Negations Ontkenningen Cross out ◊

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Negations Ontkenningen Cross out ◊

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Negations - Ontkenningen
1. Cross out ◊

Streep het foute woord in de zin door.

  1. We don’t / doesn’t like musicals.

  2. My mother don’t / doesn’t work in a hospital.

  3. Michael Owen don’t / doesn’t play football in Holland.

  4. Tigers don’t / doesn’t swim in the sea.

  5. I don’t / doesn’t like heavy metal music.

2. Cross out ◊

Je ziet hier een e-mail van Jennifer aan haar Engelse penvriendin Mindy. Jennifer mailt Mindy voor de eerste keer en vertelt en vraagt haar een aantal dingen. Streep door wat fout is.

Dear Mindy,

How are you? My name is Jennifer Dekker and I’m 13 years old. I live in the Netherlands, in Hoofddorp. Hoofddorp [1] isn’t / aren’t very far from Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. There are many people in Hoofddorp, but there [2] isn’t / aren’t as many as in Amsterdam. [3] Do you live / You live in a big city? I live here with my parents and my brother Tom. Most of the time we get along, but sometimes I [4] can’t / can stand him. [5] Do you have / Have you a brother? [6] Do he drive / Does he drive you crazy too sometimes? I’m writing this email during our English class, because we have to write an email to a student in England. I like my English lessons very much, but I [7] don’t like / like not maths. Nobody in my class likes maths. I [8] don’t have got / haven’t got many hobbies. I like tennis and horseriding. The boys in my class think horseriding is stupid. They [9] don’t like / doesn’t like it one bit. [10] Do you have / You have a lot of hobbies? [11] Are you / You are into horseriding, too? Well, that’s all. I [12] can / can’t think of anything more to write. I hope you will write back soon. [13] Can you / Can’t you tell me something about yourself and your family?

3. Cross out ◊

Streep door wat fout is.

Interviewer: Hello, Josh. How are you?

Josh: I [1] am not / am just great, thanks.

Interviewer: I’d like to ask you a few questions about your hobby.

Josh: That [2] is / is not fine. Go ahead.

Interviewer: Okay. Is skydiving a cheap hobby?

Josh: No, skydiving [3] is not / is a cheap hobby. I think it [4] is not / is quite expensive.

Interviewer: Are you afraid of heights?

Josh: No, I [5] am not / am afraid of heights.

Interviewer: Do you have any brothers and sisters?

Josh: I don’t have any sisters but I do have one brother. His name [6] is not / is Ed.

Interviewer: Does Ed like skydiving, too?

Josh: No, he [7] is not / is fond of skydiving.

Interviewer: What does he like then?

Josh: Actually, Ed [8] is / is not into anything. He doesn’t have any real


Interviewer: And what about your parents. Do they like skydiving?

Josh: No, they [9] are not / are into skydiving either.

Interviewer: Do you do anything together as a family?

Josh: Yes, of course we do! Although we [10] are / are not all crazy

about skydiving, we [11] are / are not fond of watching TV together.

Interviewer: Well, Josh, thanks for the interview.

Josh: You [12] are not / are welcome!

Schrijf nu de verkorte vormen op. Bij de ontkenningen hoef je maar één verkorte vorm op te schrijven.

4. Write down ◊◊

Write the sentences

Zet de volgende zinnen in de ontkennende vorm. Gebruik alleen de verkorte vorm.

  1. My name is Anthony.

  2. I am 15 years old.

  3. My brother is five years old

  4. My parents are fond of football.

  5. My sister is good at rugby.

  6. My family is from Cornwall.

5. Write down ◊◊

Write down the sentences

Maak de zinnen ontkennend. Gebruik cannot of can’t.

  1. I can speak English very well.

  2. I can call you tomorrow night.

  3. They can play the piano.

  4. She can walk on her hands.

  5. My father can help me with my homework.

  6. We can tell great jokes.

  7. I can hear you.

  8. We can go to the cinema tonight.

6. Write down ◊◊

Give the answers

Maak de volgende zinnen ontkennend.

