Pieter Van wassenhove. Married. From this marriage: Pieter Van wassenhove

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Pieter Van wassenhove. Married. From this marriage: Pieter Van wassenhove

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Donald PRICE, born 1872.

From this marriage:

1. Francis PRICE, born on 20071909, died on 20071909, 0 days old.

2. Norman Bernard PRICE (see also XI.117 on page Error: Reference source not found).

3. Vera Louise PRICE, born on 29101913, died on 08101977 at the age of 63. From Descendants of Frank Stark by Waneta R. Stark Page 101

Vera was born in Toledo, Ohio of Donald and Louise (Stark)Price onOctober 29, 1913. After her mother's death in 1915,she and her brother,Norman, lived with their grandparents, Frank and Sarah Stark of Erie.Vera was always a gogetter, never satisfied to just sit still and letlife pass her by Frances, her mother's youngest sister, was still livingat home when Vera and Norman came to live withthem and they grew upmore as sisters than aunt and niece.
Sarah was in Detroit helping out her daughterinlaw, Belle, andVera just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get into mischief. Withjust her and Frances at home, Vera said, "Frances, let's eat one of thespring chickens, fix mashed potatoes and gravy, and everything, and nottell Ma (Sarah)." Frannie replied, "I won't kill the chicken. If youwant to, go ahead." So Sis (as Frances called Vera)killed the chickenand they both had a grand meal. Afterwards, as they sat looking at theleavings, they decided that they had better get rid of the evidencebefore Sarah found out what they had done. You could always count on Sisto figure something out. She told Frannie, "I'll take the bones out backand bury thee,.. Then M will never know what we did." Sarah never foundout what happened to the missing spring chicken.
Vera entered St. Mary's Convent in Monroe, Michigan on September 8,1929. She took her vows January 2, 1931 after attending St. MaryAcademy. After receiving a bachelor's degree from Marygrove College inDetroit, she began her teaching career at St. Michael's School in 1937.She later transferred to St. John's School in Monroe where she taughtfrom 1942 to 1945. From 1969 to 1971, she taught at St. Joseph's Schoolin Erie, Michigan. Her last assignment was at Holy Redeemer School inDetroit where she taught from 1973 until September of 1977 when shebecame ill. She passed away in

St. Mary's Infirmary in Monroe where she had been for only two days.Mass was conducted in the Motherhouse Chapel with the Rev. RobertHirsch, CSsR as the principal celebrant. She was buried in St. Mary'sCemetery.
Sister Rita Ann (later known as Sister Rita Ann Price) belonged tothe order of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Everyone in the family canrecall seeing her at most of the family gettogethers. She cared verymuch for her family, always trying to be in on everything that was goingon.
After the sisters became more liberal with their dress code, SisterRita Ann was always seen wearing one particular thing: something red. Itdidn't matter if it was a small pin on her collar, a modest pair ofearrings, or a pair of smartlooking red shoes. She was very partial tothe color red.
Being a servant of God was the most important thing in the life ofSister Rita Ann. A strong belief in God has always been present in ourfamily. We are sure that deep religious convictions have helped and willcontinue to help many people come through some of the more trying timesin life.

XI.117 Norman Bernard PRICE, born on 14021912, died on 27121967 at the age of 55.

Married (1) to Elazabeth Claire DEMAY.

Married (2) to Mary Irene DUSSEAU.

From the first marriage:

1. Marcia Marie PRICE (see also XII.109 on page Error: Reference source not found).

2. Norman Bernard PRICE.

Married to Alberta A. BURNO.

From the second marriage:

3. Charles Darwin PRICE, born on 01111935, died on 23121957 at the age of 22.

4. Carole Louise PRICE (see also XII.107 on page Error: Reference source not found).
XII.107 Carole Louise PRICE.

Married to George Alexander THOMPSON.

From this marriage:

1. Michael Edward THOMPSON.

XII.109 Marcia Marie PRICE.

Married (1) to Gene Raymond POWERS.

Married (2) to Ronald A. HENDERSON.

