Toets 7 worldwide vmbo hoofdstuk 7 nr. 1 vocabulaire vmbo

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Toets 7 worldwide vmbo hoofdstuk 7 nr. 1 vocabulaire vmbo

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hoofdstuk 7 nr. 1 vocabulaire vmbo
Vul de goede woorden in
Zet op de open plaatsen de Engelse vertaling voor het woord dat voor iedere zin gegeven staat.
1 verliefd Martin sees that Cliff is ..... with Patricia.

2 bedoelen Patricia? You ..... that new girl in class 1C?

3 sturen Martin will ..... her a Valentine card.

4 hopen Cliff and Martin ..... that Patricia thinks the card is from Cliff.

5 gezicht If not, he will put on a long .....

6 lichaam Working out is good for your .....

7 rug But be careful not to fall on your .....!

8 vieren When it's our teacher's birthday we will ..... that.

9 afschuwelijk When I came from the roller coaster my head felt .....

10 plotseling ..... I'm not half the man I used to be.

hoofdstuk 7 nr. 2 vocabulaire vmbo
What word do you mean?
In deze zinnen ontbreekt steeds een van de woorden uit het rijtje eronder. Zet het ontbrekende woord op de lege plek in de zin. Er blijven twee woorden over.
1 Cliff was really ..... by Patricia.

2 You got a Valentine card, I didn't, which makes me a bit .....

3 An important day in America is ..... .

4 Before this test my friend wished me .....

5 When Cliff got fourteen Martin said: ..... on your birthday!

6 Patricia has such beautiful brown .....

7 Hey, it stinks here! Don't you smell it? Use your .....

8 Stop telling me what to do! Come on, get off my .....

9 The red colour of ..... is a symbol of the soldiers’ blood.

10 Don't wait for me, just .....
A back G nose

B congratulations H roller coaster

C eyes I Thanksgiving

D go ahead J smitten

E good luck K poppies

F jealous L supposed to be

hoofdstuk 7 nr. 3 grammatica vmbo
Maak de volgende vragende zinnen kloppend door telkens één van de twee schuin gedrukte woorden weg te laten. Schrijf de correcte zin op.

  1. Do/Does you like to read an English book?

  2. Do/Are you going to America next year?

  3. Where do/does he live?

  4. Do/Does she speak English?

  5. Do/Did they visit New York when they were in America?

  6. Where do/can he find the keys?

  7. Do/Does it rain very often in America?

  8. Does/Is he travel by boat or by plane?

  9. Does/Did you like the trip to the USA?

  10. Why don’t/doesn’t they like to fly?

hoofdstuk 7 nr. 4 grammatica vmbo
Doesn't anyone stop the bullying?
De antwoorden op deze vragen zijn niet compleet. Vul ze aan met:
she hasn’t - they are - they aren't - they can - they cannot - they did - they didn't - they do - they don't - they have - they haven't - they must - they mustn't - she does - she doesn't - she is - she isn't
1 Is Karen being bullied at school?

Yes, .....

2 Do the boys pick on her all the time?

Yes, .....

3 Has she done anything to the boys?

No, .....

4 Did they talk to their parents about it?

No, .....

5 Does her mother know where to go next?

No, .....

6 Can they stay out of the boys' way?

Yes, .....

7 Have the teachers offered to help?

Yes, .....

8 Do those bullies have a reason for choosing a person?

No, .....

9 Does Karen know what she must do about it?

No, .....

10 Must the parents ask the police to stop the bullying?

No, .....

hoofdstuk 7 nr. 5 grammatica vmbo
Fun at the fair?
Susan, Linda en Michael waren gisteren op de kermis. Hieronder staat Michaels verslagje van die middag. Vul op de open plaatsen de verleden tijd in van het gegeven werkwoord. Het zijn allemaal regelmatige werkwoorden!
Well, yesterday afternoon we were at the fun fair. Oh boy, that was fun, let me tell you.

