The savior lives inside me there etc

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The savior lives inside me there etc

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When Leon Patillo was converted in the late '70s, the Christian music industry and its press was full of the news of the conversion of "Santana's lead singer".Leon Patillo

Patillo's first musical endeavor was with the group Creation, later called Leon's Creation. Formed in the late 1960s, Creation was a funk group similar in style and composition to Sly & the Family Stone; they were signed to Atlantic Records. Aside from Creation, Patillo worked at times with Funkadelic and Martha & the Vandellas. In 1973, Patillo joined Santana, appearing on the albums Borboletta and Festival. The friend took the tape to Latin rock legend Carlos Santana in an attempt to sell the songs.

"Santana told him he wasn’t interested in the songs but loved the singer," says Patillo. "To make a long story short, we got hooked up and I joined the band Santana in 1973. I recorded three albums including Borboletta (1974), Festival (1976) and Moonflower (1977). Two turned gold and one platinum."

In 1974, life threw Patillo a curve ball when he attended a Bible study with the brother of a girlfriend. That night’s conversation convinced Leon of his need for God. "I became a Christian in 1974, the very night of that Bible study."

By 1978, Patillo’s conflicts with Santana about the spiritual content of his lyrics were too much, and he left the band. In 1979, Leon released his first Christian album, Dance Children Dance. Over the next decade Patillo released nine albums including Don’t Give In (1981), Live Experience (1983), The Sky’s the Limit (1984) and Love Around the World (1985). Those albums included such hits as "Dance Children Dance," Star of the Morning," "Cornerstone," "The Sky’s the Limit," "J.E.S.U.S." and the popular wedding song "Flesh of M

He remained with Santana until 1981, launching a solo career on Word Records. He released a string of successful albums on the CCM market in the 1980s, and had his own television show on TBN called Leon and Friends.[1]

Patillo founded his own record label, Positive Pop, in the 1990s, and his most recent releases have been on this imprint. Patillo also leads his own ministry on the historic Queen Mary S.S in Long Beach, California but since retired the ministry in late 2009 in favor for traveling and leading seminars across the country.[1]

[edit] Discography

  • Dance Children Dance (1979)

  • Don't Give In (1981)

  • I'll Never Stop Lovin' You (1982)

  • Live Experience (1983) U.S. Top Contemporary Christian albums #10[2]

  • Sky's the Limit (1984) U.S. Christian #5

  • Love Around the World (1985) U.S. Christian #7

  • A Funny Thing Happened (1986)

  • Brand New (1987) U.S. Christian #8

  • On the Way Up (1989)

  • Christmas with Leon (1992)

  • Hands of Praise (1992)

  • Church Is on the Move (1993)

  • The Classics (1996)

  • I Can (1999)

  • Souly for Him (2002)

  • Breathe on Me (2005)

  • Live Experience 2 (2005)

Sara Evans: Since emerging from the late-90s, Evans has made four No. 1 Country hits and Gold and Platinum-certified albums by the RIAA, like 2003's Restless and 2005's Real Fine Place. Her 2000 album, Born to Fly was certified Double-Platinum.

Dove Awards

Special Event Album for Glory Revealed II: The Word of God In Worship

Nr “Bible song” over rouwverwerking bij iemands sterven.

Simon and Garfunkel:mrs. Robinson “Jesus loves you more than you will know”. This song is about the state of the nation in the late 60's. Ms. Robinson is an archetype of the generation that could no longer uphold the "perfectness" of the '50s no matter how good their intentions. (hence why Jesus loves you, there were lots of wrongs committed with the best of intentions) The entire older generation of the 60's was in a sort of institution, desperately trying to maintain an unmaintainable false image. Hide it from the kids, they'll rip off the covers and expose everything. Government is not helping, anyway you lose. Also, an excellent note from the movie: Notice how after they "succeeded" in toppling the establishment's expectations they sat in the back of the bus looking like they had no clue about what to do next? That was 60's youth, and that conflict with one side wrong and the other side confused and directionless is what this song is about.