From the first marriage:

1. Gail Rose POWERS.

2. Gene Forrest POWERS.

3. Lance Norman POWERS.

4. Lissette Ann POWERS.

5. Melody Louise POWERS.
X.119 Charles Alexis STARK, born on 28071887 in Erie, died on 18051962 at the age of 74. CHARLES STARK From descendents of Frank Stark by Waneta R.Stark Page37
July 28, 1887 is the birth date of Charles Stark, third child ofFrank and Sarah. Being born and raised on a farm, he had his chores todo, as did all the other children. One of his chores was to help hisbrother, Bernie, carry wood into the house and throw it down. Then theyoung girls at home would stack them into a neat pile. He also learnedto love and care for horses.
Myrtle Golder was the first child of Walter and Rose (Smith)Golder. Her mother had another child but at birth the child weighed 16pounds and both mother and child died. So Myrtle was raised by herfather and several aunts.
Charlie and Myrtle were married in October of 1911 and made theirhome in LaSalle, Michigan. After working at Steel Casting in Monroe,Michigan, he became a fireman on the railroad. Wanting something better,Charlie studied to be an engineer and passed the test. Soon afterwards,though, his

father, Frank, passed away and in 1927 he took over The familyhomestead. He worked the farm with a good team of horses, Molly andDick, but no tractor. Charlie loved to chew tobacco which earned him thenickname of 'Snuffv'. He'd put a chew in his back pocket and his horseswould come up behind him and take it out. He tried making a go ofraising horses but it was not to be. After ten years on the farm, hesold out and moved back to his original home. He got a job in Detroitwith his brother, Al, laying hardwood floors, then worked at Dura inToledo, Ohio for about 8 1/2 years. After suffering a heart attack, hewas not able to work any longer. He passed away on May 18, 1962.
Myrtle loved cooking and did plenty of it. Besides feeding their 8children, she did a lot of cooking for threshers at different placesuntil she and Charlie were in an automobile accident on May 23, 1942. Itwas as a result of this accident that Myrtle lost one of her legs aftermany operations. The rest of her life was spent in a wheelchair. Shepassed away in her home on July 25, 1962.
They both belonged to St. Joseph's Church in Erie. Rag rugmaking,crocheting, embroidery, canning and watching T V with her dog Poncho,were Myrtle's pastimes. And Charlie? All we can say is ... "He couldhave danced all night".

Married at the age of 24 on 31101911 in St. Mary's Catholic Church to Myrtle Rose GOLDER, 20 years old, born on 15011891, died on 25071962 in LaSalle at the age of 71, daughter of Walter GOLDER and Rose SMITH.

From this marriage:

1. Arnold Walter STARK (see also XI.121 on page Error: Reference source not found).

2. Mary Ann STARK, born on 26101924, died on 28101924, 2 days old.

3. Ethel Marie STARK (see also XI.125 on page Error: Reference source not found).

4. Harold Joseph STARK.

Married to Julia Ann SEDLAK.

5. Mabel Rose Ann STARK (see also XI.129 on page Error: Reference source not found).

6. Marvella Veronica STARK.

Married to Vincent Aloysius GEYMAN.

7. Mildred Frances STARK (see also XI.133 on page Error: Reference source not found).

8. Theresa STARK.
XI.121 Arnold Walter STARK, born on 15111914, died on 14021979 at the age of 64.

Married to Virginia Elizabeth MACK.

From this marriage:

1. Dennis George STARK (see also XII.113 on page Error: Reference source not found).

2. Sharon Patricia STARK (see also XII.117 on page Error: Reference source not found).
XII.113 Dennis George STARK.

Married (1) to Corrine BALDWIN.

Married (2) to Deborah Gail BERRY.

From the first marriage:

1. Patricia Lee STARK.

From the second marriage:

2. Dennis Patrick STARK.

3. Jamey Denice STARK.

XII.117 Sharon Patricia STARK.

Married (1) to Keith Allen KRUEGER.

Married (2) to Robert Louis DALEY.

From the second marriage:

1. Kimberly Lynn DALEY.

2. Ryan Raymond DALEY.

XI.125 Ethel Marie STARK.

Married to Edwin Charles NAGEL, born on 16011911, died on 01051973 at the age of 62.

From this marriage:

1. Judy Ann NAGEL, born on 24031944, died on 04041950 at the age of 6.

2. Danny Charles NAGEL (see also XII.120 on page Error: Reference source not found).

3. James Edward NAGEL (see also XII.122 on page Error: Reference source not found).

XII.120 Danny Charles NAGEL.

Married to Barbara Ann SEIG.

From this marriage:

1. Trudy Ann NAGEL.

2. Venus Marie NAGEL.
XII.122 James Edward NAGEL.

Married to Carol Ann MANWELL.

