palmer: Putting aside the question of how this so-called confession was obtained, what does your government expect us to do?

Ming: Mr. Bauer committed a crime at our consulate, which is Chinese territory. If he was acting without your approval, he should be turned over to our government to be tried and sentenced according to our laws.

Logan: Mr. Su, we’ll get back to you.

[Logan hangs up the call.]

Logan: Dammit, David, you said this would be handled!

Mike: I’m sure the Chinese don’t want war.

Walt: No. But they do want to embarrass us, take the moral high ground in the court of world opinion. Well, we need to take the least damaging course of action.

Mike: Unfortunately, then there’s only one option.

Logan: Which is?

Mike: We hand Bauer over to the Chinese.

Palmer: Unacceptable.

Walt: Besides, if we turn him over, he’ll implicate this administration. The Chinese made Bern talk. They’ll do the same with Bauer eventually.

Palmer: Jack Bauer would never compromise National Security.

Logan: As much as I’d like to believe that, everyone breaks.

Palmer: What you believe is irrelevant.

Walt: There is another option, Mr. President.

Logan: Go on.

Walt: Suppose something happens to Bauer? Suppose he has an accident.

Palmer: That’s an obscene suggestion.

Walt: It solves a lot of problems.

Palmer: Mr. President!

Logan: This administration does not condone murder. And it never will. Is that clear?

Walt: Yes, sir. I’m sorry, sir.


Curtis: Did you find anything on Marwan’s body?

Jack: We’re still looking. Are you OK?

Curtis: I’ll be a lot better once we take this missile down.

McAllen: Sir, we might have found something in here.

Jack: What is it?

McAllen: It’s been shot up pretty badly, but one of the drive platforms is intact. It’s some kind of tracking or navigation program with a GPS node. Adams is uplinking whatever’s left to CTU.

Jack: OK, thanks.

[Jack calls CTU.]

Buchanan: Buchanan.

Jack: Bill, it’s Jack. Forensics found something. They sent it over…

Buchanan: Chloe’s got it. She and Edgar are trying to download the interface.

Jack: Put her on.

Buchanan: I’ll put you on speaker. You’re on, Jack.

Jack: Chloe, have you got anything on that program?

Chloe: Nothing yet. Give us a second, Jack.

Edgar: It’s totally random. I can’t make any sense of it.

Chloe: Maybe try a correlation matrix.

Edgar: What’s that gonna do?

Chloe: Just do it, Edgar.

Edgar: I told you it wasn’t gonna work.

Chloe: That’s because you didn’t expand the parameter. See?

Jack: What have you got?

Chloe: Two parallel columns, but the data points are badly damaged.

Jack: What do you mean, parallel columns?

Edgar: They could be a flight path. I’ll try plotting them over the USGS map. It’s working.

Chloe: If that’s a flight path, it’s headed due west, over Nevada. It’s Los Angeles. It’s gotta be. It’s coming towards Los Angeles.

Jack: Chloe, run a time analysis.

Chloe: Assuming the missile travels at 600 miles per hour, it puts it within this 30-mile segment.

Buchanan: I’ll get those coordinates to the Air Force.

[Buchanan calls Air Force.]

Clarke: Clarke.

Buchanan: Captain Clarke, Bill Buchanan, CTU. The missile’s heading for Los Angeles. We’ve narrowed the possible coordinates. We’re uploading them to you now. OK, thanks.

[Buchanan hangs up.]

Buchanan: They have planes ready in the air now. If our projections are correct, they should be able to find it quickly.

Chloe: They’d better, since the casualty figures of an L.A. air strike would be over a million lives lost, including ours.

Buchanan: Put the military channel on speaker.

Agent: Yes, sir.

Pilot: Delta One, I’m approaching the designated segment.

Pilot #2: Roger that, Delta One. Still no joy target. Searching.

Edgar: Jack, if the missile gets shot down, could the warhead detonate?

Jack: No, the warhead is specifically designed not to blow up until it hits its designated target.

