Stepping Stones 3hv Test Chapter 1 Stones A. (12 p) Schrijf op je blaadje wat je in het Engels zegt

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Stepping Stones 3hv Test Chapter 1 Stones A. (12 p) Schrijf op je blaadje wat je in het Engels zegt

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Stepping Stones 3hv Test Chapter 1


A. (12 p) Schrijf op je blaadje wat je in het Engels zegt.

Vraag aan een vriendin ...

  1. ... wat er aan de hand is.

  2. ... hoe haar vriend eruitziet

  3. ... of ze hem kan beschrijven

Zeg dat ...

  1. ... hij vrij donker is en erg grappig.

  2. ... hij een tatoeage heeft.

  3. ... je er schoon genoeg van hebt.

B. (10 p) Na schooltijd belt George zijn vriend Jim op. . Schrijf op wat George en Jim in het Engels zeggen. Maak hele zinnen.


Hello, this is Jim speaking.


Hi Jim, it’s me.


Oh, hi George. (1) (hoe gaat het?).


(2) (gaat goed).


Are you sure? You sound a bit down. (3) (wat zit dwars?)


(4) (niks eigenlijk). It’s just that …


Oh, come on George. I can hear it in you voice. Tell me, (5) (wat aan de hand?)


To be honest, (6) (voel me vreselijk). I just dumped Veronica and she was so sad. I feel so bad!


Who on earth is Veronica? Do I know her?


It’s a girl I met at John’s party last Friday. She’s not on our school, but I think you’ve seen her.


(7) (kun je beschrijven?)


(8) (lang, blond haar, mooie glimlach). She used to go out with Frank. Perhaps you remember now.


Oh, her. She’s gorgeous! Why did you dump her?


Well, (9) (ze zit altijd tv te kijken). We had nothing to talk about, really. And she keeps calling me every hour of the day. (10) (heb er schoon genoeg van).


Well, I see. But why do you feel so bad then?


You see, I’ve never dated a girl this beautiful before and to begin with I really thought she was the one. I’m just very disappointed, that’s all.

VOCABULARY Write down the correct words

C. (9 p) Schrijf op je blaadje bij elk nummer de Engelse vertaling van de onderstaande Nederlandse woorden. Deze woorden staan NIET in de juiste volgorde.
aanmoedigen / aantrekkelijk / als / indruk maken op / maakt hem niks uit / mode /

moeten ... hebben / nogal / uiterlijk

John is a (1) looking boy. All the girls love him. He wants to work (2) a model. He has always been interested in (3) and he always dresses in expensive clothes. His parents (4) him and they think John has the (5) to become a successful model. But some of his friends are (6) negative. They think John only says he wants to be a model in order to (7) the girls. They (8) him all the time and make jokes about him. They are probably just jealous. But John (9). He has made up his mind about it and no one can stop him.


E. (8 p) Vul op je antwoordblad bij elk nummer de present continuous van de werkwoorden tussen haakjes in.

Hi John,

Thanks for your last mail. It’s 10 PM now and I can’t sleep. You probably won’t read this until tomorrow, but that’s ok. I (1) (sit) in my bed with my laptop, in the dark. My parents (2) (watch) TV downstairs, and they think I am fast asleep. They (3) (tell) me to go to bed early and catch enough sleep. But how can I sleep when so much (4) (happen)? I told you we (5) (do) this science project at school, this month didn’t I? Well, our teacher sent it in for a national competition called ‘Young Scientists of the Year’ and three days ago we were told that our project is one of the nominees for this year’s prize. It’s so exciting! Now we (6) (wait) for a the jury to come and visit our school in order to evaluate our project. And we (7) (practise) every day. And you know what? I was chosen to give the presentation onbehalf of our group! It’s an honour of course, but why (8) (they always pick) me for these kind of things? As if it is easier for me than for anyone else. Anyway, keep your fingers crossed for me! I will let you know how it went.

F. (6 p) Write down the questions

Maak de vragen bij de onderstaande antwoorden.

  1. We went to the cinema together last night.

  2. Of course I can swim!

  3. I would like a glass of coke, please.

  4. Yes of course they will come to the party!

  5. Yes, he told his parents.

  6. Yes, I am very happy with my results.

G. (10 p) Choose the correct alternative

Schrijf op je antwoordblad bij elk nummer het goede antwoord op.
Some people say that you can find out a lot about somebody's personality by looking at their friends. Well, I am not (1) like/as my friends at all! Take Suzy for example. She is my best friend and she sings (2) beautiful/beautifully. She works (3) like/as a singing waiter in a restaurant. I am very different. I am (4) extreme/extremely shy. But I do enjoy being with Suzy. She always makes me laugh. My other friend is Karen. She seems so (5) elegant/elegantly! She walks (6) like/as a model and all the boys are crazy about her. They hardly ever look at me when we are together. But I don't mind, you can't have everything, can you. I hope to make a living (7) like/as a songwriter or a fashion designer. Because people say I am a very creative person. It sounds (8) awful/awfully to boast about yourself, but I think I make (9) beautiful/beautifully things. And I am going to work (10) hard/hardly to make my dream come true. Perhaps I could write a song for Suzy or design a dress for Karen one day and we could all be famous?

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  • VOCABULARY Write down the correct words

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