First we went to the roller coaster. I (1. want) ..... to go to Arachnophobia first, but Linda and Susan (2. like) ..... to have a ride on the roller coaster. They (3. watch) ..... other people coming out of it. It must be lovely, the girls said, so the roller coaster it would be. We (4. wait) ..... for about ten minutes before we could come in. In the meantime we (5. look) ..... at that great attraction, and I was happy to see that Linda got a bit scared. Well, it was Linda who said we should take the roller coaster, so I (6. laugh) ..... a bit in myself. Then the gate (7. open) ..... and we could go in. I won't tell you what (8. happen) ..... to Linda, but one thing is for sure: she won't go into that roller coaster again! I think she (9. die) ..... of fear. When we were going up she said she (10. hope) ..... it would soon be over.

hoofdstuk 7 nr. 6 grammatica vmbo
What is fun at that fun fair?
Kitty wil naar de kermis; Susan, Linda en Michael zijn er gisteren al geweest. Hieronder staat hun gesprek over de kermis. Vul op de open plaatsen de verleden tijd in van het gegeven werkwoord. Het zijn allemaal onregelmatige werkwoorden!
Kitty: I want to go to the fun fair. Is it fun there, do you know?

Susan: Yes, it sure is. We (1. go) ..... there yesterday.

Michael: And it (2. is) ..... real fun, that's for sure.

Kitty: I think I'll like Arachnophobia, what is that like?

Susan: Oh no, we thought about that, too. We girls don't like spiders, so we (3. don’t) ..... want to go in. But he, there, you know, that Michael ...

Linda: Yes, but then I (4. see) ..... the roller coaster, and nothing could stop me any more.

Michael: That's stupid Linda again. I (5. tell) ..... her she would be very scared, but she smiled at the idea. She (6. say) ..... she was not afraid of speed or heights.

Linda: No, but when we (7. are) ..... there, I (8. get) ..... scared anyway.

Kitty: Well, the best way to get over your fear is going into the roller coaster again. Come on, let me offer you a ride in it, what about that?

Linda: Erm, well, eh, now I come to think of it, I, erm ...

hoofdstuk 7 nr. 7 schrijven vmbo
Send me a postcard, drop me a line
Nadat Esther geschreven heeft over de feesten die bij haar gevierd worden, gaat Cindy haar een antwoordbriefje sturen. Doe dat volgens deze opdracht. (Zet zelf de juiste aanhef boven de brief en de juiste afsluiting onderaan!)
Wow, Esther, this is fun! We got this new boy in our class and (2)..... is really cute! I think I really like (3).....! (4)..... came in our class two weeks ago and (5)..... name is Brian.

Let me first tell you how (6)..... looks: (7)................................................. .

You will understand that I couldn't keep my eyes off (8).....!

But now one thing: I really want to take (9)..... out one day. You know this big fun fair is around in our town.

There is one thing that I like most in the fair: That is the (10)........ .

But I really don't know how to (11)..... ..... .

I've written a little letter to (12)....., and I asked (13)................

Do you think (14)..... will like that?

Well, I hope to hear from you soon. I'll write back as soon as I can to tell you how it was in the fun fair.

Hey, Esther, what about sending letters to each other on the internet? Do you think we could do that? I'll tell more about it in my next letter!



hoofdstuk 7 nr. 8 luisteren vmbo
A tall story
Luister naar de tekst en beantwoord dan deze vragen. Je krijgt de tekst twee keer te horen.
1 Where is the nurse sitting?

A between two rooms

B in a large room

2 What is the time?

A a few minutes past three o'clock in the morning

B just before or after three in the morning

3 Where does she see her grandfather walking?

A in the same hall

B in another hall

4 What does her grandfather do?

A He goes away without seeing her.

B He smiles and greets her.

5 Why isn't the girl surprised?

A Because her grandfather has a heart problem.

B Because her grandfather often comes in the hospital.

6 What does the girl think when she sees her granddad?

A 'I will visit him tomorrow.'

B 'This can't be true.'

7 What does the girl say when she phones her mother?

A 'Granddad died this night.'

B 'I saw granddad last night.'

8 What could her mother say at the end of the phone call?

A 'You must have been dreaming.'

B 'You were the last one who saw him.'

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