Outdoor trainings start coming Friday 14/4 from 16: 30-18: 30 for all age groups

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Outdoor trainings start coming Friday 14/4 from 16: 30-18: 30 for all age groups

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Dear All,
Outdoor trainings start coming Friday 14/4 from 16:30-18:30 for all age groups. From that point on they will be held all wednesdays for the U11-U13 from 16:00-18:00 and fridays from 16:30-18:30 for all age groups. On Friday parents and kids are invited to enjoy dinner after training in the clubhouse.
The official opening of the outdoor season is planned on Friday 21st of april. Time of training remains the same but parents are invited for an information meeting from 17:00 at the club house. We will detail the season coming and present some of the oversea coaches that will help with trainings this year.

This will of course be followed by a BBQ to which you are all invited. Hoping to see you in numbers!
Closing indoor season

We closed the indoor season with an indoor tournament last Saturday. Thanks to Mike and Ashwani for organizing everything and of course to the boys and parents for attending,
Flamingo indoor tournament

The U13 played last week-end, while both U13 and U15 had played the week-end before. Summaries of U13's games can also be found below. Both teams are qualified for the finals on Sunday April 23rd.
U13 9/4
Kampong U13 moesten hun laatste twee wedstrijden spelen van de wedstrijd afgelopen zondag. Ze wonnen de eerste wedstrijd tegen Excelsior met 105 1 (103 runs) en linker Excelsior met 56 4 (44 punten). Juvan (25), Owais (2), Siddarth (25), Ashmit (13) en Samanyu (18) en Thijmen gespeeld.
De tweede wedstrijd tegen ACC verloren (eerste en enige verlies match) met 68 5 (53 runs) Kampong en 72 1 (69) van ACC.
Na 10 wedstrijden Kampong geplaatst voor de finale op 25 april met 18 punten !!
Veel succes voor de finale !!
U13 2/4

Today two matches against VCC and two against Qui Vive were sceduled. So far VCC had won also all their matches. It promised to be an interesting day!

Kampong started against Qui Vive with: Omkar, Owais, Ashmit, Samanyu and Juvan. After Omkar got out out at the first ball the boys were ‘woken up’. but still needed some time to the into the game en reached 81 for 3 (72 runs), with Samanyu 21 runs, Owais 16, Juvan 12 and Ashmit 4. Qui Vive also lost a wicket at their first ball and quite some more and finished with 56 for 6 (38 runs).

The the first match against VCC started with Kampong (Omkar, Mees, Thijssen, Ashmit, Pravin and Samanyu) batting first. They got respectable 72 for 4 ( 60 runs). Omkar received 27 runs and had to retire. Then VCC went batting and after 7 overs they had 63 runs for 3 (Kampong had 70 for 3 after 7 overs): the last over Kampong got 3 wickets and gave away only 8 runs. They won with 7 runs as VCC ended with 71 for 6 (53 runs). What an exciting and good match this was!

Next match Kampong faces Qui Vive again. Pravin, Thijssen, Juvan, Mees, Owais and Lennart were playing and won this game with 91 for 4 (79 runs) and left Qui Vive with 63 for 3 (54 runs). Mees got 25 runs, Juvan 16, Pravin 14, Lennart 7 and Thijmen 2.

Last match again against VCC with Omkar, Mees, Thijmen, Pravin and Samanyu playing. kampong started batting and gave an excellent "show" with Omkar retiring after 26 runs, Mees retiring after 27 runs, Thijmen making 16 runs. Only Pravin got out after making 9 runs so the last two balls Samanyu came in and finished the over with 6 more runs: 95 for 1 (92 runs). VCC couldn’t beat that and finished with 79 for 2 ( 73 runs).

So again Kampong won all their matches. Congratulations and thanks to Prashant for coaching and parents help.
Dagmar ( and Smita) scoring

  • The official opening of the outdoor season
  • Closing indoor season

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