Paper in the lead role Dutch contemporary paper art

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Paper in the lead role Dutch contemporary paper art

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Press release
Paper in the lead role

Dutch contemporary paper art
Paper: in the form of books, magazines, newspapers and folders we can't live without it. But this everyday material can also be used in very different ways. To artists, it is a resource of almost unlimited possibilities. Some stunning examples can be seen at the exhibit Paper in the lead role - Dutch contemporary paper art, at the Gorcums Museum from 2 May to 13 September 2015. An exhibit with recent work by about 20 Dutch artists, ranging from modest to extrovert.

Visiting the exhibit is like a walk through the amazing world of paper, that will leave you astonished by the abundance of forms, colours and techniques. Boukje Voet's work is very cheerful, for instance. She loves books, not to read them, but to cut and tear them apart. In this way, she transforms them into new objects, whose forms often refer to the book's contents. A book called 'Flowers, grasses and branches' she turned into a tender arrangement of herbal and floral forms. Frits Achten's work is also heavily influenced by nature. With paper pulp and glue, layer by layer, he builds his bewildering creatures that seem to come to life in the museum's hall.


Of a modest nature, but of a great power of expression, are the works made by Peter Bes. A 'three-dimensional portrait artist', he creates man-sized shapes, built from cardboard tapestry rolls, painting mat paperboard and sheets of paper. His 'models' are usually lonely souls, such as displaced Eastern Europeans or emigrants. The blues, caught in paper. Another artist inspired by human life is Kuin Heuff. She paints portraits of often gigantic dimensions. Then, she cuts up the work, with her knife following the brush strokes. The painted image is thus partly removed, leaving the essential in its place, consisting of a fascinating interplay of lines.


Participating artist are, among others: Frits Achten, Johnny Beerens, Mariƫlle van den Bergh, Peter Bes, Marian Bijlenga, Helene Briels, Nikki van Es, Sjef Henderickx, Kuin Heuff, Martine Horstman, Joris Kuipers, Ayuk Kuperus, Couzijn van Leeuwen, Hans Meertens, Mieke Meijer, Berdien Nieuwenhuizen, Henriƫtte Santing, Marian Smit / Maurice Christo van Meijel, Jan Eric Visser, Boukje Voet, Katrien Vogel en Marleen van Wijngaarden.

While curating this diverse exhibit, the Gorcums Museum was advised by Museum Rijswijk, which every two years organises a successful paper exhibition.

Complementing the exhibit is a programme of activities with demonstrations, lectures and workshops. Dutch secondary school pupils are invited to make works inspired by the exhibit, which will be on display at the museum in late September.

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This press release's digital file, along with high-definition digital images, can be downloaded through the museum website:
If you have any questions, please contact our curator, Mr. Rob Kreszner,, tel. +31 6-13647379

  • Paper in the lead role - Dutch contemporary paper art

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