Snoop Dog: “Mac Bible Chapter 211 verse 20-21” de 10 geboden van de gangstercultuur. (laten vergelijken met de echte 10 geboden, waar botsen ze ?)
.Seatrain:”Song of Job” hervertelling van Job – lied laat dingen weg zoals het venijn van Job !Job 38-41 wordt niet doordacht. Belangrijke punten worden overgeslagen. (mooi lied voor discussie !!)
Shania Twain: God bless the child: Jezus zegent de kinderen verhaal.
Sheryl crow: Redemption day – een trein die rijdt naar de poort van de hemel. Wachten terwijl er ondertussen veel ongerechtigheid is.

where can we find God

Where is the peace

Prince of peace

System of a down (miljoenen kliks op you tube) !!!

"Chop Suey!" is the first single from System of a Down's second album Toxicity. The single was released in November 2001 and earned the band its first Grammy nomination. The song's working title was "Suicide"; the band members claim the change was not caused by pressure from their record company. The words "We're rolling 'Suicide'" can still be heard faintly in the album versions's opening seconds — though this intro is only on certain pressings of the album. The song is included as a playable track in the music video games Rock Band 2 and Rock Band Unplugged.

In het lied staat een verwijzing naar Lukas 23:46 “Jesus called out with a loud voice, “Father ,into your hands I commit my spirit.”When he had said this he breathed his last breath.

In an interview, Daron Malakian explained, "the song is about how we are regarded differently depending on how we pass. Everyone deserves to die. Like, if I were now to die from a drug abuse, they might say I deserved it because I abused dangerous drugs. Hence the line, "I cry when angels deserve to die." The lyric "Father, into your hands I commend my spirit" is a reference to Jesus' death on the cross, as, according to the Gospels, it was one of the seven things Jesus said while dying."

Het lied lijkt een aanklacht op het verlaten van God van de mens die dan als antwoord kiest voor rechtvaardige zelfdoding ?!!
Regina Spektor: samson (eigen liefdesverdriet gereflecteerd tegen de achtergrond van het simson verhaal).

Erg mooi !!!

Of Spektor zelf gelovig is, is nergens direct uit op te maken. Ze is Joods, dat is bekend, dus minstens kan ze het mee hebben gekregen. En daar lijkt het op, getuige het liedje ‘Laughing With’, waarin het gaat over de mens in relatie tot God. Op feestjes is ‘God’ vaak een hilarisch onderwerp als er bijvoorbeeld wordt gegrapt dat Hij geld geeft aan wie op de juiste manier bidt, of als een dwaas uitroept dat God ons haat. Er zijn echter ook andere omstandigheden, en dan is er niemand die spot met God. Als, daar heb je het weer, iemand in het ziekenhuis ligt, of in een oorlogssituatie verkeert, als na een routine-onderzoek de dokter je belt, of als het al laat is, maar je kind is nog steeds niet terug van het feestje.

Sinead O’Connor:

Take, for example, her 2000 album, Faith and Courage. On "No Man's Woman," she sings:

I got a lovin' man but he's a Spirit.

He never does me harm never treats me bad.
He never takes away all the love he has.
And I'm forgiven—oh!—a million times.

"Kyrie," is a lovely setting of the liturgical Kyrie eleison in Greek and English ("Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy") overlaid with Rastafarian phrases.

Christian and Rastafarian themes meet again in "The Lamb's Book of Life," a forerunner of many of the themes in the album Theology:

So, in Theology, she sets out to "rescue God from religion." At times, her God sounds awfully tragic, as on "Out of the Depths":

You're like a ghost in your own home

Nobody hears U crying all alone
Oh U are the one true really voiceless one
They have their backs turned to you for worship of gold and stone …
It's sad but true how the old saying goes
If God lived on earth people would break his windows.

Then again, the rest of the song is taken straight from Psalm 130:

Out of the depths I cry to U, oh Lord
Don't let my cries for mercy be ignored
If U keep account of sins oh who would stand?
But U have forgiveness in your hands

The rest of the album has selections from Jeremiah, Isaiah, Song of Solomon, Job, 1 Samuel, and Psalms 33, 91, 104, and 137. And Hosanna Filio David (Hossana zoon van God – de intocht van Jezus in Jerusalem).

There's no trace of pagan goddesses on Theology, and Sinead's Rastafarianism seems not to the kind that focuses on former Ethiopian king Haile Selassie as God but rather the kind that focuses on the God of the Eastern Orthodox Selassie.

What you won't find on Theology is much about Jesus—or anything from the New Testament, for that matter.

