Newsletter October 2016 Radboud Interdisciplinary Gender & Diversity Studies

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Newsletter October 2016 Radboud Interdisciplinary Gender & Diversity Studies

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Film and introduction to 'No men beyond this point'

Inscience film festival

Date: Friday November 4 2016
Time: 13:15 - 14:55
Lux Nijmegen
Professor Marieke van den Brink

'No men beyond this point' is a science-fiction mockumentary set in an alternate world where in the 1950s, humans began reproducing by parthenogenesis. Sexual reproduction became rarer and rarer, and the babies born by way of parthenogenesis were all female, so that by the 2010s (when the mock documentary is filmed), the youngest male human on Earth is 37 years old; he is the ostensible subject of the mock documentary.

Marieke van den Brink, professor in Gender & Diversity Studies at Radboud University, will give an introduction to the film. She researches the workings of gender and diversity in the labour market. In her introduction professor van den Brink will address causes and consequences of gender diversity in organisations. Are men and women really different? And how would organisations be different with only women?

Trailer 'No men beyond this point'

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