Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (nro) Programme Council for Fundamental Scientific Education Research (proo) Postdocs in Education Research Application form

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Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (nro) Programme Council for Fundamental Scientific Education Research (proo) Postdocs in Education Research Application form

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Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO)
Programme Council for Fundamental Scientific Education Research (PROO)
Postdocs in Education Research
Application form

Basic details

  1. Details of the applicant

Full name, title:

 male

Address for correspondence:

 female



2. Title of the research proposal

3. Summary of the research proposal

(max. 200 words, plus max. 5 KEYWORDS.)

4. Main field of research

(For all applications it is compulsory to fill out one or more research fields that correspond to the subject of your research proposal. You can only refer to the descriptions and codes from the NWO research field list. Please find the list via:

If applicable: other fields of research, in order of relevance:

5. Please draft a public summary of your research proposal (preferably in Dutch).

Summarise your proposed research in maximum 40 words.

6. Planned duration of visit

Minimum 12 months and maximum 24 months. Indicate how many months you want to apply for and the actual equivalent (fte).

7. Intended starting date

No earlier than 1 August 2016, no later than 1 November 2016.

Curriculum Vitae

The CV has a maximum of 3 pages, excluding the Possible impact of the project, Motivation and the Publication list.
1a. Personal details

Title(s), initial(s), first names (in full), surname:

1b. Master's (doctoraal)

University/College of Higher Education:


Date of the certificate:

Main subject:
1c. Doctorate (promotie)

University/College of Higher Education:

Date and place of (intended) doctoral degree as stated on your certificate:

Supervisor (‘Promotor’):

Title of thesis:
Note: If you have not yet received your PhD you must include a manuscript approval form in your application.
1d. Extension clause

Indicate whether you need to make use of the extension clause. This is only necessary if the time between your doctorate date and the deadline exceeds the maximum period of 1 year. In that case, it is important to contact the secretary of this programme ( before submitting your application.


Not applicable

I have permission to make use of the extension clause

1e. Current employment and work experience since graduating (see 1b)

Fixed term (Y/N)

Permanent position (Y/N)

Full time equivalent

Start date

End date



Scientific discipline

PhD student



1f. Man-years of research

Give all the time you have spent on research in a total number of months. The committee will evaluate your track record with regard to this number. If there are any gaps in your CV, you may explain them here.

1g. Brief summary of pre- and/or postdoctoral research experience
(max. 300 words)
1h. International activities and extended periods of study/research abroad

If subsidised, please specify grant source.

1i. Scholarships and prizes
1j. Other academic activities
1k. Publications

The applicant's authorship of publications (such as articles in internationally recognised academic journals) is a factor of considerable importance in the assessment of the application

  • List your five top publications including one or two sentences on what your contribution to each publication was. Items should be listed as follows:

- author(s);

- title;

- journal (issue, year, pages, impact factor)

  • List all publications, lectures, abstracts and manuscripts, separated from the list above, but using the same classification. Categorize the list into existing, accepted and submitted publications

  • Please list the top 5 journals in your research area (with impact factor), separated from the list above, but using the same classification.

1l. Motivation (max. 350 words)

In this section you explain why you desire to carry out postdoctoral research and why your CV is fitted for the envisaged research. The motivation also provides an opportunity to explain particular situations, eg delay in the PhD research.

1m. Possible impact of the project on your personal career

Describe what kind of impact you expect your grant to have (if granted) and what your plans are after finishing the project.

Research proposal

Important note: Please take into account that a multidisciplinary advisory committee will have to read and understand your proposal. Therefore we advise you to ensure that your proposal is tailored for an audience consisting of experts with various scientific backgrounds.
2a. Proposed research

Describe the proposed research as accurately as you can within the maximum number of maximum 2000 words on no more than 6 pages, not including references; the word count includes footnotes, figure captions and tables.

You must at least include information on the following subcriteria:

  • the subject and aim of the research

  • innovative aspect of research proposal

  • plan of activities (including research timetable and phasing)

  • research method(s) to be used

  • current state of knowledge in the field and how the planned research will advance this

  • means of publication/dissemination of research results

2b. Literature references

List all relevant literature here and include full bibliographical details, e.g. Authors, Title article, Title book/journal, ed., year, page nrs.