From this marriage:

1. Karon Elaine NAGEL.

XI.129 Mabel Rose Ann STARK.

Married to Ambrose Anthony LAJINESS.

From this marriage:

1. Ambrose Joseph LAJINESS.

2. Betty Maae LAJINESS.

3. Cheryle Louise LAJINESS.

4. David Allan LAJINESS.

5. Jean Joann LAJINESS.

6. Mary Rita Ann LAJINESS.

7. Nancy Jean LAJINESS.

8. Ruth Ann LAJINESS.

9. Violet Mary LAJINESS.

10. Wayne Thomas LAJINESS.

11. William Charles LAJINESS.

XI.133 Mildred Frances STARK.

Married (1) to Ralph Edward ROSCOE.

Married (2) to Howard John LARROW, born on 20101920, died on 31121952 at the age of 32.

From the first marriage:

1. Francine Susan ROSCOE.

2. Timothy Allan ROSCOE (see also XII.136 on page Error: Reference source not found).

From the second marriage:

3. Donna Jean LARROW.

4. Earl Wayne LARROW (see also XII.139 on page Error: Reference source not found).

5. Kay Frances LARROW (see also XII.142 on page Error: Reference source not found).

6. Ronald John LARROW (see also XII.144 on page Error: Reference source not found).
XII.136 Timothy Allan ROSCOE.

Married to Sharon Louise BURCHETT.

From this marriage:

1. Carrie Ann ROSCOE.

2. Kelly Renee ROSCOE.
XII.139 Earl Wayne LARROW.

Married to Susan Lee HUMMEL.

From this marriage:

1. Corey Wayne LARROW.

2. Keena Lee LARROW.

3. Shane Brian LARROW.

XII.142 Kay Frances LARROW.

Married (1) to Neil R. SPAULDING.

Married (2) to Edward Melvin CLOCK.

From the second marriage:

1. Linda Louise CLOCK.

2. Lois Ann CLOCK.

XII.144 Ronald John LARROW.

Married to Kathleen Ann ROSCOE, daughter of Ralph Edward ROSCOE and Mrs ROSCOE.

From this marriage:

1. Jody Howard LARROW.

2. Mark Wayne LARROW.
X.123 Joseph Cletus STARK, born on 09061893 in LaSalle, died on 30011946 in Michigan at the age of 52. JOSEPH STARK From descendents of Frank Stark by Waneta R. Stark page6162
Frank and Sarah's fifth child, Joseph was born in june of 1892. Afterreceiving his primary education at Muddy Creek School, he attendedButtons College in Monroe, Michigan for cost accounting. Joe metEdnaLaVoy at a Saturday night dance in the Erie Town Hall and in 1911 hebegan to keep steady com

pany with her. Edna was born on Substation Road in Erie of David andExeline (Dusseau) LaVoy. Joe got a job at Baker Bros. Foundry of Toledo,Ohio in 1911, then moved to the east side of Toledo, livingwith hisoldest sister, Louise, and her family.
Edna had moved to Toledo at the age of 16 and began working at afactory making coats. When her mother had a bad fall, Edna was needed,so she returned home. She stayed there until her and Joe gotmarried ona muddy day in November of 1913.
Joe and Edna lived in Toledo after their marriage. Sometimes onSunday's, Frank and Sarah would pile the youngest children in theirsurry and go to Joe and Edna's for a visit. Upon their arrival, Ednawould say to Joe, "What'll we feed them? We don't have very much food."She loved to have them visit, but having a small family themselves, theydidn't have very much food on hand.
Thirteen years as an office worker at Baker Bros. took its tollwith Joe. The doctor advised him that if he wanted to get rid of hisulcers, he'd better quit his job and move to the country. So hequit andmoved his family into Edna's family homestead for a few months. It wasat this time that Joe purchased the first brand new Ford car he everowned. He decided that Edna should learn to drive, sohe took her

out on the road. During one of the lessons, Edna was driving down theroad feeling very selfconfident, when all of a sudden, she saw some ofAlvin LaPointe's chickens out in the road. Edna started yelling, "Thechickens' Stop' Stop"' Joe had forgotten to show her how to stop the carso she just kept going. Somehow the chickens got out of the way in time.
Joe bought a farm in Deerfield, Michigan and grew mostly potatoes.When Durward was born, Joe's father, Frank, paid Joe and Edna a visit.Frank said, "Joe, they're all little LaVoys. You don't have a Stark."Durward had dark hair, dark eyes. "There's another little LaVoy."
In 1934, they sold the farm, bought a hardware store, and moved toErie, Michigan, Joe became involved with the reorganizing of the ErieVolunteer Fire Department and became a Charter Member. He belonged toSt. Joseph Church and was a member of the Knights of Columbus. He wasalso

elected Township Treasurer of Erie.