"I wanted it to be on the right side of the line between corny and cool," she told the Associated Press. "When it comes to religious music there is a very fine line between cool and very uncool. … If you start writing songs about the New Testament, you're doomed no matter how you say it; people have such a prejudice about it. If you start writing songs about Jesus you know no one is going to listen to you. Obviously, I do believe in Jesus, but I am not stupid."

Still, Jesus does appear on the album, just not by name, in the second of two cover songs. The first is Curtis Mayfield's "We People Who Are Darker than Blue." The second is Jesus Christ Superstar's "I Don't Know How to Love Him." It's a remarkable inclusion, not only because of its implicit confession, but also because its closing line, "He scares me so," provides a counterbalance to "Out of the Depths," where she sings, "I've heard religion say you're to be feared, but I don't buy into everything I hear."

Jesus, or at least Christian theology, also appears in Theology's first track, "Something Beautiful" — "You give life through blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, oh blood." The song provides a kind of introduction to the rest of the album:

I wanna make something

So lovely for U
'Cause I promised that's what I'd do for U
With the Bible I stole
I know you U forgave my soul
Because such was my need on a chronic Christmas Eve

The song then transitions into several passages from Jeremiah:

They dress the wounds of my poor people
As though they're nothing
Saying 'peace, peace'
When there's no peace
Now can a bride forget her jewels?
Or a maid her ornaments?
Yet my people forgotten me

The double CD is a mix of O'Connor compositions such as "If You Had A Vineyard" based on passages from Isaiah and Jeremiah ("I adore how the prophet books speak very much about today's world"); "Whomsoever Dwells" (with lyrics from Psalm 91 - Sinead's favourite Psalm) and a casting of Psalm 33 in "33" ("this Psalm traditionally is the one you say when someone is expecting a baby, which I was at the time of recording").

"I hope this record would make someone think that perhaps God is not an angry, punishing, warmaking God and is in fact a gentle and compassionate God who actually is upset at the loss of us," Sinead O’Connor said.

Simon and Garfunkel:

Sounds of silence

I am a rock

Stealers Wheel; gerry rafferty (grote hit 1972)

Adeste fidelis: kerstlied

Religieus album; another World 2003

Stef Bos: album in een ander licht hierin bezingt hij bijbelse personen. Lot, God(enige nummer waarvan hij zelf zegt dat hij date r eigenlijk niet op had willen hebben).Ruth, lea, prediker, job, Noach, Maria Magdalena, Christus en de Duivel, Jezus en Judas, moeder van Jezus, Petrus.

Grote hit in 1986 met nummer To hell with the devil: In het O.T. staat in Jesaja?? Dat de morgenster op aarde viel. In het N.T. heeft Jezus het erover dat hij de boze naar beneden zag vallen.

In openbaringen word de duivel in de poel van het eeuwige onuitblusbare vuur gegooid samen met de valse profeten.

De volgende drie nummers warden vaak gedraaid op MTV in 1987.

Calling on You,



Smashing pumpkins:

Bullet with butterfly wings” dit lied haalt inspiratie uit Job hfst 1 en 2
Sixpence none the richer: (hit met kiss me)

Meaningless “fear you God, this is all I know” Prediker 3;17 en 5;1-6 en 7;18 en 11;9.
Stevie wonder:

1)Superstition; zin in het lied heeft het over writing on the wall. Dit komt uit het bijbelboek Daniel waar God koning belsazzar veroordeelt met mene mene tekel ufarsin gewogen, gewogen en te licht bevonden.

2) Jesus children of america (in het lied gaat het over openheid naar Jezus toe, hij gaf ook alles open en bloot aan het kruis).

3) heaven is 10 zillion light years away; “pure of heart will walk there” deze zinsnede doet direct denken aan de bergrede van Jezus. Waarin jezus zegt “zalig zijn de zuiveren van hart want zij zullen God zien”.

“rigtheous streets”en ‘fill evil souls”.

  1. Spiritual walkers : lied over evangelisten aan de deur die het licht overal brengen. “Judgment day” laatste oordeel (Openbaringen). “They preach and they speak in tongues you have never heard’. Handelingen 2

6) Signed, sealed en delivered – de titel van dit lied komt uit openbaringen (zegel op het voorhoofd) Openbaringen 7;1-17 en Openbaringen 9:4 en 22:3(naam op voorhoofd).