2c. Ethical aspects

Possible relevant aspects are:

  • research on animals

  • informed consent

  • privacy and data protection

  • research on human Embryonic Stem Cells

  • research involving developing countries

  • biosecurity/dual use

    1. Please give a summary of which measures have been or will be taken with regard to ethical aspects of your research.

    1. Indicate for each approval necessary whether the approval has been received, applied for or not yet applied for:

Not applicable

Not yet applied for*

Applied for*


Approval from a recognised medical ethics review committee

Approval from an animal experiments committee

Permission for research with the population screening Act

* You must send a copy of the applicable documents to NWO before your project can start.

    1. I endorse and when applicable will act accordingly:


not applicable

the code of conduct for use of laboratory animals

the code of conduct for biosecurity/possibility for dual use of the expected results

2d. Grant budget

The agreement concluded between NWO and VSNU at Octobre 2nd 2008, concerning the employership that is arranged by the universities and the agreed salary fees, shall apply to the granting of subsidies. The calculation of the staff costs (must be based on these current fixed salary fees).

Total costs by NWO for the entire Interlinked Research Project


Staff under VSNU



Total in €

post-doctoral researcher*

Running costs:

Type of running costs


Total in €

General running costs, including knowledge exchange. Please specify.

max 5.000

Open Access




Total running costs:

Total budget requested from NWO:

  • Senior researcher (including post-docs and other researchers at a comparable level): scale/step 11.0.

  • Fill out the time you spend on your research. An fte of 1.0 is equivalent to a full-time researcher. An fte of 0.75 signals three quarters of a full work load.

2e. If you have requested any additional grants for this project either from NWO or from any other source, please specify the sort of grant, the amount and the source.

Note: Should you learn the result of any such application, please inform NWO immediately both of the outcome and of the amount of any support awarded.

2f. Any other important remarks with regard to this application

Host institute

3a. Full name and address of the host institute

Note that there is only one host institute possible.

3b. Website of the host institute
3c. Name, position and email address of the supervisor at the host institute

See also the form of acceptance to be completed by the host institute.

3d. Describe what contacts have already been established with the host institute (max. 200 words)
3e. Indicate why you prefer to carry out your research at the host institute including (max. 400 words)

  • Reasons for choosing this particular research group

  • Reasons for choosing this particular supervisor

  • In what way your research fits the already existing research line(s) at the host institute

  • Any other motivation for your choice of the host institute

3f. List the five key publications of the research group at the host institute over the last five years






Knowledge exchange and impact

Max. 400 words excluding literature references or figures
4a. Relevance of the results and/or insights from the research for and the contribution to educational practice
4b. Describe the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed approach for knowledge exchange and impact with respect to meeting the need(s) of educational practice and third parties within and outside of the academic sector
4c. Indicate the period in which possible knowledge exchange and impact is expected to occur
4d. Describe how the researcher might intend to contribute to the realisation of the possible knowledge exchange and impact

Appendices and word count

Please submit the application to NWO in electronic form (pdf format is required!) using the ISAAC system, which can be accessed via the NWO website (

Do not forget to attach the

  • two mandatory recommendation forms

  • the mandatory acceptance form and

  • the manuscript approval form (if necessary).

5. Recommendation letters

Give the title(s), initial(s), surname and university of the two references expressing support for the application on the two recommendation forms (aanbevelingsbrieven) accompanying the application

1. Name:


2. Name:


The recommendation letters should preferably be submitted by the applicant through the ISAAC system but if the authors of the letters have objections to that procedure, they may send their letters by email to Fill in the box, choose yes or no.

The letters are attached to this application


The letters will be sent by e-mail to proo



6. Statements by the Applicant

I do not hold a postdoc position


I have completed this form truthfully





Deadline for submitting this form: April 12th, 2016, at 2 PM CET.

Please submit the application to NWO in electronic form (pdf format is required!) using the ISAAC system, which can be accessed via the NWO website ( The application must be submitted from the account of the applicant mentioned under question 1. For any technical questions regarding submission, please contact the ISAAC helpdesk (

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