  1. Peter is at home.

  2. We are glad to see you.

  3. A bat can fly.

  4. I can come to school tomorrow.

  5. They can help you.

  6. Wolves live in houses.

  7. Shirley likes apples very much.

  8. The teacher reads a book.

  9. My uncle eats a lot of fish.

  10. Snakes have very sharp teeth.

7. Fill in ◊◊

Fill in

Maak ontkenningen van de werkwoorden tussen haakjes.
My uncle lives in Africa. My uncle [1]__________ (want) to live in the Netherlands. He says it’s too cold here. That’s why he lives in Africa. But in Africa you have big spiders. My uncle [2]__________ (be) afraid of spiders. I think they are creepy. He says spiders [3]__________ (be) scary animals. He [4]__________ (hate) them. We [5]__________ (kill) spiders, he says. We just put them in our garden. We [6]__________ (want) big spiders in our house, because when it’s dark they look for warm places and you [7]__________ (can) see them. My uncle likes spiders, but it [8]__________ (be) fun to have a big spider in your bed.
8. Fill in ◊◊

Fill in the right form

Lees onderstaand krantenbericht en vul de juiste vorm van het werkwoord in.

De zinsdelen die je in moet vullen, moeten ontkennend zijn. Kijk naar het voorbeeld in de titel.

Pets and their owners together at one table? That can’t be true.


A new restaurant in China allows its customers to eat at the same table as their pets.

The menu consists of meals for pets but also drinks and snacks for their owners. It [1]__________ (be) only just for cats and dogs, but pet owners also bring along rabbits, birds and other animals. One customer, Chen Shiyuan, said: ‘My pet [2]__________ (like) food from the supermarket that much, so I take my pet to this restaurant every now and then. She can make friends and enjoy food especially made for her here.’ However, critics [3]__________ (think) the restaurant is very hygienic. They say you [4]__________ (put) animals and people at one table to enjoy a meal together. That is not very hygienic. Gu Zhenhua, director of the Shanghai Food Administration Bureau, said: ‘There [5]__________ (be) a law that forbids pets from eating with their owners. But I [6]__________ (feel) it’s appropriate for owners and their pets to eat at the same table in public.’ Liu Xiaomei, manager of the club, said: ‘Public health is certainly a big concern for us. We disinfect our dishes three times every day. And all the members are asked to show a health certificate for their pets before entering the club.’

9. Fill in ◊◊

Fill in

Maak vragen en ontkenningen met to have (got).
< Do you know that I’ve got a new PlayStation game?

> No! Cool! Which one?

< ‘007’. [1]__________ any new games?

> No, I [2]__________ . I’ve got a GameBoy but I [3]__________ a PlayStation.

< So which games [4]__________ ?

> Well, Super Mario, of course. Let me see…I think I’ve got nine games.

< Nine games? But you [5]__________ a ‘007’?

> No, it’s not a GameBoy game.

< I see. Look, come home with me and we can play ‘007’.

> Oh, I’m sorry. I [6]__________ time now. Maybe tomorrow.

10. Fill in ◊◊◊

Complete the sentences

You receive an email from Rick in which he answers your questions. Fill in the missing words, using negations.

Thanks for your email. My holiday was a big disaster. It all started at the airport. My uncle (vb) wasn' t at the airport to pick us up. He thought we would arrive the next day. It rained the whole week, so I [1]__________ go surfing. It was too dangerous. My father [2]__________ fishing and my sister [3]__________ swim, because that was too dangerous, too. My father was grumpy all week long. Luckily, my mother [4]__________ to work all week long. She had left her laptop outside in the rain on the day we arrived and now it’s out of order. She [5]__________ mind it too much, because now she had some time to spend with her family. We went on a tour by bus to Barcelona and that was great. We would visit the Barcelona football stadium at the end of the tour, but we got stuck in the traffic in the city centre. There was not enough time left to visit the stadium. Can you believe that? I’ve been to Barcelona, but I [6]__________ visit the football stadium. What a bummer!

I hope your holiday was much better!



  • 7. Fill in ◊◊
  • [2]__________
  • [7]__________
  • [1]__________
  • [3]__________
  • [5]__________

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