Edgar: But the force of the impact could trigger the arming mechanism, right?

Jack: It’s unlikely.

Edgar: But it is possible, right, Jack?

Jack: Yes, it’s possible, but we don’t have a choice; we’re out of time here.

Man (over radio): Delta Two, this is Air Control. We have a contact at 3846 degrees north, bearing 120. Respond.

Pilot: Closing in on those coordinates. Possible contact. Breaking left. Delta One, I’ve got tally on the target, 12:00 O’clock.

Pilot #2: Missile checks good. I’m armed.

Air Control: Delta Two, cleared to lock on target. Target acquired. Good luck. Repeat, good luck.

Pilot: Delta Two is in range. Requesting clearance to engage.

Air Control: Delta Two, target confirmed. Cleared to engage.

Pilot: I’ve got good tone. Fox two. Missile away.

[The F-18 pilot spots the missile and fires.]

Air Control: Splash one. That’s a direct hit, Delta One. The target is down. I repeat, the target is down.

[The target is shot down. The staff at CTU cheers. Jack is relieved.]


Agent: Miss Dessler, here’s the report so far. No nuclear radiation was emitted when the missile was destroyed. Debris hit the ground and there was some damage and several injuries, but no loss of life as far as we know.

Michelle: We’ll pick this up later.

[Tony enters CTU and Michelle runs to his arms.]

Michelle: When they told me you were dead…

Tony: I know. It’s all right.

Michelle: Oh, I love you. I didn’t realize how much until I thought I lost you.

Tony: What is it?

Michelle: When that woman called and she told me that she…

Tony: Hey, hey, hey… you did what you had to do.

Michelle: But I didn’t do what you did. You chose me, and I chose…

Tony: Look, we did the best we could, all right? Now it’s over.

[Tony and Michelle kiss.]


[Audrey is on the phone discussing the transport of Paul’s body when she sees Jack come in.]

Woman (over the phone): Did you get the information that I sent you?

Audrey (over the phone): No, commercial flights are still grounded. I’m… I’m trying to get Paul back on a military transport.

Woman (over the phone): Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.

Audrey (over the phone): Yeah, I haven’t taken care of his funeral arrangements yet. I still need to call his mother. Listen, I’m gonna… I’m gonna have to get back to you. There’s something that I need to deal with.

[Audrey hangs up and approaches Jack.]

Jack: Hey.

Audrey: Hey.

Jack: Your father said you’re going to Washington tomorrow.

Audrey: Yeah, I have to take care of Paul’s funeral.

Jack: Yeah. And after that? I’m sorry, I… I know this isn’t the right time to talk about everything. Maybe tomorrow before you catch your flight, we could… we could get together.

Audrey: Jack, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Jack: I thought we agreed that we… wouldn’t make those kinds of decisions today.

Audrey: I know, it’s just…

Jack: Audrey… I love you. I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. That’s all I want.

Audrey: We both know that you belong here, Jack. At CTU, doing what you do best. And thank God there are people like you who can deal with that world… But I can’t.

Jack: Please don’t say that.

Audrey: Oh, Jack. Oh, Jack. I love you. But after today, it’s just… It won’t work. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

[Audrey gives him one last kiss and walks away. Jack is stranded in her wake, devastated. His cell phone rings.]

Jack: This is Bauer.

Palmer: Jack, it’s David Palmer.

Jack: Yes, Mr. President.

Palmer: Words cannot express the debt this country owes you.

Jack: Thank you, sir.

Palmer: Jack, this is hard for me, but I don’t seem to have a choice. The Chinese have proof that you led the assault on their consulate.

Jack: What kind of proof?

Palmer: Howard Bern made a full confession. He identified you as the agent in charge.

Jack: And now the Chinese want me.

Palmer: That’s right. And we have no choice but to comply.

Jack: I see.

Palmer: But what they really want is for you to implicate the government.

Jack: Mr. President, that will never happen.