7) It’s wrong apartheid – Hij wijst gelovigen(joods-christelijke en hindoeïstische) erop dat satan hen in de greep heeft gekregen als zij apartheid steunen. Dat het verbond met God word gebroken door apartheid.

cd album - Journey through the secret life of plants (instrumenteel)

1) Earth’s creation (schepping van de aarde) 2) The first garden(tuin van eden) 3) Ecclesiastes (prediker)

Extra info: Stevie wonder vond zelf zijn cd songs in the key of life de beste.

Nieuwste albums – “the gospel inspired by Lula & through the Eyes of Wonder.

Sufjan stevens:

1) Cd Seven swans vol met christelijk getinte liederen.

2) nummer “Casimir Pulaski day”: associaties met Job (and he takes and he takes and he takes). Job zegt ergens na de rampen “De Heer heeft gegeven en de Heer heeft genomen geprezen zij de Heer.”

In het lied worden gebeden niet verhoord en een vriendin sterft.

Oh the glory that the Lord has made and the complications when I see his face in the morning in the window.

Oh the glory when he took our place

But he took my shoulders and he shook my face

And he takes and he takes and he takes


De derde single Alright wordt, mede dankzij een grappige videoclip, een grote zomerhit.Vandaar dat het tweede album uit 1997 In It For The Money heet. De recensies zijn wederom positief en het levert singles op als Richard III, Sun Hits The Sky en Late In The Day, maar het succes van Alright wordt niet meer geëvenaard, al haalt In It For The Money nog wel platina in Engeland,

Bijbel gerelateerd lied: Jesus came from outer space
Susan Boyle

Gospel cd

I Dreamed A Dream

Cry Me A River

How Great Thou Art

You’ll See

Daydream Believer

Up To The Mountain

Amazing Grace


The End Of The World

Who I Was Born To Be

Silent Night

Wild Horses

The Birthday Party:

  1. Big Jesus Trash Can – kritische tekst op “christelijke” oliebaronnen - tekst “Big Jesus oil king down in Texas, drives great holy tanks of gold screams from heaven’s graveyard…. He drives a trash can he’s coming to my town. Jezus komt op een ezel(vredesdier) Jeruzalem binnen. In de bijbel staat ook een verhaal over een liefdeloze rijke in de hel. i.v.m. screams from heaven’s graveyards.

The Guess Who:(Het nummer american woman is een bekende. Ze hebben het ooit samen gezongen met Lenny Kravitz.)

bijbels nr Hang on to your life – dit lied eindigt met een citaat uit Psalm 22.
Talking Heads: (David Byrne is christen)

  • Nineveh

  • Jezebel spirit (duiveluitdrijving in Jezus naam)

  • Mea Culpa

  • The Gates of paradise

  • A walk in the dark

  • Speaking in Tongues ( titel komt weg bij het verhaal in handelingen 2 waar de discipelen spreken in tongen(verschillende talen) bij de uitstorting van de Heilige Geest.

  • God’s child

  • Laatste cd 2009 is een gospel geinspireerde cd samen met Brian Eno ( lid Roxy Music Everything that happens will happen today (nadruk op overgave vooraf aan de aanbidding zegt David byrne)

T. Texas Tyler: Deck of cards – De inhoud van de bijbel uitgelegd aan de hand van een kaartspel. Elk nummer heeft een betekenis

The band(The hawks)(Robbie robertson) Bob Dylan, voor wie Robertson en Helm al eerder als sessiemuzikant hadden gewerkt, vroeg The Hawks als begeleidingsgroep voor zijn legendarisch geworden tournee van 1965-66. Later namen zij met hem in de kelder van het huis "Big Pink" in Woodstock, de al even legendarische Basement Tapes op.

In 1988 een top 10 hit.

Shine your light

Resurrection: Hij komt terug voor de opstanding van de doden bij Jezus terugkomst.

The Weight – nr bevat verwijzingen naar Nazareth en mrs Moses over geen plek om te verblijven of de last te verlichten. (De band Nazareth heeft haar naam van dit lied).
The Beatles

Nr “Rocky Racoon”: In het lied gaat het over een man die iemand wil doodslaan die aan zijn vrouw zit. De Gideon bijbel brengt de goede Rocky terug. “recover when I am Able” misschien ook een woord speling op Kain en Abel ? Kain sloeg de onschuldige Abel dood.