Everyone always looked forward to the big gettogether onChristmas Eve. After attending Midnight Mass at St. Joseph's, Joe'schildren, their families, and many of their friends would gather at Joeand Edna's for a lunch, then some card games. People would drop infreely, wish everyone holiday greetings and stay for a bite to eat.Eventually, the gathering grew so that a whole meal took the place ofthe lunch. To this day, this tradition is still practiced everyChristmas Eve.
Both Edna and Joe worked in the hardware until Joe's death in 1946.He had been sick just a few days when he was taken to St. Luke'sHospital in Toledo. Although an operation was performed, it wastoo lateand he died of a bowel obstruction. Edna and her sons took over thebusiness until 1952 when Edna was remarried to Harry Jacobs. Stark'sHardware then became the Stark Bros. Hardware.
Edna still lives in Erie and keeps very active. Although she doesnot play the piano anymore, she sews, quilts, knits, crochets, doesneedlepoint, paints china, and still does mending for her large family.She belongs to St. Joseph's Church in Erie, it's Altar Society, the ErieVFW Post 3925 Auxiliary,

St. Anthony's Senior Citizens and the Erie Friendship Club. Edna hasspent a lot of time recalling the past, filling in dates and events sothat our history would be a more complete story.

Married at the age of 20 on 18111913 in Michigan to Edna Cecelia La VOY, 19 years old, born on 05091894 in Erie, died on 26121982 in St. Vincent's Hospital at the age of 88, daughter of David LAVOY and Exeline DUSSEAU.

From this marriage:

1. Aaron Joseph STARK (see also XI.136 on page Error: Reference source not found).

2. Merrill Francis STARK (see also XI.138 on page Error: Reference source not found).

3. Durward David STARK (see also XI.140 on page Error: Reference source not found).

4. Audrey STARK.

Married to DIVER.

5. Calvin STARK.

6. Delores STARK.

Married to Paul STEINMAN.

7. Evelyn Mae STARK (see also XI.148 on page Error: Reference source not found).

8. Jeanette Ursula STARK (see also XI.150 on page Error: Reference source not found).

9. Joseph STARK.

XI.136 Aaron Joseph STARK, born on 15011917 in Toledo Ohio, died on 31121993 in Punta Gorda at the age of 76.

Married to Maxine DULL.

From this marriage:

1. Sondra STARK.

Married to Wayne LUDWIG.
XI.138 Merrill Francis STARK, born on 19061919 in Erie Michigan, died on 16051980 in St. Vincent Hospital at the age of 60. Stark, Merrill F

Death Date: 15 May 1980 Place of Death: Toledo, Lucas County

Residence: Toledo, Lucas County Gender: Male

Race: White Age: 60 Years

Marital Status: Married

Death Certified by: Coroner

Autopsy: Yes  Used for certification

Birth Date: 19 June 1919 Birth State: Michigan

Certificate: 037101 Volume: 24058

Place of Accident: (Home) Origin: British, ScotchIrish, Welsh,Scottish.

Married to Mary Lucille Reau ANDERSON.

From this marriage:

1. Keith Jude STARK (see also XII.148 on page Error: Reference source not found).

XII.148 Keith Jude STARK.

Married to Janice Lucille BEUCHELE.

From this marriage:

1. Alan Thomas STARK.

2. Bryan Keith STARK.
XI.140 Durward David STARK, born on 11081926 in Deerfield, died on 11121991 in Erie Michigan at the age of 65.

Married to Waneta Ruth STEINMAN, daughter of Ralph STEINMAN and Alma BEACH.

From this marriage:

1. Joseph David STARK, born on 23071962 in Toledo Ohio, died on 05101982 in LaSalle at the age of 20.

2. Annette STARK.

3. Dennis Lee STARK.

4. Evon STARK.

5. Sara STARK.

6. Suzette STARK.

7. Vickie Lynn STARK.

XI.148 Evelyn Mae STARK.