Palmer: I know that. They’ll put you on trial, propagandize about American arrogance… then put you in prison.

Jack: I understand.

Palmer: Jack, this is unfair, to say the least, and I’m ashamed of my part in it. But I promise you this: I will make it my life’s purpose to bring you back to American soil as soon as humanly possible.

Jack: I know you’ll do what you can, sir.

Palmer: Secret Service is sending over an agent to CTU. He’ll place you under house arrest, but you’ll have some time to put your affairs in order. Jack, my friend, I wish there was something else I could say.

Jack: Mr. President, you’re doing what has to be done. So will I.

Palmer: I know you will. Thank you, Jack.

Jack: Thank you, sir.


[Cummings speaks with Secret Service Agent Dale Spaulding, who is on his way to CTU, over the phone.]

Walt: This is a messy situation. Even if Bauer doesn’t implicate the President in the attack on the consulate, there are other problems. Bauer is Special Advisor to the Secretary of Defense, which makes him a high-value prisoner. A gold mine of information. The Chinese could squeeze him dry.

Spaulding: You’re right.

Walt: Plus, the Chinese could share the information with any intelligence agency in the world. Eventually, what they get out of Bauer could find its way into the hands of terrorists. This could set us back years.

Spaulding: So the bottom line is…

Walt: Oh, I don’t think you need me to spell that out for you.

Spaulding: I assume this isn’t coming from President Logan.

Walt: Absolutely not. He’s expressly forbidden it. But that doesn’t mean he’d be sorry if it happened.

Spaulding: So any investigation into Bauer’s death…

Walt: Will be brief and superficial. I’ll see to it personally.

Spaulding: Fine. I’ll take care of it.

Walt: Good.

[Cummings does not notice that Novick has overheard his entire conversation with Spaulding.]


Palmer: The President ordered Jack be extradited, not murdered.

Mike: Cummings wants Bauer dead so the Chinese can’t question him.

Palmer: President Logan shut him down. We were both there.

Mike: It was a weak rebuke, at best.

Palmer: This is still conjecture on your part, based on one side of a conversation.

Mike: I know what I heard, and I know Cummings. You don’t.

Palmer: You really think he’s capable of doing something like this?

Mike: He’s been doing Logan’s dirty work for the last 15 years. Logan’s gotten used to looking the other way. I’d tell the President myself, but he won’t listen to me. If you don’t intervene now, it may be too late.

[Logan and his aides are in his office.]

Aide: And the Prime Minister is offering to host a conference in London for improving the flow of intelligence information among nations.

Logan: Tell him I accept his gracious offer.

Aide: Maybe you should tell him yourself, sir. I think he wants to congratulate you personally for steering the country so effectively in its time of crisis.

Logan: Set up a call.

Aide: Yes, sir.

[Palmer comes in to see Logan.]

Logan: David. I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of goodwill from heads of state around the world.

Palmer: Well-deserved, Mr. President.

Logan: You played a role, David. You played a role.

Palmer: Thank you, sir.

Logan: So… What can I do for you?

Palmer: Would you excuse us? I’d like a moment alone with the President.

Aide: Yes, sir.

[The aides leave the office.]

Palmer: Sir, I have reason to believe that your Security Chief may be preempting your decision to hand Jack Bauer over to the Chinese.

Logan: Preempting me how?

Palmer: By killing him before they can take custody.

Logan: Oh, for God’s sake, David, Cummings was just speaking hypothetically. You can’t take that at face value. Besides which, I told him it wasn’t an option.

Palmer: All I’m asking you to do, sir, is to talk to Cummings, and make sure he understands your order.

Logan: David, I can’t indulge some half-baked conspiracy…

Palmer: I think I’ve earned the privilege of having my concerns taken seriously.

Logan: You have. But it’s also no secret that your presidency was infected with a certain level of paranoia and scandal. I won’t allow that in my administration. Questioning my Security Chief would not only undermine his authority, it would compromise mine, as well.