John Lennon;nr “The Word” – “In the beginning I misunderstood but now I’ve got it. The Word is good.” Duidelijke associatie met “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God” Johannes 1:1

And though this is the first time many Beatles fans have heard this particular conversation, Lennon’s interest in Christ was no secret in the early ‘70s. In his book, The Gospel According to the Beatles, writer Steve Turner said that there was a period in his life when the world’s most famous songwriter deeply wanted to know who Jesus was. According to the book, in an effort to escape the chaos of public life, Lennon would often retreat to television and became a regular viewer of the era’s most influential evangelists including Billy Graham, Oral Roberts and even Pat Robertson.

In 1972, Lennon even took part in a written correspondence with Roberts, in which he apologized and further explained his statement about being “bigger” than God. The Beatles frontman, who had experimented with a variety of drugs and spiritual ideas wrote this to Roberts:

“The point is this, I want happiness. I don't want to keep on with drugs. Paul told me once, 'You made fun of me for taking drugs, but you will regret it in the end.' Explain to me what Christianity can do for me. Is it phoney? Can He love me? I want out of hell."

Oral Roberts sent him a long response, giving him a copy of his book Miracle of Seed Faith and a detailed explanation of God’s love for him.

Five years later, in 1977, Lennon became deeply moved by NBC’s broadcast of the movie Jesus of Nazareth and told his friends that he had become a born-again Christian. A week after seeing the film, Lennon returned to church on Easter Sunday with his wife Yoko and son Sean in tow.

It was during this time that Lennon even penned several Christian songs (“Talking with Jesus” and “Amen”), and according to Turner’s book, even called The 700 Club prayer line.

The change in his life disturbed his wife Yoko Ono, who pulled her husband away from his new religion, and eventually, after months of isolation in Tokyo, Lennon found his life going in a dark direction, and ended up abandoning his faith and retreating into New Age practice and further searching. Before he was murdered in 1980, Lennon embraced a universalistic belief of religion and no longer seemed interested in his born-again lifestyle.

Although the new interview doesn’t change what we know about John Lennon at the end of his life, it does shed some light on what help developed his view of Christianity in the first place. It wasn’t confusion about theology or the nature of God. It wasn’t the pull of a conflicting lifestyle. According to Lennon, it was Christians who made him not want to be a part of the church.

Het lied “Serve yourself” van John Lennon was een reactie op het lied van Bob Dylan “Gotta serve somebody.

You say you found Jesus. Christ!
He's the only one
You say you've found Buddha
Sittin' in the sun
You say you found Mohammed
Facin' to the East
You say you found Krishna
Dancin' in the street

Well there's somethin' missing in this God Almighty stew

And it's your mother (your mother, don't forget your mother, la)
You got to serve yourself
nobody gonna do for you
You gotta serve yourself
nobody gonna do for you
Well you may believe in devils and you may believe in laws
But if you don't go out and serve yourself, la, ain't no room service here

Nr. “You saved my soul” gaat over zijn bijna bekering tot het christelijk geloof.Yoko ono bracht hem ervan af (uit: steve turner –gospel according to the Beatles).

“When I was lonely and scared

I nearly fell for a TV preacher
In a hotel room in Tokyo
Oh only you truly saved me from that suicide

Because all the things

I die along with you”

George Harrison nr. “within you without you” citaat uit lied “We were talking

About the love that's gone so cold

And the people Who gain the world and lose their soul.”


Mar 8,36


Want wat baat het een mens de gehele wereld te winnen en aan zijn ziel schade te lijden?

Ringo Starr: “Oh my Lord” dit lied was een belijdenis van zijn verlangen om geliefd te zijn door God(de christelijke). (na bij Alcoholics Anonymous te zijn geweest).

Citaat uit lied:

“When I'm in darkness and full of fear

I know the answer when you are here
Now I believe, it's all become clear

Oh my lord

Oh my lord
I need your love so bad

When my heart is wandering hopeless and sad

I look for the answers, the ones that you have
I have to let go to be in your hands”.
The Hives

Bijbels nr “try it again” citaat uit het lied “like samson and Delilah” Time to learn a lesson Like Pavlov's dog If same-ing isn't working Why don't you different instead, instead, instead Like Samson and Delilah Attila and the HunsYou're ready for a new round Don't it look like it's gonna be fun, be fun.

The Boy least likely to (in engelse hitparade gestaan 66 en 69)

Nr Every Goliath has its David
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  • System of a down
  • The Guess Who
  • The Boy least likely to

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