Married to Carl Anthony DUVALL.

From this marriage:

1. Wendy Sue DUVALL.

Married to Mark Daniel ANGELOCCI.
XI.150 Jeanette Ursula STARK.

Married to Oneal Joseph PETEE.

From this marriage:

1. Douglas Roger PETEE.

2. Gary Oneal PETEE (see also XII.160 on page Error: Reference source not found).

3. Gayle Ann PETEE.

4. Jolene Theresa PETEE.

5. Marijan Dawn PETEE.

6. Pamela Jean PETEE.
XII.160 Gary Oneal PETEE.

Married to Phyllis Mary CLARK.

From this marriage:

1. Paula Marie PETEE.

2. Stenen Gary PETEE.
X.129 Bernard N. STARK, born on 23121901 in Erie, died on 12091956 at the age of 54. BERNARD STARK Descendents of Frank Stark by Waneta R. Stark page7172
In 1901, Sarah and Frank had their tenth child, Bernard. He soonfound that he liked to work with his hands building things. He was agreat help to his father, Frank, when it came time to repair the barn orfix something in the house.
At the age of 20, he married Gladys Roberts, daughter of Maxim andAgnes (Dezell) Roberts. Born in Temperance, Michigan, she was an onlychild.
While driving truck for the Erie Hay Mill (where Alnore Mineralstands today), he was hit by a train. Luckily he was not seriously hurt.From 1931 to 1935, he and Gladys lived in Fort Wayne, ndiana, workingwith his brotherin law, Gabriel Bushroe. He then moved back to Erie.Using his talent for building, he built the Weigh Scales on TelegraphRoad in Erie with very little help from anyone.
When Harold's Bar on Dixie Highway in Erie burnt down, he rebuiltit to look like an owl. When looking at the building from the road,there was a window on each side for the eyes and the entrance way lookedlike a beak. (The building, on the east side of Dixie Highway, is stillthere, now called "Phase III".) Because of his working with buildingmaterials, such as mortar, he was nicknamed "Mud" by his fellow workers.
Bernie and Gladys moved into a home on the west side of DixieHighway, just south of the creek in Erie. He had a bad habit of goingdown to the creek, catching crawdads, then bringing them home andplopping them into a big kettle on the stove. This did not exactlyendear him to Gladys,

who could not stand the thought of "those things" in her kitchen.
Bernie loved to tease her. When it came meal time, Bernie would layhis chew of tobacco on the edge of his plate. If Gladys saw this, shewould take his plate back to the stove and take all the food off of it.When chewing his tobacco, Bernie was never seen spitting. He learnedthis trick from his father, who did the same thing.
Everyone got along with Bernie. He was always after the kids,teasing them constantly. And he loved a party, always having a goodtime, playing cards and Joking with everyone.
He joined the Erie Volunteer Fire Department and became one oftheir Honorary Members. When the fire whistle would blow, Bernie wouldalways take the short cut to the firehouse. Out the door he'd run, downthe bank of the creek, through the creek, up the bank on the other side,then over to the firehouse. He was one of their more dedicated members.
French was sometimes spoken in their home, especially if thechildren were not meant to hear what was being said. Bernie had afavorite saying in French and although no one remembers what it was orwhat it meant, you can be sure that it was something not to be repeatedin mixed company.
One morning as Bernie backed out of the garage, he happened to gojust a little too far and he landed right in the creek. He hurried toget a wrecker to pull him out before Gladys could find out what he haddone. Unfortunately she came across some seaweed later, which was layingin the driveway. There was only one place that it could have come fromand only one way it could have gotten there. There was

no hiding anything from Gladys.
Gladys had a lot of trouble with her allergies, especially when thetree in their front yard was in bloom. She belonged to the Erie Post3925 Auxiliary, was a life member of the VFW National Homes, and pastpresident of Banner Oak Alumnus. They both were members of St. Joseph'sChurch in Erie. Bernie also belonged to the Holy Name Society and theKnights of Columbus.
Bernie had a heart attack and passed away while working in thebasement of a home in

Holland, Ohio in 1956. He was working with his son, Vernon, at the time.
In 1959 Gladys was remarried to Alfred Calmes and he passed away in1963. She then married William Kibler in 1968. They both reside in thehome by the creek in Erie.

Married to

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