Palmer: Hear no evil.

Logan: I beg your pardon?

Palmer: You heard me.

Logan: David, thank you again for your assistance today, but it’s time for you to go back to civilian life and let me do my job.

[Palmer leaves Logan’s office.]


[Tony is in the CTU locker room as Jack enters.]

Tony: Hi, Jack.

Jack: Hey.

Tony: I just found out that Logan’s gonna make you take the fall for everything that happened at the Chinese consulate.

Jack: No one’s making me do anything. The President didn’t have a choice.

Tony: Yeah? Well, that doesn’t make it fair, does it?

Jack: It is what it is.

[Jack’s cell phone rings.]

Jack: This is Bauer.

Palmer: Jack, are you still at CTU?

Jack: Yes, sir. Tony Almeida’s just about to debrief me.

Palmer: Listen to me very carefully. Do not turn yourself in. The man they sent to take you into custody has orders to kill you.

Jack: Orders from who?

Palmer: Someone in Logan’s camp. They think the Chinese will break you.

Jack: Logan authorized this?

Palmer: Not directly, but he won’t do anything to stop it. Now, listen to me. Get out of there now.

Jack: Thank you, sir.


Buchanan: Bill Buchanan, Regional Director of Division, Los Angeles.

Spaulding: Dale Spaulding, Secret Service. You’ll have to sign this before I take Bauer.

Buchanan: What is it?

Spaulding: Chain of custody authorization.

Buchanan: I’m not signing anything till Bauer’s been debriefed. When that happens, he’s all yours.

Spaulding: Fair enough.

Buchanan: We’d be burying a million Americans right now if it wasn’t for Jack Bauer. He’s a hero.

Spaulding: I’m sure he is. I’m just following orders.

Buchanan: I want him treated with the respect he deserves.

Spaulding: Of course.

[An alarm goes off.]

Chloe: Tony’s on line one. He says it’s urgent. Something to do with Jack.

Buchanan: Buchanan.

Tony: Bill, it’s Tony. Jack escaped.

Buchanan: Escaped?

Tony: He took me by surprise. There was nothing I could do.

Buchanan: Dammit.

Tony: Look, he’s still inside the building, somewhere in Section C. I’m the one who ordered the lockdown.

Buchanan: I’ll be right there.

Tony: All right.

Buchanan: Bauer’s trying to get away.


Michelle: Jack disabled the surveillance feed a minute ago.

Buchanan: Were you able to make visual contact before that?

Chloe: Yes, he’s still in Section C.

Buchanan: Jack was willing to turn himself over to the Chinese. What happened?

Tony: I can’t say for sure, but he did get a phone call.

Buchanan: Who from?

Tony: I don’t know. I was waiting for him to finish up, the next thing I know I’m on the ground. He cold-cocked me.

Spaulding: Does Bauer have a weapon?

Tony: Yeah.

Spaulding: How many entrances and exits?

Tony: Four. They’re all blocked off.

Spaulding: We’ll try to punch through them.

Tony: Yeah, but I have two guards posted at each point.

Spaulding: I’m not taking any chances.

Buchanan: What are you doing?

Spaulding: Going after him.

Buchanan: Wait a second.

Spaulding: I’ve got orders to take Jack Bauer into custody. I intend to execute those orders.

Buchanan: This building is my jurisdiction.

Spaulding: You lost jurisdiction when you lost Bauer. If you want me to stand down, call the President. Otherwise, stay out of my way.

Tony: Then I’m going with you.

Spaulding: No, you’re not. I’m doing this alone.

Buchanan: Either you take Tony, or you’re not going in.

Spaulding: Follow me.

[Tony and Spaulding enter Section C, and Jack fires at them. Tony calls out to Jack, who hides.]

Tony: Jack, it’s Tony. Are you in here? Come on, let’s talk! It doesn’t have to go down like this! Jack, give it up!

Spaulding: Stay out of my way.

Tony: This is over! I’m gonna go bring Jack out. You wanna stop me, you can shoot me in the back. Jack, I’m putting my weapon down. I’m coming in.

[Tony puts his weapon down and approaches Jack’s location.]

Tony: Jack? Jack!

[Tony finds Jack lying on the ground with a pool of blood at his head. Spaulding checks Jack’s pulse and confirms that Jack is dead.]

Tony: He’s dead. You killed him.

Spaulding: He was shooting at us.

Tony: He was aiming wide. He was laying down cover fire. If he wanted to hit us, he’d have hit us!

[Buchanan, Michelle and Chloe come in and are shocked.]

Chloe: Oh, my God, Jack.

[Tony lashes out at Spaulding in anger.]

Tony: You killed him, you son of a bitch! You killed him!

Buchanan: Get him out of here! Take him to the Situation Room. I’m sorry.

Michelle: Oh, God, Jack.

[Buchanan follows Spaulding out.]

Tony: Give me the epinephrine.

[Michelle gives a syringe of epinephrine to Tony, who injects it into Jack’s heart.]

Chloe: I hope it’s not too late. He really looks dead.

Michelle: That was the idea, Chloe.

Chloe: How fast is it supposed to take effect?

[Jack doesn’t respond to the shot. Tony panics.]

Tony: Come on, Jack! Come on, man!

[Tony starts pumping furiously at Jack’s chest.]

Michelle: Tony…

Tony: Come on, Jack! Dammit!

[Suddenly, Jack gasps for air and wakes up.]

Tony: Hey, hey, hey. Can you hear me? You know where you are?

Jack: Yeah.

Tony: All right, Chloe, I need you to run interference with the local coroner until we can switch bodies. Make sure their database synchs up with Jack’s information.

Chloe: That won’t cover the autopsy.

Tony: There’s not gonna be an autopsy. They wanted Jack dead. Now he’s dead.


Audrey: Bill… I just talked to my father. He said that Jack was being handed over to the Chinese government?

Buchanan: He was supposed to be, but he, uh… tried to escape.

Audrey: I don’t understand.

Buchanan: Neither do I.

Audrey: No.

Buchanan: Audrey…

Audrey: No, don’t say it. No.

Buchanan: I’m sorry.

[Audrey figures out what happened and she is stunned. A tear falls down her cheek.]


[Tony drives Michelle in her car out of the CTU parking lot. Jack hides in the backseat.]

Tony: All right, we’re clear.

Michelle: Are you sure you’re OK, Jack?

Jack: Yeah, I’m fine. You both need to get back to CTU before anyone gets suspicious. Tony, you can drop me off anywhere up there.

Tony: All right. We’ve secured you a new identity. It should help you get across the border.

Jack: OK. Did you get me a clean phone?

Michelle: Yeah. Here’s a scramble filter. You can talk up to one minute undetected.

Jack: I can’t thank you both enough for everything.

[Michelle and Tony are too sad to look at Jack.]

Jack: You gotta get going.

[Jack gets out of the car with a bag they have prepared for him.]

Tony: Jack… Be careful.

Jack: Yeah. You too. Thank you both for everything.

[Jack shakes Tony’s hand and smiles at Michelle. Tony and Michelle drive off. Jack hides behind some crates and dials Palmer.]

Palmer: Palmer.

Jack: Mr. President, it’s Jack Bauer.

Palmer: You threaded the eye of the needle.

Jack: I had some help, sir. I wanted to thank you for advising me of the situation. Mr. President, you saved my life.

Palmer: I’m only sorry it came to this.

Jack: Me too, sir. I just wanted to let you know that I was out.

Palmer: I’m glad. This is probably the last time we’ll ever speak. Jack, you do understand when you hang up, for all intents and purposes, Jack Bauer’s dead.

Jack: I understand that, sir. Mr. President, it’s been an honor.

Palmer: Same for me, my friend.

[Jack hangs up the call. As the sun rises, Jack puts on a pair of sunglasses and

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